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          RDS DVD-Video Tuner

                                                              DIGITAL VIDEO

 * The model is component system unit of DVD Unit and Power Supply Unit.

                                                       TO ALPINE Home Page
                                                                              3 / 06-A


 The following cautions will prevent accidents in the workplace and will ensure safe products.
*The symbols indicate caution is needed to prevent injuries and damage to property.
 The symbols and their meanings follow.

                       If you ignore this symbol and handle the product incorrectly or unsafely,
        Warning        serious injury or death may result.

                       If you ignore this symbol and handle the product incorrectly or unsafely,
        Caution        injury or only material damage may result.

*The following symbols indicate two levels of cautions.

        When you see this symbol, you have to be very careful.

        When you see this symbol, you have to follow the instructions there.

        Do not look squarely into the laser light                      Fuse Caution
        coming from the pickup.                                        Always use a designated fuse.
        You may loose you sight.                                       Use of an incorrect fuse may result in a fire.

        Do not allow wiring to be caught in the                        Battery Caution
        screw/chassis.                                                 Use the designated battery.
        If wiring is caught in the screw/chassis, it may               Confirm the correct polarity and seat of the battery.
        cause a short circuit, resulting in a fire.                    An incorrect battery or an improperly connected or
                                                                       seated battery may result in a fire.

        High Temperature Caution                                       Designated Parts Caution
        Touching the heat sink may cause severe burns.                 Look up the part list and ensure that only
                                                                       designated parts are used to prevent problems or

        Reverse Power Supply Connections or                            Wiring Caution
        Misconnections Caution                                         Ensure that the wiring is correct when rewiring to
        Reverse power supply connections or                            prevent problems with ignition/breakdown.
        misconnections may cause ignition problems and
        smoke may result.

        Soldering Caution                                              Wear Gloves
        Hot solder from solder splash may cause severe                 Wear gloves to prevent electrical shocks or injury
        burns.                                                         from the end face of the metal.

        For the FDA laser standard, the following CAUTION label is stuck on each product.
        Please be careful for repair.
                                        CAUTION-Laser radiation when open, DO NOT STARE INTO BEAM



Packing Assembly Parts List                                                                  4

Packing Method View                                                                          4

System Connections                                                                         5 to 8

Specifications                                                                            9 to 12

Extension Cable                                                                             13

Adjustment Procedures                                                                     14 , 15

Block Diagram                                                                             16 to 20

< DVD Unit >                                                                              21 to 70

< Power Supply Unit >                                                                     71 to 77

NOTE : Due to continuing product improvement, specifications and designs are subject to
       change without notice.


Packing Assembly Parts List                                             Packing Method View
Symbol     Part No.              Description
 101-1   03S60820Y16   SCR,MCH 5X8 ZN A
 101-2   03S60824Y01   SCR,WEV 1.7X4 ZN A
 101-3   60S70585F01   BAT,LIT.3V (CR2025)
 101-4   75T58346F16   PAD,MAGIC TAPE
 101-5   03S60828Y03   SCR,TPG 4X14 ZN A

 101-6   36A11113W01   CAP,RUBBER(A)
 101-7   03A60836Y01   SCR,CUS 5X7 ZN A
 102     15D61379Y01   CASE,INNER                                                                                                                            103
 103     15D50063Y01   CARRYING,CASE                                                                                                                                           102
 104     97-02173Z01   ASSY,SBNN00003A

 105     01T25634Y01   ASSY,WIRE VIDEO                                                                                         Power Supply Unit
 106     01T75524Y01   ASSY,CABLE-S 9990                                                 107
 107     09-04233Z01   ASSY,ATFC-0479-01A
 108     68-02065Z31   O/M AOEU                                                                                                               BOTTOM



                                               101 -1        101 -2            101 -3             101 -4              101 -5

                                                        X4                                   X1                                 X4
                                                                    X1                                           X2

                                               101 -6                 101 -7


                                                                                                                                                                   DVD Unit


                                               105                         106                                 107

                                                                   X1                             X1                             X1

                                                                                                                                                                                     TO CONTENTS

System Connections

                                            3                      2
                                                     Blue        POWER ANT             4
                                                                                                           To power antenna
                                                                  TURN-ON              5
                                                                                                           To amplifier or equalizer
                                                     Pink       INTERRUPT IN           6
                                                                                                           To vehicle phone

                                                Orange           ILLUMINATION          7
                                                                                                           To the instrument cluster illumination
                                                      Red            ACC               8

                                                                                                  Ignition Key
                               !                    Yellow        BATTERY              9

                                                    Black           GND                "

                                     M.CONT            (Front)                         #
                                      M.CONT                                           $           To monitor control lead

                                     REMOTE IN         (Front)                         %

                                     REMOTE IN         (Rear)                          &           To remote output lead

                                                                                                   To Vehicle Display Interface
                                                                           (Yellow)    )
                                                                                                   To Video Input terminal
                                                                           (White) L

                                                                           (Red) R     ~           To Audio Input terminal (R, L)

                                 .                    ,                                                                                  Speakers
                                                     -                      >
            :                                                                                                                            Front Left
                   <                                                                                       Amplifier
                                                                                                                                         Front Right
                 =      3WAY
                                                                                                                                         Rear Left
                   *1                                                                                      Amplifier
                                                                                                                                         Rear Right
      ?                                                                >

                                                                                                           Amplifier                     Subwoofers

                               @                                                                              CD Changer
                                                                                                              (Sold Separately)
            Power Supply Box



                                                                                           *1 The label is attached on the bottom of the unit.
                                                                                           *2 Caution about Power cable
                                                                                             Use the Power cable supplied with the unit.
                                                                                             Do not use a Power cable that is not supplied with the unit.

                                                                                                                                             TO CONTENTS

1 ISO Antenna Plug                                                       , Rear Output RCA Connectors
2 ISO Antenna Converter Plug (sold separately)                             RED is right and WHITE is left.
3 Antenna Receptacle                                                     - Subwoofer RCA Connectors
                                                                           RED is right and WHITE is left.
4 Power Antenna Lead (Blue)
  Connect this lead to the +B terminal of your power antenna,            . S Video output terminal
  if applicable.                                                           Outputs the video signal.
                                                                           Connect a monitor that has a S video input terminal.

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