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                                                                    SERVICE MANUAL

                                                                                                                                      Front Load Washing Machine

                                                                                                                                      MODEL:          HW60-1203D
                                                Quick Wash
                                    Pre-Wash                   Sport
                                                                            90      1200
                             Cotton Standard                     Mix
                                    Eco                      Delicate       60      1000

                                    Synthetic                  Rinse        40      800

                                   Wool                         Spin        30      400
                               Power                                    Temp.    Speed     Intense Extra Rinse   Start/Pause

 This service information is designed for experienced repair technicians only and is not designed for use by the general public. It does not
 contain warnings or cautions to advise non-technical individuals of potential dangers in attempting to service a product. Products powered by
 electricity should be serviced or repaired only by experienced professional technicians. Any attempt to service or repair the product or
 products dealt with in this service information by anyone else could result in serious injury or death

                                                                                 Front                                         Load   Washing   Machine


Chapter 1   General Information ________________________________________________

   1-1. General Guidelines _

Chapter 2   Product Feature ___________________________________________________

   2-1. Features   _

   2-2. Specification   _

Chapter 3   Matters needing attention ___________________________________________

   3-1. Safety     _

   3-2.     During Use     _

Chapter 4   Operational Guidance ____________________________________________

Chapter 5   Program Introduction_____________________________________________

Chapter 6   Washing Mathods ________________________________________________

   6-1. Loading    _

   6-2. Adding detergent   _

   6-3. Selecting washing program    _

Chapter 7   Appearance brief introduction _____________________________________

   7-1. Name of parts    _

   7-2. Net dimension    _

Chapter 8   Disassembly and Installation ______________________________________

   8-1. Remove packing materials     _

   8-2. Dismantle packing bolts   _

   8-3. Adjusting the washing machine _

                         Front    Load   Washing   Machine


   8-4.   Joining the Inlet Hose to the Washing Machine ________________________________________________________

   8-5.   Drainage Hose ________________________________________________________

   8-6.   Connecting to the Power Supply ________________________________________________________

Chapter 9    Wiring circuit and Self check ______________________________________

   9-1.   Wiring circuit ________________________________________________________

   9-2.   Self check ________________________________________________________

Chapter 10    Error Display and troubleshooting _________________________________

   10-1. Error Display _______________________________________________________

   10-2. Examination & Troubleshooting ________________________________________

     10-2-1. Display nothing__________________________________________________

     10-2-2. No water inletting ________________________________________________

     10-2-3. No draining _____________________________________________________

     10-2-4. Abnormal noise and vibration_______________________________________

     10-2-5. Water leaking ________________________________________________________

Chapter 11    Maintenance ___________________________________________________

                              Front     Load     Washing       Machine


Chapter 1 General Information
1-1. General Guidelines
When servicing,observe the original lead dress.If a short circuit is found, replace all parts which are
overheated or damaged by the short circuit.After servicing ,see to it that all the protective devices such as
insulation barriers ,insulation papers shields are properly installed .Confirm that the screws,parts and wiring
which were removed in order to service are put in the original positions, or whether there are the portions
which are deteriorated around the service places serviced or not. And be sure safety of that.

                              Front    Load     Washing      Machine


Chapter 2 Product Feature
2-1. Features
(1). 320mm diameter porthole, door may be open at a 175 degrees.
Facilitate view of wash process, facilitate unloading and easy to use with large port.
(2). Class A energy-saving
Scientific design for tub can reduce the use of water heavy during washing, consequently upgrade the
energy efficiency class to A,also use scientific washing
(3). Multi-gear speed controller
According to different costuming   you can select corresponding spin speed      from 0 to 1200 rpm
(4). Unique gasket design featuring no residual water hidden inside.
By the unique gasket    washing machine can left no residual water hidden between outer drum and front
(5). Delay time adjustive.
According to different costuming   you can select delay time    from 0.5h to 24h.

                              Front    Load     Washing      Machine


2-2. Specification
  washing machines                                                                         HW60-1203D
1. Product identification
   Description of appliance                                                                Washing machine
   Type of appliance(FS = standing, BI = built-in)                                               FS
   Supplier own brand
   Supplier bar code Europe                                                       EAN            haier
   Commercial         Brand / Model
   Commercial bar code                                                            EAN
2. Key-Features
   Energy efficiency class                                                                         A
   Washing performance class                                                                       A
   Spin efficiency class                                                                          C/B
   Programs                                                                         n

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