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Assembly Level Service
This guide describes how to service the Agilent 53150A, 53151A, and
53152A Microwave Frequency Counters. The information in this guide
applies to instruments having the number prefix below, unless
accompanied by a "Manual Updating Changes" package indicating otherwise.

SERIAL PREFIX NUMBER:           3735A, US3925, and US4050 (53150A)
                                3736A, US3926, and US4051 (53151A)
                                3737A, US3927, and US4052 (53152A)

Agilent 53150A/151A/152A
Microwave Frequency Counter
 Copyright Agilent              Certification and Warranty           Before Cleaning                    Safety Considerations
Technologies, Inc. 1999, 2002                                                                           (cont'd)
                                Certification                        Disconnect the product from
All Rights Reserved.            Agilent Technologies, Inc.           operating power before             WARNING
Reproduction, adaptation, or    certifies that this product met      cleaning.
                                                                                                         BODILY INJURY OR DEATH
translations without prior      its published specification at the
                                                                     Warning Symbols That May            MAY RESULT FROM
written permission is           time of shipment from the
                                                                     Be Used In This Book                FAILURE TO HEED A
prohibited, except as allowed   factory. Agilent further certifies                                       WARNING. DO NOT
under the copyright laws.       that its calibration                                                     PROCEED BEYOND A
                                measurements are traceable to                                            WARNING UNTIL THE
Printed: August 2002
                                the United States National                                               INDICATED CONDITIONS
Printed in U.S.A.               Institute of Standards and                                               ARE FULLY UNDERSTOOD
                                Technology (formerly National                                            AND MET.
Manual part number              Bureau of Standards), to the
53150-90015                     extent allowed by the Institute's    Instruction manual symbol; the
                                calibration facility, and to the     product will be marked with        CAUTION
                                calibration facilities of other      this symbol when it is necessary
                                                                     for the user to refer to the        Damage to equipment, or
                                International Standards                                                  incorrect measurement data,
                                Organization members.                instruction manual.
                                                                                                         may result from failure to
                                Warranty                                                                 heed a caution. Do not
                                                                                                         proceed beyond a CAUTION
                                Agilent warrants                                                         until the indicated conditions
                                Agilent hardware, accessories                                            are fully understood and met.
                                and supplies against defects in
                                materials and workmanship for
                                a period of one year from date of                                       Safety Earth Ground
                                shipment. If Agilent receives        Indicates hazardous voltages.      An uninterruptible safety earth
                                notice of such defects during the                                       ground must be maintained
                                warranty period, Agilent will, at                                       from the mains power source to
                                its option, either repair or                                            the product's ground circuitry.
                                replace products which prove to
                                be defective. Replacement                                               WARNING
                                products may be either new or        Indicates earth (ground)
                                like-new.                            terminal.                           WHEN MEASURING POWER
                                                                                                         LINE SIGNALS, BE
                                Agilent warrants that                                                    EXTREMELY CAREFUL AND
                                Agilent software will not fail to                                        ALWAYS USE A
                                execute its programming                                                  STEP-DOWN ISOLATION
                                instructions, for the period                                             TRANSFORMER WHICH
                                specified above, due to defects in   or                                  OUTPUT IS COMPATIBLE
                                material and workmanship                                                 WITH THE INPUT
                                when properly installed and                                              MEASUREMENT
                                used. If Agilent receives notice                                         CAPABILITIES OF THIS
                                of such defects during the           Indicates terminal is connected     PRODUCT. THIS PRODUCT'S
                                warranty period, Agilent will        to chassis when such connection     FRONT AND REAR PANELS
                                replace software media which         is not apparent.                    ARE TYPCIALLY AT EARTH
                                does not execute its                                                     GROUND. THUS, NEVER TRY
                                programming instructions due                                             TO MEASURE AC POWER
                                to such defects.                                                         LINE SIGNALS WITHOUT AN
                                                                                                         ISOLATION TRANSFORMER.
                                For detailed warranty
                                information, see back matter.        Indicates Alternating current.
                                                                                                        For additional safety and
                                Safety Considerations                                                   acoustic noise information, see
                                                                                                        back matter.
                                                                     Indicates Direct current.
                                This product and related
                                documentation must be
                                reviewed for familiarization
                                with this safety markings and
                                instructions before operation.

Agilent Technologies, Inc.                                                                               7.C.NL.06.15.01.R1.M.CW6FC
5301 Stevens Creek Boulevard
Santa Clara, California 95052-8059
       How to Use This Guide vii
          Repair Strategy vii
          Instrument Identification viii
          Instruments Covered by this Guide viii
          Assembly-Level Service Guide Organization viii
          How to Order Guides ix
       Description of the Microwave Frequency Counter x
       Options xi
          Hardware xi
          Support xi
       Accessories Supplied and Available xii
          Accessories Supplied xii
          Accessories Available xii
          Manuals Supplied xii

1   Performance Tests
       Introduction 1-2
           Operational Verification 1-2
           Complete Performance Tests 1-3
           Recommended Calibration Cycle 1-3
           Test Record 1-3
       Equipment Required 1-4
       Operational Verification 1-5
           Power-On Self Tests 1-5
           10 MHz Test 1-6
           Run Self Test 1-7
           External Timebase Test 1-8
           10 MHz External Timebase Input Test 1-8
       Complete Performance Tests 1-11
       Test 1: External Timebase Input Test 1-12
           1 MHz External Timebase Input Test 1-12
           2 MHz External Timebase Input Test 1-14
           5 MHz External Timebase Input Test 1-14
           10 MHz External Timebase Input Test 1-15

    Assembly Level Service Guide                           iii

         Test 2: Channel 1 Frequency Sensitivity 1-16
             Test 2a: 10 Hz to 20 MHz Frequency Sensitivity 1-16
             Test 2b: 50 MHz to 125 MHz Frequency Sensitivity 1-18
         Test 3: Channel 2 Frequency Sensitivity 1-21
             Test 3a: 50 MHz to 20 GHz Frequency Sensitivity 1-21
             Test 3b: 22 GHz to 26.5 GHz Frequency Sensitivity 1-23
             Test 3c: 30 GHz to 46 GHz Frequency Sensitivity 1-24
         Test 4: Channel 2 Power Measurement 1-25
             Test 4a: 50 MHz to 20 GHz Power Measurement

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