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                         Section 1
              Servicing Menus & Adjustments
Operating Parameters and Service Adjustments on    The activation codes, and basic procedure for each
the VZ6 and V15 are set in the same four Service   Service Mode remains the same. They are shown in
Modes used in previous models:                     Figure 1-1.
     Factory Menu sets the operating param-
     eters of the TV                               Of course, due to the SDTV and HDTV compatibil-
     Adjustment Mode Signal, CRT, and              ity feature in both chassis, the number of adjustments
     Deflection Adjustments                        have increased. Although the number of adjustments
     TV GUIDE Plus+ Position the TV GUIDE          have increased, there are only two new service re-
     Plus+ Display                                 lated adjustments in the Adjustment Mode:
     Convergence Raster correction, and                1) Main Picture Cr and Cb Offset
     Convergence                                       2) PIP Cr and Cb Offset

                                             Page 1-1
Adjustments for the CRT, Deflection, Raster Cor-            OPTION MENU
rection and Convergence must be performed in both
the NTSC and HD modes. This essentially doubles             INITIAL
the number of adjustments for these circuits.               E2 RESET
                                                            DTV PORT:                         AUTO
Raster Correction and Convergence can be performed          DTV SIGNAL STRENGTH:              N/A
in the HD mode, using the internal Crosshatch sig-          POWER RESTORE:                    OFF
nal. To perform CRT, and Deflection adjustments in          WHEN MUTE:                        ON
                                                            CONVERGENCE RESET
the HD mode, a HDTV Signal Generator is required.
                                                            DTV DIAGNOSTICS
It should be capable of generating Color Bars,
                                                            DTV E2 RESET
Grayscale, White Raster and Monoscope signals. The          FREE RUN:
luminance level should be adjustable to accurately
set HD White Balance.                                       MAIN VERSION:                     XXXXXX
                                                            SUB VERSION:                      XXXXXX
If a HDTV Generator is not available, DO NOT at-
                                                               Figure 1-2: Factory Option Menu
tempt HD mode adjustments for these circuits.

                Factory Menu                           OFF. If ON, the TV can be switched ON when power
The Factory Menu (MENU-1-3-7-0) for the VZ6            is applied to the set. "When Mute" is normally set to
chassis is illustrated in Figure 1-2. The new items,   ON, this activates Closed Captioning when the Mute
DTV Strength, DTV Diagnostics, DTV E2 Reset            button is pressed.
and Free Run are only active when an ATV Receiver
(HD-1080) is connected to the set.                     "E2 Reset" is also not new, and normally is not acti-
                                                       vated. If "E2 Reset" is selected, and the RCL button
The "Initial" function is the same as previous mod-    is pressed, all data in the following service modes is
els, setting user adjustments to their reset value.    reset to its nominal value, requiring a complete re-
The "DTV Port" has five possible selections:                Adjustment Mode
  1) AUTO                                                   GUIDE Plus+ Mode
  2) SD 4:3                                                 Convergence Miscellaneous Mode.
  3) SD 16:9
  4) HD                                                The "Convergence Reset" selection is also not usu-
  5) 480P                                              ally activated. When it is selected, and Enter is
                                                       pressed, it resets all data in the Coarse and Fine Con-
The "DTV Port" must be set to AUTO for normal          vergence Modes. This would require a complete
operation. Although it is described in more detail     Convergence Alignment.
later, to activate the HD Convergence Mode, HD
horizontal and vertical sync must be present at the                  Adjustment Mode
ATV inputs of the set.                                 As in the past, pressing MENU-2-3-5-7 in sequence
                                                       activates the Adjustment Mode. The Adjustment
However, the TV can be forced into the HD Con-         Mode display has additional information that was not
vergence Mode by setting the "DTV Port" selection      used in previous models. Examples of these displays
to HD. Then use the Input button to select the ATV     are shown in Figure 1-3. The chassis number, and
Inputs and enter the Convergence Mode.                 the operational mode, NTSC or HD, are now in-
                                                       cluded in the display. Of course, the Adjustment
"Power Restore" and "When Mute" are not new            Function, Adjustment Item number, abbreviation, and
items. The normal setting for "Power Restore" is       data are still in the display.
                                                 Page 1-2
All data values given in this book are
for model VS-50803 (VZ6 chassis).
Check the appropriate Service
Manual for data values in other mod-

The upper right display in Figure 1-
3 denotes the HD mode. In the Ad-
justment Mode, the Info button,
toggles between the NTSC and HD

However, data changes are not au-
tomatically saved when the mode is
changed from NTSC to HD, or HD
to NTSC. Before pressing the Info
button, press Enter to save any data
changes.                                                In each of these Functions, only a small percentage
                                                        of the Items require adjustment. For example, in the
The Sub Scalar function display is shown at the lower   Video Chroma Function there are 70 Items, but only
left in Figure 1-3. Sub Scalar circuitry is only used   16 of the Items require adjustment.
in the V15 chassis, not the VZ6. The Sub Scalar
function is displayed on the VZ6 but is not used.       Tables 1-1 through 1-5 list only those Items requir-
                                                        ing adjustment under that specific Function. The
As in previous models, the Audio button selects the     complete list of all Items under each Function are
Adjustment Function, and the Video button selects       given in the Service Manuals.
the Item (adjustment) under that Function. There             Table 1-1: Video Chroma Function
are a total of 15 Adjustment Functions in the VZ6            Table 1-2: Main Matrix Function
and V15 chassis. The Functions, and the sequence             Table 1-3: Sub Matrix Function
of selection are shown in Figure 1-4.                        Table 1-4: PIP Function
                                                             Table 1-5: Deflection Jungle Function
The total number of Adjustment Items in the Adjust-
ment Mode is 725.
However, only a small
percentage of these are
used for adjustment. The
remainder are just preset
data values. Service Ad-
justments are only per-
formed in the following
     Video Chroma
     Main Matrix
     Sub Matrix
     Deflection Jungle

                                                  Page 1-3
Video Chroma (70 Items Total)
                                      RANGE     DATA       DATA
ITEM   ABREV ADJUSTMENT NAME                                                   NOTES
                                      0 to ??   NTSC        HD
  1     SCT   Picture Gain Control       63      42         31    Sub Contrast Adj.
  2    SBRT   Sub Brightness             63      17         31    Black Level Adj.
  5    SCON   Sub Contrast               15       1          5    CRT Cutoff / White Balance
  6    RDRH   Red High Drive             63      25         31    CRT Cutoff / White Balance
  7     GDR   Green Drive                63      25         31    CRT Cutoff / White Balance
  8    BDRH   Blue High Drive            63      25         31    CRT Cutoff / White Balance
  9    CTRH   Red High Cutoff            63      15         31    CRT Cutoff / White Balance
 10    CTGH   Green High Cutoff          63      60         31    CRT Cutoff / White Balance
 11    CTBH   Blue High Cutoff           63      16         31    CRT Cutoff / White Balance
 12    RDRL   Red Low Drive              63      31         31    CRT Cutoff / White Balance
 13    BDRL   Blue Low Drive             63      20         25    CRT Cutoff / White Balance
 14    CTRL   Red Low Cutoff             63      31         15    CRT Cutoff / White Balance
 15    CTGL   Green Low Cutoff           63      60         31    CRT Cutoff / White Balance
 16    CTBL   Blue Low Cutoff            63      15         10    CRT Cutoff / White Balance
 18     BRT   Brightness                 63      31         31    User Control
 19     COL   Color                      63      26         31    User Control
 20    TINT   Tint                       63      31         31    User Control
 21    CONT   Picture Adjust             63      31         31    User Control
 22    SHRP   Sharpness                  63       3         31    User Control
 56    CRO1   Cr Offset                  15       9          7    Main Cr & Cb Offset
 57    CBO1   Cb Offset                  15      10          7    Main Cr & Cb Offset
                            Table 1-1: Video Chroma Function

Main Matrix (46 Items Total)
ITEM   ABREV ADJUSTMENT NAME                        DATA                       NOTES
                                      0 to ??
  3    YDRM Main Y Gain Adj.             31            7          Main Picture Y Level Adj.
                            Table 1-2: Main Matrix Function

Sub Matrix (46 Items Total)
ITEM   ABREV ADJUSTMENT NAME                        DATA                       NOTES
                                      o to ??
  2    COLS VZ6 Sub Color Gain           63          19
            V15 Sub Color Gain           63          13           Sub Color Level (V15)
  3    YDRS Sub Y Gain Adj.              31           7           Sub Picture Y Level Adj.
                             Table 1-3: Sub Matrix Function

PIP (47 Items Total)
ITEM   ABREV ADJUSTMENT NAME                        DATA                       NOTES
                                      0 to ??
  1     PIP   PIP On/Off                 1            0           Customer Control
  6     FRZ   Freeze PIP Picture         1            0           Customer Control
  8    HPM    2 MSBs of Horiz. Pos.      3            2           Customer Control
 20    DECH   Horiz. (3:1, 4:1)          1            0           Customer Control
 21    DECV   Vert. (3:1, 4:1)           1            0           Customer Control
 46    PDU    U Pedestal Adj.            15          15           PIP Cr & Cb Offset Adj.
 47     PDV   V Pedestal Adj.            15           0           PIP Cr & Cb Offset Adj.
                                 Table 1-4: PIP Function

                                         Page 1-4
        Deflection Jungle (42 Items Total)
                                                  RANGE     DATA    DATA
         ITEM     ABREV ADJUSTMENT NAME                                                 NOTES
                                                  0 to ??   NTSC     HD
           1       HWID    Width Adj.                63      32      25    Width Adj.
           2       HKEY    Horiz. Keystone           63      31      31    Raster Distortion Preset
           3       EWPT    Top EW PCC                63      31      31    Raster Distortion Preset
           4       EWCT    Top Corner PCC            63      31      31    Raster Distortion Preset
           5       EWPB    Bottom EW PCC             63      31      31    Raster Distortion Preset
           6       EWCB    Bottom Corner PCC         63      31      31    Raster Distortion Preset
           7       VHGT    Height                    63      31      31    Height & V Linearity Adj.
           8        VLIN   Vert. Linearity           15       7       7    Height & V Linearity Adj.
           9       VSCN    Vert. S                   15       7       7    Height & V Linearity Adj.
          14       HPOS    Horiz. Position           63      35      34    Centering Preset
                                       Table 1-5: Deflection Jungle Function
The procedures for each of the Adjustments are given          1) Convergence Miscellaneous
in the Service Manuals. However, it was mentioned             2) Coarse Convergence Mode
earlier that there are two new adjustments, Main Pic-         3) Fine Convergence Mode
ture Cr Cb Offset, and PIP Cr Cb Offset.
                                                            Convergence SD/HD Selection
Main Picture Cr Cb Offset is performed in the               Adjustments must be performed in both SD and HD
Video Chroma Function, using a White Raster sig-            Modes. SD (Standard Definition) is used to denote
nal set for 25% luminance. The data for Items 56            NTSC in the Convergence Mode. In the Conver-
CRO1, and 57 CB01 are adjusted for optimum white.           gence Mode, the Info button DOES NOT toggle be-
This adjustment is performed in both the NTSC and           tween SD and HD.
HD modes.
                                                            The mode is determined by the signal source when
PIP Picture Cr Cb Offset is only performed in the           the Convergence Mode is activated. If an NTSC or
NTSC Mode, PIP is not featured in the HD Mode.              SD signal is the source, the Convergence Mode
  1) Select the Grayscale pattern for both main             comes on in the SD Mode. When an HD signal is
     and sub pictures.                                      the source, the HD Mode is activated. Therefore, to
  2) Select the Adjustment Mode PIP Function.               switch from SD to HD, or visa versa:
  3) Set the data for Items 46 PDU and 47 PDV                  1) The Convergence Mode must be terminated
     to the Option in Table 1-6 that matches Sub                  (press Menu twice).
     Picture Gray to Main Picture Gray.                        2) Select the appropriate signal source with the
                                                                  Input button.
                                                               3) Re-enter the Convergence Mode (MENU-2-
           OPTION       46 PDU      47 PDV
             1             0           0
             2             0          15
             3            15           0                    As mentioned earlier, if an HD signal is not avail-
             4            15          15                    able the TV can be forced into the Convergence HD
               Table 1-6: Sub Cr Cb Offset                  Mode by the following procedure:
                                                               1) Activate the Factory Menu (MENU-1-3-7-0)
            Convergence Mode                                   2) Change the DTV Port from AUTO to HD.
The Convergence Mode, activated by MENU-2-3-                   3) Terminate the Factory Menu (Menu button
5-9, is basically the same as in the VZ5. It consists             twice)
of three major Functions:                                      4) Select the DTV Input (Input button)
                                                               5) Activate the Convergence Mode (MENU-2-

                                                   Page 1-5
                                                           The HV Adjustment, Item 0 HVOL, may be per-
                                                           formed in either the SD or HD Mode. A change in
                                                           Item 0 HVOL data automatically changes that data
                                                           in both modes.

                                                           Coarse Convergence Function
                                                           Pressing 5 when in the Convergence Mode acti-
                                                           vates the Coarse Mode. The Coarse Convergence is
                                                           used to:
                                                              1) Perform Coarse Raster Correction Adjust-
                                                                  ments (COARSE GREEN)
                                                              2) Perform Coarse Red and Blue Dynamic
                                                                  Convergence Adjustments (COARSE RED
The Convergence On-screen Display indicates the
                                                                  and COARSE BLUE)
current mode. Figure 1-5 illustrates examples of the
                                                              3) Preset Dynamic Focus Data (DF)
Conv. Misc., and Coarse Green displays in the SD
                                                           Like in the VZ5 chassis, use the Audio button to
                                                           select COARSE GREEN, COARSE RED, COARSE
  NOTE: After completing Convergence Adjust-
                                                           BLUE, or DF. Then use the Video button to select
  ments, be sure to reset the DTV Port back to
                                                           the Adjustment Items under that Function.
                                                           Coarse Raster Correction Adjustments are made
Convergence Miscellaneous Function
                                                           in the COARSE GREEN mode. Table 1-8 shows
When in the Convergence Mode, pressing 6 acti-
                                                           the Adjustment Items in the Coarse Green mode.
vates Conv. Misc. The Conv. Misc. mode is used to
perform HV Adjustment. The remaining Items in
                                                           Before performing this adjustment, the Height, Ver-
this mode are preset data values controlling the Con-
                                                           tical Linearity, and Width adjustments must have been
vergence Generator IC.
                                                           set in the Deflection Jungle Function. These adjust-
                                                           ments must be made in both the NTSC and HD
Table 1-7 lists the Items is the Conv Misc mode. All
preset data values must be set in the SD, and HD
Modes. Incorrect preset values may prevent opti-
                                                           The Items under Coarse Green are then adjusted for
mum convergence, or may result in excessive con-
                                                           straight lines in the Crosshatch pattern. These ad-
vergence drive to obtain convergence.
                                                           justments must be made in the SD and HD modes.
                                                                         SD      HD
       ITEM ABREV ADJUSTMENT NAME                              RANGE                       NOTES
                                                                        DATA DATA
         0     HVOL    HV Regulation Adj.                        255         197     HV Adj.
         1     VSTR    Vert. Offset Count Value                  255      0       0 Conv. Gen Preset
         2     VCNT    Vert. Count Value                         255      29      29 Conv. Gen Preset
         3     STLN    Start Line (Defl. Correction)             255      51     103 Conv. Gen Preset
         4     FPHS    Fine Horiz. Blk. Phase Correction         255     198    198 Conv. Gen Preset
         5     CPHS    Coarse Phase Adj.                         255      16      15 Conv. Gen Preset
         6     DPHS    Dynamic Phase Adj. (Focus & Blk)          255      40      40 Conv. Gen Preset
         7     TPHS    Test Pattern Phase                        255      71      71 Conv. Gen Preset
         8     HDLY    Horiz. Blk. Phase                         255     235     240 Conv. Gen Preset
         9     PLWD    Horiz Blk. Pulse Width                     63      31      31 Conv. Gen Preset
                                       Table 1-7: Convergence Misc.

                                                  Page 1-6
                                                                     SD   HD
      ITEM ABREV ADJUSTMENT NAME                           RANGE                    NOTES
                                                                   DATA DATA
        0     HSTA    Horiz. Static                        

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