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Agilent E4350B
Component Level
Agilent E4350B
Solar Array Simulator
Component Level Information

Information in this packet applies to the following assemblies:

1. E4350-60023 Main Board Assembly
2. 5063-2360 Front Panel Board Assembly
3. 5063-4809 DSP Board Assembly
4. 5063-4812 Adaptor Board Assembly
5. 5063-4813 Phone Adaptor Board Assembly
6. 5063-4816 Right Tunnel Board Assembly
7. 5063-4818 Left Tunnel Top Board Assembly
8. 5063-4820 Left Tunnel Bottom Board Assembly
9. 5063-4823 GPIB Board Assembly

The following is included in this packet:

1. Component Locators
2. Schematics
3. Parts lists with Agilent and manufacturer's part numbers
21   10   20   19        12        13        16    15        40    14    11   34    25    41       46    45    42       43      33       39

                    18        17        36    44        38        32    35    31   37    26    9        28    24    29       27

                                                                                                                    Figure 6-5. A1 Main Board Assembly Diagram and Test Points for E4350B

                                                                                                                          Agilent E4350B
                                                                                                                          Solar Array Simulator, 60V, 8A

                                                                                                                          Main Board Assembly
                                                                                                                          Component Locator
Figure 6-5. A1 Main Board Schematic Diagram for E4350B (sheet 1 of 4)

                                    Agilent E4350B
                                    Solar Array Simulator, 60V, 8A

                                    Main Board Assembly
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Figure 6-5. A1 Main Board Schematic Diagram for E4350B (sheet 2 of 4)

  Agilent E4350B
  Solar Array Simulator, 60V, 8A

  Main Board Assembly

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Figure 6-5. A1 Main Board Schematic Diagram for E4350B (sheet 3 of 4)

      Agilent E4350B
      Solar Array Simulator, 60V, 8A

      Main Board Assembly

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Figure 6-5. A1 Main Board Schematic Diagram for E4350B (sheet 4 of 4)

     Agilent E4350B
     Solar Array Simulator, 60V, 8A

     Main Board Assembly

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                                                     E4350-60023 Main Board Parts List
   Reference Designator    QTY   Agilent P/N                Description                       MPN            Manufacturer
C201-202A-B, C203,          17   0160-4801 CAP-FXD 100pF +-5pct 100 V CER C0G        C410C101J1G5CA   KEMET ELECTRONICS
C204A-B, C301-304A-B, 446,                                                           SA102A101JAAH    AVX
608                                                                                  SA102A101JAAH    KYOCERA

C205-206A-B, C305-306A-B,   11   0160-4835   CAP-FXD 0.1uF +-10pct 50 V CER X7R      C420C104K5R5CA   KEMET ELECTRONICS
C401, C402, 610                                                                      SA105C104KAAH    AVX
                                                                                     SA105C104KAAH    KYOCERA

C211, C406, C417, C420,     5    0160-4812   CAP-FXD 220pF +-5pct 100 V CER C0G      C410C221J1G5CA   KEMET ELECTRONICS
C428                                                                                 SA101A221JAAH    AVX
                                                                                     SA101A221JAAH    KYOCERA

C403, C404, C445            3    0160-4807   CAP-FXD 33pF +-5pct 100 V CER C0G       C410C330J1G5CA   KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                     SA102A330JAAH    AVX
                                                                                     SA102A330JAAH    KYOCERA

C405, C407, C408, C411,     20   0160-5422   CAP-FXD 0.047uF +-20pct 50 V CER X7R    C420C473M5R5CA   KEMET ELECTRONICS
C416, C423, C424, C425,                                                              DA13X7R1H473M    TDK
C429, C441, C442, C443,                                                              SA205C473MAAH    AVX
C448, C450, C454, C604,
C605, C607, C724, C725
C414, C437                  2    0160-6616   CAP-FXD 6800pF +-5pct 100 V CER X7R     C410C682J1R5CA   KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                     SA101C682JAAH    AVX

C415, C426, C427            3    0160-5909   CAP-FXD 0.047uF +-10pct 50 V CER X7R    C124C473K5R5CA   KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                     SA20C4773KAAH    AVX

C421                        1    0160-5098   CAP-FXD 0.22uF +-10pct 50 V CER X7R     C440C224K5R5CA   KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                     SA405C224KAAH    AVX
                                                                                     SA405C224KAAH    KYOCERA

C430, C440                  2    0160-4833   CAP-FXD 0.022uF +-10pct 100 V CER X7R   C420C223K1R5CA   KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                     SA201C223KAAH    AVX
                                                                                     SA201C223KAAH    KYOCERA

C432, C439, C457,           5    0160-4831   CAP-FXD 4700pF +-10pct 100 V CER X7R    C410C472K1R5CA   KEMET ELECTRONICS
C418, C419                                                                           SA101C472KAAH    AVX
                                                                                     SA101C472KAAH    KYOCERA

C434, C435                  2    0160-5644   CAP-FXD 0.033uF +-10pct 50 V CER X7R    C420C333K5R5CA   KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                     SA205C333KAAH    AVX

                                                                     1 of 17
                                                    E4350-60023 Main Board Parts List
   Reference Designator   QTY   Agilent P/N                Description                        MPN              Manufacturer
C447, C456                 2    0160-4805 CAP-FXD 47pF +-5pct 100 V CER C0G          C410C470J1G5CA     KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                     SA102A470JAAH      AVX
                                                                                     SA102A470JAAH      KYOCERA

C449                       1    0160-4791   CAP-FXD 10pF +-5PCT 100V CER C0G         C410C100J1G5CA     KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                     SA102A100JAA       AVX
                                                                                     SA102A100JAA       KYOCERA

C451, C459, C707           3    0160-4832   CAP-FXD 0.01uF +-10pct 100 V CER X7R     C410C103K1R5CA     KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                     SA101C103KAAH      AVX
                                                                                     SA101C103KAAH      KYOCERA

C453                       1    0160-4846   CAP-FXD 1500pF +-5pct 100 V CER C0G      C420C152J1G5CA     KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                     DA13C0G2A152J      TDK
                                                                                     SA201A152JAAH      AVX
                                                                                     SA201A152JAAH      KYOCERA

C455, 705, 706, C422       4    0180-4129   CAP-FXD 1uF +-10pct 35 V TA              TARR105K035        AVX
                                                                                     T322B105K035AS     KEMET ELECTRONICS

C458                       1    0160-4787   CAP-FXD 22pF +-5pct 100 V CER C0G        C410C220J1G5CA     KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                     SA101A220JAA       AVX
                                                                                     SA101A220JAA       KYOCERA

C602                       1    0160-7001   CAP-FXD 3300pF +-10pct 100 V CER X7R     C410C332K1R5CA     KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                     DA12X7R2A332K      TDK
                                                                                     SA101C332KAAH      AVX

C603                       1    0160-4795   CAP-FXD 4.7pF +-10.64pct 100 V CER C0G   C410C479D1G5CA     KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                     SA102A4R7DAAH      AVX
                                                                                     SA102A4R7DAAH      KYOCERA

C606, C611, C409, C410,    6    0160-4800   CAP-FXD 120pF +-5pct 100 V CER C0G       C410C121J1G5CA     KEMET ELECTRONICS
C412, C413                                                                           SA101A121JAA       AVX
                                                                                     SA101A121JAA       KYOCERA

C609                       1    0180-0197   CAP-FXD 2.2uF +-10pct 20 V TA            TAAA225K020        AVX
                                                                                     T110A225K020AS     KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                     TAAA2R2K20RX       STC

C703                       1    0161-1132   CAP-FXD 0.0068uF +-5PCT 630V POLYP-MET   PHE450MA4680JR05   EVOX/RIFA

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                                                          E4350-60023 Main Board Parts List
   Reference Designator         QTY   Agilent P/N               Description                           MPN            Manufacturer
C708                             1    0160-4830 CAP-FXD 2200pF +-10pct 100 V CER X7R         C410C222K1R5CA   KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                             SA101C222KAAH    AVX
                                                                                             SA101C222KAAH    KYOCERA

C711                             1    0160-4834   CAP-FXD 0.047uF +-10pct 100 V CER X7R      C430C473K1R5CA   KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                             DA13X7R2A473K    TDK
                                                                                             SA301C473KAAH    AVX
                                                                                             SA301C473KAAH    KYOCERA

C712                             1    0180-4132   CAP-FXD 6.8uF +-10pct 35 V TA              TARW685K035      AVX
                                                                                             T322D685K035AS   KEMET ELECTRONICS

C717                             1    0160-4904   CAP-FXD 6800pF +-5pct 100 V CER C0G        C440C682J5G5CA   KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                             SA401A682JAAH    AVX
                                                                                             SA401A682JAAH    KYOCERA

D201, D411, D413, D419,         11    1901-1098   DIODE-SWITCHING 1N4150 50V 200MA 4NS       1N4150           FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
D420, D421, D424, D425,                                                                      1N4150           ROHM
D700, D701, D706

D203-205A-B,                    33    1901-0050   DIODE-SWITCHING 80V 200MA 2NS DO-35        D3D7_FDH6308C    FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
D302-D305A-B, D416, D417,
D422, D423, D426, D427,
430, 431, 601, 602, 603, 604,
D605, 607, 608, 712, 432,
433, 434
D401, D402, D403, D404,          8    1901-0033   DIODE-GEN PRP 180V 200MA DO-35             1MD2-FDH3369C    FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
D405, D408, D409, D418
D406, D407                       2    1901-1128   DIODE-SCHOTTKY 40V 1A                      1N5819RLG        ON SEMICONDUCTOR
D415                             1    1901-0518   DIODE-SCHOTTKY BARRIER 70V PD 250MW        5082-2800        AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES
D428, D429, D606                 3    1901-0731   DIODE-PWR RECT 400V 1A                     1N4004G          ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                             1901-0731        TEMIC TELEFUNKEN
                                                                                             GP10G044         MICROELECTRON

D609                             1    1901-1214   DIODE-PWR RECT 600V 1A 50NS                MUR160RLG        ON SEMICONDUCTOR
D961 MFG. PN U1520               1    1901-1383   DIODE-ULT-FST-RCRY 200V 15A 35NS           MUR1520          ON SEMICONDUCTOR
F201-203A-B, 204,               13    2110-0716   FUSE-SUBMINIATURE .5A 125V NTD AX UL-LST   0251.500____L    LITTELFUSE

                                                                           3 of 17
                                                        E4350-60023 Main Board Parts List
   Reference Designator       QTY   Agilent P/N              Description                              MPN                  Manufacturer
F205-207A-B, F208,             55   8159-0005 RESISTOR 0 CWM                               106                      MICRO-OHM
F304-307A-B, R229-230A-B,                                                                  L-2007-1                 GETTIG ENGRG & MFG
R231, R232-233A-B, R234,                                                                   YZO 1/4                  TT ELECTRONICS
R235, R329-332A-B, R414,                                                                   Z-25                     ASJ
R424, R429, R430, R431,                                                                    Z25C                     KOA
R483, R436, 477, 608, 613,
615, 624, 626, R627, 628,
659, 704, 708, 726, R417,
F700, F701                     2    2110-0685   FUSE-SUBMINIATURE 7A 125V NTD AX UL-LST    0251007____L             LITTELFUSE
F703                           1    2110-0688   FUSE-SUBMINIATURE 3A 125V NTD AX UL-LST    0251003____L             LITTELFUSE
F704, F705                     2    2110-0697   FUSE-SUBMINIATURE 15A 32V NTD AX           0251015____L             LITTELFUSE
HS1                            1    5063-2351   ASSY-HS 7915C
HS1a                           1    1205-0402   HEAT SINK SGL TO-220-CS                    1A059 1205-0402          BOSSARD
                                                                                           60130-020PB              AAVID THERMALLOY
                                                                                           637-20-ABP               WAKEFIELD ENGINEERING

HS1b                           1    1826-0214   IC PWR MGT-V-REG-FXD-NEG -14.4/-15.6V      MC7915CTG                ON SEMICONDUCTOR
HS1c                           1    0361-1641   EYELET-RLD-FLG .121-OD .187-LG .0095-THK   GS 4-6 STEEL-TIN PLATE   STIMPSON EDWIN B
HS2                            1    5060-3250   ASSY-HS MJE15031
HS2a                           1    0361-1641   EYELET-RLD-FLG .121-OD .187-LG .0095-THK   GS 4-6 STEEL-TIN PLATE   STIMPSON EDWIN B
HS2b                           1    1205-0282   HEAT SINK PLSTC-PWR-CS                     6025D                    AAVID THERMALLOY
Q770                           1    1854-0828   TRANSISTOR NPN SI DARL TO-220AB PD=65W     NTD560                   NEC ELECTRONICS
                                                                                           TIP122G                  ON SEMICONDUCTOR

R201A-B, 206A-B,              14    0811-3989   RESISTOR 1.5 +-1PCT 3W PWI TC=0+-50        RS-2B1R51%               VISHAY
216A-B, 301A-B, R306A-B,                                                                   T2B79U1R5F               TT ELECTRONICS
R311A-B, R316A-B
R202A-B, 207A-B, 217A-B,      14    0698-3430   RESISTOR 21.5 +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100    5053HD21R50F             VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
302A-B, R307A-B, R312A-B,                                                                  CMF-5521R5FT-1           VISHAY
R317A-B                                                                                    NK4H.125W1%+/-           E-SIL COMPONENTS

R203A-B, 208A-B,              19    0698-3156   RESISTOR 14.7K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100   5053HD14K70F             VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
218A-B, 303A-B, R308A-B,                                                                   CMF-551472FT-1           VISHAY
313A-B, 318A-B, 474, 476,                                                                  NK4H.125W1%+/-           E-SIL COMPONENTS
R481, R503, R525                                                                           100PPM1472

R204A-B, 209A-B, 219A-B,      21    0757-0280   RESISTOR 1K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100      5053HD1K000F             VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
221, R304A-B, 309A-B, 314A-                                                                CMF-551001FT-1           VISHAY
B, 319A-B, R509, 646, 649,                                                                 NK4H.125W1%+/-           E-SIL COMPONENTS
662, 719, 727                                                                              100PPM1001

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                                                    E4350-60023 Main Board Parts List
   Reference Designator   QTY   Agilent P/N               Description                           MPN             Manufacturer
R210A-B                    2    0698-3456 RESISTOR 287K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100      5053HD287K0F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-552873FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

R211                       1    0811-1672   RESISTOR 3.3 +-5pct 2W PWI TC=0+-400       SPH 3.3OHM 5%    TT ELECTRONICS
R212                       1    0757-0316   RESISTOR 42.2 +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100    5053HD42R20F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-5542R2FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

R213                       1    0698-3441   RESISTOR 215 +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100     5053HD215R0F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-552150FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

R214                       1    0698-0085   RESISTOR 2.61K +-1pct .25W TF TC=0+-100    5043ED2K610F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-552611FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.25W1%+/-    E-SIL COMPONENTS

R215                       1    0698-4503   RESISTOR 66.5K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100   CMF-556652FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       5053HD66K50F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

R220A-B                    2    0757-0468   RESISTOR 130K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100    5053HD130K0F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-551303FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

R224A-B, 323A-B, R723      5    0698-3628   RESISTOR 220 +-5pct 2W MO TC=0+-200        FP69 220R 5%     VISHAY
                                                                                       GS-32200         TT ELECTRONICS
                                                                                       MO2C__221J       KOA

R305A-B                    2    0757-0473   RESISTOR 221K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100    5053HD221K0F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-552213FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

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                                                      E4350-60023 Main Board Parts List
   Reference Designator     QTY   Agilent P/N               Description                           MPN                  Manufacturer
R310A-B, R447, R601, R651    5    0757-0465 RESISTOR 100K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100      5053HD100K0F          VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                         CMF-551003FT-1        VISHAY
                                                                                         NK4H.125W1%+/-        E-SIL COMPONENTS

R315A-B                      2    0757-0460   RESISTOR 61.9K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100   5053HD61K90F          VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                         CMF-556192FT-1        VISHAY
                                                                                         NK4H.125W1%+/-        E-SIL COMPONENTS

R320A-B                      2    0757-0458   RESISTOR 51.1K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100   5053HD51K10F          VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                         CMF-555112FT-1        VISHAY
                                                                                         NK4H.125W1%+/-        E-SIL COMPONENTS

R401, R413, R641             3    0698-3153   RESISTOR 3.83K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100   SFR25H0003831FR500    VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                         CMF553K8300FKRE       VISHAY
                                                                                         NK4H.125W1%+/-        E-SIL COMPONENTS

R402, R403, R452             3    0698-6320   RES-FXD 5K +-0.1PCT 0.125W TC 0+-25 0207   CMF-555001BT-9        VISHAY
                                                                                         MBB0207-25 0.1%__5K   VISHAY BC COMPONENTS

R404, R407, R617,            5    0698-5454   RESISTOR 9K +-0.1pct .125W TF TC=0+-50     B0207C9K000B          VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
R623, R468                                                                               CMF-559001BT-2        VISHAY

R405, R409, R439             3    0757-0288   RESISTOR 9.09K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100   5053HD9K090F          VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                         CMF-559091FT-1        VISHAY
                                                                                         NK4H.125W1%+/-        E-SIL COMPONENTS

R406, R408                   2    0699-3446   RESISTOR 125K +-0.05pct .1W TF TC=0+-5     MAR5-T16-125K-0.05%   TT ELECTRONICS
                                                                                         PTF-56-7-125KAT-16    VISHAY
                                                                                         UXBA125K00A           VISHAY BC COMPONENTS

R410, R610, R724             3    0698-0082   RESISTOR 464 +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100     5053HD464R0F          VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                         CMF-554640FT-1        VISHAY
                                                                                         NK4H.125W1%+/-        E-SIL COMPONENTS

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                                                      E4350-60023 Main Board Parts List
   Reference Designator     QTY   Agilent P/N               Description                            MPN                     Manufacturer
R411, R478, R488, R510       4    0698-3279 RESISTOR 4.99K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100      5053HD4K990F             VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                          CMF-554991FT-1           VISHAY
                                                                                          NK4H.125W1%+/-           E-SIL COMPONENTS

R412                         1    0683-2015   RESISTOR 200 +-5pct .25W CF TC=0-400        CF 14 20R 5%             ASJ
R415, 416, 419, 422, 465,    7    0698-6360   RES-FXD 10K +-0.1PCT 0.125W TC 0+-25 0207   CMF-551002BT-9           VISHAY
490, 491                                                                                  MBB0207-25 0.1%__10K     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS

R418, R420, R421, R423       4    0698-6630   RES-FXD 20K +-0.1PCT 0.125W TC 0+-25 0207   CMF-552002BT-9           VISHAY
                                                                                          MBB0207-25 0.1%__20K     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS

R425, R428, R432, R435       4    0699-0118   RESISTOR 20K +-0.1pct .1W TF TC=0+-5        PR1/10T520K0.1%          PRECISION RESISTIVE
                                                                                          PTF-5620K0BT-16          PRODUCTS
                                                                                          UXB0207-05 0,1% RP 20K   VISHAY
                                                                                                                   VISHAY BC COMPONENTS

R426, R427                   2    0698-6362   RESISTOR 1K +-0.1pct .125W TF TC=0+-25      CMF-551001BT-9           VISHAY
                                                                                          MBB0207-25 0,1% CT 1K    VISHAY BC COMPONENTS

R433, R434                   2    0698-6344   RES-FXD 900 OHM +-0.1PCT 0.125W TC 0+-25 0207 MF-559000BT-9
                                                                                          C                        VISHAY
                                                                                          MBB0207-25 0.1%__900R    VISHAY BC COMPONENTS

R437, R440, R453             3    0699-0533   RESISTOR 4.64K +-0.1pct .125W TF TC=0+-25   B0207E4K640B             VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                          CMF-554641BT-9           VISHAY

R438                         1    0698-3136   RESISTOR 17.8K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100    5053HD17K80F             VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                          CMF-551782FT-1           VISHAY
                                                                                          NK4H.125W1%+/-           E-SIL COMPONENTS

R441                         1    0699-0088   RESISTOR 1.21M +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100    B0207C1M210F             VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                          CMF-551214FT-1           VISHAY

R442, R449, R639,            5    0698-3155   RESISTOR 4.64K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100    5053HD4K640F             VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
R640, R642                                                                                CMF-554641FT-1           VISHAY
                                                                                          NK4H.125W1%+/-           E-SIL COMPONENTS

R443, R450, R634             3    0757-0446   RESISTOR 15K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100      5053HD15K00F             VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                          CMF-551502FT-1           VISHAY
                                                                                          NK4H.125W1%+/-           E-SIL COMPONENTS

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                                                    E4350-60023 Main Board Parts List
   Reference Designator   QTY   Agilent P/N               Description                           MPN             Manufacturer
R444                       1    0757-0439 RESISTOR 6.81K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100     5053HD6K810F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-556811FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

R445                       1    0698-8827   RESISTOR 1M +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100      5053HD1M000F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-551004FT-1   VISHAY

R446, R451                 2    0698-3260   RESISTOR 464K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100    5053HD464K0F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-554643FT-1   VISHAY

R448, R455, R516, R644     4    0698-0084   RESISTOR 2.15K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100   5053HD2K150F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-552151FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

R454                       1    0757-0398   RESISTOR 75 +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100      5053HD75R00F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-5575R0FT-1   VISHAY

R456, R471, R512,          6    0757-0401   RESISTOR 100 +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100     5053HD100R0F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
R513, R632, R661                                                                       CMF-551000FT-1   VISHAY

R458                       1    0698-3428   RESISTOR 14.7 +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100    5053HD14R70F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-5514R7FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

R460                       1    0757-0459   RESISTOR 56.2K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100   5053HD56K20F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-555622FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

R461, R462, R498, R657     4    0698-3162   RESISTOR 46.4K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100   5053HD46K40F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-554642FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

R463                       1    0757-0283   RESISTOR 2K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100      5053HD2K000F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-552001FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

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                                                    E4350-60023 Main Board Parts List
   Reference Designator   QTY   Agilent P/N               Description                           MPN              Manufacturer
R464, R479                 2    0698-4435 RESISTOR 2.49K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100     5053HD2K490F      VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-552491FT-1    VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-    E-SIL COMPONENTS

R466, R511, R635           3    0757-0430   RESISTOR 2.21K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100   5053HD2K210F      VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-552211FT-1    VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-    E-SIL COMPONENTS

R467                       1    0757-0270   RESISTOR 249K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100    5053HD249K0F      VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-552493FT-1    VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-    E-SIL COMPONENTS

R469                       1    0698-3700   RESISTOR 715 +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100     5053HD715R0F      VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-557150FT-1    VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-    E-SIL COMPONENTS

R473, R526                 2    0757-0427   RESISTOR 1.5K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100    5053HD1K500F      VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-551501FT-1    VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-    E-SIL COMPONENTS

R475, R480                 2    0757-0418   RESISTOR 619 +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100     5053HD619R0F      VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-556190FT-1    VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-    E-SIL COMPONENTS

R484, R485, R631, R653,    7    0757-0199   RESISTOR 21.5K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100   5053HD21K50F      VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
R655, R656, R658                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-    E-SIL COMPONENTS
                                                                                       100PPM2152        VISHAY

R489                       1    0757-0451   RESISTOR 24.3K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100   5053HD24K30F      VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-552432FT-1    VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-    E-SIL COMPONENTS

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                                                    E4350-60023 Main Board Parts List
   Reference Designator   QTY   Agilent P/N               Description                           MPN             Manufacturer
R492                       1    0757-0433 RESISTOR 3.32K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100     5053HD3K320F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-553321FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

R493                       1    0699-1254   RESISTOR 536K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100    CMF-555363FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       5053HD536K0F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS

R494                       1    0757-0412   RESISTOR 365 +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100     CMF-553650FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       5053HD365R0F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

R495                       1    0757-0434   RESISTOR 3.65K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100   5053HD3K650F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-553651FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

R496, R633                 2    0757-0469   RESISTOR 150K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100    5053HD150K0F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-551503FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

R497, R506, R652           3    0698-3160   RESISTOR 31.6K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100   5053HD31K60F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-553162FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

R499, R609, R612           3    0757-0463   RESISTOR 82.5K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100   5053HD82K50F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-558252FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

R500, R603, R605,          5    0757-0407   RESISTOR 200 +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100     5053HD200R0F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
R607, R638                                                                             CMF-552000FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

R501                       1    0757-1093   RESISTOR 3K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100      5053HD3K000F     VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-553001FT-1   VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-   E-SIL COMPONENTS

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                                                    E4350-60023 Main Board Parts List
   Reference Designator   QTY   Agilent P/N               Description                           MPN                 Manufacturer
R502                       1    0698-3493 RESISTOR 4.12K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100     5053HD4K120F         VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-554121FT-1       VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-       E-SIL COMPONENTS

R504, R507, R522,          5    0757-0442   RESISTOR 10K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100     5053HD10K00F         VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
R620, R645                                                                             CMF-551002FT-1       VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-       E-SIL COMPONENTS

R505                       1    0757-0429   RESISTOR 1.82K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100   5053HD1K820F         VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-551821FT-1       VISHAY
                                                                                       CRB25-FX-1821        ROHM
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-       E-SIL COMPONENTS

R508                       1    0757-0444   RESISTOR 12.1K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100   5053HD12K10F         VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-551212FT-1       VISHAY

R514                       1    0683-3305   RESISTOR 33 +-5pct .25W CF TC=0-400        CF 14 33 5%          ASJ
R517, R701                 2    0699-1797   RESISTOR 10M +-5pct .25W CF TC=0-1000      CF 1/4 C ___ 106 J   KOA
                                                                                       CF1/ 10M5%           ASJ

R520, R729                 2    0757-0419   RESISTOR 681 +-1pct .25W TF TC=0+-100      5053HD6810F          VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-55681FT-1        VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.25W1%+/-        E-SIL COMPONENTS

R521                       1    0757-0470   RESISTOR 162K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100    5053HD162K0F         VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-551623FT-1       VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-       E-SIL COMPONENTS

R523                       1    0757-0472   RESISTOR 200K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100    5053HD200K0F         VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-552003FT-1       VISHAY
                                                                                       NK4H.125W1%+/-       E-SIL COMPONENTS

R524, R618, R625           3    0698-8826   RESISTOR 825K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100    5053HD825K0F         VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                       CMF-558253FT-1       VISHAY

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                                                    E4350-60023 Main Board Parts List
   Reference Designator   QTY   Agilent P/N                Description                            MPN                     Manufacturer
R602, R604, R606           3    0698-4037 RESISTOR 46.4 +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100        5053HD46R40F             VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                         CMF-5546R4FT-1           VISHAY
                                                                                         NK4H.125W1%+/-           E-SIL COMPONENTS

R611, R614                 2    0698-6358   RES-FXD 100K +-0.1PCT 0.125W TC 0+-25 0207   RNS 1/8 E C ___ 1003 B   KOA
                                                                                         CMF-551003BT-9           VISHAY
                                                                                         MBB0207-25 0.1%__100K    VISHAY BC COMPONENTS

R616, R619                 2    0698-6977   RESISTOR 30K +-0.1pct .125W TF TC=0+-25      B0207E30K00B             VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                         CMF-553002BT-9           VISHAY

R621, R636, R637           3    0757-0415   RESISTOR 475 +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100       5053HD475R0F             VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                         CMF-554750FT-1           VISHAY
                                                                                         NK4H.125W1%+/-           E-SIL COMPONENTS

R622                       1    0757-0281   RESISTOR 2.74K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100     5053HD2K740F             VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                         CMF-552741FT-1           VISHAY
                                                                                         NK4H.125W1%+/-           E-SIL COMPONENTS

R630                       1    0757-0395   RESISTOR 56.2 +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100      5053HD56R20F             VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                         CMF-5556R2FT-1           VISHAY
                                                                                         NK4H.125W1%+/-           E-SIL COMPONENTS

R643                       1    0698-8695   RESISTOR 36K +-0.1pct .125W TF TC=0+-25      B0207E36K00B             VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                         CMF-553602BT-9           VISHAY

R647, R648                 2    0683-0475   RESISTOR 4.7 +-5pct .25W CF TC=0-400         CF 1/4 C ___ 4R7 J       KOA
                                                                                         CF 14 4R 5%              ASJ
                                                                                         RC1/4 4R7 5%             SEI ELECTRONICS

R650                       1    0757-0441   RESISTOR 8.25K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100     5053HD8K250F             VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                         CMF-558251FT-1           VISHAY
                                                                                         NK4H.125W1%+/-           E-SIL COMPONENTS

R654                       1    0698-8816   RESISTOR 2.15 +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100      5053HD2R150F             VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                         CMF-552R15FT-1           VISHAY

R700                       1    0683-1055   RESISTOR 1M +-5pct .25W CF TC=0-800          CF 14 1M5%               ASJ

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                                                    E4350-60023 Main Board Parts List
   Reference Designator   QTY   Agilent P/N                Description                              MPN             Manufacturer
R702                       1    0683-0335 RESISTOR 3.3 +-5PCT .25W CF TC=0-400            CF 14 3R 5%        ASJ
                                                                                          CF1/4C____3R3J     KOA

R705                       1    0698-6359   RESISTOR 80K +-0.1pct .125W TF TC=0+-25       B0207E80K00B       VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                          CMF-558002BT-9     VISHAY

R706                       1    0698-6979   RESISTOR 111.1K +-0.1pct .125W TF TC=0+-25    B0207E111K1B       VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                          CMF-55111R1KBT-9   VISHAY

R707                       1    0699-1212   RESISTOR 19K +-0.1pct .125W TF TC=0+-25       B0207E19K00B       VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                          CMF-551902BT-9     VISHAY

R709, R728                 2    0699-4707   RES .25 OHM                                   0699-4707          TT ELECTRONICS
R710, R711                 2    0811-2201   RESISTOR 270 +-5pct 2W PWI TC=0+-400          SPH                TT ELECTRONICS
R712                       1    0686-2225   RESISTOR 2.2K +-5pct .5W CC TC=0+647
R718                       1    0811-2568   RESISTOR 1 +-1pct 3W PWI TC=0+-50             RS-2B 1 1%         VISHAY
                                                                                          T2B-9-1R1%         TT ELECTRONICS

R720                       1    0757-0279   RESISTOR 3.16K +-1pct .125W TF TC=0+-100      5053HD3K160F       VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                          CMF-553161FT-1     VISHAY
                                                                                          NK4H.125W1%+/-     E-SIL COMPONENTS

REF CR700                  1    0515-0104   SCREW-MACH M3 X 0.5 8MM-LG PAN-HD ; SCREW-MACHINE ; M3.0 X 0.50; 8 MM LONG METRICS
                                                                                     0515-0104                 HOUSE OF
                                                                                     0515-0104                 ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS
                                                                                     0515-0104                 MID-CONTINENT SCREW
                                                                                     0515-0104                 PROD

REF CR700                  1    0535-0031   NUT-HEX; W/LOCKWASHER M3 X 0.5 2.4MM-THK; 0535-0031
                                                                                      M3 X 0.5 THREAD; 5     HOUSE OF METRICS
REF CR700                  1    1205-0598   HEAT SINK SGL PLSTC-PWR-CS                529901B02500           AAVID THERMALLOY
REF CR700                  1    1884-0332   THYRISTOR-SCR TO-220AB VRRM 600V          TYN640                 STMICROELECTRONICS
REF Q110                   1    1853-0652   TRANSISTOR PNP SI TO-220AB PD=2W          MJE15031G              ON SEMICONDUCTOR
VR400                      1    1902-0556   DIODE-ZNR 20V 5pct PD=1W IR=5UA           1N4747A                MICRO COMMERCIAL
VR600, VR601               2    1902-0947   DIODE-ZNR 3.6V 5PCT DO-35 PD .5W              SZ30035-5RL        TAK CHEONG ELECTRONICS
                                                                                          1N5227B            MICRO COMMERCIAL

VR602                      1    1902-3104   DIODE-ZNR 5.62V 5pct DO-35 PD=.4W             DZ730813A          MICROSEMI
VR603                      1    1902-0958   DIODE-ZNR 10V 5pct DO-35 PD=.4W TC=+.075pct   1N961B             MICROSEMI
VR700                      1    1902-0957   DIODE-ZNR 1N5239B 9.1V 5pct DO-35 PD=.4W      1N960B-D035        MICROSEMI
VR701                      1    1902-0955   DIODE-ZNR 1N5236B 7.5V 5pct DO-35 PD=.4W      1N958B-DO35        MICROSEMI

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                                                 E4350-60023 Main Board Parts List
Reference Designator   QTY   Agilent P/N                Description                         MPN                  Manufacturer
                        1    0160-0168 CAP-FXD 0.1uF +-10pct 200 V POLYE-FL        WMC2P1-F                CORNELL-DUBILIER
                                                                                   ET1-10176K              ELECTRONICS
                                                                                   HEW-238T-100NF+/-       ELECTRONIC CONCEPTS
                                                                                   10%200V                 AMERICAN SHIZUKI

                        4    1853-0336   TRANSISTOR PNP SI PD=625MW FT=50MHZ       MPSA92G                 ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                   MPSA92                  FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR

                        1    1853-0281   TRANSISTOR PNP 2N2907A SI TO-18 PD=400MW 2N2907A                 CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR
                        1    0160-7606   CAP-FXD 1uF +-20PCT 275 V POLYE-MET      MKP-X2-                 WIMA
                                                                                  1uF/275Vac/20%,13X24X31 KEMET
                                                                                  .5,Pitch 27.55mm

                        8    1251-8184   MODULAR PHONE RCPT PERPENDICULAR MOUNT
                                                                              5520258-3                    TYCO ELECTRONICS AMP
                        1    1906-0383   DIODE-FW BRDG 400V 35A               CBR35F-040P                  CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR
                        1    0180-4398   CAP-FXD 470uF +-20PCT 63 V AL-ELCTLT UPM1J471MHD                  NICHICON
                        2    0811-1873   RESISTOR 3K +-5pct 10W PWI TC=0+-20  RS-103K05%                   VISHAY
                                                                              T10-78                       TT ELECTRONICS

                        1    1252-3693   CONN-POST TYPE 5.0-PIN-SPCG-MTG-END       ELFH07110               PCD
                                                                                   MSTBA1.5/7G 1758720     PHOENIX CONTACT & CO
                                                                                   871907                  AXSYS TECHNOLOGIES

                        3    1858-0077   TRANSISTOR ARRAY 14-PIN PLSTC TO-116      MPQ2222                 CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR
                        1    2110-0927   FUHLR-HPZ-PC250V /CSA/VDE/SEMKO           345101                  LITTELFUSE
                        1    0160-6804   CAP-FXD 0.047uF +-10pct 250 V POLYE-MET   MKS4 0.047UF/250V/10%   WIMA
                                                                                   MKT 1822-347/255        VISHAY
                                                                                   MMK10473K250            KEMET

                        3    0180-4263   CAP-FXD 4000uF +-20pct 125 V AL-ELCTLT    3487DH402M125FF         VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                   3487DH402M125FF         VISHAY
                                                                                   82D402M125MG2B          NIPPON CHEMI-CON

                        1    3101-2894   SWITCH-PB DPDTALTNG .01A 100 VAC         F2UEE AU                 ITT INDUSTRIES
                        1    1990-1502   OPTO-ISOLATOR LED-PDIO IF=8MA-MAX BVR=5V HCPL-4503-000E           AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES
                        1    1858-0076   TRANSISTOR ARRAY 14-PIN PLSTC TO-116     MPQ2907Lead Free         CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR
                        1    1858-0047   TRANSISTOR ARRAY 16-PIN PLSTC DIP        ULN2003AN                TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
                        1    1854-0477   TRANSISTOR NPN PN2222A SI TO-92 PD-625MW PN2222A                  CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                  PN2222ABU                FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR

                        1    1251-4246   CONN-HDR VERT 3-PIN 3.96MM 1-ROW SHROUDED
                                                                                 3160-8-203-22W            METHODE ELECTRONICS
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                                                   E4350-60023 Main Board Parts List
Reference Designator   QTY   Agilent P/N                Description                            MPN                    Manufacturer
                        14   1826-1533 IC OP AMP H-SLEW-RATE DUAL 8-PDIP              MC34072P                 ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                         2   0570-0647 STD-PRS-IN M3 X 0.5 15.000 PH-BRZ              KFH-M3-15-ET             PENN ENGINEERING & MFG
                         3   0180-3458 CAP-FXD 4700uF +30pct -10pct 50 V AL-ELCTLT    50TWP4700                RUBYCON
                                                                                      80D472P050JE2            NIPPON CHEMI-CON

                        1    1826-2252     IC OP AMP LOW-NOISE DUAL 8 PIN DIP-P       OP-270GN8                LINEAR TECHNOLOGY
                                                                                      OP270GPZ                 ANALOG DEVICES

                        1    1826-0175     IC COMPARATOR GP DUAL 14 PIN DIP-P       LM319NNOPB                NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR
                        1    1854-0575     TRANSISTOR NPN SI PD=625MW FT=50MHZ      MPSA42G                   ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                       15    1200-1158     SOCKET-XSTR 2-CONT TO-3 DIP-SLDR         8118PF303                 AAVID THERMALLOY
                        4    1901-0719     DIODE-PWR RECT 400V 3A 300NS             MR854RLG                  ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                        2    1826-0412     IC COMPARATOR PRCN DUAL 8 PIN DIP-P      LM393NNOPB                NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR
                        1    0515-0981     SCREW-MACH M4 X 0.7 25MM-LG PAN-HD ; SCREW-MACHINE ; M4.0 X 0.70; 25 MM LONG
                                                                                    0515-0981                 ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS
                                                                                    0515-0981                 MID-CONTINENT SCREW
                                                                                    0515-0981                 PROD

                        1    1251-8601     CONN-POST TYPE .100-PIN-SPCG-MTG-END       75869-106LF              FCI FRAMATOME BERG
                                                                                      N2534-6002RB             3M

                        5    2190-0586     WASHER-LK HLCL 4.0 4.1-MM-ID 7.6-MM-OD     A2WASPSR0158             HOUSE OF METRICS
                        1    1820-3081     IC FF CMOS/HC D-TYPE POS-EDGE-TRIG         MM74HC74AN               FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                      SN74HC74N                TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
                                                                                      MC74HC74ANG              ON SEMICONDUCTOR

                        1    0811-1586     RESISTOR 1K +-5pct 10W PWI TC=0+-20        RS-101K05%               VISHAY
                                                                                      T10-78                   TT ELECTRONICS

                        2    06652-80001   CBL-ASSY,L SHELF
                        6     1251-4781    CONN-UTIL MT-LK 3-CONT-POS 3-CONT          350789-1                 TYCO ELECTRONICS AMP
                        1     1251-7616    CONN-UTIL MT-LK 2-CONT-POS                 350787-1                 TYCO ELECTRONICS AMP
                        1     5080-2321    CHOKE-OUTPUT
                        2    06652-80002   CBL-ASSY,R SHELF
                        1     0160-6806    CAP-FXD 0.1uF +-10pct 400 V POLYE-MET      MKS4 0.1UF/400V/10%      WIMA
                                                                                      MKT 1822-410/405         VISHAY
                                                                                      MMK15104K400A03L4        KEMET

                        1    5060-3321     ASSY-HS,REG 7815
                        1    0361-1641     EYELET-RLD-FLG .121-OD .187-LG .0095-THK   GS 4-6 STEEL-TIN PLATE   STIMPSON EDWIN B
                        1    1826-0106     IC PWR MGT-V-REG-FXD-POS 14.4/15.6V        LM340T-15NOPB            NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR

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                                                   E4350-60023 Main Board Parts List
Reference Designator   QTY   Agilent P/N               Description                            MPN                   Manufacturer
                        1    1205-0402 HEAT SINK SGL TO-220-CS                      1A059 1205-0402          BOSSARD

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