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                                                                              SERVICE BULLETIN

                                       NEW CLAMPS (REV.00)

Some clamps are mounted inside the washing machines and once they have been used, they can not be
used again, because while removing them, they deform and lose their characteristics.

These clamps are used to fasten the hoses that connect:
- the solenoid valve-to the conveyor
- the recirculation hose-to the rubber bellow
- the pressure chamber-to drain hose
- the tub-to the drain hose
- the detergent fill hose-to the detergent compartment
Find below the part no. and the position.


               Part no.      Diameter                              Position

                                            Solenoid valve-conveyor hose

          132 31 59-00/2        20.5 mm

                                            Recirculation hose

          132 31 59-10/1        18.5 mm     Solenoid valve-conveyor hose

          132 31 59-20/0        52.5 mm
                                            Pressure chamber
          132 31 59-30/9        45.5 mm

          132 31 59-40/8        40.5 mm     Drain hose-pump body

          132 31 59-70/5        65.5 mm     Detergent fill hose

 Revision         Date      Description
   00            09/2008    Document creation

  EN                Publication no.             599 71 18-12      Rev. 00       09/2008     dmm

599 71 18 12                                                                                        1/1

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