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                                  S/M No : OSDMK40001

Model : DM-K40

 : In this Manual, some parts can be changed for improving, their
   performance without notice in the parts list.

                                                        Dec . 2004
                                      Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

Table of Contents
General Section ............................................................................    2
Safe Warnings
Software Upgrade

Circuit Diagram and Component Layout .............................................                  5
MPEG IC Block Diagrams
Power supply Circuit Diagram and Component Layout
MPEG Circuit Diagram and Component Layout
Front panel Circuit Diagram and Component Layout

Servicing Procedures ......................................................................         28
Power Supply Trouble Service Flow Chart
Read Disc Trouble Service Flow Chart
Video Trouble Service Flow Chart
Composite Analogy Audio Trouble Service Flow Chart
Digital Audio Trouble Service Flow Chart
Front Control Trouble Service Flow Chart
Remote Control Trouble Service Flow Chart

Parts List ..........................................................................               36
Power parts list
MEPG parts list
Front panel parts list

                                                   Page 1
                            Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

1. General Section
1.1. Cautions/Warnings
       1.1.1. Product Safety Notice
      Parts marked with the symbol             in the schematic diagram have
      critical characteristics.
      Use ONLY replacement pares recommended by the manufacturer. It is
      recommended that the unit be operated from a suitable DC supply or
      batteries during initial check out procedures.

       1.1.2. Leakage Current Check/Resistance Check
           Before returning the unit to the customer, make sure you make
           either (1) a leakage current check or (2) a line to insulated
           resistance check.
           If the leakage current exceeds 0.5 milliamps, or if the resistance
           from chassis to either side of the power cord is less than 240 K
           ohms, the unit is defective.

    WARNING: DO NOT return the unit to the customer until the
    problem or located and corrected.

   1.2. Safe Warnings
       1.2.1. Protection of Eyes from Laser Beam
           To protect eyes from invisible laser beam during servicing


                                       Page 2
                       Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

   1.2.2. Laser Caution

       Adjusting the knobs, switches, and controls, etc. or taking actions
       not specified herein may result in a harmful emission of laser
       beams. This CD Changer must be adjusted and repaired only by
       qualified service personnel.
       Laser symbol:


1.3. Precautions
    1.3.1. ESD Precautions in Repairing Do not apply excessive pressure on the mechanical
               parts (moving pares), including the Pickup Block, as
               extremely high mechanical precision or required in these
               parts. When soldering the microprocessor and signal
               processing IC's, use a ceramic soldering iron or a soldering
               iron whose metal part is grounded since they are not
               resistant to static electricity. When removing the solder or soldering the laser shorting
               lands for the Pickup Block, use a ceramic soldering iron or
               a soldering iron whose metal part is grounded since the

                                  Page 3
                               Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

                     laser diode or not resistant to static electricity.
        1.3.2. DVD Loading Unit Precautions when handling the Mechanism
   Do not loosen any screws in the Pickup Block.
   Do not adjust any screws in the Mechanism Block except
                     for "Tilt Adjust Screws", as they are adjusted precisely at
                     the factory.
   Replacement of the Pickup Block is impossible. Always
                     replace the Traverse Ass'y when the Pickup Block needed
                     to be replaced. Do not touch the lens or lens holder of the
                     Pickup Block.
   The Guide Rails of the Pickup Block are greased. Take
                     care when handing.
   When you try to slide the Pickup Block, do not press or
                     pull it directly. Always turn the dive gears with your fingers.
   Be sure that the anti-slipping rubber on the turntable or
                     clean. If there is dust or it is greasy, clean the part with the
                     liquid that contains 50% each of alcohol and water.
   When removing the Mechanism P.C.B. Ass'y, you need to
                     short-circuit the laser diode shorting lands beforehand.
1.4. Software Upgrade
You can upgrade DVD Player using the software we provide as following step:
    Creating a software upgrade CD
    Use only a new CD-R/CD-RW(not an erased one).
    Give the CD a name of your choice(e.g. version and unit name).
    Burn the unpacked documents on the CD-R/CD-RW.
    The root directory(uppermost level) of the software upgrade CD
Attention: If a failure should occur during the software upgrade (e.g. a mains failure), it
may happen that the units function and a restart of the upgrade function are no longer
possible. If this should be the case, you must replace the intergraded FLASH ICs with
preprogrammed ICs (see corresponding spare parts list).
 Insert the upgrade CD (see corresponding spare parts list) and observe the hints on
   the display and on the screen of the TV set.
 Carry out an initialization of the set.

Displaying the Software Version Number
 Press one after the other the "STOP" and "EJECT" buttons on the unit.
 Press the"OSD" with the remote control.
 Using the cursor buttons on the remote control, select the software version "MICRO
 Version" or "CUSTOMER VERSION" .The respective software version number then is

                                          Page 4
                        Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

2. Circuit Diagram and Component Layout
2.1. MPEG IC Block Diagrams

                        Fig. 2-1 ZR36768/762

                                   Page 5
  Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

Fig. 2-2 DRC block diagram

Fig.2-3 CSTP block diagram

             Page 6
         Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

Fig.2-4 Vaddis ZR36768/762 block diagram

                    Page 7
Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

           Page 8
Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

           Page 9
Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

          Page 10
Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

          Page 11
Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

          Page 12
Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

          Page 13
Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

          Page 14
Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

          Page 15
Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

          Page 16
Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

          Page 17
Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

          Page 18
Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

          Page 19
                       Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

2.2.Power supply Circuit Diagram and Component Layout

                Fig 2-5 Power Supply Circuit Diagram

                                 Page 20
               Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

Fig 2-6 Power Supply Assembly Drawing

          Fig 2-7 Power Supply Composite

                         Page 21
                           Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

2.3. MPEG Circuit Diagram and Component Layout
 2.3.1. MPEG Circuit Diagram

                    Fig 2-8 ZR36762/ZR36768&SDRAM

                      Fig2-9 RF AMPLIFIER&DRIVER

                                     Page 22
    Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual


      Fig 2-11 MEMORY

              Page 23
  Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual


            Page 24
         Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

2.3.2. MPEG Assembly Drawing (Fig 2-13)

                   Page 25
     Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

2.3.3. MPEG Composite (Fig 2-14)

               Page 26
                        Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

2.4. Front panel Circuit Diagram and Component Layout

                 Fig 2-16 Front Panel Circuit Diagram

               Fig 2-17 Front Panel Assembly Drawing

                   Fig 2-18 Front Panel Composite

                                  Page 27
                           Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

3. Servicing Procedures
   3.1. Power Supply Trouble Service Flow Chart

      Power Supply
             Block Trouble

       Check F901 Condition                    Replace F901


     Check F901                    NG
         Pin4/Pin6/ Pin8                       Replace F901


         Check on D101/D102/
     Output Voltage Condition


         Check on Q103 Pin1              NG
                                                 Replace Q103
         Voltage Condition 2~5V

            Replace U302                       Replace TR901


           Check CON1~4
           Output Voltage

                                     Page 28
                            Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

   3.2. Read Disc Trouble Service Flow Chart
       Read disc problem in a DVD player is a very complicated issue that
       may involve complex issues. This problem is not only relation to the
       electronic circuit, but also very much relation to the operation
       DVD loading unit is a very complicate part that contains big number of
       ESD components, which require specific equipment, tools and
       technique to repair; in general, service technician is not suggested to
       disassemble the DVD loading unit. It is suggest proving the trouble
       and replacing the complete DVD loading unit, instead of repairing the
       DVD loading unit in local workshop.
       It is suggested to prove the faulty of a DVD loading unit by
       replacement by a good DVD loading unit.
       Before checking the "NO Disc" Trouble, ensure excluding the
       following possibilities:
            The test disc is damage.
            AC power supply voltage dropped below the minimum required
            DVD disc region code and color system is not matching to the
            DVD player or system setting.
            Moisture condensed inside the unit. (Power on the unit, without
            disc loaded, for 1/2 to 2 hours).

Service Flow Chart

           Read DISC Trouble

          Check DVD LOADER                      NG
                                                           Replace Connector
           Connector Condition


        Replace DVD Loading Unit


          Check the MEPG ATAPI                         Check the other Parts by

          I/F Interface Circuit                        Replacement Method

                                      Page 29
                      Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

3.3. Video Trouble Service Flow Chart
    3.3.1. Composite Video Trouble Service Flow Chart

   Composite Video Trouble

     Check "SETUP" Item                      See "User Manual"

   Check Y1 Output Signal                     Replace Y1 Parts

   Check C128/R106 Signal                     Replace C128/U1/R106

      Check C130 Signal                        Replace C130/L9

   Check CN8 Pin Signal                       Check External Set


       Replace CN8

                                Page 30
                      Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

3.3.2. S-Video Trouble Service Flow Chart

   Composite Video Trouble

    Check "SETUP" Item                       See "User Manual"

   Check Y1 Output Signal                     Replace Y1 Parts

   Check C122/C125 Signal                   Replace C122/C125 or U1

                               NG            Replace C124/L7/R104
   Check C124/C127 Signal
                                               or C127/L8/R105

  Check CN17 Signal                       Check External Set


     Replace CN17

                                Page 31
                    Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

3.4. Composite Analogy Audio Trouble Service Flow Chart

   Composite Analogy Audio Trouble

     Check R8 Signal                     Replace U1

   Check U10 Pin1~3 Signal              Replace U1

   Check U10 Pin7 +5V                   Check Power Supply

   Check U10 Pin5/8 Signal              Replace U10

                               NG       Check U11 between
   Check U11 Pin2/6 Signal
                                        Pin2/6 and Pin3/5 Parts

   Check U11 Pin4/8 +/-12V               Check Power Supply

   Check U11 Pin1/7 Signal              Replace U11


   Check Q15/Q16 Mute Parts

                              Page 32
                          Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

3.5. Digital Audio Trouble Service Flow Chart

        Digital Audio Trouble

        Check "SETUP" Item                        See "User Manual"

         Check U5 Pin9 Signal                     Replace U1

         Check U5 Pin8 Signal                    ReplaceU5

      CheckR130 Signal                        Check External Set

      Check C147                                Replace C147

           Check R132                          Replace R132/R133/C148


         Check External Set

                                    Page 33
                         Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

3.6. Front Control Trouble Service Flow Chart

              Front Control Trouble

       Check between CN1 and CN903 Connection

                        OK                                    Replace

       Check between CN2 and CON2 Connection
         Check U2 Pin14/27/38Voltage                         See: 3.1

                                         Check U2            OK
                  OK                                          Replace VFD
                                  SEG Signal


        Check U1 Pin1/2/34/35 Voltage                        Replace U2


                  Replace U1

                                   Page 34
                        Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

3.7. Remote Control Trouble Service Flow Chart

      Remote Control Trouble

                             NG                        NG
    Check Remote Control           Replace Battery          Replace Control

     Check U3 Pin2 Voltage         Check Power Supply

    Check U3 Pin3 Output Signal              Replace U3

    Check U1 Pin201 Input Signal              Replace L23


             Replace U1

                                   Page 35
                                 Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

4. Parts List
4.1. Power parts list
NO.          PART NO.                DESCRIPTION          QTY                LOCATION
                                     Carbon Resistor
  1   M2R1130330433110   RT14-1/4W-30K-J                    1   R905
  2   M2R1139330433110   RT14-1/4W-39K-J                    1   R902
  3   M2R1110030433110   RT14-1/4W-10R-J                    2   R908 R118
  4   M2R1120130433110   RT14-1/4W-200R-J                   2   R107,L101
  5   M2R1110230433110   RT14-1/4W-1K-J                     1   R110
  6   M2R1110330433110   RT14-1/4W-10K-J                    3   R111,R112,R102
  7   M2R1122330433110   RT14-1/4W-22k-J                    1   R105
  8   M2R1110130433110   RT14-1/4W-100R-J                   3   R108,R109,R906
  9   M2R1122030433110   RT14-1/4W-22R-J                    1   R904
 10   M2R1147130433110   RT14-1/4W-470R-J                   2   R101,R104
 11   M2R112R030433110   RT14-1/4W-2R-J                     2   R907,R909
 12   M2R1110530233110   RT15-1/2W-1M-J                     1   R900
 13   M2R8833430133110   RYG1-1W-330K-J                     1   R901
 14   M2R8827330133110   RYG1-1W-27K-J                      1   R903
 15   M2R8810330133110   RYG1-1W-10K-J                      1   R910
 16   M2I00SS2N60B0000   SS2N60B TO220                      1   Q901
                               AC Porcelain Capacitor
 17   M2C1102G54000022   CT7-400VAC-102M                    3   C903,C904,C909
 18   M2C1104F84000022   CT81-50V-104-Z                     5   C107,C113,C114,C117,C120
 19   M2C1151M84000022   CT81-1000V-151-Z                   1   C910
 20   M2C1103L84000022   CT81-500V-103-Z                    2   C908 C121
 21   M2C1472M89000022   CT81-1000V-472-Z                   1   C906
                                Electrolytic Capacitor
 22   M2C2476K59163222   CD293-47U-400V-M-105               1   C905
 23   M2C2107T59061222   CD288-35V-100U-M                   2   C101,C102
 24   M2C2107B59051122   CD288-16V-100U-M                   5   C103,C104,C105,C109,C115
 25   M2C2337B59081222   CD288-16V-330U-M                   1   C108
 26   M2C2228C59051122   CD288-10V-2200U-M                  1   C111
 27   M2C2476E59051122   CD288-25V-47U-M                    1   C907
 28   M2C2337C59051122   CD288-10V-330U-M                   1   C112
 29   M2C5104F49000022   0.1uFK-275VAC                      2   C901C902
 30   M2D1IN4007220000   1N4007-DO-41A                      5   D901D902D903D904,D106
 31   M2D1HER107220000   HER107                             2   D907,D908
 32   M2D1IN4148110000   1N4148-DO-35                       1   D906
 33   M2D1HER104220000   HER104                             3   D101,D102,D103,
 34   M2D10SR360220000   SR360                              1   D105
 35   M2D1IN5392220000   1N5392                             2   D108,D109
 36   M2D1BZX12V220000   BZX-12V-1/2W-DO-35                 1   Z101
 37   M2D1BZX22V220000   BZX-22V-1/2W-DO-35                 1   Z104
 38   M2D1BZX5V1220000   BZX-5V1-1/2W-DO-35                 1   Z102
 39   M2H20000L0710000   L071-10uH                          1   L105

                                              Page 36
                                 Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

NO.           PART NO.                DESCRIPTION         QTY                 LOCATION

40    M2H4LGA33UHK0307   LGA0307-33uH-K                     1   L102
41    M2H20BC202290000   BC-20229                           1   LF901
42    M2ILTV8170000000   LTV817                             1   U902
43    M2I000TL43100100   TL431A TO92                        1   Q103
44    M2I0NCP1200P6000   NCP1200P60                         1   U901
45    M2U110T0A5250V00   T0.5A 250V                         1   F901
46    M2P3300000520000   520                                2   F901
46    M2T11EEL193883B0   EEL19-3883B                        1   TR901
47    M2P2200000VH3000   VH-3                               1   CN901
48    M2P220000VH3B000   VH-3-B                             1   CN902
49    M2P000000PH5A000   PH-5A                              1   CN903
50    M2P0000TJC35A000                  TJC3-5A             1   CN904
51    ***************    J-10mm                             4   JP1,JP3,JP4
52    ***************    J-5mm                              1   JP6
53    M2A00GDP31400001   GDP-314                            2   GDP1,GDP2
54    M2B000HY31509C24   HY315-1200-09C VER2.4              1   94V0 PCB

                                                Page 37
                                 Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

4.2. MEPG parts list
NO.        PART NO.             DESCRIPTION           QTY                    LOCATION
                                Chip Resistor
 1    M2R001R030811000   RC-05K1R0JT                  5     R66 R67 R68 R69 R140
 2    M2R0010030811000   RC-05K100JT                  1     R1
 3    M2R0010130811000   RC-05K101JT                  4     R5 R82 R83 R84
 4    M2R0033130811000   RC-05K331JT                  1     R130
 5    M2R0010230811000   RC-05K102JT                  2     R6 R7
 6    M2R0000031000000   RC-03K000OT                  10 R11 R21 R22 R23 R41
                                                            R85 R72 R121 R65
 6* M2R0039231000000     RC-03K392JT                  4     R86,R87,R88,R89
 7    M2R0010031000000   RC-03K100JT                  3     R96    R100   R101
 8    M2R0022031000000   RC-03K220JT                  2     R29    R26
 9    M2R0033031000000   RC-03K330JT                  5     R8    R9   R10   R12   R13
 10 M2R0056031000000     RC-03K560JT                  1     R138
 11 M2R0062031000000     RC-03K620JT                  4     R90 R99 R102 R103
 12 M2R0075031000000     RC-03K750JT                  1     R3
 13 M2R0010131000000     RC-03K101JT                  1     R125
 14 M2R0012131000000     RC-03K121JT                  1     R137
 15 M2R0015131000000     RC-03K151JT                  1     R19
 16 M2R0022131000000     RC-03K221JT                  7     R27 R28 R51 R52 R53 R56 R132
 17 M2R0039131000000     RC-03K391JT                  1     R20
 18 M2R0047131000000     RC-03K471JT                  3     R78 R79 R131
 19 M2R0056131000000     RC-03K561JT                  2     R110 R117
 20 M2R0010231000000     RC-03K102JT                  6     R133 R139 R141 R142 R104 R106
 21 M2R0013231000000     RC-03K132JT                  3     R38 R39 R40
 22 M2R0033231000000     RC-03K332JT                  3     R48 R109 R115
 23 M2R0047231000000     RC-03K472JT                  20 R2 R4 R15 R24 R25 R30 R34
                                                            R49 R50 R97 R105 R111 R112 R118
                                                            R119 R126 R127 R128 R129
 24 M2R0051231000000     RC-03K512JT                  1     R81
 25 M2R0056231000000     RC-03K562JT                  6     R57 R58 R59 R75 R76          R77
 26 M2R0068231000000     RC-03K682JT                  1     R64
 27 M2R0091231000000     RC-03K912JT                  1     R35
 28 M2R0010331000000     RC-03K103JT                  11 R43 R60 R63 R73 R74
                                                            R80 R91 R93 R98 R107 R114
 29 M2R0011331000000     RC-03K113JT                  3     R44 R62 R71
 30 M2R0012331000000     RC-03K123JT                  1     R42
 31 M2R0013331000000     RC-03K133JT                  1     R36
 32 M2R0015331000000     RC-03K153JT                  1     R17

                                            Page 38
                              Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

NO.     PART NO.             DESCRIPTION             QTY                 LOCATION
33 M2R0018331000000   RC-03K183JT                    2     R108 R116
34 M2R0022331000000   RC-03K223JT                    2     R45 R46
35 M2R0033331000000   RC-03K333JT                    1     R92
36 M2R0047331000000   RC-03K473JT                    1     R61
37 M2R0010431000000   RC-03K104JT                    2     R18 R95
38 M2R0010531000000   RC-03K105JT                    1     R47
                           Chip Row Resistor
39 M2R9947030899004   RCML08W470JT                   1     RN1
40 M2R9975030899004   RCML08W750JT                   1     RN2
                             Chip Capacitor
41 M2C0120F30060300   CC-0603CG120JN500T             4     C120 C123 C126 C129
42 M2C0220F30060300   CC-0603CG220JN500T             2     C2 C3
43 M2C0330F30060300   CC-0603CG330JN500T             1     C45
44 M2C0101F30060300   CC-0603CG101JN500T             9     C85 C92 C134 C139 C102
                                                           C103 C104 C105 C148
45 M2C0151F30060300   CC-0603CG151JN500T             4     C119 C122 C125 C128
46 M2C0161F30060300   CC-0603CG161JN500T             4     C121 C124 C127 C130
47 M2C0221F30060300   CC-0603CG221JN500T             1     C60
48 M2C0471F30060300   CC-0603CG471JN500T             1     C73
49 M2C0561F30060300   CC-0603CG561JN500T             3     C71 C84 C93
50 M2C0102F44060300   CC-0603B102K500NT              16 C4 C74 C75 C76 C77 C78 C79 C80
                                                           C83 C108 C109 C100 C133 C137 C138 C142
51 M2C0222F44060300   CC-0603B222K500NT              4     C41 C42 C43 C44
52 M2C0272F44060300   CC-0603B272K500NT              1     C63
53 M2C0472F44060300   CC-0603B472K500NT              1     C88
54 M2C0562F44060300   CC-0603B562K500NT              3     C68 C69 C70
55 M2C0682F44060300   CC-0603B682K500NT              1     C58
56 M2C0273F54060300   CC-0603F273M500NT              2     C91 C87
57 M2C0223F54060300   CC-0603F223M500NT              1     C59
58 M2C0333F54060300   CT-0603F333M500NT              1     C81
59 M2C0104F84060300   CC-0603F104Z500NT              66 C6 C8 C10 C12 C13
                                                           C14 C15 C16 C17 C18
                                                           C19 C20 C22 C23 C24
                                                           C25 C26 C27 C29 C30
                                                           C31 C32 C33 C34 C35
                                                           C36 C37 C38 C40 C46
                                                           C47 C48 C49 C50 C51
                                                           C56 C57 C61 C62 C64
                                                           C66 C67 C72 C82 C86
                                                           C90 C94 C95 C98 C115
                                                           C117 C136 C141 C143 C149

                                           Page 39
                                Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

NO.        PART NO.              DESCRIPTION               QTY              LOCATION
                                                                 C152 C154 C155 C157 C160
                                                                 C146 C162 C147 C101 C97
                              Electrolytic Capacitor
60 M2C2475F89051122      CD11-50V-4.7UF-M                  1     C65
61 M2C2106E57051122      CD11-25V-10UF-M                   3     C1 C131    C132
62 M2C2107B57051122      CD11-16V-100UF-M                  24 C5 C7 C9 C11 C21 C166
                                                                 C28 C39 C89 C99 C150     C96
                                                                 C153 C156 C158 C159 C52 C55
                                                                 C116 C118 C161 C151 C113 C145
63 M2C2477C89081222      CD11-10V-470UF-M                  4     C106 C107 C144 C164
64 M2C2108B59101622      CD11-16V-1000UF-M                 1     C114
                                  Chip Inductor
65 M2H0500M02U70805      L0805-2.7UH-500MA-K               1     L1
66 M2H0500M010U0603      L0603-10uH-500MA-K                2     L3 L4
                                   Chip Bead
67 M2HL500M070R0805      L0805-500MA-70R                   1     L13
68 M2HL500M070R0603      L0603-500MA-70R                   10 L23 L24 L25 L26 FB1 L2
                                                                 FB3 FB4 L20 FB2
                               Color loop Inductor
69 M2H4LGA1UH1J0307      LGA0307-1.1UH-K                   4     L6 L7 L8 L9
                                  Ferrite Bead
70 M2H1RH3560083560      RH3.5*6*0.8                        2    L12 L15
71 M2D1IN4148110000      1N4148-DO-35                       5    D1 D2 D3 D4 D5
72 M2D1IN4007220000      1N4007-(DO-41A)                   4     D15 D16 D10 D11
74 M2D1BZX5V1220000      BZX-5V1-1/2W-(DO-35)              1     Z1
75 M2D1BZX6V8220000      BZX-6V8-1/2W-(DO-35)              10 Z2Z3Z4Z5Z6Z7
76 M2Q02SK301800000      2SK3018-(SOT-18)                  3     Q1 Q2 Q3
77 M2Q000D130400000      KTD1304-(SOT-23)                   3    Q15 Q16 Q18
78 M2Q02SB113200000      2SB1132-(SOT-89)                   2    Q5 Q4
79 M2Q100S8050D2200      S8050D-(TO-92)                     2    Q9 Q8
80 M2Q100S8550D2200      S8550D-(TO-92)                    2     Q6 Q7
81 M2Q100A101502200      2SA1015GR(TO-92)                   8    Q10 Q11 Q12 Q13 Q14 Q24 Q25 Q26
82 M2L1127M00003000      27.000MHz-30ppm-THIRD-20PF        1     Y1
      M2I0ZR36762E0000   Zoran ZR36762-PQFP208(E0)         1     U1
83 M2I0ZR36762B2000      Zoran ZR36762-PQFP208(B2)         1     U1
      M2I0ZR36762V0000   Zoran ZR36762-PQFP208(V0)         1     U1

                                                 Page 40
                                   Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

NO.        PART NO.                DESCRIPTION            QTY           LOCATION
84 M2I0ZR3670700000      Zoran ZR36707-PQFP64              1    U6
      M2I029LV80007000   MBM29LV800BA-70 PFCN              1    U4
      M2I039VF80000000   SST 39VF800A-70-4C-EK-TSOP48      1    U4
      M2I039VF80000001   SST 39VF800-70-4C-EK-TSOP48       1    U4
85 M2I0M29W80070000      M29W800DT-TSOP48                  1    U4
      M2ITE28F160C0000   TE28F160C3BD70                    1    U4
      M2I039VF80090000   SST 39VF800-90-4C-EK-TSOP48       1    U4
      M2I029W800B70000   M29W800DB-70N                     1    U4
      M2IM12L16161A000   M12L16161A-7T                     2    U2 U3
86 M2IVT36171600000      VT361716T-6AA                     2    U2 U3
      M2ITM50S11600000   TM50S116T-7                       2    U2 U3
87 M2I0CS4334K00000      CS4334K-SOIC8                     1    U10
88 M2IAZ1117H330000      AZ1117H-3.3V-(SOT-223)            1    U13
89 M2IAZ11170000000      AZ1117H-ADJ(SOT-223)              1    U14
90 M2I000D595400000      D5954-HSOP28                      1    U7
91 M2IAZ4558AM00000      AZ4558AM-SO8                      1    U11
92 M2I00078L0500100      78L05-(TO-92)                     1    U9
94 M2I0L7805CV00100      L7805CV                           1    U12
95 M2I074HC14D00000      74HC14D-SO14                      1    U5
96 M2I0GP1F32T00100      GP1F553TZ/554TZ                   1    CN6
97 M2I0MC3407200000      MC34072-SO8                       1    U18
      M2IPT44720000000   PT4472                            1    U18
98 M2P0000TJC35A000      TJC3-5A                           1    CN1
99 M2P88FPC24005000      JP24-05M                          1    CN3
100 M2P000000PH5A000     PH-5A                             1    CN5
101 M2P00000PH6AB000     PH-6A-B                           1    CN2
102 M2P000000PH6A000     PH-6A                             1    CN4
103 M2P000000PH8A000     PH-8A                             1    CN15
103 M2P660000S4KB000     S-4KB                             1    CN17
105 M2P11000RCA1A000     RCA-1A-COAX                       1    CN9
106 M2P11AV684120003     AV6-8.4-12-03                     1    CN8
107 M2B100HY629AS013     HY629A-762-0S0 VER1.3             1    PCB

                                                Page 41
                                Daewoo DM-K40 Service Manual

4.3. Front panel parts list
NO.         PART NO.              DESCRIPTON            QTY                 LOCATION
                                Carbon Resistor

 1    M2R1110330633110   RT13-1/6W-10K-

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