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Service Manual

        Chapter One About Maintenance                       1
1.1 Safety precautions                                      1
    1.1.1 Power supply                                      1
    1.1.2 Precautions for antistatic                        1
    1.1.3 Precautions for display screen                    1
    1.1.4 Precautions for laser head                        2
    1.1.5 About placement position                          2
1.2 Maintenance method                                      2
    1.2.1 Electric resistance method                        2
    1.2.2 Voltage method                                    2
    1.2.3 Current method                                    2
    1.2.4 Element substitution method                       2
    1.2.5 Cutting method                                    2
    1.2.6 Visualized method                                 3
    1.2.7 Comparison method                                 3
1.3 Required device for maintenance                         3

         Chapter Two Functions and Operation Instructions   4
2.1 Section One TV Segment                                  4
    2.1.1 Features                                          4
    2.1.2 Set list                                          5
    2.1.3 Controls and functions                            5
    2.1.4 Connection and starting                           7
    2.1.5TV mode                                            7
    2.1.6 PC monitor mode                                   9
2.2 Section Two DVD Segment                                 10
    2.2.1 Controls and functions                            10
    2.2.2 Function settings                                 10
2.2.3 Others                                                          13

         Chapter Three Principle and Servicing                        16
The previous manual: TV part                                          16
Section One Principle of the player                                   16
    3.1.1 System control principle                                    16
    3.1.2 Overall wiring diagram                                      17
    3.1.3 Block diagram of the player                                 18
    3.1.4 Audio circuit                                               19
    3.1.5 Power circuit                                               19
    3.1.6 Video circuit                                               20
Section Two Troubleshooting flow chart                                21
Section Three Waveform diagram                                        33
    The next manual: DVD part                                         41
Section One Principle of the player                                   41
    3.1.1 Audio circuit                                               41
    3.1.2 Video circuit                                               41
    3.1.3 Servo circuit                                               42
    3.1.4 USB/CARD circuit                                            42
    3.1.5 Decode circuit                                              43
Section Two Troubleshooting flow chart                                44
Section Three Waveform diagram                                        50

        Chapter Four Block Diagram of Play Disassemblyand Explosion   55

         Chapter Cinque PCB board & Circuit diagram                   57
Section One PCB Board                                                 57
Section Two Circuit diagram                                           61

         Chapter Six BOM List                                         84
                 Chapter One About Maintenance

     1.1 Safety precautions
     1.1.1 Power supply
     When maintenance personnel are repairing DVD TV, he should pay special attention to the power
with 220V 800V AC and 330V DC which will cause hurt and damage to persons!

     1.1.2 Precautions for antistatic
     Movement and friction will both bring static electricity which causes serious damages to integrated
IC. Though static charge is little, when a limited quantity of electric charge is added to large
scaleintegrated IC, as the capacitance is very small in the meantime, now the integrated IC is very much
easy to be struck through by static electricity or the performance will decrease. Thus static electricity
prevention is of extraordinary importance. The following are several measures to prevent static
     1. Use a piece of electric conduction metal with the length of about 2 metres to insert into the earth,
and Fetch the lead wire from the top of the surplus metal and connect to the required static electricity
device. The length and depth of the metal embedded under the earth should be determined according to
the wettability of the local soil. For humid places, it may be shorter, and longer and deeper for dry places.
If possible, it can be distributed and layed in terms of "#" shape.
     2. On operating table-board, the antistatic table cushion should be covered and grounded.
     3. All devices and equipments should be placed on the antistatic table cushion and grounded.
     4. Maintenance personnel should wear antistatic wrist ring which should be grounded.
     5. Places around the operating position should also be covered with electric conduction cushion or
Painted with antistatic paint.

     1.1.3 Precautions for display screen
     1. Display screen is breakable article, so please protect carefully when carrying and prevent fingers
or hard objects striking the screen to damage structure of the screen.
     2. When cleaning screen, do not use organic chemicals. You should use cloth and use small
amount of special cleaning liquid in places difficult to clean.

     1.1.4 Precautions for laser head
     1. Do not stare at laser head directly, for laser emission will occur when laser head is working,
which will Hurt your eyes!
     2. Do not use wiping water or alcohol to clean laser head, and you may use cotton swab.

     1.1.5 About placement position
     1. Never place TV in positions with high temperature and humidity.
     2. Avoid placing near high magnetic fields, such as loudspeaker or magnet.
     3. Positions for placement should be stable and secure.

     1.2 Maintenance method
     1.2.1 Electric resistance method
     Set the multimeter in resistance position and test whether the numerical value of resistance of each
point in the circuit has difference from the normal value to judge the trouble spot. But in the circuit the
tested numerical value of resistance is not accurate, and the tested numerical value of integrated IC's
pins can only be used for reference, so the elements should be broken down for test.

     1.2.2 Voltage method
     Voltage method is relatively convenient, quick and accurate. Set the multimeter in voltage position
and test power supply voltage of the player and voltage of a certain point to judge the trouble spot
according to the tested voltage variation.

     1.2.3 Current method
     Set the multimeter in current position and test current of the player of a certain point to judge the
trouble spot. But when testing in current method, the multimeter should be series connected in the
circuit, which makes this method too trivial and troublesome, so it is less frequently used in reality.

    1.2.4 Element substitution method
     When some elements cannot be judged good or bad, substitution method may de adopted directly.

     1.2.5 Cutting method
     Cutting method should be combined with electric resistance method and voltage method to use.
This method is mainly used in phenomena of short circuit and current leakage of the circuit. When
cutting the input terminal voltage of a certain level, if voltage of the player rises again, it means that the
trouble lies in this level.

    1.2.6 Visualized method
    Directly view whether abnormalities of collision, lack of element, joint welding, shedding welding,
rosin joint, copper foil turning up, lead wire disconnection and elements burning up among pins of
Elements appear. Check power supply of the machine and then use hands to touch the casing of part of
elements and check whether they are hot to judge the trouble spot. You should pay more attention when
using this method to check in high voltage parts.

    1.2.7 Comparison method
    A same good PC board is usually used to test the correct voltage and waveform. Compared these
data with those tested through fault PC board, the cause of troubles may be found.
    Through the above maintenance method, theoretical knowledge and maintenance experience, all
difficulties and troubles will be readily solved.

    1.3 Required device for maintenance
       Audio Generator
       Digital oscillograph ( 100MHE)
       SMD rework station
       Soldering iron
       Pointed-month pincers
       Cutting nippers
       Electric screw driver
       Terminals connecting cord

                                 Chapter Two

     Functions and Operation Instructions

2.1 Section One TV SEGMENT
2.1.1 Features
Technical Features
#High quality color TFT panel(15 inch for LD1506X, 19 inch for LD1906X and inch for LD2006X.)
#Maximum resolution 1024X768 for LD1506X,1440X900 for LD1906X,640X480 for LD2006X.
#Built-in DVD player with Slot-in mechanism
#Multisystem TV tuner with NICAM decoding
#Biuilt-in stereo audio system
#USB port to playback compatible files stored on flash memory of external devises(All modes
have two USB ports, with external HDD power supply.)
#Composite video ,audio input
#Component, RGB/SCART and VGA(Only for LD1906X and LD1506X)video inputs
#Digital coaxial output for multi-channel sound playback
#Headphones output
#Universal holder for furniture or wall fixation with 270 rotation angle
TV Channels Receiving and External Signal Playback
#Automatic and fine tuning functions with 100 channels memory
#Adjustable brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and 4 preset image settings
#Tone and sound balance adjustment and 4 preset audio settings
Disc playback mode
#Digital video playback: DVD-Video, Super VCD, VCD compatibility
#MPEG-4 standard support
#Digital audio playback: CD-DA, and HDCD compatibility
#Digital graphic albums playback: Kodak Picture CD and JPEG
#Compatible disc types: CD-R/CD-RW, DVD-R,/DVD-RW, DVD+R/DVD+RW
#Russia, Cls and Baltic States adaptation interface and filenames ID3-tags and CD-Text support
simplifies device operation
#"Q-Play" function provides direct playback and allows to skip commercial that is not possible to
#"Browser" function provides easy access to playback control
#Automatic screensaver function
#Parental control function to protect children from watching inappropriate discs
#Super wide range of operating power supplies(~100-240v) automatic short circuit protection
PC monitor mode(Only for LD1506X and LD1906X)
#Wide resolutions range
#RGB setting and 4 presets of color temperature
#Tone and sound balance adjustment and 4 preset audio settings
#External audio signal playback.

      2.1.2 Set list
LCD TV                                                                                         1pcs
Remote Control                                                                                 1pcs
AAA Battery                                                                                    2pcs
Power Adapter(only for LD1506X and LD1906X)                                                    1pcs
Power Cord(only for LD1506X and LD1906X)                                                       1pcs
RCA-RCA cord                                                                                   1pcs
2XRCA-2XRCA cord                                                                               1pcs
Microphone                                                                                     2pcs
Microphone cable                                                                               2pcs
Wall Mount Holder                                                                              1pcs
Kickstand                                                                                      1pcs
Screw M5X15                                                                                    1pcs
Screw M4X10                                                                                    1pcs
Screw PA5X25                                                                                   4pcs
Screw PM4X10                                                                                   4pcs
Expandable pipe                                                                                4pcs
User manual                                                                                    1pcs
Warranty Card                                                                                  1pcs

      (1) Panel controls and indication
      For LD1506X

                                                    Front panel(Panel controls and
      For LD1906X and LD2006X                       indication depend on a model of LCD TV.)

  Left panel                                               _CH+button

  1   SETUP button                                         Press to switch between channels/to
      Press to switch to setup mode                        choose menu item.
  2   _VOL+button                                    4     SOURCE button
      Press to adjust the volume.                          Press to choose the playback mode.

  5   STANDBY button                             Right panel
      Press to switch on the device/into         12   Disc tray
      standby mode.                              13   USB port
  6   POWER button                               14   EJECT button
      Turn on/off the power.                          Press to open/close the disc tray.
  7   Headphones output                          15   STOP button
  8   Microphone input 1                              Press to stop the playback.
  9   Microphone input 2                         16   PLAY/PAUSE button
Front panel                                           Press to playback/pause.
 10 Remote control sensor

 11   Power supply indicator

      (2) Remote control general view
                                                 1   EJECT button
                                                     Press to open/close the disc tray.
                                                  2 LANG button
                                                     Press to change language.
                                                  3 DISP button
                                                     Press to display the disc information.
                                                 4 NICAM button
                                                     Press to choose audio mode.
                                                  5 Numeric buttons
                                                  6 BROWSE button
                                                     Press to turn on/off the browser function.
                                                 7 CURSOR buttons (UP/ DOWN/ LEFT
                                                  8 OK button
                                                  9 SETUP button
                                                     Press to switch to setup mode.
                                                 10 Button

                                                     Press to turn on/off the "Virtual Keyboard"
                                                 11 SOURCE button
                                                     Press to change the TV /DVD /AV/ SCART/
                                                     YPBPR /VGA/ mode.
                                                 12 Button

                                                     Press to start rewind/rewind scanning.
                                                 13 Button
                                                     Press to skip backward.
                                                 14 REPEAT button
                                                     Press to repeat.
                                                 15 A-B button

                                                     Press to repeat the selected section.
                                                  16 Button
                                                     Press to turn on/off the sound.
                                                 17 VOLUME+/-button
                                                     Press to adjust the volume.

18   USB/DVD button                                       3   SCART socket
     Press to select USB/DVD mode.                            Meant for external audio video signal
19   Button                                                   source connection. There is no need to
     Press to skip forward.                                   use additional audiocord.
20   Button                                               4   Y Cb(Pb) Cr(Pr)
     Press to stop the playback.                          5   PC AUDIO IN
21                                                            Meant for PC stereo audio output
     Press to forward scanning.                               connection.
22   Button                                               6   COAXIAL OUT
     Press to playback/pause.                                 Meant for multi-channel sound playback.
23   ZOOM+/-button                                        7   AUDIO VIDEO IN
     Press to zoom in/out.                                    Used for external signal source connection.
24   CANCEL button                                        8   12 V socket
     Press to go one level back/cancel current                Meant for adapter connection.
25   CH         button                                        2.1.5 TV MODE
     Press to switch between channels /to                  This LCD TV can store up to 100 channels
     choose menu item.                                  and enables to scan channels thought automatic,
26   MENU /       button                                manual and fine tuning scanning mode. Built-in
     DVD disk menu/PBC function/Press to                TV tuner supports stereo audio playback in
     return to the previous channel.                    NICAM system.
27   Q-PLAY button                                            (1) Adjusted channels selection
     Press to turn the Q-PLAY mode on.                  #Press +CH-buttons on the left panel or CH
28   KARAOKE button                                      buttons on the remote control each time, when
     Press to change the subtitles language.             you want to change a channel.
29   SUBT button                                        #Use numeric buttons to enter the number of the
     Press to change the subtitles language.             channel.
30   Button                                             #Press    button to return to the previous
     Press to switch on the device/into standby          channel.
     mode.                                                  (2) Default picture settings
     2.1.4 CONNECTION AND STARTING                      selection
              SELECT   ENTER   RETURN   SETUP

                                                        #You may select one of the default picture
     (1 )Switching interfaces
For LD1506X and LD1906X                                 USER, STANDARD, DYNAMIC and SOFT.
                                                        #You may adjust necessary parameters in the
                                                         device menu.
                                                        #Turn to Picture item on this page for details.

For LD2006X

                                                             (3) Default sound settings
                                                        #You may select one of the default sound
                                                        USER, MUSIC, FILM and NEWS.
                                                        #You may adjust necessary parameters in the
 1   RF input                                            device menu.
     Meant for antenna connection.                      #Turn to page.13 for details.
 2   VGA port
     Meant for PC connection.

     (4 )Accompanying sound type
#Only some of the TV channels have stereo
 accompanying sound in NICAM system.
#Press NICAM button to select accompanying
     (5 ) TV settings
#Press SETUP button to display the menu.
#Use cursor buttons on the remote control or               (8) TV setup
 +CH-buttons on the left panel to select the             Select TV SETUP item to adjust channels.
 item. Use    buttons to adjust selected              CHANNEL, COLOR SYSTEM, SOUND
 parameter. Use OK button for confirmation.           SYSTEM, FINE TUNING, AUTO SEARCH,
 Press SETUP button again to return to the            MANUAL SEARCH and CHANNEL EDIT.
 main menu or to exit TV SETUP.                       #CHANNEL item enables to select the number of
                                                       adjustable channel.
                                                      #CHANNEL EDIT submenu enables to select,
                                                       skip and swap the channel.RETURN   SETUP

                                                      #CHANNEL parameter enables to select current
                                                      #SKIP function enables to make current channel
                                                       inaccessible while using +CH-button to browse
   (6) Picture                                         channels.
 #Select PICTURE item to adjust picture

                                                      #SWAP function enables to select the channel
                                                       number to swap with current channel.
                                                      #SAVE parameter enables to confirm the swap
NOTE                                                  #FINE TUNING item enables to adjust the
   You can't adjust TINT while watching TV             channel frequency accurately.
channels.                                             #MANUAL SEARCH item enables to change
                                                       channel settings.
                                                      #AUTO SEARCH item enables to adjust channel
                                                       setting automatically.
                                                      #COLOR SYSTEM item can be changed
                                                       between: AUTO, PAL and SECAM. We
                                                       recommend to set this item to AUTO.
                                                      #SOUND SYSTEM item can be changed
     (7) Sound                                         between: B/G, D/K, Land I.
#Select SOUND item to adjust sound
#You may adjust BALANCE, BASS, TREBLE
 and NICAM.

ATTENTION! We recommend watching TV at
halfof maximum level of the sound. Continuous
listening at higher level may lead to hearing

     (9) Function
   You may select LANGUAGE,
#LANGUAGE item enables to select the OSD
#TRANSPARENCY item enables to adjust
 transparency of OSD.
#SLEEP item enables to set the sleep timer.
                                                        Select SOUND item to adjust sound
#RATIO(only for LD1906X)item can be changed
  between 16:9 and 4:3.
                                                        You may adjust BALANCE, BASS, TREBLE
#RESET item enables to reset all values to
                                                     and NICAM.

     (10) Video settings
#Press SETUP button to display the menu.                  (3)Monitor setup
#In external video signal playback mode the             Select MONITOR item to adjust such
 menu is the same as the menu, described on          parameters as PHASE, FREQUENCY, H-
 pages 12and 13.                                     POSITION and V-POSITION.
   In external video signal playback mode TV
SETUP item is inaccessible.

     2.1.6 PC MONITOR MODE
  (only for LD1506X and LD1906X.)
   Select PICTURE item to adjust picture
parameters.                                              You may select LANGUAGE,
   You may adjust BRIGHTNESS, CONTRAST,              TRANSPARENCY, SLEEP and RADIO.
COLOR TEMPERARURE and AUTO CONFIG.                   #LANGUAGE item enables to select the OSD
                                                     #TRANSPARENCY item enables to adjust
                                                      transparency of OSD.
                                                     #SLEEP item enables to set the sleep timer.
                                                     #RATIO(only for LD1906X) item can be changed
                                                      between 16:9 and 4:3.
                                                     #RESET item enables to reset all values to
#Select COLOR TEMPERATURE subment to                  defaule except ratio function.
 adjust color temperature of the picture.
#COLOR TEMP. Item can be set to :USER,
#RED, GREEN and BLUE items enables to
 adjust RGB value of color temperature.
#Use AUTOCONFIG to configure display
 parameters automatically.
   The picture can be displayed incorrectly
while adjusting.

      2.2 Section Two DVD SEGMENT
      2.2.1 Controls and functions
      Front panel controls
      For LD1506X                                              For LD1906X and LD2006X

      USB port                                                  Two USB ports
      EJECT button                                              Disc tray
      Press to open/close the disc tray.                        EJECT button
      STOP button                                               Press to open/close the disc tray.
      Press to stop the playback.                               STOP button
      PLAY/PAUSE button                                         Press to stop the playback.
      Press to playback/pause.                                  PLAY/PAUSE button
      Disc tray                                                 Press to playback/pause.

This model does not support the 8cm disc. Do not insert that type of disc into this device to avoid disc
      (1) Function selection and change
#Press the SETUP key to show the setup menu. You will see the following image on the screen, as show
 on the figure:
#Select the desired menu item using the UP/DOWN buttons button; press the OK key for confirmation.

1.For example, if you wish to change the image settings, you have to select the image item and press
  the OK or RIGHT key.

         Language           Setup menu                             TV system    AUTO    AUTO
         Image              DVD menu                               TV format     4:3    PAL
         Sound              Sound track                            Sharpness      M.    NTSC
         Playback           Subtitle        Off
                                                                   Gamma         Off.
         Karaoke            Mp4 Subtitles
                                                                   Brightness    +48
         Parental control                                          Contrast      +48
         Initial help                                              Hue             0
         Reset settings                                            Saturation      0

                                                   - 10 -
2.Using the UP/DOWN buttons, select the                     #If the language you selected is not recorded on
 desired item and press OK or RIGHT button.                  the DVD disc, another available language will
 For example, select the Sharpness item.                     be displayed.
 Settings will appear on the screen. Then select            5.MP4 Subtitles: selection of subtitles language
 the desired sharpness level and press OK for               #Options: Russian, English, Ukrainian and
 confirmation.                                               Romanian.
                                                            #Default option: English.
         TV system    AUTO
         TV format      4:3                                       (3) Image settings menu
         Sharpness          L.                              1. TV system: TV system selection
         Gamma         Off.                                 #Options: Auto, PAL, NTSC.
         Brightness    +48
                                                            #Default option: PAL.
         Contrast      +48
         Hue                0
                                                            2.TV Format: image ratio settings
         Saturation         0                               #Options: 4:3 pan& scan, 16:9 letterbox and 16:9
                                                             TV,4:3 LB.
3. Press LEFT for exit to previous menu level.              #Default option: 4:3 LB.
4. Press SETUP to exit setup menu.                          #Some discs are recorded with support of only
                                                             one ratio. The selected ratio must comply with
      (2) Language settings
                                                             the TV screen.
1. Setup menu: interface language set-up
#Options: Russian, English, Ukrainian,                             TV system     Auto    AUTO
 Romanian.                                                         TV format    4:3 LB   PAL
#Default option: English.                                          Sharpness        L.   NTSC
                                                                   Gamma          Off.
      Setup menu
                                                                   Brightness       0
      DVD menu                         English
                                                                   Contrast         0
                                                                   Hue              0
      Sbutitles       Off
                                                                   Saturation       0

2.DVD menu: selection of disc menu language
3. Sound: selection of translation language                 3.Sharpness: image sharpness adjustment
#Disc menu/translation language options:                    #Options: High, Middle, Low.
 Russian, English, Estonian, Lithuanian, Kazakh,            #Default option: Middle.
 Romanian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Chinese,                  4. Gamma: adjustment of image color
 Others.                                                    temperature
#Default menu/translation language option:                  #Options: High, Middle, Low, Off.
 English.                                                   #Default option: Off.
#Selection of other languages: select the                   5.Brightness: adjustment of image
 OTHERS item using the wheel and press OK.                  brightness
 Enter the language code using the numeric                  6.contrast: adjustment of image contrast
 buttons and press OK.                                      7.Hues: adjustment of image hues
#If the language you selected is not recorded on            8.Saturation: adjustment of image saturation
 the DVD disc, another available language will                 Adjustment of image brightness, contrast,
 be used.                                                   hues and saturation:
4. Subtitles: selection of subtitles language               #Select the desired item of the image adjustment
#Options: Off, Russian, English, Estonian,                   section using the UP/DOWN buttons. Press OK
 Lithuanian, Kazakh, Romanian, Belarusian,                   or RIGHT key to start adjusting the relevant
 Ukrainian, and Chinese.                                     option.
#Default option: off.                                       #Change the option value using the wheel.
#Selection of other languages: select the                   #Upon completion press the LEFT button of the
 OTHERS item using the wheel and press OK.                   UP/DOWN buttons to return to image setup
 Enter the language code using numeric buttons               menu.
 and press OK.                                                    (4) Sound settings menu

                                                   - 11 -
1.Digital audio output                                         #If On option is set, while reproducing discs, a
a).SPDIF format: set-up of digital audio                        menu will appear, in which you can select the
output options.                                                 order of playing the disc content. If the Off
#Options: RAW, PCM.                                             option is set, the reproducing of content is
#Default options: RAW.                                          performed in the order, in which it is recorded
#When you select the RAW option, the not
 decoded signal is transferred to the LCD Tv's                           DVD                     Advertisemenu   No

 digital outputs, the decoded signal is                                  VCD/SVCD
                                                                         Files       All types
 transferred to analog outputs. Decoding is
                                                                         Repeat            off
 performed by the built-in decoder of the LCD TV.
 This feature is meant to ensure that signal                   3.Files: selection of reproduced files on the
 decoding at digital outputs is performed by an                disc
 external device( amplifier).                            #Options: Audio, Pictures, Video, All types.
#If you select the PCM option, a PCM coded                     #Default option: All types.
 signal will be transferred to the LCD Tv's digital            4.Repeat: file repeat mode
 outputs.                                                      #Options: Off, Single, All.
                                                               #Default option: Off.
       Digital output    SPDIF format       RAW                     (6) Karaoke settings menu
       Tuning            LPCM              48kHz
                                                               1.Microphone: microphone on/off
                                                               #Options: On, Off.
B)LPCM:set-up of digital audio output                          #Default option: On.
options to comply with different amplifiers           karaoke -disc playback mode
and receivers.                                                 #Options: L Channel, R Channel, No ast, No voc.
#Options: 48kHz 16 bit, 96 KHz 24 bit,192kHz 24                #Default option: No voc assist.
                                                                        Microphone       On       On
#Default option: 48kHz 16 bit.
                                                                        Kar.Help     No ast.      Off
2. Sound correction
                                                                        Volume             5
A)Equalizer: equalizer modes                                            Echo               5
#Options: Off, rock, pop, live dance music,
 Techno classics, soft .                                       3.Volume:
#Default option: off.                                            Microphone: microphone sound volume level
B)Echo: echo effects                                           #Using the UP/DOWN buttons adjust the
#Options: Off, concert, living room, hall,                      microphone volume level.
  Bathroom, cave, arena, church.                               #Press LEFT key of the UP/DOWN buttons to
#Default option: off.                                           return to karaoke settings menu.
C)Tone balance: adjustment of tone balance
#Adjust the tone balance level using the cursor
#Press the LEFT button to return to sound
correction set-up menu.                                        4.Echo:echo level while playing the karaoke-
     (5) Playback settings                                      disc
1. DVD                                                         #Adjust the echo level Using the UP/DOWN
   Advertisement skip: skip the unskippable                     buttons.
block while playing a DVD disc.                                #Press LEFT key of the UP/DOWN buttons to
#Options: Yes, No.                                              return to karaoke settings menu.
#Default option: number
PBS menu: PBC menu on/off
#Options: On, Off.
#Default option: On.

                                                      - 12 -
     (7) Preference settings                                                       (9) Initial setup menu
1.Screensaver: screen saver on/off                                           #Press the RIGHT key to enter the initial settings
#Options: On, Off.                                                            menu, then select the desired item using the
#Default option: On.                                                          cursor buttons and press OK key for
2.Gr.equalizer: spectrum analyzer                                             confirmation.
#Options: On, Off.                                                           #While being in this menu section, you cannot
#Default option: Off.                                                         return to the previous level by pressing the
         Screen saver            On           On
         Gr.equalizer            Off          Off

      (8) Parental control settings                                                (10) Reset settings to default
                                                                             #Resetting all settings and restoring default
1.Category: set-up of age restrictions to
                                                                              options, except age restrictions level and
prevent children from seeing undesirable
#Options: Any, Kid, G,PG, PG-13, PGR, R, NC-
17.                     any                                                                   Load factory settings

       Allowed..           Any         PG                                                        OK             Cancel
       Set password
                                       R                                           (10) Exit settings menu
                                                                             #Select the exit item using the UP/DOWN
2.Change password: set-up of a four-digit                                     buttons and press the OK key to exit the menu.
password to change the level of age
restrictions.                                                                                   Image
#Default option: 7890                                                                           Sound
                      Old password                                                              Preference
                                                                                                Parental control
                      New password
                                                                                                Initial setup
                                                                                                Reset to defaults
                        OK              Cancel                                                  Exit

     2.2.3 OTHERS
      (1) Useful notes
#To extend the service life of your LCD TV make pauses of not less than 30 seconds between switching
 off and repeatedly switching on the LCD TV.
#Disconnect the LCD TV from the wall outlet after shutdown.
#Some LCD TV'S functions may not be applied to some discs.
#Use supply sources of rated voltage, otherwise the LCD TV may not function or be damaged.
#In case of the LCD TV's occasional stops, please switch the power supply off and then on again.
      (2)Trouble shooting
Please check probable causes of malfunction before addressing the service center.

Sign of trouble                              Cause of trouble                   Act ions t o ellminate the t rouble

                                             1.Poor audio cable c onnection.
                                                                             1.Mak e proper connect ion.
                                             2.Disc dirt y or damaged.
No sound                                                                     2.Clean the disc .
                                             3.Sound disabled by the MUTE
                                                                             3.Pres s the MUTE button.

                                                                    - 13 -
                             1.Poor video cable c onnection.
                             2.Incorrect setti ngs of your TV       1.Mak e proper connect ion.
                             set.                                   2.Correct the setti ngs of your TV s et.
No image
                             3.The TV is in t he progressi ve       3.Place the TV in the int erlaced s can mode
                             scan mode while y our TV set           through the TV's menu.
                             does not support t his mode.

                    orrect TV c olor sy stem
                                                                    1.Set the appropriate color s ystem via the
                             selec ted.
Blac k and whit e image                                             menu: S ETUP>Image> TV scan.
                             2.Color level on the TV set
                                                                    2.Readjus t the c olor sy stem of your TV set .
                             adjust ed incorrec tly .

                             1.Dis c not insert ed.
                                                                    1.Insert the dis c.
                             2.Dis c ins erted inc orrectly.
Disc s cannot be read                                               2.Inst all the di sc with the label side facing up.
                             3.Condensat e on the DVD
                                                                    3.Switch the TV on without disc for an hour.
                             player's laser head.
                             1.Microphone is unplugged.             1.Connect the microphone.
Microphone does not
                             2.Low level of the mic rophone's       2.Adjust the level of the mic rophone's sound
                             sound volume.                          volume.

                             1.Remote control is i ncorrect ly
                                                                    1.Use t he remote c ontrol ac cording t o the
                             direct ed at the TV's screen.
Remote c ontrol does not                                            manual.
                             2.Dis tance to the TV is in
operate                                                             2.Decreas e the dis tance to the TV.
                             excess of 8 meters.
                                                                    3.Replac e both batt eries.
                             3.Run out bat teries .

                                                               1.W ait5-10 s econds and the device will
                             1.Disc is recorded inc orrectly.  automat ically t eturn to normal st ate.
some functions do not
                             2.Incorrect key sequence.         2.Repeat t he operation one more t ime.
                             3.St atic voltage on the housing. 3.Switch the device off for 1-2 minutes and t hen
                                                               switch it on again.

                             1.Incorrect TV set setting.
Unstable image or                                             1.Correct the TV set settings . 2.Res et the TV
                             2.There is s omething wrong with
abnormal pic ture col or                                      set to default s etti ng.
                             the data i n the E P ROM.

      (3)Technical characteristics

                                                     LD1506X                   LD1906X              LD2006X
Display              Type                            TFT,colored
                     class                           ll(ISO 13406-2)

                     Size(")                         15                        19                   20
                     Height(mm)                      228.19                    256.5                306
                     Widt h(mm)                      304.13                    410.4                408
                     Dot Pitch(H mm 

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