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DSJ4710cru DSJ4720cru SJ113 chassis Daewoo ProjektorTV

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                                              S/M No. :DSJ113FEFO

Service Manual

  : In this Manual, some parts can be changed for improving. their
    performance without notice in the parts list. So, if you need the
    latest parts information, please refer to PPL(Parts Price List)in
    Service Information Center(

 http : //                             Aug. 2004
1. Safety Instruction                 2

2. Product Specification              4

3. Remote Control                     5

4. Adjusting Method                   6

5. IC Description                     12

6. Trouble Shooting                   30

7. Service Part list                  36

8. Schematic Diagram
  1) Block Diagram                    51
  2) Power                            52
  3) Convergence Amp                  53
  4) Convergence Module               54
  5) CRT Amp                          55
  6) IF Module                        56
  7) AV Main                          57
  8) Micom Module                     58
  9) Control & Union                  59

  1) Main PCB                         60
  2) Power PCB                        61
  3) Convergence Module               62
  4) IF Module                        63
  5) CRT PCB                          64
  6) Union PCB                        65

  1) DSJ-4710CRU                      66
  2) DSJ-4720CRU                      67

1. Safety Instruction
1. When all services are carried out, every item required in this manual needs to be followed
   and the services should be performed by A/S man.

2. The following general items should be performed before staring the services.
  1) Unplug the power.
  2) Uncover the cabinet.
  3) To prevent a danger of shock, touch a terminal of plug on the chassis ground and discharge
     a remaining voltage.
  4) Check if all parts are in the proper places, omitted or burned.
  5) Check the soldering state of all parts, if a clad copper is loose or peeled off and if there is a
     short between clad coppers.
  6) When all the articles mentioned above are normal, plug the power and refer to "Fault
     diagnosis according to cause and symptom" of this manual for service according to screen

3. Pay attention to a basic wiring and check a damaged part if a disconnected circuit is found
   and replace it with a new one.

4. The equal rated parts should be used depending on the parts list of this manual when a part
   needs to be replaced. Because some electronic parts and appliances have safety-related
   features, an electric shock, file or X-RAY radiation can be caused if no equal rated parts are

5. When a part needs to be replaced and soldered on PCB, the part should be inserted in the
   right position and not contact with even a terminal of other part. Especially, a high voltage
   resistance should be inserted with 10mm away from the PCB.

6. Since approx. 30KV high voltage is applied to the Braun tube in operating the TV set, a little
   X-RAY can be radiated. If the voltage is too high, harmful X-RAY can result in a danger.
   Therefore, A/S man with sufficient knowledge about high voltage needs to perform the
   service. Especially, be sure to discharge the anode of the Braun tube on the chassis ground
   of TV set before starting the repair.

7. Examine the followings before finishing the service.
  1) Check if all protecting components have been assembled.
  2) Keep the lead line away from high voltage or high temperature parts and check if all wires
     have been connected.
  3) Check a leakage current to protect a user from a shock.
     Observances for safe service

8. How to check a leakage current
   1) Plug the power directly.
   2) After connecting 1.5 ohm 10W resistance and 0.15uF condenser in a row, link one with an
      exposed metal part of TV set and earth the other (proper earth place such as water pipe).

9. A couple persons or more should perform the repair.
    When a back cover needs to be separated, pull it out about half and remove the power cord
    before complete uncovering.

10. Remove the anode cable which is fixed at HVG in separating the anode cable from HVG or
    replacing CRT or HVG. Because a high voltage charged in the anode isn't discharged
    completely even though the AC power cord is removed, the high voltage can be sent to TV
    set via the power cord and cause its damage. Therefore, be sure to observe the following
    method in replacing a high voltage cable.
  1) How to remove a high voltage cable
      a. Make a discharger to discharge a high voltage.
      b. Remove the power cord and wait for 30 sec.
      c. Remove the anode cable after discharging as the method mentioned below.
  2) How to produce
      a. Solder MW resistance and clip lead.
      b. Place the soldered part on a driver to tap.
  3) How to discharge
      a. Connect the clip with CRT NET GND.
      b. Pull upward the anode cable slightly, giving a proper force to both nippers of the high
         voltage plug locked in HVG. Then, the HVG is removed from the high voltage cable. Be
         careful not to destroying the HVG plug socket which connects the high voltage plugs by
         giving an excessive force to the nippers in the course.
      c. To discharge a high voltage, contact the discharger with a peeled wire at the end of the
         anode cable which is removed from HVG.
      d. When separating the high voltage plug from the high voltage cable, put both tips of a
         pincette in the plug and pull the plug to the end of the high voltage cable.

2. Specifications

Model                     DSJ - 4710CRU/4720CRU
                          Band I         : CH02 ~ CH04
                    VHF   Band II        : CH05 ~ CH12
Receipt Channel           Cable Band     : S1' ~ S3', S1 ~ S20
                          Hyper Band     : S21 ~ S41
                          Band IV, V     : CH21 ~ CH69
Screen Size               119cm(47")
Signal Method             PAL B/G, I/I, SECAM B/G, D/K, L/L'
Speaker Output            10W / ch (Main L/R)
Power                     220-240V ~, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption         195W
                          1110 x 1210 x 533mm(4710)
Dimension (W/H/D)
                          1110 x 1210 x 530mm(4720)
Weight                    62kg(47")

3. Remote Control


                             Mute                                       Recall

   AV1 / AV2 / S-VHS2 / AV3
              / AV4(S-VHS4)                                             Program number (0-9)
            /Component/RF                                               Use to select channel directly 0~9

                      Childlock                                         Sleep
                                                                        This feature is used to set up the time of
                                                    VIRTUAL   SOUND     automatic turn off.
                                                     DOLBY    MODE

                                                                        Sound mode
    Mono, Forced Mono, Stereo, Sub-       PICTURE   ASPECT    STILL     This feature allows you to choose the mode.
                             sound                                      Each time the button is pressed, it rotates from
                 Virtual dolby                                          Normal -> News -> Music -> Movie -> Favorite.

                       Picture                                          Still
             Normal, Movie, Favorite
                         Aspect        D
                                       M SP                         M   Use it to make picture adjustment, screen
                16:9, Panorama, 4:3     O LA                       O
                                           D Y                   ZO
                                            E                           format,sound adjustment, function, install.
               Display mode                                             Zoom
                 100Hz, Progressive
                                                                        Off. Zoom1, Zoom2

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