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                                 S/G No.:TCN720BEF0

Service Manual
Color Television

Model : DTE-3280HA
             PF32WT100(NEC Model)
             PAL-B/G, D/K, H SYSTEM
             NTSC 4.43/3.58-M SYSTEM(AV)

   : In this Manual, some parts can be changed for improving. their
     performance without notice in the parts list. So, if you need the
     latest parts information, please refer to PPL(Parts Price List)in
     Service Information Center.

              NEC Corporation
                                                      JULY. 2005

1. Specification                   2
2. CP-720 EEPROM Presetting DATA   3
3. Circuit block Diagram            5
4. Alignment Instruction            6
5. Trouble Shooting Charts         12
6. Part list(PF32WT100 )           21
7. Mechanical Exploded View        39
8. Printed Circuit Board           40
9. Schematic Diagram               45

             MODEL                                                         PF32WT100
TV Standard            Colour system          PAL, NTSC 3.58 / 4.43 (AV)
                       Sound system           B/G, D/K, H, M (AV)
          Rated voltage                       220-240V ~, 50Hz
  Power                Power on               171 W
consumption            Stand-by               1.5W Under
Sound Output           Main R/L               7W + 7W (10% THD, 60% MOD,At 1KHz,Listening :STEREO)
Power                  Surround R/L, Center   5W +5W ,5W (10%THD,SPDIF,Dolby Digital -20dBFs,1KHz,
                                              Listening : SURROUND
                       Woofer                 7W (10%THD,SPDIF,Dolby Digital -20dBFs,100Hz,Listening : SURROUND)
                                              BAND      : CH0 - CH4 [CH0(46.25 ), CH2(64.25 )]
                                              BAND      : CH5 - CH12 [CH7(182.25 ),
Channel                VHF                                 CH10(196.25 ), CH10(209.25 )]
Coverage                                      CABLE BAND : S1 - S3 , S1- S20
                                              HYPER BAND : S21 - S41
                       UHF                    BAND IV, V : CH21 - CH69 [CH28(527.25 )]
          Tuning System                       Frequency Synthesizer Tuning System
        Channel Indication                    On Screen Display
        Program Selection                     100 Programs
                                              AV1 RCA Jack
                                              S-VHS 1 (S-Video)
                       Input                  DVD INPUT, DTV INPUT
Aux, Terminal                                 AV2 RCA Jack
                                              S-VHS 2 (S-Video)
                                              Monitor Out RCA Jack
                       Output         REAR
                                              Surround R/L, Woofer Speaker
     Remote Control Unit
                                              (Required two 1.5V battries type with AAA size)
           Dimension                          890(W)      580(W)       564(D)
          Picture Tube                        32" WIDE FLAT TYPE
Weight                 Net weight             57 kg
                       Gross weight           63 kg

2. CP-720 EEPROM Presetting DATA

1. Pre-setted Chanel for Australian
         2    PAL     2CH    ( 64.25MHz)          for Austlaina Field Chanel
 PR.     7    PAL     7CH    (182.25MHz)          for Austlaina Field Chanel
         9    PAL     9CH    (196.25MHz)          for Austlaina Field Chanel
 No.     10   PAL     10CH   (209.25MHz)          for Austlaina Field Chanel
         28   PAL     28CH   (527.25MHz)          for Austlaina Field Chanel

2. Pre-setted Chanel for Mass-production
         30   PAL-B   10CH   (623.25MHz)   White/Black     -                                               For white balance
         31   PAL-B   2CH    ( 48.25MHz)   RETMA           400Hz 60% MOD. NICAM St. (L :1KHz, R :0KHz)     For Geometry & Nicam stereo check
         32   PAL-B   5CH    (175.25MHz)   CROSS HATCH     1KHz 60% MOD. 2-C Dual (Main:1KHz, Sub:5KHz)    For Geometry & 2-carrier dual check
         33   PAL-B   10CH   (210.25MHz)   COLOR BAR       400Hz 60% MOD.                                  For fuction check
         34   PAL-B   4CH    ( 62.25MHz)   DEM             1KHz 80% MOD. NICAM Dual(Main:1KHz, Sub:3KHz)   For fuction check
 PR.     35   SCM-B   12CH   (224.25MHz)   PHILIPS         SWEEP 60%(Standard:1KHz, 268Hz~4.2KHz)          For fuction check
 No.     36   PAL-K   18CH   (511.25MHz)   RETMA           SWEEP 60%(Standard:1KHz, 268Hz~4.2KHz)          For fuction check
         37   PAL-I   31CH   (551.25MHz)   COLOR BAR       400Hz 60% MOD. NICAM St. (L :1KHz, R :0KHz)     For fuction check
         38   PAL-B   8CH    (196.25MHz)   RED             5KHz 60% MOD. 2-C St. (L :0KHz, R :5KHz)        For purity & 2-carrier stereo
         39   NTSC    3CH    ( 61.25MHz)   COLOR BAR       1KHz Korean Dual(1KHz,5KHz)                     For NTSC
         40   NTSC    8CH    (181.25MHz)   RETMA           SWEEP (268Hz~4.2KHz)                            For NTSC Geomery
         41   PAL-G   21CH   (471.25MHz)   R,B,W           1KHz 60% MOD.                                   reserved

* presetted channel for mass-production can be changed.

3. Pre-setted DATA for Adjusments


3. Circuit Block Diagram

                  4. Alignment Instruction

                  1. SERVICE REMOCON
                                1-1. SERVICE REMOCON : R-30SVC7


                                NORMAL                                BAL
 OPT                                                                                                  AGC

                  VOL                                                                               VOL
                  MIN                                                                               MAX


                                                       PARA                   COR-T                 COR-B

                                          H.PARALLH.BOW EW TRAPEZ


                                                       BRI.                   CONT.                 COLOR

                                          H-WIDTH                                                   H-CENTER

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