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                                  XD-AX1                    U(S)

 DVD PLAYER                       BASIC DVD MECHANISM : DVD-KDR777SL

 VERSION            Serial No.              S/M Code No.
     1            ~ 656-2810000            09-028-362-6N1
     2            656-2900001 ~             This MANUAL

 This MANUAL is for the VERSION 2.



               S/M Code No. 09-029-362-6S1

                                 (OLD)                                      (NEW)
REF. NO.       PART NO.                 DESCRIPTION      PART NO.                  DESCRIPTION
 603              ----       SHEET,IC                        ----       SHEET,IC


                                 (OLD)                                      (NEW)
REF. NO.       PART NO.                 DESCRIPTION      PART NO.                  DESCRIPTION
 3          S2-B31-301-A00   INSTRUC,BOOK(XDAX1U)      S2-B50-601-A 0   INSTRUC BOOK(E/S)


                                 (OLD)                                      (NEW)
REF. NO.       PART NO.                 DESCRIPTION      PART NO.                  DESCRIPTION
 C507                                                 SH-GTF-031-4Z0    CAP,CER 10000PF-25V
 C514      SQ-GTB-04S-3K0    CAP,0.0056-50V           SH-GTB-041-3K0    CAP,CER 1000PF-50V
 C545                                                 SH-GTF-031-4Z0    CAP,CER 10000PF-25V

                                 (OLD)                                      (NEW)
REF. NO.       PART NO.                 DESCRIPTION      PART NO.                  DESCRIPTION
 R662      S8-01R-782-3J0    RES,82K-1/10W            S8-01R-756-3J0    RES,56K-1/10W

                                 (OLD)                                      (NEW)
REF. NO.       PART NO.                 DESCRIPTION      PART NO.                  DESCRIPTION

 R657                                                 S8-03R-910-0J0    RES,10-1/16
 R1001     S8-03R-910-3J0    RES,10K-1/16                                             DELETE
 R1002     S8-03R-910-3J0    RES,10K-1/16                                             DELETE
 R1003     S8-03R-910-4J0    RES,100K-1/16                                            DELETE
 R1004     S8-03R-947-2J0    RES,4.7K-1/16                                            DELETE
 R1005     S8-03R-947-2J0    RES,4.7K-1/16                                            DELETE
 R1008     S8-03R-947-2J0    RES,4.7K-1/16                                            DELETE
 R1009     S8-03R-947-2J0    RES,4.7K-1/16                                            DELETE
 R1010     S8-03R-947-2J0    RES,4.7K-1/16                                            DELETE
 R1011     S8-03R-947-2J0    RES,4.7K-1/16                                            DELETE
 R1012     S8-03R-947-2J0    RES,4.7K-1/16                                            DELETE
 R1014     S8-03R-910-3J0    RES,10K-1/16                                             DELETE
 R1015     S8-03R-910-3J0    RES,10K-1/16                                             DELETE
 R1016     S8-03R-910-3J0    RES,10K-1/16                                             DELETE
 R1017     S8-03R-933-0J0    RES,33-1/16                                              DELETE
 R1018     S8-03R-910-3J0    RES,10K-1/16                                             DELETE
                                (OLD)                                   (NEW)
REF. NO.       PART NO.              DESCRIPTION      PART NO.               DESCRIPTION

 R1020     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R1021     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1023     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1024     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1026     S8-03R-947-3J0   RES,47K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R1027     S8-03R-947-3J0   RES,47K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R1030     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1032     S8-03R-922-2J0   RES,2.2K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1034     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R1035     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1036     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1037     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1038     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R1039     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R1040     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R1041     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1046     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1047     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1048     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R1049     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1050     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1051     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1053     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1054     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1055     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1056     S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R1057     S8-03R-910-1J0   RES,100-1/16                                           DELETE
 R1059     S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R1060     S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R1061     S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16                                            DELETE
 R1066     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R1067     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1068     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R1069     S8-03R-933-0J0   RES,33-1/16                                            DELETE
 R1070     S8-03R-933-0J0   RES,33-1/16                                            DELETE
 R1071     S8-03R-933-0J0   RES,33-1/16                                            DELETE
 R1072     S8-03R-933-0J0   RES,33-1/16                                            DELETE
 R1073     S8-03R-933-0J0   RES,33-1/16                                            DELETE
 R1074     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R2001     S8-03R-910-4J0   RES,100K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R2002     S8-03R-933-3J0   RES,33K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2003     S8-03R-910-0J0   RES,10-1/16            S8-03R-910-4J0   RES,100K-1/16
 R2004                                             S8-03R-968-2J0   RES,6.8K-1/16
 R2006     S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16            S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R2007     S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16            S8-03R-910-1J0   RES,100-1/16
                                (OLD)                                   (NEW)
REF. NO.       PART NO.              DESCRIPTION      PART NO.               DESCRIPTION

 R2008     S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16                                            DELETE
 R2009     S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16                                            DELETE
 R2010     S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16                                            DELETE
 R2011     S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16            S8-03R-910-5J0   RES,1M-1/16
 R2012     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2013     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2014     S8-03R-915-3J0   RES,15K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2015                                             S8-03R-968-2J0   RES,6.8K-1/16
 R2018                                             S8-03R-918-2J0   RES,1.8K-1/16
 R2020     S8-03R-922-1J0   RES,220-1/16           S8-03R-912-2J0   RES,1.2K-1/16
 R2021     S8-03R-922-1J0   RES,220-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2022     S8-03R-922-1J0   RES,220-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2023     S8-03R-922-1J0   RES,220-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2024     S8-03R-922-1J0   RES,220-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2025     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-922-1J0   RES,220-1/16
 R2026     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-968-1J0   RES,680-1/16
 R2027     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2028     S8-03R-922-0J0   RES,22-1/16            S8-03R-912-2J0   RES,1.2K-1/16
 R2029     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-956-2J0   RES,5.6K-1/16
 R2030     S8-03R-956-2J0   RES,5.6K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R2031     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-956-2J0   RES,5.6K-1/16
 R2032                                             S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16
 R2033     S8-03R-922-1J0   RES,220-1/16           S8-03R-956-2J0   RES,5.6K-1/16
 R2034                                             S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R2035     S8-03R-927-3J0   RES,27K-1/16           S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16
 R2037     S8-03R-922-0J0   RES,22-1/16            S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R2038     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-918-3J0   RES,18K-1/16W
 R2039     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2041     S8-03R-910-5J0   RES,1M-1/16                                            DELETE
 R2042     S8-03R-912-2J0   RES,1.2K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R2043     S8-03R-918-2J0   RES,1.8K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R2044     S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2045     S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2046     S8-03R-915-1J0   RES,150-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2052     S8-03R-912-2J0   RES,1.2K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R2054     S8-03R-968-1J0   RES,680-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2064     S8-03R-922-1J0   RES,220-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2301     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2302     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R2303     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2304     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2305     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R2306     S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2307     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R2308     S8-03R-915-3J0   RES,15K-1/16                                           DELETE
                                (OLD)                                   (NEW)
REF. NO.       PART NO.              DESCRIPTION      PART NO.               DESCRIPTION

 R2309     S8-03R-910-1J0   RES,100-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2310     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16
 R2314     S8-03R-912-3J0   RES,12K-1/16           S8-03R-910-1J0   RES,100-1/16
 R2315     S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2316     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2317     S8-03R-956-2J0   RES,5.6K-1/16          S8-03R-912-3J0   RES,12K-1/16
 R2318     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-915-3J0   RES,15K-1/16
 R2320     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-927-3J0   RES,27K-1/16
 R2321     S8-03R-915-3J0   RES,15K-1/16           S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16
 R2323     S8-03R-910-5J0   RES,1M-1/16            S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16
 R2324     S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16            S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16
 R2603     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2604     S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16                                            DELETE
 R2605     S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16            S8-03R-918-0J0   RES,18-1/16W
 R2606     S8-03R-982-3J0   RES,82K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2607     S8-03R-982-3J0   RES,82K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2608     S8-03R-922-0J0   RES,22-1/16                                            DELETE
 R2609     S8-03R-922-0J0   RES,22-1/16            S8-03R-918-0J0   RES,18-1/16W
 R2610     S8-03R-922-0J0   RES,22-1/16            S8-03R-933-2J0   RES,3.3K-1/16
 R2611     S8-03R-922-0J0   RES,22-1/16            S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16
 R2612                                             S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16
 R2614     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R2615     S8-03R-912-3J0   RES,12K-1/16           S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16
 R2616                                             S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16
 R2617     S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16            S8-03R-918-0J0   RES,18-1/16W
 R2618     S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16                                            DELETE
 R2619     S8-03R-92R-2J0   RES,2.2-1/16W          S8-03R-922-5J0   RES,2.2M-1/16W
 R2620     S8-03R-956-1J0   RES,560-1/16           S8-03R-912-5J0   RES,1.2M-1/16W
 R2621     S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16            S8-03R-982-4J0   RES,820K-1/16W
 R2622     S8-03R-927-3J0   RES,27K-1/16           S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16
 R2623     S8-03R-947-1J0   RES,470-1/16           S8-03R-922-5J0   RES,2.2M-1/16W
 R2624                                             S8-03R-982-2J0   RES,8.2K-1/16W
 R2625     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-947-3J0   RES,47K-1/16
 R2626     S8-03R-927-3J0   RES,27K-1/16           S8-03R-982-4J0   RES,820K-1/16W
 R2627     S8-03R-933-1J0   RES,330-1/16           S8-03R-918-0J0   RES,18-1/16W
 R2628     S8-03R-933-1J0   RES,330-1/16           S8-03R-912-5J0   RES,1.2M-1/16W
 R2629     S8-03R-927-3J0   RES,27K-1/16           S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16
 R2630     S8-03R-933-1J0   RES,330-1/16           S8-03R-982-2J0   RES,8.2K-1/16W
 R2631     S8-03R-922-2J0   RES,2.2K-1/16          S8-03R-947-3J0   RES,47K-1/16
 R2632     S8-03R-968-2J0   RES,6.8K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R2633     S8-03R-956-3J0   RES,56K-1/16           S8-03R-982-2J0   RES,8.2K-1/16W
 R2634     S8-03R-933-1J0   RES,330-1/16           S8-03R-947-3J0   RES,47K-1/16
 R2635                                             S8-03R-982-2J0   RES,8.2K-1/16W
 R2636                                             S8-03R-947-3J0   RES,47K-1/16
 R2637                                             S8-03R-939-3J0   RES,39K-1/16W
                                (OLD)                                   (NEW)
REF. NO.       PART NO.              DESCRIPTION      PART NO.               DESCRIPTION

 R2638     S8-03R-915-1J0   RES,150-1/16           S8-03R-939-3J0   RES,39K-1/16W
 R2639     S8-03R-968-3J0   RES,68K-1/16           S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16
 R2640     S8-03R-933-1J0   RES,330-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2642     S8-03R-922-2J0   RES,2.2K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R2643     S8-03R-922-2J0   RES,2.2K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R2644     S8-03R-933-1J0   RES,330-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2645     S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16           S8-03R-933-2J0   RES,3.3K-1/16
 R2646     S8-03R-947-3J0   RES,47K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2647     S8-03R-922-2J0   RES,2.2K-1/16          S8-03R-933-1J0   RES,330-1/16
 R2648                                             S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16
 R2649     S8-03R-947-3J0   RES,47K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2650     S8-03R-922-2J0   RES,2.2K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R2651     S8-03R-933-1J0   RES,330-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2652     S8-03R-933-1J0   RES,330-1/16           S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16
 R2653     S8-03R-947-3J0   RES,47K-1/16           S8-03R-982-2J0   RES,8.2K-1/16W
 R2654     S8-03R-947-3J0   RES,47K-1/16           S8-03R-936-3J0   RES,36K-1/16W
 R2655     S8-03R-933-3J0   RES,33K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2656     S8-03R-947-3J0   RES,47K-1/16           S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16
 R2657     S8-03R-933-1J0   RES,330-1/16           S8-03R-968-2J0   RES,6.8K-1/16
 R2658     S8-03R-933-3J0   RES,33K-1/16           S8-03R-962-3J0   RES,62K-1/16W
 R2659     S8-03R-910-4J0   RES,100K-1/16          S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16
 R2660     S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16           S8-03R-956-2J0   RES,5.6K-1/16
 R2661     S8-03R-927-3J0   RES,27K-1/16           S8-03R-968-2J0   RES,6.8K-1/16
 R2662     S8-03R-922-2J0   RES,2.2K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R2663     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2664     S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2665     S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16           S8-03R-939-3J0   RES,39K-1/16W
 R2666     S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16           S8-03R-968-2J0   RES,6.8K-1/16
 R2667     S8-03R-922-2J0   RES,2.2K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R2668     S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2669     S8-03R-910-4J0   RES,100K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R2670     S8-03R-922-2J0   RES,2.2K-1/16          S8-03R-968-2J0   RES,6.8K-1/16
 R2671     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-968-2J0   RES,6.8K-1/16
 R2672     S8-03R-910-4J0   RES,100K-1/16                                          DELETE
 R2673     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-933-3J0   RES,33K-1/16
 R2674     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
 R2675     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-933-3J0   RES,33K-1/16
 R2678                                             S8-03R-933-3J0   RES,33K-1/16
 R4001     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4002     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4003     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4004     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4005     S8-03R-910-1J0   RES,100-1/16                                           DELETE
 R4006     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4007     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16                                           DELETE
                                (OLD)                                   (NEW)
REF. NO.       PART NO.              DESCRIPTION      PART NO.               DESCRIPTION

 R4008     S8-03R-939-1F0   RES,390-1/16W          S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16
 R4009     S8-03R-922-0J0   RES,22-1/16            S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4010     S8-03R-910-1J0   RES,100-1/16                                           DELETE
 R4011     S8-03R-910-1J0   RES,100-1/16                                           DELETE
 R4013                                             S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4014                                             S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4015     S8-03R-933-0J0   RES,33-1/16                                            DELETE
 R4016     S8-03R-910-1J0   RES,100-1/16           S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4017     S8-03R-910-1J0   RES,100-1/16           S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4018     S8-03R-910-1J0   RES,100-1/16           S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4019     S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16           S8-03R-933-0J0   RES,33-1/16
 R4020     S8-03R-912-0J0   RES,12-1/16            S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4021     S8-03R-910-5J0   RES,1M-1/16            S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4022                                             S8-03R-910-1J0   RES,100-1/16
 R4023     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16          S8-03R-933-0J0   RES,33-1/16
 R4024     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16          S8-03R-933-0J0   RES,33-1/16
 R4025     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16          S8-03R-910-1J0   RES,100-1/16
 R4026     S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16          S8-03R-933-0J0   RES,33-1/16
 R4027     S8-03R-910-0J0   RES,10-1/16            S8-03R-933-0J0   RES,33-1/16
 R4028     S8-03R-951-1F0   RES,510-1/16W          S8-03R-933-0J0   RES,33-1/16
 R4029     S8-03R-910-2F0   RES,1K-1/16            S8-03R-910-1J0   RES,100-1/16
 R4030     S8-03R-910-2J0   RES,1K-1/16            S8-03R-910-1J0   RES,100-1/16
 R4031                                             S8-03R-910-1J0   RES,100-1/16
 R4032                                             S8-03R-951-1F0   RES,510-1/16W
 R4033                                             S8-03R-910-0J0   RES,10-1/16
 R4034                                             S8-03R-910-2F0   RES,1K-1/16
 R4035                                             S8-03R-939-1F0   RES,390-1/16W
 R4036                                             S8-03R-910-5J0   RES,1M-1/16
 R4037                                             S8-03R-910-3J0   RES,10K-1/16
 R4038                                             S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4039                                             S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4043                                             S8-03R-910-1J0   RES,100-1/16
 R4044                                             S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16
 R4046                                             S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16
 R4047                                             S8-03R-922-3J0   RES,22K-1/16
 R4049                                             S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4051                                             S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4052                                             S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4055                                             S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4056                                             S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4058                                             S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4059                                             S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
 R4060                                             S8-03R-92R-2J0   RES,2.2-1/16W
 R4072                                             S8-03R-933-2J0   RES,3.3K-1/16
 R4073                                             S8-03R-947-2J0   RES,4.7K-1/16
                                (OLD)                                   (NEW)
REF. NO.       PART NO.              DESCRIPTION       PART NO.              DESCRIPTION

 R8501                                             S8-03R-92R-2J0   RES,2.2-1/16W
 R8502                                             S8-03R-92R-2J0   RES,2.2-1/16W
 R8503                                             S8-03R-92R-2J0   RES,2.2-1/16W
 C654                                              87-010-549-010   CAP,E 47-6.3V
 C1001     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V                                           DELETE
 C1002     SS-0PC-H4G-1J0   CAP,18P-50V                                           DELETE
 C1003     SS-0PC-H4G-1J0   CAP,18P-50V                                           DELETE
 C1004     S0-2LU-047-1M0   CAP,E 470-6.3V                                        DELETE
 C1006     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V                                           DELETE
 C1007     S0-2LU-022-1M0   CAP,E 220-6.3V                                        DELETE
 C1008     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V                                           DELETE
 C1009     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V                                           DELETE
 C1012     S0-2LU-247-0M0   CAP,E 47-16V                                          DELETE
 C1013     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V                                           DELETE
 C1014     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V                                           DELETE
 C1015     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V                                           DELETE
 C1016     SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V                                          DELETE
 C1017     SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V                                          DELETE
 C1018     SS-0PB-041-4K0   CAP,0.01-50V                                          DELETE
 C1020     SS-0PC-H4H-1J0   CAP,22P-50V                                           DELETE
 C1021     S6-2KU-510-0M0   CAP,E 10-50V                                          DELETE
 C1022     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V                                           DELETE
 C1023     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V                                           DELETE
 C1024     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V                                           DELETE
 C1025     SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V                                          DELETE
 C1026     SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V                                          DELETE
 C1027     SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V                                          DELETE
 C1028     SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V                                          DELETE
 C1029     SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V                                          DELETE
 C1030     SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V                                          DELETE
 C2002     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V            SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2003     SS-0PB-041-3K0   CAP,0.001-50V          SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2006     SS-0PB-041-3K0   CAP,0.001-50V          S0-2LU-210-1M0   CAP,E 100-16V 16YK100MT1
 C2009     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V            SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2010     S0-2LU-022-1M0   CAP,E 220-6.3V                                        DELETE
 C2011     SS-0PB-041-3K0   CAP,0.001-50V                                         DELETE
 C2013     SS-0PB-041-4K0   CAP,0.01-50V                                          DELETE
 C2014     SS-0PB-041-3K0   CAP,0.001-50V                                         DELETE
 C2015     SS-0PB-041-3K0   CAP,0.001-50V          SS-0PC-H4Q-2J0   CAP,470P-50V
 C2016     SS-0PB-041-3K0   CAP,0.001-50V                                         DELETE
 C2017     SS-0PC-H4Q-2J0   CAP,470P-50V                                          DELETE
 C2020     SS-0PB-041-3K0   CAP,0.001-50V          SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2021     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V            S6-2FU-015-1M0   CAP,E 150-6.3V
 C2022                                             SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V
 C2023     S0-2LU-047-1M0   CAP,E 470-6.3V         SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
                                (OLD)                                       (NEW)
REF. NO.       PART NO.              DESCRIPTION          PART NO.                  DESCRIPTION

 C2024     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2027                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2028                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2030     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                                                DELETE
 C2031     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                                                DELETE
 C2032     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                SS-0PC-H44-0C0   CAP,4PF-50V
 C2033     S0-2LU-047-1M0   CAP,E 470-6.3V                                             DELETE
 C2034     SS-0PB-041-4K0   CAP,0.01-50V               SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2035     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                                                DELETE
 C2036     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2037     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2038     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                SS-0PB-041-4K0   CAP,0.01-50V
 C2039     SS-0PC-H4E-1J0   CAP,15P-50V                SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V
 C2040     SS-0PC-H4E-1J0   CAP,15P-50V                                                DELETE
 C2042                                                 SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V
 C2043     SS-0PC-H4E-2J0   CAP,150P-50V               SS-0PC-H4S-2J0   CAP,560P-50V
 C2044                                                 SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V
 C2045     S0-2LU-010-1M0   CAP,E 100-6.3V                                             DELETE
 C2046     S0-2LU-022-1M0   CAP,E 220-6.3V             SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V
 C2047                                                 SS-0PB-041-3K0   CAP,0.001-50V
 C2049     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2050     S0-2LU-010-1M0   CAP,E 100-6.3V             SS-0PF-0N1-6Z0   CAP,1-10V
 C2051     S0-2LU-047-1M0   CAP,E 470-6.3V             SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2052     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                SS-0PF-0N1-6Z0   CAP,1-10V
 C2053     S0-2LU-047-1M0   CAP,E 470-6.3V             SS-0PB-041-4K0   CAP,0.01-50V
 C2305     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                                                DELETE
 C2307     SS-0PB-04H-3K0   CAP,0.0022-50V             SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V
 C2308     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                                                DELETE
 C2309     S0-2LU-210-1M0   CAP,E 100-16V 16YK100MT1   S0-2LU-247-0M0   CAP,E 47-16V
 C2601                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2602     S0-2LU-247-0M0   CAP,E 47-16V                                               DELETE
 C2604                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2605     SS-0PC-H4W-1J0   CAP,82P-50V                SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2606                                                 SS-0PB-041-3K0   CAP,0.001-50V
 C2607                                                 S0-2LU-510-0M0   CAP,E 10-50V 50YK10MT1
 C2608     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                SS-0PB-041-4K0   CAP,0.01-50V
 C2610     SS-0PB-041-3K0   CAP,0.001-50V              SS-0PC-H4Q-2J0   CAP,470P-50V
 C2611     87-015-075-040   CAP,E 10-16V                                               DELETE
 C2612     87-015-075-040   CAP,E 10-16V               S0-2LU-510-0M0   CAP,E 10-50V 50YK10MT1
 C2613     SS-0PC-H4Q-1J0   CAP,47P-50V                                                DELETE
 C2614     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                SS-0PC-H4S-1J0   CAP,56P-50V
 C2615     SS-0PC-H4N-1J0   CAP,39P-50V                SS-0PC-H4S-1J0   CAP,56P-50V
 C2617     SS-0PC-H4E-2J0   CAP,150P-50V               SS-0PC-H4S-1J0   CAP,56P-50V
 C2618     S0-2LU-022-1M0   CAP,E 220-6.3V             SS-0PC-H4S-1J0   CAP,56P-50V
 C2619     SS-0PC-H4E-2J0   CAP,150P-50V               SS-0PC-H4Q-1J0   CAP,47P-50V
                                (OLD)                                   (NEW)
REF. NO.       PART NO.              DESCRIPTION      PART NO.               DESCRIPTION

 C2620     87-015-695-080   CAP,E 1-50V                                            DELETE
 C2621     SS-0PC-H4E-2J0   CAP,150P-50V           SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2622     SS-0PC-H4E-2J0   CAP,150P-50V           S0-2LU-247-0M0   CAP,E 47-16V
 C2623     SS-0PC-H4L-1J0   CAP,33P-50V            SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V
 C2624                                             S0-2LU-247-0M0   CAP,E 47-16V
 C2625     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V            SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2626     SS-0PC-H4U-1J0   CAP,68P-50V            SS-0RB-021-6K0   CAP,1UF-16V
 C2627     SS-0PC-H4H-2J0   CAP,220P-50V           S0-2LU-247-0M0   CAP,E 47-16V
 C2628                                             SS-0PB-04Q-3K0   CAP,0.0047-50V
 C2629     SS-0PC-H4S-2J0   CAP,560P-50V           SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V
 C2631     SS-0PC-H4L-1J0   CAP,33P-50V            SS-0PB-02Q-4K0   CAP,0.047-16V B
 C2632                                             SS-0RB-021-6K0   CAP,1UF-16V
 C2633     SS-0PC-H4Q-1J0   CAP,47P-50V            SS-0PB-04Q-3K0   CAP,0.0047-50V
 C2634     SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V           SS-0PB-04Q-3K0   CAP,0.0047-50V
 C2635     S0-2LU-247-0M0   CAP,E 47-16V           SS-0PB-04E-3K0   CAP,0.0015-50V
 C2636     SS-0PC-H4W-1J0   CAP,82P-50V            SS-0PC-H4S-1J0   CAP,56P-50V
 C2637     SS-0PC-H4S-1J0   CAP,56P-50V            SS-0PC-H4S-2J0   CAP,560P-50V
 C2638                                             SS-0PC-H4S-2J0   CAP,560P-50V
 C2639     SS-0PC-H4H-2J0   CAP,220P-50V                                           DELETE
 C2640     SS-0PB-04Q-3K0   CAP,0.0047-50V         SS-0PB-041-3K0   CAP,0.001-50V
 C2641     SS-0PC-H4L-1J0   CAP,33P-50V            S0-2LU-022-1M0   CAP,E 220-6.3V
 C2642     SS-0PC-H4H-1J0   CAP,22P-50V            SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C2643     SS-0PC-H4Q-2J0   CAP,470P-50V           SS-0PB-041-3K0   CAP,0.001-50V
 C2644     SS-0PC-H4G-1J0   CAP,18P-50V                                            DELETE
 C2645     SS-0PC-H4E-2J0   CAP,150P-50V                                           DELETE
 C2646     SS-0PC-H4H-2J0   CAP,220P-50V                                           DELETE
 C2647     SS-0PC-H4Q-1J0   CAP,47P-50V                                            DELETE
 C2648     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                                            DELETE
 C2649     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                                            DELETE
 C2650     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                                            DELETE
 C2651     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                                            DELETE
 C2652     S0-2LU-247-0M0   CAP,E 47-16V                                           DELETE
 C2653     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                                            DELETE
 C2654     S0-2LU-247-0M0   CAP,E 47-16V                                           DELETE
 C2655     S0-2LU-247-0M0   CAP,E 47-16V                                           DELETE
 C2656     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                                            DELETE
 C2658     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                                            DELETE
 C2659     SS-0PB-021-5K0   CAP,0.1-16V                                            DELETE
 C4006     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V            S0-2LU-247-0M0   CAP,E 47-16V
 C4009     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V            S0-2LU-210-1M0   CAP,E 100-16V 16YK100MT1
 C4011     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V            S0-2LU-210-1M0   CAP,E 100-16V 16YK100MT1
 C4012     SS-0PC-H43-0C0   CAP,3P-50V             SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4013     SS-0PC-H43-0C0   CAP,3P-50V             SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4017     S0-2LU-047-1M0   CAP,E 470-6.3V         SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4019     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V                                            DELETE
                                (OLD)                                       (NEW)
REF. NO.       PART NO.              DESCRIPTION           PART NO.              DESCRIPTION

 C4020     S6-2FU-015-1M0   CAP,E 150-6.3V             S0-2LU-247-0M0   CAP,E 47-16V
 C4021     87-010-549-010   CAP,E 47-6.3V              SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4022     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V                S0-2LU-247-0M0   CAP,E 47-16V
 C4023     S6-2FU-015-1M0   CAP,E 150-6.3V             SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V
 C4025     87-010-549-010   CAP,E 47-6.3V                                              DELETE
 C4026     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V                SS-0PC-H4G-1J0   CAP,18P-50V
 C4029     87-010-549-010   CAP,E 47-6.3V              S0-2LU-247-0M0   CAP,E 47-16V
 C4035     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V                S0-2LU-247-0M0   CAP,E 47-16V
 C4037     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V                SS-0PB-041-4K0   CAP,0.01-50V
 C4039     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V                87-010-112-080   CAP,E 100-16V
 C4040     SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V                S0-2LU-247-0M0   CAP,E 47-16V
 C4041     S0-2LU-210-1M0   CAP,E 100-16V 16YK100MT1   SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4043     S0-2LU-210-1M0   CAP,E 100-16V 16YK100MT1   S0-2LU-022-1M0   CAP,E 220-6.3V
 C4045     S0-2LU-210-1M0   CAP,E 100-16V 16YK100MT1   S0-2LU-022-1M0   CAP,E 220-6.3V
 C4046                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4047     SS-0PB-041-4K0   CAP,0.01-50V               S6-2KU-510-0M0   CAP,E 10-50V
 C4048                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4049                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4050                                                 S0-2LU-210-1M0   CAP,E 100-16V 16YK100MT1
 C4051                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4052                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4053                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4054                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4055                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4056                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4057                                                 S0-2LU-210-1M0   CAP,E 100-16V 16YK100MT1
 C4058                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4059                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4060                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4061                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4062                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4063                                                 S0-2LU-247-0M0   CAP,E 47-16V
 C4064                                                 SS-0PF-041-4Z0   CAP,0.01-50V
 C4065                                                 SS-0PF-041-4Z0   CAP,0.01-50V
 C4066                                                 SS-0PF-041-4Z0   CAP,0.01-50V
 C4068                                                 SS-0PF-041-4Z0   CAP,0.01-50V
 C4069                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4070                                                 SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
 C4071                                                 SS-0PB-041-4K0   CAP,0.01-50V
 C4072                                                 SS-0PB-041-4K0   CAP,0.01-50V
 C4074                                                 SS-0PB-041-4K0   CAP,0.01-50V
 C4076                                                 SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V
 C4077                                                 SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V
 C4079                                                 SS-0PB-041-4K0   CAP,0.01-50V
 C4080                                                 SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V
                                    (OLD)                                   (NEW)
    REF. NO.       PART NO.              DESCRIPTION       PART NO.              DESCRIPTION

     C4081                                             SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V
     C4082                                             SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V
     C4083                                             SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V
     C4084                                             SS-0PF-031-5Z0   CAP,0.1-25V
     C4085                                             SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V
     C4086                                             SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V
     C4087                                             SS-0PC-H41-2J0   CAP,100P-50V
     C7029                                             SS-0PB-041-4K0   CAP,0.01-50V
     C7030                                             SS-0PB-041-4K0   CAP,0.01-50V
     C7038     87-010-235-080   CAP,E 470-16V          S0-2LU-210-1M0   CAP,E 100-16V 16YK100MT1
     C7066     SS-0PB-041-4K0   CAP,0.01-50V                                           DELETE
     C8536     87-010-076-040   CAP,E 22UF-6.3V        S0-2LU-210-1M0   CAP,E 100-16V 16YK100MT1
     C8537     87-010-076-040   CAP,E 22UF-6.3V        87-016-053-080   CAP,E 22-16V
!    D1002     S9-7U0-200-1B0   ZENER,MTZJ20B T-77                                     DELETE
!    D1003     S9-7U0-4R7-1B0   ZENER,MTZJ4.7B                                         DELETE
     D1005     SD-DRL-414-800   DIODE,MCL4148                                          DELETE
     D2001                                             SD-DRL-414-800   DIODE,MCL4148
     D4001                                             S9-7U0-4R7-1B0   ZENER,MTZJ4.7B
     D4002                                             S9-7U0-200-1B0   ZENER,MTZJ20B T-77
     D4003                                             SD-DRL-414-800   DIODE,MCL4148
     IC1001    SC-QF0-670-500   IC,ZR36705                                             DELETE
     IC1002    S9-UF0-322-900   IC,PST3229NR                                           DELETE
     IC1006    S5-HJ0-04B-F00   IC,S-24C04BFJ-TB                                       DELETE
     IC2001    S5-3F0-866-100   IC,LC78661W            S5-3K0-866-300                  DELETE
     IC2002    S5-9J0-258-B30   IC,MSM5416258B-30      SC-UJ0-625-690   IC,M11L416256SA-35T
     IC2003                                            S0-7E0-035-8F0   IC,BA10358F-E2
     IC2004                                            S0-GF9-X25-100   IC,PQ1X251M2ZP
     IC2601    S0-7F0-406-6F0   IC,BU4066BCF           S0-3FR-970-300   IC,LA9703WL
     IC2602    S0-3FR-970-200   IC,LA9702WL                                            DELETE
     IC4001    SC-QF0-673-200   IC,ZR36732             SC-QK0-674-200   IC,ZR36742
     IC4002    S5-9J0-160-FB0   IC,MSM56V16160F-8      S5-HJ0-04B-F00   IC,S-24C04BFJ-TB
     IC4003                                            S0-GF9-XZ0-100   IC,PQ070XZ01ZP
     IC4004                                            S9-UF0-322-900   IC,PST3229NR
     IC4005    SC-MJ0-800-A70   IC,SST39VF800A-70-4    SC-LJ0-610-DB0   IC,HY57V161610DTC-8
     IC4006    S0-GF9-XZ0-100   IC,PQ070XZ01ZP         SC-LJ0-610-DB0   IC,HY57V161610DTC-8
     IC4007                                            SC-MJ0-800-A70   IC,SST39VF800A-70-4
     Q1001     SP-AAB-050-010   TR,KRA102S                                             DELETE
     Q1002     SN-AAC-050-020   TR,KRC103RTK                                           DELETE
     Q1003     SN-AAD-050-010   TR,KRC104S                                             DELETE
!    Q1004     SC-AT0-320-340   TR,KTC3203                                             DELETE
     Q2301     SC-AA3-875-SY0   TR,KTC3875S_Y_RT                                       DELETE
     Q2302     89-110-372-080   TR,2SA1037AK                                           DELETE
     Q2303     SN-AAB-050-030   TR,KRC102RTK                                           DELETE
     Q2304     SA-AA1-504-SY0   TR,KTA1504S_Y_RT                                       DELETE
     Q2601     SC-AA3-875-SY0   TR,KTC3875S_Y_RT                                       DELETE
                                    (OLD)                                         (NEW)
    REF. NO.       PART NO.              DESCRIPTION             PART NO.              DESCRIPTION

     Q2602                                                   SC-AA3-875-SY0   TR,KTC3875S_Y_RT
     Q2603     S6-7J1-036-K00   TR,2SA1036KT146                                            DELETE
     Q2604     S6-7J1-036-K00   TR,2SA1036KT146              SC-AA3-875-SY0   TR,KTC3875S_Y_RT
     Q2605     SA-AA1-504-SY0   TR,KTA1504S_Y_RT             S6-7J1-036-K00   TR,2SA1036KT146
     Q2607     S2-7T0-301-800   FET,2SK3018                                                DELETE
     Q2609     SC-AA3-875-SY0   TR,KTC3875S_Y_RT             S6-7J1-036-K00   TR,2SA1036KT146
     Q2610     SC-AA3-875-SY0   TR,KTC3875S_Y_RT                                           DELETE
     Q2611     SA-AA1-504-SY0   TR,KTA1504S_Y_RT                                           DELETE
     Q2612     S2-7T0-301-800   FET,2SK3018                                                DELETE
     Q2613     S2-7T0-301-800   FET,2SK3018                                                DELETE
     Q2614     SC-AA3-875-SY0   TR,KTC3875S_Y_RT                                           DELETE
     Q2615     SC-AA3-875-SY0   TR,KTC3875S_Y_RT                                           DELETE
     Q2616     SC-AA3-875-SY0   TR,KTC3875S_Y_RT                                           DELETE
     Q4001                                                   SN-AAC-050-020   TR,KRC103RTK
     Q4002                                                   SC-AT0-320-340   TR,KTC3203
     Q4003                                                   SN-AAD-050-010   TR,KRC104S
     Q4004                                                   SP-AAB-050-010   TR,KRA102S
     B1001     S2-4HC-310-220   CORE,BEADS FCM2012H-102T04                                 DELETE
     B1002     S2-4HC-310-220   CORE,BEADS FCM2012H-102T04                                 DELETE
     B2002     S2-4HC-310-220   CORE,BEADS FCM2012H-102T04                                 DELETE
     B2604     S2-4HC-310-220   CORE,BEADS FCM2012H-102T04                                 DELETE
     B2605     S2-4HC-310-220   CORE,BEADS FCM2012H-102T04                                 DELETE
     B2606     S2-4HC-310-220   CORE,BEADS FCM2012H-102T04                                 DELETE
     B4005                                                   S2-4HC-310-220   CORE,BEADS FCM2012H-102T04
     B4006                                                   S2-4HC-310-220   CORE,BEADS FCM2012H-102T04
     B4007                                                   S2-4HC-310-220   CORE,BEADS FCM2012H-102T04
     B4008                                                   S2-4HC-310-220   CORE,BEADS FCM2012H-102T04
     L1001     S2-167-F2R-2J0   COIL,2.2U EL0305RA-2R2J
     L4001                                                   S2-167-F2R-2J0   COIL,2.2U EL0305RA-2R2J
     J7001     S6-0G4-110-280   RCA JACK KM04023-17H         S6-0J4-110-250   RCA JACK MSP-244V10-44PBSN
     J7003     S6-0G4-110-270   RCA JACK HSP-243V2-39H       S6-0J4-110-260   RCA JACK MSD-243V-18-PBSN
     CP1002    S6-9S2-C06-290   CONN,A2001WV2-12P                                          DELETE
     CP1003    S6-9S2-806-290   CONN,A2001WV2-8P                                           DELETE
     CP4005                                                  S6-9S2-C06-290   CONN,A2001WV2-12P
     CP4006                                                  S6-9S2-806-290   CONN,A2001WV2-8P
     X1001     S0-0CT-012-100   CRYSTAL,HC-49/U                                            DELETE
     X2001     S0-0CT-016-040   CRYSTAL,HC-49/U-S            S0-0BT-016-130   CRYSTAL HC-49U/S
     X4001     S0-0WT-027-060   CRYSTAL,HC-49/U-S            S0-0BT-027-010   CRYSTAL,HC-49U/S
     PCB130    S2-B31-3A1-300   DVD PWB ASS'Y                S2-B50-6A1-300   DVD PWB ASS'Y

                                    (OLD)                                         (NEW)
    REF. NO.       PART NO.              DESCRIPTION             PART NO.              DESCRIPTION
!    DK4001    S6-9G0-001-6A0   DECK CD DVD-KDR777SK         S6-9G0-002-0A0   DECK CD DVD-KDR777SL
    =    DXXX
    =    DXXX                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     12                                            1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              W853                           8                                                                                                                           C4045
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           1       CP2301
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        24                                                                                                                                                        CP4005
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                CP2601                               1                                                                                                                                                          R7023
                                                                                                                   R2313                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            C4074
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             C2604                                                                                           L4001              C4039                                                                   Q7009 Q7010
                                                                                                                  R2310                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      C4043                                                                                              L7011


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       R7029 C7035

    =   QXXX                                                                                                                                                                                                      R2629                                                                                                                            Q2605                      Q2609                                                                                                             C7024                                                       C7016




                                                 R2324 R2323
                                                               R2320 R2318
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       C7036 R7054 R7055

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          R2609 R2617
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          C2617                                                                                                                                                   C4055   C4056                                                                                                                                                                        R7047


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              C2607                                                                                                                C4057

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          R2605 R2627


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             C2618                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 C7057
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             50                                        26
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            W832 R2645 C2608                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Q7004                             Q7006

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            R2647 C2619

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     17             1


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