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          HP Archive

This vintage Hewlett Packard document was
        preserved and distributed by

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 Scanned by on-line curator: Tony Gerbic
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                                      TRIPLE OUTPUT
                                       POWER SUPPLY
                             MODELS 6236A AND 6237 A

                          OPERATING AND SERVICE MANUAL FOR;
                        MODEL 6236A, SERIALS 1507A-00141 AND ABOVE
                        MODEL 6237A, SERIALS 1507A-00101 AND ABOVE

                             * For Serials above 1507A-00141 or 1507A-00101,
                                     a change page may be included.


HP Part No. 5950-1737                                                          Printed: February 1975
                                                      SECTION I
                                                 GENERAL INFORMATION

                                               I                     tions in additiola to the standard 104-127Vac 47-63Hz
                                                                     unit and is furnished with a permanently attached 5-foot
1-2 This manual covers two triple output power supply                3-wire grounding-type line cord.
models, the 6236A and the 6237 A. Both models are com-
pact general purpose bench supplies that are particularly            1-8 SPECIFICATIONS
useful for powering developmental IC circuits, both linear
and digital. Unless one model or the other is specifically           1-9 Table 1-1 lists detailed specifications for the power
identified, all information in this manual applies to both           supply.
the 6236A and the 6237 A.
                                                                     1-10 OPTIONS

              - - - CAUTION - - -                                    1-11 Options are factory modifications of a standard
                                                                     instrument that are requested by the customer. The follow-
          Carefully read Sections II and III of this                 ing options are available for the instrument covered by this
          manual before attempting to operate the                    manual.
          power supply.
                                                                      OPTION NO.                     OESCR IPTION

1-3 DESCRIPTION                                                            100             Input Power: 87-106Vac,47-63Hz,
1-4 Both models have a dual output of 0 to 

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