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INTERSOFT MOBILE, LAPTOP REPAIRING INSTITUTE                 9824144698 (0261) 2424396

                                    INTERSOFT INSTITUTE
HP laptop notebook power leakage BBHP timing
Notebook , timing , BBHP , leakage
Electrical maintenance on the motherboard:
  1. the electrical timing"s-P% A8` * a # j: @ - K5 L

When we plugged in Adapter19VIN, the power flows to have a 5VPCU, 3VPCU voltage,
it is by the PU10 (MAX1999) automatically generated, then the machine is in standby
When we press the Power Button, NBSWON # moment there is a low level, which gave
low 97551,97551 received signal to generate signals DNBSWON #, DNBSWON
distributed to South Bridge, also issued S5-ON 11th pin to 1845 produce 1.5V_S5. S5-
ON input PQ128 PQ132 generated through S5-OND.
S5-OND and PQ141 PQ127 were generated by 5V_S5 and 3V_S5.
3V_S5, 5V_S5, 1.5V_S5 time power to the South Bridge.
South Bridge received DNBSWON low, it occurs SUSB #, SUSC # 2 high sent to 97551,
97551 received SUSB #, SUSC # after have had a SUSON, MAINON #, VRON. SUSON
signals into SUSD signal sent PQ143, PQ145 tube arises 3VSUS, 5VSUS, and SUSON
sent to MAX1845 generate 2.5VSUS.
MAINON # generated by PU7 SMDDR-VTERM. At the same time and by PQ119 PQ125
into MAIND send PQ143, PQ145, PQ148, PQ153 produce +3 V, +5 V, +2.5 V, +1.5 V
VRON gave PU9 (MAX1907), PU5 (1992E) generated VCC-CORE and VCCP voltage.
PU6, PU4 signals generated HWPG to 97,551, then PU3, PU5 also various feedback
signals to generate a HWPG 97551.
At this point the M / B of the main voltage in each group have been OK back HWPG
voltage feedback signal with convergence, the equivalent of a HWPG "and" relationship,
such as including any group for the low feedback HWPG this POWER OK 97551 occurs
when the instruction to turn off opening of voltage, such as the OK is HWPG constant as
high as 97,551, after receiving HWPG produce PWROK signal sent to SB Southbridge,
Southbridge SB produced after the PCI RST # generated through U42 PCIRST # passed to
North Bridge. North Bridge before they produce the CPURST #. Signal    description, ^ & b: v3 (0 G

The IC has the engine, Album Download 4.5V to 24V input voltage range, 1.5% output
voltage accuracy, 3.3V and 5V two modules, with software control within the opening,
closing fast power management system and over-voltage protection function.                           : B (Y X-B4 k * Q * i2 l "F

H.O Opp wow collection, Bhagatalao Main road, Surat                                                     Page no :-1
INTERSOFT MOBILE, LAPTOP REPAIRING INSTITUTE                                                                                                                                                                                    9824144698 (0261) 2424396

Main fault: 3VPCU or 5VPCU bad output (usually board plug 19vin, there are two voltage
 1. VIN_1999 input 19V voltage problems.
 2. Test 8 pin reference voltage is 2V.                                                                                                        ,?! D0 W-]: E '?) D) C

 3. Check whether PQ103 PQ101 or bad.                                                                                                                                               % Y5 C4 V6 h7 ^ 'S $ X

 4. Measured with a Multimeter or 5VPCU 3VPCU ground impedance, small or short-
circuit impedance for RMA board, the general line of parts for the burn. (PU10, PQ101,
PQ103, PQ104, PQ102, PQ105, U23, etc.).
Signal description                                                                           / | + l & U j' o; t! |

'' ^ & D & ^ 2 D O # ~. `2 V

The IC is a voltage generated 2.5VSUS and 1.5V_S5 two groups, in 19VIN added after
S5_ON, SUSON under normal circumstances, the two signals, that can generate the two
voltages.                      3 `0 k: b 1 i-E; B8 A

 Main fault: 2.5VSUS or 1.5V_S5 output bad (not voltage output and low).                                                                                                                                                                                         ) C2 Z. e + @ 0 d "d. u * Z! |

 1. VIN_1845 input 19V voltage problems.
 2. Open bad.                                          2 _ 'Y7 t9 @ + (/ D4 P

 3. S5_ON, SUSON poor or no signals sent 1845IC.                                                                                                                                                             . O & z (b8 J8 X

 4. 2.5 VSUS and 1.5V_S5 two smaller voltage-to-ground impedance or short circuit, for
the RMA board, the general line of parts for the burn (PU5, PQ82, PQ99, PQ83, PQ106,
PQ87, U16)

Signal description!
is the speed of the IC chip power management control, supply CPU CORE voltage, can
automatically correct the offset, 

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