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                                      S/M No. : DSJ210BEF0

Service Manual
Model : DSJ-6000LN

 : In this Manual, some parts can be changed for improving, their
   performance without notice in the parts list. So, if you need the
   latest parts information,please refer to PPL(Parts Price List) in
   Service Information Center (

 http : //                              Nov. 2002
1. Safety precautions             2

2. Product specification          4

3. Remocon specification          5

4. Adjustment                     7

5. Circuit Manual                11

6. Trouble shooting              27

7. Block diagram                 35

8. Exploded View                 36

9. Connection diagram            37

1. Safety precautions
CAUTION : Do not attempt to modify this product in any way. Unauthorized
modifications will not only void the warranty, but may lead to your being liable for any resulting property damage or
user injury.
Service work should be performed only after you are thoroughly familiar with all of the following safety checks and
servicing guide-lines. To do otherwise, increases the risk of potential hazards and
injury to the user.

After the original service problem has been corrected, a check should be made of the following:

1. Be sure that all components are positioned in such a way as to avoid possibility of adjacent component shorts. This
is especially important on those chassis which are transported to and from the repair shop.
2. Never release a repair unless all protective devices such as insulators, barriers, covers, shields, strain relief, and
other hardware have been reinstalled per original design.
3. Soldering must be inspected to discover possible cold solder joints, frayed leads, damaged insulation (including
A.C. cord), solder splashes or sharp solder points. Be certain to remove all loose foreign particals.
4. Check for physical evidence of damage or deterioration to parts and components, and replace if necessary follow
original layout, lead length and dress.
5. No leads or components should touch a receiving tube or a resistor rated at 1 watt or more. Lead tension around
protruding metal surfaces must be avoided.
6. All critical components such as fuses, flameproof resistors, capacitors, etc. must be replaced with exact factory
types. Do not use replacement components other than those specified or make unrecommended circuit modifications.
7. After re-assembly of the set always perform an A.C. leakage test on all exposed metallic parts of the cabinet, (the
channel selector knob, antenna terminals, handle and screws) to be sure the set is safe to operate without danger of
electrical shock. Do not use a line isolation transformer during this test. Use an A.C. voltmeter, having 5000 ohms per
volt or more sensitivity, in the following manner : connect a 1500 ohm 10 watt resistor, paralleled by a 15 mfd. 150V
A.C. type capacitor between a known good earth ground (9water pipe, conduit, etc.) and the exposed metallic parts,
one at a time. Measure the A.C. voltage across the combination of 1500 ohm resistor and 0.15 MFD capacitor.
Reverse the A.C. plug
 and repeat A.C. voltage measurements for each exposed metallic part. Voltage measured must not exceed 0.75 volts
R.M.S. This corresponds to 0.5 milliamp A.C. Any value exceeding this limit constitutes a potential shock hazard and
must be corrected immediately.

Safety precautions
            GRAPHIC SYMBOLS :
           The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the service
           personnel to the presence of uninsu-lated" dangerous voltage" that may be of suffi-cienty magnitude to
           constitute a risk of electric shock.

           The exclamation point within an equilateral tri-angle is intended to alert the service personnel to the
           presence of important safety information in service literature.

       Fuse symbol is printed on pcb adjacent to the fuse, with " RISK OF FIRE REPLACE FUSE AS
MARKED". The symbol is explained in the ser-vice manual with the following wording or equiv-alent

TYPE (6.3A, 125V)" and

1. Never install any receiver in closed-in recess, cubbyhole or Closely fitting shelf space over, or close to heat duct,
   or in the path of heated air flow.
2. Avoid conditions of high humidity such as : Outdoor patio Installations where dew is a factor. Near steam radiators
   where steam leakage is a factor, etc.
3. Avoid placement where draperies may obstruct rear venting. The customer should also avoid the use of decorative
   scarves or other coverings which might obstruct ventilation.
4. Wall and shelf mounted installations using a commercial mounting kit, must follow the factory approved mounting
   instructions. A receiver mounted to a shelf or platform must retain its original feet (or the equivalent thickness in
   spacers) to provide adequate are flow across the bottom, bolts or screws used for fasteners must not touch and
   parts or wiring. Perform leakage test on customized installations.
5. Caution customers against the mounting of a receiver on sloping shelf or a tilted position, unless the receiver is
   properly secured.
6. A receiver on a roll-about cart should be stable on its mounting to the cart. Caution the customer on the hazards of
   trying to roll a cart with small casters across thresholds or deep pile carpets.
7. Caution customers against the use of a cart or stand which has not been listed by underwriters laboratories, inc.
   For use with their specific model of television receiver or generically approved for use with T.V.' s of the same or
   larger screen size.

Caution for servicing
When the general troubles happen, Remove the back cover of the TV set. But , however if the components (the Air
filter, Lamp, Lamp detect switch, or LCD Engine driver PCB, etc) in the front of TV set is out of order, Remove the
speaker grill and the front panel of the TV set.
Specially, First you have to plug out socket , for exchanging the Fuse of TV set,.
When Lamp driver is operated, the high voltage(13~20kV) is generated from the Lamp. Therefore the person only
who has the enough knowledge for the high voltage must handle it with care.

KEY Button and Function

 Remote controller   Green - TV in use
 Lamp                Orange - VCR in use
                     Red - CATV in use
 POWER               Use turning on, turning off TV
 TV/VCR/CATV         TV / Video / Cable Converter
 Use to select       Use to select channel directly 0~9
 channel directly
 100 Button          Use it when selecting a channel number of over 100
 RECALL              It displays currently watching TV channel and its input signal.
 VCR Function        REW, PLAY, FF, STOP, REC, PAUSE.
 MENU                Use it to make picture adjustment, screen format, sound adjustment, input
                     selection, and utilities.
 TV/ VIDEO           Use this function to make video input selection.
                     It changes in the fallowing sequence
                     TV VIDEO 1 VIDOE 2 VIDEO 3 DVD TV
 PC/DTV              PC DTV can be selected alternately.
                     Use it when selecting either PC or DTV.
 Channel/ Volume     Use this function to select the channel / to adjust the volume.
 PREV                It returns to previous channel.
 MUTE                Use to mute.
 SCREEN MODE         This feature converts the screen mode each time you press the button
                     from Normal Bright               Soft     User
 SCREEN SIZE         This feature converts the screen size by changing its aspect ratio. Each
                     time you press the button, it will be change from
                     Normal        Wide        Panorama      Enlarge(LB) Enlarge(LBS)
 DOLBY SOUND         This button allows you to choose one of the Pro-logic modes.
                     Normal        Off      3-stereo Wide
SOUND MODE           This feature allows you to choose the mode, Each time the button is pressed,
                     it rotates from Normal Music             Movie        News      User
 ADD/ERASE           This feature either momorizes the current channel or erases a channel that
                     has previously memorized.
 CAPTION             This feature allows you choose the caption. Each time the button is pressed it
                     rotates from CC1 CC2 CC3 CC4 off
 SLEEP               This feature is use to set up the time out of automatic turn off..
 MTS                 This feature allows you to select the language while broadcasting.
 TV/CATV             This button allows you to select the broadcasting alternately.

4-1. Adjustment in Production
          Set all adjustment after about 5 Min s heatruning
          Note : Lamp wattage converted automatically from 160W to 130W after 3 min.
          Heatrun must be operated after inputing White_Pattern, (no concerned `No Signal')
          Note : You select `White_Pattern' in `Test Pattern' of SVC Menu.
          You select Screen Size is `Wide' and Screen Mode is `Normal'.

1) How to Fix Engine.
   You measure the range of screen s shifting after assembling set.
   But, in case of the range is over spec ( H : 7mm, V: 3mm, Tilt : 2mm), adjust again in Local CH 8(RETMA) of
   the factory.

2) Adjustment H/V Position.
   You select PC Mode to receive reference signal of VG-828 (Program #. 954 : 720p Pattern. 990 : Display
   Position Pattern)
   Note : LCD Panel is 720p.
   You can adjust screen size and position in operating User Menu ( Horizontal Size & Position, Vertical Size &

3) White balance adjustment
   Input the signal of VG-828 (Program #. 946(NTSC) White Window Pattern.(20 20)) to Video 1.
   Confirm the initial data of PW364 Mode in SVC Menu.
   Adjust the White Balance changing R/G/B Gain after setting signal level 100IRE( 255).
   How to adjust temperature of color. : X = 0.265 0.01 0.270 0.01.
   You can set Luminance level .
   Adjust the White Balance changing R/G/B Bias after setting signal level 40IRE( 102).
   Input the signal of VG-828 (Program #. 972(1080i) White Window Pattern.(20 20)) to DTV.
   Adjust the White Balance changing AD9884 s Register Value(CXA1315A, CXA1315B, CXA1315C) after
   setting signal level 40IRE( 102).
   Adjust the White Balance changing CXA2101 s Register Value(R-Drive, G-Drive, B-Drive) after setting
  signal level 40 IRE( 102).

Confirm the range of White Balance being in limit and measure Luminance value


 To operate Service : Press the USER Remote controller in order starting with CH Up   Mute   RECALL
 Mute (You can operate in case INPUT is TV mode, or being input signal)

Service Mode
  SVC MAIN              (Initial Data of the Service mode)
  PW364                 (Adjusting Brightness Contrast and White Balance of full input)
  AD9884                (Adjusting Brightness Contrast of DTV/ PC input)
  CXA2101               (Adjusting Brightness Contrast and White Balance of DTV input)
  VPC3230               (Adjusting Brightness Contrast of TV / VIDEO/DVD input)
  Test Pattern          (Displaying in order R G B W BLK
  Lamp Watt             (Adjusting Lamp Wattage 160W or 130W)
  ENG Control           (Adjusting LCD ENGINE UNIT)
  Use Time              (Total usage time of LCD panel)
  Factory Set           (operating Initalization)

DSJ6000LW200209181500              (Model name, micom version)

 * PW364 (Adjusting Brightness Contrast and White Balance of full Iinput)

     Item         Initial Value               Description
   S Bright             64                 Screen Brightness                    Fixing Value
  S Contrast            64                  Screen Contrast                     Fixing Value
    R Bias              63            Red Color of Low level signal            Adjusting Value
    G Bias              63           Green Color of Low level signal           Adjusting Value
    B Bias              63           Blue Color of Low level signal            Adjusting Value
   R Gain               63            Red Color of Low High signal             Adjusting Value
   G Gain               63           Green Color of Low High signal            Adjusting Value
   B Gain               63           Blue Color of Low High signal             Adjusting Value

AD9884 (Adjusting Brightness Contrast of DTV/ PC input )
   R Gain          148            Fixing Value            RED MIN          148
   G Gain          148            Fixing Value            RED MAX          148    Reading velue
   B Gain          148            Fixing Value            GRN MIN          148    automatirally
   CLP PL           4             Fixing Value            GRN MAX          148     accorling to
   CLP DR           4             Fixing Value            BLU MIN          148   adjustment state
    Phase           15            Fixing Value            BLU MAX          148

     ITEM         Initial Value                   Description
   CXA1315A             42          Adjusting Red Color of Low level signal      Adjusting Value
   CXA1315B             40          Adjusting Green Color of Low levelsignal     Adjusting Value
   CXA1315C             40          Adjusting Blue Color of Low level signal     Adjusting Value

CXA2101 (Adjusting Brightness Contrast and White Balance of DTV input)

     ITEM         Initial Value                    Description
    Picture             63                          Contrast                      Fixing Value
    Bright               8                         Brightness                    Adjusting Value
    R Drive             22           Adjusting Red Color of High level signal    Adjusting Value
    G Drive             18           Adjusting Green Color of high levelsignal   Adjusting Value
    B Drive             16           Adjusting Blue Color of high level signal   Adjusting Value
   BLK BTM              15                                                        Fixing Value

 VPC3230 (Adjusting Brightness Contrast of TV / VIDEO / DVD input)

      ITEM        Initial Value
    Sub Bright           0      Adjusting Value
   Sub Contrast         20      Adjusting Value

 Test Pattern
        R => G => B => W => BLK

 Lamp Watt (160W is 25% brighter than 130W but lifetime of Lamp is shorter)
 ENG Control (Adjusting LCD ENGINE UNIT )
      GAMMA (NORMAL, Natural1, Natural2) : NORMAL(NO GAMMA compensation ),
      ROTATION                Scren Rotation (0, 90, 180, 270)
      COLOR                 Screen s color compensation
      sub CPU               sub CPU s initalization in Engine Unit

        TEMP          Detecting the femperature in the inside of ENGINE
        V-T            Engine V-T compensation
*Use Time : Total usage time of LCD panel
*Factory Set (Operating Initalization)

                                                   - 10 -
1. Specification / Feature
  1-1. Product Specification
  1-2. Product Feature
  1-3. General Block Diagram

2. Power Supply
  2-1. Summery
  2-2. Block Diagram
  2-3. Power structure
  2-4. Power Action manual

3. Sound & Audio Amp
  3-1. Summery
  3-2. I/O Specification
  3-3. Block Diagram
  3-4. Action Manual

4. Video
  4-1. Summery
  4-2. Block Diiagram
  4-3. Video Circuit Manual
  4-4. *IF and Video Manual

5. Engine Drive
  5-1. Summery
  5-2. Block Diagram
  5-3. Action Manual

                               - 11 -
1.Specification / Feature
1-1.Product Specification

                            - 12 -
1-2.Product Feature

TV Turn on/ off : The Lamp feature
  When the main power lamp flickers on green, the screen will gradually turn on. During this instance, the power
  button will not operate. When the process is completed, the main power lamp lights on green.
  It is LCD-Projection TV characteristics that it takes a little while for the video to be displayed on the screen
  when it is turned on. This is not malfunctioning; thus, please be patient and wait for a moment.
  The degree of brightness will decrease insignificantly after 3 minutes is passed. This is not a breakdown; it is
  only using a power saving process to maximize the lamp s lifetime. (Lamp watt : 160W -> 130W)
  When the power buttons are pressed, the main power lamp may flicker in green, but the secondary power lamp
  may flicker in red and orange alternately. In this case, the TV s main power has been erroneously pressed, or
  has been turned off improperly by a power stoppage or by any other reason. However, please wait for an
  instant, and the TV will be back on (the latest 1min. 30sec.) since this is not a malfunctioning of the product.
  Turning off the TV set.
  Press the power button on the remote controller or that of the TV set. Audio and Video will be turned off and
 the main power lamp will flash. In green at this time. This is not malfunctioning nor an error; it is just a process
 of cooling the lamp off. During this time, the power button will not operate. A red light will light up after a

1-3. General Block Diagram

                                                      - 13 -
2. Power Supply

2-1. Introduction
The POWER PCB is composed of 140W Power for 60 LCD PTV(DSJ-6000LN) as well as
the Power that makes 380V and 18V primary voltage for Ballast.

2-2. Block Diagram(attach)

2-3. Power Supply Component
(1) Input Power : 100V ~ 240VAC, 50/60Hz
(2) Consumption Power : 270W
(3) Power Supply for the secondary side : See the table below.

    No.   location   voltage       Function                    Current    remarks
     1     T802      D5V       Main and Video/Engine Power     1,000mA   F/B Line

     2     T802      33V       Tuning B+                        3mA

     3     T802      A5V       Main and Video Power            1,000mA

     4     T802      12V       Main and Video Power            300mA

     5     T802      9V        Main and Video Power             80mA

     6     T802      18V       Ballast and PFC Control Power   150mA     Primary

     7     L805      380V      Ballast Power                   470mA     Primary

     8     T802      17.5V     Engine Power                    300mA

     9     T803      7V/10V    Engine Fan Power                1,000mA   10V (more than 45 degree

                                                                         of Engine temperature

    10     T803      +15V      Audio Power                     3,000mA

    11     T803      -15V      Audio Power                     3,000mA

    12     T801      ST5V      Stand-By Power                  600mA

  2-4. Description of Operation
     (1)Power Supply and Stand-by Power
        (1-1) The voltage coming through Bipolar Power Code (PC801) passes through the
              Line Filter composed of EMI Filter (L801, L802), X-Capacitor (C801, C803,
              C806), and Y-Capacitor (C822, C823) and is rectified and smoothed in the Bridge
              Diode (D803, D806, D831, D832) through the Mimetal that is the P303E
              Temperature Sensor (Power OFF when Lamp Temperature 125 ~ 135).

          (1-2) The smoothed voltage is supplied to the TOP232P that is STAND-BY POWER
                IC(1804), and the TRANS secondary winding supplies STAND-BY Power (5V)
                for U-COM.

                                                   - 14 -
(2) MAIN Power Operation
   (2-1) PWR SWITCH ON(HIGH) Signal is supplied from U-COM to the Base of Q804 via
         P805M CONNECTOR, Positive Terminal Relay(Y801) is activated, then Starting
         Voltage is supplied to the No.4 pin (Vin) of STR-F6656(IC802, IC803) via R836 and
   (2-2) AC Power is rectified in the Bridge Diode(D801), and is applied to P winding of the
         TRANS, and reaches 16V of TRANS Auxiliary Winding (No.7 pin), then Control
         Circuit is active by the operation of Start Circuit.
   (2-3) The winding voltage of the Auxiliary Winding (No.6 pin) is rectified, 18 V is upplied
         to 1601(FA5332M) No. 3/16 pins, and the phase of Voltage/Current is compensated,
         No.13 Pin Reference Voltage/No. 15 Pin OSC Timing C/R oscillates internally, and
         mixed to AND Gate, passes to No.13 pin, and its voltage is elevated to DC380V
         from L805 by FET Switching via Debias Stabilization Circuit (Q801/802). The
         elevated 380V
          is smoothed through Diode(D802), and is supplied to the Ballast via P804B.

(3) Specification of STR-F6656
   STR-F6656 is the Hybrid IC for the power of Flyback Converter-type Switching where
   Power MOSFET and IC for Control is installed. The characteristics of this IC are parts to
   be added are just a few, and various protection functions such as Transient Current
   Protection, Transient Voltage Protection, Overheat Protection), and has the Quasi-
   Resonance function proper for miniaturization and standardization.

  The detailed specifications of this IC is as follows.

      Pin Number Symbol             Name                          Function
           1     OCP/F.B           OCP/F.B            OCP detection input and Feed Back
           2        S               Source                   MOS FET Source
           3        D               Drain                     MOS FET Drain
           4       Vin                Vin               Control circuit voltage Input
           5      GND                GND                           Ground

          Symbol                       Function
           OVP                   Over voltage protect
           TSD                  Over temperature protect


                                           - 15 -
(3-1) Power Supply for Vin
When Vin Terminal (No.4 pin) voltage that is charged to C821, C830 through the Starting
Resistance reaches 16V(Typ), the Control Circuit inside the F6656 starts to operate. Here,
the Circuit Current is limited to 100 A(MAX) before F6656 operates, so the high Starting
Resistance (47K ,2W) is used. After F6656 operated, the voltage coming out of D
winding of TRANS (T802, T803) is rectified and smoothed, supplying the stable voltage
to the Vin terminal. Here, dl winding is rectified and smoothed via D812, D816, C821,
and C830, and about 16V is supplied to the Vin terminal (No.4 pin) of F6656.

(3-2) OCP/F.B Terminal (Oscillator, Electrostatic Voltage Control Circuit)
Inside the F6656, there is the Oscillator that generates Pulse signal for controlling
electrostatic voltage in the secondary side by turning ON/OFF the MOSFET using the
charging/discharging of C . When AC input is high or Load Current is low, the inflow of
the current of F/B terminal increases, and ON time decreases. The Oscillator has the
Transient Current Protection Circuit (O.C.P. circuit) of Pulse by Pulse type that controls
the oscillator s output by detecting MOSFET Drain current s peak value per every pulse.

(3-3) D/S Terminal (Driver Circuit)
This Circuit is the circuit that charges/discharges the capacity between Gate-Sources of
Power MOSFET by receiving Pulse signal.

(3-4) Latch Circuit
This Circuit is the circuit that stops Power Circuit by keeping the output of the Oscillator
to LOW when the Over Voltage Protection Circuit (OVP) and Overheat Protection Circuit
(TSD) operate. The Sustaining Current of the Latch Circuit is 400 A(MAX) when Vin
terminal voltage is 8.5V, so if the current over 400 A is made to flow to the Vin terminal,
the Power Circuit keeps normal. This circuit activates the Latch Circuit only when OVP,
TSD Circuit operates or when external signal input is kept over 10 sec, by setting the
delay time in accordance with C inside F6656 in order to prevent erroneous operation
due to Noise, etc. Besides, even though Latch Circuit operates, it is operated in
electrostatic power circuit in the Control Circuit so the Circuit Current gets elevated,
decreasing the Vin terminal voltage dramatically. When Vin terminal voltage gets below
Termination Voltage (10V TYP), the Circuit Current increases again, so Vin terminal
oltage decreases. That is, Vin terminal voltage increases or decreases between 10V and 6V
when Latch Circuit operates, it is possible to prevent Vin terminal voltage rising
bnormally. To cancel the Latch Circuit, Vin terminal voltage should be decreased to below
6.5V. Generally, it can be cancelled by turning off the AC power.

(3-5) Overheat Protection Circuit (TSD)
This Circuit is the circuit that operates the Latch Circuit when the Frame
temperature exceeds 150 degrees (TYP). In this circuit, the real temperature detection is

                                       - 16 -
carried out in the Control System, but MOSFET as well as Control Circuit element is on
the Frame, so the circuit operates same for the overheat of MOSFET.

(3-6) Transient Voltage Protection Circuit (OVP)
This Circuit is the circuit that operates the Latch Circuit when the Vin terminal voltage
exceeds 22V (TYP). Basically, this circuit protects Transient Voltage, but the Vin
erminal is supplied from the TRANS Auxiliary Winding, and this voltage is roportional
to the output voltage, so it operates when the secondary side out is transient voltage such
as when Control Circuit is open.

                                        - 17 -
3. Sound & Audio Amp
 3-1. Introduction
 Sound Processor is composed of Switching that selects signal proper to the Select Mode among
 Sound Signal of the Video Input (SIF, DVD, Input 1/2/3) and the Sound Signal of Graphic
 (DTV, PC); and Signal Processor that generates Sound Signal (C, W, SL, SR) which is Dolby
 decoded through MAIN L/R Sound Signal and IIC(SCL/SDA) Interface. Besides, it is composed
 of Amplifier that amplifies the signal generated by Volume Control Block to the sound signal
 proper for speaker capacity.

 3-2. I/O Description

   (1) Sound Processor

          Partition         NAME                                  DESCRIPTION
                                        SIF              SIF Signal from TV TUNER
                        Sound        NTSC L/R            The Selected Audio signal of 3 input Video
           INPUT                  DVD L/R, DTV L/R       The Audio signal of the DVD & DTV
                                      PC L/R             The Audio signal of the PC
                         I2C         SCL, SDA            The controlling I2C signal of SOUND IC & DOLBY IC
                                     MAIN L/R            The Audio signal L/R
                                         C               The Audio signal Center
                        Sound            W               The Audio signal Woofer
                                       SL/SR             The Audio signal SURROUND L/R
                                      HP L/R             The Audio signal HEAD_PHONE
          OUTPUT                     MON L/R             The Audio signal MONITOR
                                     VOL L/R             Volume control L/R SPEAKER
                                      VOL C              Volume control CENTER SPEAKER
                        Control       VOL W              Volume control WOOFER SPEAKER
                                    VOL SL/SR            Volume control SURROUND L/R SPEAKER
                                     A_MUTE              AUDIO MUTE

                                                - 18 -
         Partition       NAME                       DESCRIPTION
          INPUT       SOUND PROCESSOR Audio signal (the excepted HP L/R, MON L/R)
                           L/R            Output L/R SPEAKER
                            C             Output CENTER SPEAKER
                            W             Output WOOFER SPEAKER
                          SL/SR           Output SURROUND L/R

   3-3. Block Diagram

3-4. Description of Operation
Sound Processor is composed of Switching that selects signal proper to the Select Mode
mong Sound Signal of the Video Input (SIF, DVD, Input 1/2/3) and the Sound Signal of
Graphic (DTV, PC); and Signal Processor that generates Dolby Prologic Sound Signal via
Sound DSP. In the VIDEO the SIF signal is received from TUNER in MSP3440G (SOUND
PROCESSOR IC) generates sound signal L/R. Besides, Among the Sound Signal (NTSC
L/R: VIDEO_1/2/3 Sound Signal L/R selected from the TUNER Sound Signal L/R,
CXA1855 (VIDEO SWITCHING IC), and DVD Sound Signal, a proper sound signal is
selected, then it is outputted to MAIN L/R. In the GRAPHIC, a proper signal is selected in
DPL3519A among the sound signal of DTV and PC, and outputs to MSP3440G, so MAIN
L/R can be selected. Also, D/A converted Sound Digital signal is generated to SERIAL
ATA(IS2_DA, 12S_CL, 12S_WS, I2S_OUT), so Central Sound signal (C) which is DOLBY
PROLOGIC Sound Signal, Woofer Sound Signal (W), and Surround Sound signal(SL/SR) is

                                           - 19 -
In the AMPLIFIERM, the signal component that passed Volume Control Block is amplified
to the respective GAIN (MAIN L/R, C, W, SL, SR). L/R SOUND and SURROUND L/R
Sound are adjusted simultaneously, besides L/R Volume Balance can be adjusted. The Sound
of Center and Woofer is adjusted independently, and Volume Balance cannot be adjusted. The
Sound Signal decreased by Internal Volume Control of MS3440G and DPL3519A is
amplified through TDA7265 (25W+25W STEREO AMPLIFIER with MUTE). Main Sound
L/R and Central Sound Signal is connected to each Speaker via connectors, and the Sound
Signal from Woofer and surround is connected to external Jack, then is outputted when
additional Speaker is connected.

                                        - 20 -
4. Video

 4.1 Introduction
    The VIDEO Signal Processing Circuit of DSJ-6000LN converts PC signal(VGA~UXGA),
    DTV signal (Y, Pb, Pr 1080i, 720P, 480P@60Hz), DVD signal (Y, Cb, Cr@60 Hz), Y/C
    signal (60 Hz) as well as Image Processor PW364, to HD Video signal (1280 x 720 :
    Progressive) proper to LCD Projection TV device of this appliance type. It is composed of
    Video Processor, Digital TV Processor, Graphic Video Processor, Image Resizing Part
    (PW364), LVDS Output, CPU Circuit for System Control.

 4-2. Block Diagram

 4-3. Circuit Manual
    (1) Video Processor Circuit
    Video Processor receives Video signal whose Y/C Color Difference is separated, then
    converts A/D in VPC3230 that is Video Decoder, and processes Component Video Signal
    (Y/UV), and converts the Interlaced Video signal received from Line Doubler SDA9400 to
    Progress Video signal. Also, DVD signal that is entered in Component Video signal enters
    to another terminal, and processed likewise.

                                          - 21 -
  (2) Digital TV Signal Processor Circuit
  The Digital TV signal entering to the Component type is processed in CXA2101A that is IC
  for processing TV Video Signal, and is outputted to Analog RGB signal, then is switched
  according to the RGB signal of OC.

  (3) Graphic Video Signal Processor Circuit
  The RGB signal selected in the Digital TV signal and PC signal is converted to two channel
  48bit digital RGB signal in AD9884D which is high speed A/D converter.

  (4) Image Resizing Circuit
  The Digital Video signal and Digital Graphic signal that enter to PW364 from the previous
  part are selected, and Image Resizing is done that converts those signals in the proper form,
  then the signal is outputted in 24bit RGB signal.

  (5) LVDS Output Circuit
  The Video signal and Synchronizing signal (H,V sync) converted to the display format of this
  appliance system is converted to LVDS signal in the TH63LVDM83A that is the LVDS
  Transmitter in order to transfer to LCD Engine.

  (6) System Control Circuit
  This system is composed of two U-COM, and the overall system control is done in the Main
  U-COM, the signal is sent that controls all IC except Engine Block, and the System Control
  controls regarding image resizing, and process the key entered from the Front Key, then
  controls the front-display LED.

 4-4. IF Circuit & Video Circuit Structure
This IF Circuit and Video Circuit receives NTSC broadcasting signal and its corresponding
external video signal, DVD, DTV, PC signal via I set of Antenna Input in the terminal board and
6 set of external video jacks including 3 set of NTSC video jacks, then video processing is done

(1)IF Circuit
   IF Signal Processing is as follows.
   (1-1) NTSC TV RF Signal received from the Antenna Input of the Terminal Board enters to
         TUNER (TU601).
   5V, 9V : TUNER Main Power
   33V : Voltage for Tuning (Vt Voltage)

  (1-2) A desired broadcasting channel is selected from the TV broadcasting signal selected by
        Remote Control or Switch in such a way that the data
  sent from pins of SDA and SCL of -COM are routed to Pin 4 and 5 of DATA/CLK of

                                             - 22 -
     TUNER, and those data are converted to TUNER (IF) signal in the PLL inside the Tuner and
     Tuner IC.
     (1-3) The carrier of the selected broadcasting signal is converted to PIP frequency (P:
           45.75MHz, S: 41.25MHz, C: 42.17MHz), and modulated to IF signal of TU. The
           modulated IF signals are converted to Composite Video and SIF signal in the internal IF
           Module, then are sent to each Video_Out Port(#16) and Audio_Out Port (#13).
  (2) NTSC Video Signal Switching Circuit

Signal Processing of Video Signal Switching Circuit is as follows.
     (2-1) In the case of NTSC ANT Input, the Composite Video Signal sent from Tuner
           Video_Out Port (#16) is sent to TV Pin 41 of Video Switching IC CXA1855(U101) via
           Tr Buffer(Q101), and 3 set of external Video Jack Input 1, 2, 3 are, respectively, sent to
           Switching 1,2,3 Input Port of CXA1855.
     (2-2) The 4 set of NTSC Video signal sent to CXA1855 is switched to the inside and is
           outputted in the Video_Out 2 terminal. At this time, one of the Composite signal
           coming from Vout Pin 23 and Yout2, Cout2 Pin (19, 21) is selected via Switching IC
     (2-3) The selected Composite or Y/C signal is sent to 3D Comb Filter IC uPD4082(U105) via
           Filter, and is processed. This IC is three dimensional Y/C Separate IC, and has the
           external AD Converter and 4M bit EDO Memory, and process Y/C separation and
           YCNR (YC Noise Reduction) when Composite and Y/C signals are coming.
     (2-4) The Y/C signal processed in D Module is routed to Video Board via TR Buffer (Q106,
           Q107), respectively.
     (2-5) In the case of Monitor Out, 3D Module Input Composite signal and 3D Module Output
           Y/C signal are outputted via Buffer (Q102, U102, U103).

     Input of DVD, DTV, and PC signals are sent to A/V Board and Side Board Jacks, then sent to
     Video Board directly.

                                                - 23 -
- 24 -
5. Engine Drive
  5.1 Introduction
     The Engine Drive Signal Processing Circuit of this DSJ-600LN is the circuit for
     generating and supplying Video Signal and Driving Signal to activate 3 LCD Panels. It is
     composed of RGB Video Processing, Panel Driving Signal Generating, and Panel
     Auxiliary Signal Generating sectors.

5.2 Description of Operation
5-3. Circuit Manual
   (1) RGB Video Signal Processing Circuit
   RGB 10 bit of Digital Video signal (3.3 Vpp) processed by G/A for LCD Panel and
   IC(SLA550TH) for compensating Unit is outputted along the LCD Panel connected to LCD
   driving board in such a way that 10 bit digital data are converted to the Video Signal for
   driving LCD of 2x6 channel their levels are adjusted (10.0Vpp; 2.0V~12.0V) by Serial D/A
   Converting IC(M62393).

  (2) Panel Driving Signal Generating Circuit
  The Panel Driving Timing Signal (3.3Vpp) developed from IC(SLA550TH) for processing
  Panel Signal is supplied to the LCD Panel by Level Shifter IC (ET1030F0A) by doing level
  shift to Level(15.5Vpp) necessary for driving the Shift Register inside the LCD Panel.

                                            - 25 -
(3) Panel Auxiliary Signal Generating Circuit
The Panel Driving Auxiliary Signal developed from IC(SLA550TH) for processing Panel
Signal is supplied to Panel through 4 each composite Transistor(XN4051) by doing level shift
to the Level(10.0Vpp; 2.5V~ 7.5V) necessary for free-charging the Video Line inside the
Panel by the Level Shifter IC(ET1030F0A).

                                         - 26 -
No "Power On"
(Timer on/off and the main
power lamp lighting in red)

Check fixing state of air filter              OK
                                                          Check whether Sensor (DETECT S/W)is
(Power On after removing air filter and                   wrong or not, and fix air filter correctly
pressing Detect S/W by hand or tape)


                                                          After checking Detect S/W is wrong or
Check Fixing state of lamp Door side          OK
                                                          not, pull down and fix Door slide
(After pulling up Door side, Power On
when pressing Detect S/W on the left
side of engine by hand or tape)


Check voltage of pin 14 (PWR-CTL) in                      Replace VIDEO PCB ASSY
P612V at Main PCB

                               When turning set on, the voltage is more
                               than 1V in a short time, then it goes to 0V

Check voltage of pin 1 (PWR) in P605 at                   Replace POWER PCB ASSY
Main PCB


Check whether all 4 Pins in P619L and
P621L at Main PCB are short

          Contact badness of P619L, P621L CONNECTOR


                                                 - 27 -
No "Power On"
(Timer on/off and the main power lamp
flickering in red and orange alternately)

Remove lamp and then fix it again                           Check normal operation

Check output voltage of P804(POWER)
                                                            Replace Power PCB
(380V / 18V)

Check voltage of pin 1 (Lamp_On) in
                                                            Replace Main PCB
P626C at Main PCB

Check voltage of pin 3 (Error) in P626C                     Replace lamp and then
at Main PCB                                                 check mormal operation

                                                            Replace LCD ENGINE

Check voltage of pin 3(32PIN) in
P612V at Main PCB

              Less than 2V

    Replace MAN PCB                         Replace VIDEO PCB

                                            - 28 -
No "Power On"
(Timer on/off and the main power lamp
lighting in orange)

              POWER ON

Check if Engine Fan acts for a moment and stops
(Check if air blows to center ventilation hole on
backside of product)

                                   The voltage is mane
                                   Then DC 5V in a short
                                   Time, then it goes to 0V
Check voltage of pin 7(7V/10V)                                               Check voltage of pin 5 (ID_1)
in P806M at Power PCB                                                        in P626C at Main PCB
                                                        More than 0.5V

                                       Remove Engine Unit, Check if it's                  0V
Replace Power PCB
                                       short between pin 3 (Red wire) in
                                       P922E at interior PCB (1x3cm) in
                                       Eugire and Pin 5 in P626C at main

                                                                NO SHORT
Check "Short" between output
voltages at Power PCB and GND
                                                      Contact badness
         NO                      YES                  of Connector

Replace                Replace
LCD ENGINE             SHORT PCB                              Check voltage of pin 3 (32Pin) in P612V
                                                                           at Main PCB

                                                                  Less than 2V            More than 2V

                                                        Replace MAIN PCB           Replace VIDEO PCB

                                                   - 29 -
No "Power On"
(The main power lamp is
not red)

The main power lamp is not red



D803, D806, D830, D831 DIODE CHECK

I804 CHECK (TOP232P)
                                                    If DRAIN and SOURCE Impedance value approach
                                                    0 ohm, replace I804 because it is broken


Check always because it's part of feed back

Check if ST5V is correct.

         When pressing Power button, check if
            The main power lamp is red


                                                - 30 -
No "Power on"
(the main power lamp is red.
stand-by Power is on)

                                                               SPEC.3.3V, (if it is more than 1.5V:Normal
Check P805M WAFER Power ON/OFF                                 operation), if less than 1.5V:Check path of
                                                               MAIN. VIDEO Circuit

Check Q804 Tr, D829 SHORT TEST


          Check D801

   Check Q803                           Check I802 18V Regulator                                     Replace

                                       Check normal voltage           Replace 5332 Module             END
Check voltage waveform of Q803



 When part is destroyed by lightning and shock, D801, Q803, FUSE is easily damaged
 I802 is often destroyed by shock of the primary and the secondary

                                                  - 31 -
                                     No Display
                                     (DTV / PC Input)

                                       Does Power LED operate                      Lamp, Fan,
                                       normally in green?                        Abnormal Power

                                       When pressing Menu                        check LVDS of IC225E
                                       button, is OSD displayed?                 #2,3 #5,6 #8,9 #11,12

    Check signal output of DTV of                                            Check output of CLK in IC213
                                       Is `No Signal' displayed?             Check Sync Output in IC216
    PC and Set Connection
                                                                             ClK : #3, H_sync : #6, V_sync: #3

    Check sync output in IC227       If pressing "recall" key, does
                                                                             Check CLK output and Sync in IC217
    H_sync : #3, V_sync : #6         correct resolution to input signal ?
                                                                             CLK : IC213 of #2
                                                                             H_sync : IC216 #5, V_sync : IC216 #2

    Check DTV/PC_SEL signal          Check R,G,B output of IC227
    #9, 10 of IC224                  R: #14, G:#15, B:#4                                  IC216 abnormal
    DTV(high), PC(low)

Check H_sync output of IC236 #7 &       Check DTV/PC_SEL signal
                                       #9,10,11, of IC230
sync output of IC228                   DTV(high), PC (low)
h_sync : #7, V_sync : #3                                                       Check R,G,B output of IC226
                                                                               R : #35, G : #37, B : #39
                                       Check PC input of P211M
    Check P211M DTV input              H_sync: #29, V_sync : #31
    Y : #17, Pb : #19, Pr : #21        R : #23, G : #25, B : #27
                                                                             Check Y, Pb, Pr, SCP input of P226
                                                                             Y : #5. Pb : #4, Pr : #3, SCP : #31
    Checkconnectionbetween#17,19,   Checkconnectionbetween#23,25,27,29,31
    21 of P211M and #1(Y), #2(Pb)   of P211M and #1,3,5,7,9 of P913M (side
    #3(Pr) of J108                  jack)


               END                                 END

                                                      - 32 -
                   No Display
              (RF / VIDEO / DVD)

Does Power LED operate normally in green?                     LAMP, FAN, Power abnormal

When pressing Menu button, is OSD               CheckIC217 (PW364) output                 Check IC220 (LVDS IC) output
displayed normally?                             (#DPT00~#DPT23)                           (#LVDS00~#LVDS09)

                                                                                          Repair Engine BOARD

RF signal is off                            RF, VIDEO Screen is off                       Only DVD Screen is off

Check connection of antenna                 Check U101 (1855) output                      Check IC219 (3230) input
                                            (#19-C, #21-Y, #23-V)                         (#4-B, #5-G, #6-R)

                            Check after
                                                                       Check after
                                                                       repair                              Check Input signal
Check TU601 (TUNER output)                  Check U104 (1232) output
                                                                                          Check after IC219 Repair
                                                                                          (#Y0~#Y7, #C0~#C7)
                            Check after
                                                                       Check after

Check after Q101 repair (#E)
                                            Check after Q106, Q107 Repair
                                            (#E-C, #E-Y)

Is all Screens not displayed?               Is IC219 (3230) output correct?
(RF / VIDEO / DVD)                          (#Y0~#Y7, #C0~#7)

                                            Check after IC218 (9400) repair

                                                           - 33 -



 Check each input CABLE

 Check input signal

                                  RF                 Check TU101 SIF input             Check IC601 (#67) Signal

                          External Input 1/2/3       Check U101 (#20,22) output        Check IC601 (#47,48) Signal

                                 DVD                 Check P610A (#10,11) path         Check IC601 (#50,51) Signal

                                HDTV                 Check P610A (#15,16) path         Check IC602 (#50,51) Signal

                                  PC                 Check P613S (#11,13) path         Check IC602 (#53,54) Signal

Check IC601 & IC602 output                MAIN L/R : IC601(#27,28)           CENTER : IC602(#28)
                                          WOOFER : IC601(#30)                SURROUND L/R : IC602(#24,25)
                                          HEADPHONE : IC601(#36,37)

    AUDIO AMP                     MAIN N/R      INPUT : IC604(#7, 11)              OUTPUT : IC604(#2, 4)
  Check input/output              CENTER/WOOFER INPUT : IC605(#7, 11)              OUTPUT : IC604(#2, 4)
                                  SURROUND L/R INPUT : IC606(#7, 11)               OUTPUT : IC604(#2, 4)


                                                   - 34 -

108                                                                            99                                                    51 50               110 111 132 49 48         47 46                                              92 93                                            117     4957800400                CLOTH BLACK                            3             0.7T 10X125
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       116     7122402412                SCREW TAPTITE                          4      TRS 4X24 MFZN BK
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       115     4957904400                DC FAN                                 1      ADDA AD0512ME-D70
52                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     114     --------                  SHIELD CASE                            1      -------------
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       113     4957700300            CUSHION CASE ENGINE                        8             INOAC F-9L T=10
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       112                               VIDEO PCB AS                           1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       111                               POWER PCB AS                           1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       110                               MAIN PCB AS                            1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       109                                A/V PCB AS                            1              SPONGE 10T
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       108     4957701200               CUSHION MIRROR S                        2              CR
                                                                                                                                                                    109                                                                                                                107                               DETECT SW AS                           1
53                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     106                               CONNECTION PCB                         1              40X50
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       105                               CONNECTION PCB                         1             40X14
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       104     4953901900                BRKT SCREEN B                          1             AL6063
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       103     7001401211                SCREW MACHIINE                         7      M4 PAN 4X12 MFZN
                                                                                                                                                                              101                                                                                                      102     4952700050                LCD ENGINE AS                          1             DEK-1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       101     97P2316600                HOLDER AC CORD                         1             NYLON66 UL/CSA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       100     4956900300                BUSHING FAN                            1             CR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       99      4957904600                MIRROR                                 1              T=5
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       98      4957700800                CUSHION SOUND B                        2              SPONGE 10T
                                                                                                                 34 35                                                                                                                                                                 97      4957700700                CUSHION SOUND T                        2              SPONGE 10T
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       96                                CUSHION SOUND L                        1              SPONGE 10T
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      45                                               95
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               4957700500                CUSHION SOUND R                        1              SPONGE 10T
54                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    131                                              94      4956900100                RUBBER BUSHING                         12             CR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       93      7172401412                SCREW TAPTITE                          1 TT2 TRS MFZN 4X14 BK
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       92      97P4602700                CLAMP CORD                             1     NYLON 66 BLK 5280N
                                                     113                                                                           36 37                                                                                       43 44                                                   91      4952600100                HANDLE CABINET                         2              HIPS BK
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       90      4957700100                CUSHION DUST                           1              SPONGE T=40
55 56                                                                                                  97
                                                                              95 96                                      38 39                                                                                                        42                                               89
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         SCREW WOOD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         SCREW TAPTITE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       4X14 MFZN BK
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    TT2 WAS MFZN 3X12 BK

115 116                                                                                                     98                                                                                                                 112 114

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