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    If you have any advice or requirements, please feedback or call 0755-86021373.   Thanks for using our products, please read this manual thoroughly before operation.

ATTEN INSTRUMENTS                                FRANCHISER
RF Microwave Instruments
Therefore Microwave Components
Spectrum Analyzers
Regulated DC Power Supply
Regulated AC Power Supply
Switching DC Power Supply
Inverter DC Power Supply
Portable Power
Oscilloscope/ Signal Generator
Attenuator/ Amplifier
850 Rework Station
936 Constant Temp Soldering Station
Electronic Instruments
Electronic Tools

                                                                                               Users Manual

                   MFR Add: Building A29, Tanglang Industrial Zone, Xili,
                        Nanshan, Shenzhen, 518055, P. R. China
                            Tel: 0755-8602 1373 8602 1372
                                  Fax: 86-755-8602 1337
                                http: //

                                                                                               SHENZHEN ATTEN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
                     Contents                                       Spectrum Analyzer                                    for RF leakage/radiation detection, CATV/
                                                                                                                         MATV system troubleshooting, cellular
AT6010/AT6011        Spectrum Analyzers                             AT6010/6011                                          telephone/pocket pager test, and EMC
SPECTRUM ANALYZERS                                                                                                       diagnostics. There is an optional measurement
                     Near Field Sniffer Probes AZ530            3                                                        output for a PC which makes documentation
                     Frequency Expander AT5000F Series          5                                                        of results easy and affordable with the AO500
                     AT808 GSM Servicing RF Signal Generator    5
                     General Information                        6                                                        Applications
                     Symbols                                    6                                                          AT spectrum analyzer can carry out good
                     Tilt handle                                6                                                          inspection to the faults of cable system and
                                                                              AT6010                                       wireless system including remote control,
                     Safety                                     7                                                          cordless phone, cable TV and
                     Operating conditions                       8                                                          communication equipment, as well as good
                                                                      Frequency Range: 0.15MHz to 1050MHz
                     Warranty                                   8                                                          comparison and analysis to frequency of
                                                                      5 % Digit LCD Display
                     Maintenance                                8     (Center Frequency, 0.01MHz resolution)
                                                                                                                           AT6010 spectrum analyzer can test mobile
                                                                      -100 to +13dBm Amplitude Range, IF
                     Switching over the mains/line voltage      9                                                          phone, RF circuits, for example, control
                                                                      RBW: 20kHz, 400kHz and Video-Filter
                                                                                                                           signal of logic circuit, base band signal.
                     Introduction                              10     Tracking-Generator (AT6011 only)
                                                                                                                           local oscillator signal of RF circuit, IF signal
                                                                      Frequency range: 0.15MHz to 1050MHz
                     Operating Instructions                    10                                                          and transmission signal, It is very quick and
                                                                      Output Voltage: +0dBm to 50dBm(50 )
                     Control Elements                          11                                                          accurate to use AT6010 spectrum analyzer
                                                                      Accessories: Users Manual, Power Cord
                                                                                                                           to overhaul the fault of mobile phone which
                     Vertical Calibration                      12     1pcs
                                                                                                                           can not enter the network, and determine the
                     Horizontal Calibration                    13                                                          fault point.
                                                                    Evolution of the original AT6010/AT6011 has
                     Introduction to Spectrum Analysis         13                                                          Electromagnetic Compatible (EMC) Testing:
                                                                    led to the new AT6010/6011 Spectrum
                                                                                                                           measure the function of harmful
                     Types of Spectrum Analyzers               14   Analyzer/Tracking Generator which now
                                                                                                                           electromagnetic wave to be transmitted by
                                                                    extends operation over 1GHz (frequency range
                     Spectrum Analyzer Requirements            15                                                          various electronic equipments. In addition,
                                                                    0.15 to 1050MHz). Both fine and coarse center
                                                                                                                           it can output AM/FM demodulation signal
                     Frequency Measurements                    15   frequency controls, combined with a scan
                                                                                                                           from socket PHONE, identify the broadcast
                     Resolution                                16   width selector provide simple frequency
                                                                                                                           signal affected by noise. From authorization
                                                                    domain measurements from 1MHz/Div. To
                     Sensitivity                               16                                                          aspect, it is very effective measurement
                                                                    1GHz/Div. Both models include a 5 digit
                     Video Filtering                           17                                                          function for the evaluation and research in
                                                                    numeric LCD readout that can selectively
                                                                                                                           advance to carry out the measurement of
                     Spectrum Analyzer Sensitivity             17   display either the center or marker frequency.
                                                                                                                           radioactive noise.
                                                                    The AT6010/6011includes a tracking generator.
                     Frequency Response                        18                                                          Widely used for production, dev elopement,
                                                                    The AT6010/6011. The instruments are
                     Tracking Generators                       18                                                          education and scientific research. The form
                                                                    suitable for per-compliance testing during
                                                                                                                           of signal (such as RF pulse signal) can be
                                                                    develop. Prior to third part testing. A near-field
                     Mainly Performance and Calibration        20                                                          observed from ATTEN spectrum analyzer
                                                                    sniffer probe set, AZ530, can be used to locate
                                                                                                                           clearly, where figures are expanded by
                     Front View AT6010                         21   cable and PC board emission hot spots and
                                                                                                                           Fourier series, good for apprehend in
                                                                    evaluate EMC problems at the breadboard and
                     Front View AT6011                         22   prototype level. The combination of AT6010/
                                                                                                                           education and research.
                                                                    6011 with the AZ530 is an excellent solution
Specifications                                Input/output                                       Probe are all matched to the 50 inputs of       The H-Field Near-Field probe
                                                                                                 Spectrum analyzers or RF-receivers. The
 Frequency range: 0.15~1050MHz                  Signal input: N connector                        power can be supplied either from batteries,    The H-Field probe provides a voltage to the
 Stability: 10ppm/year                          Impedance: 50                                    Ni-Cads or through a power cord directly        connected measurement system which is
 Aging: 2ppm each year                          Max. continuous RF input level:                  connected to an AT6010/AT6011 series            proportional to
 Resolution of frequency display: 10kHz         10~40dB attenuation: +20dBm (0.1W)               spectrum analyzer.                              the magnetic radio
 (5 1/2 digit)                                  0dB attenuation: +10dBm                          Signal feed via a 1.5m BNC-cable. When used     frequency (RF) field
 Readout accuracy: 2%* sweepwidth +5*           Max. DC input voltage: 25V                       in connection with a spectrum analyzer or       strength existing at the
 10-3*CF+10kHz                                  DC output: DC power supply 6VDC FOR              measuring receiver, the probes cable used to    probe location, With this
 CF adjustment range: 0.15~1050MHz              AZ530 Probe                                      locate and qualify EMI sources, as well as      probe, circuit therefore sources may be
 Frequency synthesize: TCXO, DDS                Audio output: 3.5mm

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