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Agilent E8403A
Component Level
E8403A C-Size VXI Mainframe
Component Level Information

Information in this packet applies to the following assemblies:

1. E8401-66505 PC Assembly (Monitor)

The following is included in this packet:

1. Component locators
2. Schematics
3. Parts lists with Agilent and manufacturer's part numbers
Agilent E8403A
VXI C-Size VXI Mainframe

Component Locator
Agilent E8403A
VXI C-Size VXI Mainframe
Basic Monitoring

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Agilent E8403A
VXI C-Size VXI Mainframe
Temperature Sensing

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Agilent E8403A
VXI C-Size VXI Mainframe
Voltage Limit Compare

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Agilent E8403A
VXI C-Size VXI Mainframe
Unused Parts

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                                                       E8401-66505 Parts List
 Reference Designator   Qty Part Number             Description                            MPN                Manufacturer
BAG1                     1 9222-1568    POUCH-STAT-DISS-SHLD POLYETH           77 WS                 SPECIALTY ENTERPRISES
                                        LAM ENV                                77 WS                 CORROBILT CONTAINER
                                                                               77 WS                 MARK CONTAINER
                                                                               9222-1568             SEALED AIR

C101,C104,C111,C113,    26 0160-7798     CAP-FXD 0.1uF +-10PCT 50V CER X7R     08055C104KAT_A        AVX
C114,C119,C120,C121,                                                           C0805C104K5RAC        KEMET ELECTRONICS
C201,C202,C204,C205,                                                           C2012X7R1H104K        TDK
C207,C210,C214,C301,                                                           GRM21BR71H104KA11L    MURATA MANUFACTURING
C302,C303,C304,C310,                                                           NMC0805X7R104K50TRP   NIC COMPONENTS
C311,C314,C315,C316,                                                           VJ0805Y104KXAMT       VISHAY
C102,C106,C107,C116,     7   0160-7736   CAP-FXD 1uF +-10PCT 16 V CER X7R      1206YC105KAT          AVX
C117,C118,C215                                                                 C1206C105K4RAC        KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                               GRM31MR71C105KA01L    MURATA MANUFACTURING

C103                     1   0160-5947   CAP-FXD 1000pF +-10pct 50 V CER X7R   08055C102KAT A        AVX
                                                                               C0805C102K5RAC        KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                               C2012X7R1H102K        TDK
                                                                               GRM216R71H102KA01D    MURATA MANUFACTURING

C108,C216                2   0160-8559   CAP-FXD 2.2uF +-10PCT 16 V CER X7R    C1206C225K4RAC        KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                         1206                                  C3216X7R1C225K        TDK

C203,C209,C211           3   0180-4577   CAPACITOR-FIXED 10uF +-20PCT 10V TA TAJB106M010R            AVX
                                                                             293D106X0010B2E3        VISHAY
                                                                             ESVB21A106M             NEC ELECTRONICS
                                                                             T491B106M010AS          KEMET ELECTRONICS

C212                     1   0180-3750   CAP-FXD 0.47uF +-20PCT 35V TA         TAJB474M035           AVX
                                                                               ESVB21V474M           NEC ELECTRONICS
                                                                               T491B474M035AS        KEMET ELECTRONICS

C213                     1   0180-4287   CAP-FXD 10uF +-20PCT 35V TA           TAJD106M035           AVX
                                                                               293D106X0035D2WE3     VISHAY
                                                                               ESVD1V106M            NEC ELECTRONICS

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                                                          E8401-66505 Parts List
 Reference Designator   Qty  Part Number                Description                      MPN                Manufacturer
CR101,CR102,CR103,       6 1906-0291       DIODE-DUAL 70V 100MA T0-236AA        BAV99              PHILIPS
CR104,CR105,CR106                                                               BAV99              FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                BAV99LT1G          ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                BAV99_____X_       INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES
                                                                                BAV99              NXP

CR108, CR109             2   1902-1648     DIODE-ZNR 33V 5pct TO-236 (SOT-23)   BZX84-C33          PHILIPS
                                           PD=.3W                               BZX84-C33          NXP

CR201                    1   1902-1583     DIODE-ZNR 5.1V 5pct PD=1.5W IR=5UA 1SMB5918BT3G         ON SEMICONDUCTOR
DS101,DS106              2   1990-2179     LED-LAMP LUM-INT=2.5MCD IF=30A-MAX 597-3401-207         DIALIGHT
DS102,DS107              2   1990-2180     LED-LAMP LUM-INT=4MCD IF=30MA-MAX BVR=5V
                                                                              597-3301-207         DIALIGHT
DS103,DS104,DS201        3   1990-2114     LED-LAMP LUM-INT=2.5MCD            597-7721-207         DIALIGHT
E101                     1   9170-1808     CORE-SHIELDING BEAD                MMZ2012S800A         TDK
J1                       1   1252-8598     CONN-POST TYPE 1.27-PIN-SPCG-MTG- 81050-560203          3M
J2                       1   1252-1201     CONN-RECT D-SUBMIN 25-CKT 25-CONT 5788800-1             TYCO ELECTRONICS AMP
                                                                              DM11323-D4           HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY

LBL1                     1   7121-5459     LABEL-ANTISTATIC 2-IN-WD 3-IN-LG PPR 7121-5459          SPECIALTY ENTERPRISES
                                                                                9035               SANMINA-SCI

LBL2                     x   7121-5729     LBL-LNE-PTR; 1.5-IN-WD X .25-IN-LG   THT-45-457-10      BRADY
R101,R244,R245           3   0699-3051     RESISTOR 10K +-1pct .1W TKF          CRCW080510K0FKE_   VISHAY
                                           TC 0+-100                            RK73H2AT_1002F     KOA
                                                                                MCR10___F1002      ROHM
                                                                                232273461003L      YAGEO
                                                                                MC08051002-FTW     RCD COMPONENTS

R102,R103,R130,R131      4   0699-3028     RESISTOR 287 +-1pct .1W TKF          CRCW0805287RFKE_   VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                            RK73H2AT_2870F     KOA
                                                                                232273462871L      YAGEO
                                                                                MCR10___F2870      ROHM
                                                                                MC08052870-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

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                                                          E8401-66505 Parts List
 Reference Designator   Qty  Part Number                Description                       MPN             Manufacturer
R104,R105,R106,R107,     8 0699-3060       RESISTOR 237 +-1pct .1W TKF          CRCW0805237RFKE_   VISHAY
R236,R237,R344,R346                        TC=0+-100                            RK73H2AT_2370F     KOA
                                                                                MCR10___F2370      ROHM
                                                                                232273462371       YAGEO
                                                                                MC08052370-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R108,R133                2   0699-3574     RESISTOR 0 .0625W TKF                CRCW06030000ZSE_   VISHAY
                                                                                RK73Z1JT           KOA
                                                                                232270296001L      YAGEO
                                                                                MCR03___J000       ROHM
                                                                                CJ10-000           KYOCERA

R110                     1   0699-3009     RESISTOR 562K +-1pct .1W TKF         CRCW0805562KFKE_   VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                            RK73H2AT_5623F     KOA
                                                                                MCR10___F5623      ROHM
                                                                                232273465624       YAGEO
                                                                                MC08055623-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R111,R112,R113,R114,    13 0699-3408       RES-FXD 1 KOHM +-5PCT 1W TKF         CRCW25121K00JNE_   VISHAY
R115,R116,R117,R118,                       TC 0+-200                            MCR100___J102      ROHM
R119,R132,R139,R140,                                                            RK73B3AT___102J    KOA
R127,R305                2   0699-3831     RESISTOR 46.4 +-1pct .1W TKF         CRCW080546R4FKE_   VISHAY
                                           TC 0+-100                            RK73H2AT_46R4F     KOA
                                                                                232273464649L      YAGEO
                                                                                MCR10___F46R4      ROHM
                                                                                MC080546R4-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R128,R149,R150,R151      4   0699-3073     RESISTOR 51.1K +-1pct .1W TKF        CRCW080551K1FKE_   VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                            RK73H2AT_5112F     KOA
                                                                                MCR10___F5112      ROHM
                                                                                232273465113       YAGEO
                                                                                MC08055112-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R129                     1   0699-3654     RES-FXD 2.2MOHM +-5PCT .1W           RK73B2AT_225J      KOA
                                           TC 0+-200 0805                       MCR10___J225       ROHM
                                                                                232273061225       YAGEO
                                                                                MC08052204-JT      RCD COMPONENTS

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                                                         E8401-66505 Parts List
 Reference Designator   Qty  Part Number                  Description                     MPN                Manufacturer
R138                     1 0699-3760       RES-FXD 24 OHM +-5PCT 1W TKF          MCR100___J240      ROHM
                                           TC 0+-200 2512                        RK73B3AT___240J    KOA

R148                     1   0699-2697     RES-FXD 200 OHM +-5pct 1W             CRCW2512200RJNE_   VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-200 2512                        RK73B3AT_201J      KOA
                                                                                 MCR100___201       ROHM

R152,R153,R154,R216      4   0699-2980     RESISTOR 1.33K +-1pct .1W TKF         CRCW08051K33FKE_   VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                             RK73H2AT_1331F     KOA
                                                                                 MCR10___F1331      ROHM
                                                                                 232273461332       YAGEO
                                                                                 MC08051331-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R201                     1   0699-1371     RESISTOR 1.33K +-1pct .125W TKF       CRCW12061K33FKE_   VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                             RK73H2BT_1331F     KOA
                                                                                 MCR18___F1331      ROHM
                                                                                 232272461332       YAGEO

R202,R203                2   0699-4288     RESISTOR 68 +-5pct 1W TKF TC=0+-200   CRCW251268R0JNE_   VISHAY
                                                                                 MCR100___J680      ROHM

R204,R307                2   0699-3041     RESISTOR 3.48K +-1pct .1W TKF         CRCW08053K48FKE_   VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                             RK73H2AT_3481F     KOA
                                                                                 MCR10___F3481      ROHM
                                                                                 232273463482       YAGEO
                                                                                 MC08053481-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R205                     1   0699-2975     RESISTOR 562 +-1pct .1W TKF           CRCW0805562RFKE_   VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                             RK73H2AT_5620F     KOA
                                                                                 MCR10___F5620      ROHM
                                                                                 232273465621       YAGEO
                                                                                 MC08055620-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R206,R308                2   0699-3630     RESISTOR 249 +-1pct .1W TKF           CRCW0805249RFKE_   VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                             RK73H2AT_2490F     KOA
                                                                                 MCR10___F2490      ROHM
                                                                                 232273462491       YAGEO
                                                                                 MC08052490-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

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                                                          E8401-66505 Parts List
 Reference Designator   Qty  Part Number                Description                      MPN               Manufacturer
R207                     1 0699-3884       RESISTOR 40.2 +-1pct .1W TKF         CRCW080540R2FKE_    VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                            RK73H2AT_40R2F      KOA
                                                                                MCR10___F40R2       ROHM
                                                                                MC080540R2-FT       RCD COMPONENTS

R208                     1   0699-2973     RES-FXD 215 +-1PCT 0.1W TKF          CRCW0805215RFKE_    VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                            RK73H2AT_2150F      KOA
                                                                                232273462151L       YAGEO
                                                                                MCR10___F2150       ROHM
                                                                                MC08052150-FT       RCD COMPONENTS

R209,R210,R212,R214      4   0699-3832     RESISTOR 51.1 +-1pct .1W TKF         CRCW080551R1FKE_    VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                            RK73H2AT_51R1F      KOA
                                                                                MCR10___F51R1       ROHM
                                                                                232273465119        YAGEO
                                                                                MC080551R1-FT       RCD COMPONENTS

R217                     1   0699-4556     RESISTOR 536 +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100 CRCW0805536RFKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                 RK73H2AT_5360F     KOA
                                                                                 MCR10___F5360      ROHM
                                                                                 232273465361       YAGEO

R218                     1   0699-3044     RESISTOR 4.64K +-1pct .1W TKF        CRCW08054K64FKE_    VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                            RK73H2AT_4641F      KOA
                                                                                232273464642L       YAGEO
                                                                                MCR10___F4641       ROHM
                                                                                MC08054641-FT       RCD COMPONENTS

R219,R222,R225,R228,    13 0699-3077       RESISTOR 1M +-1pct .1W TKF           CRCW08051M00FKE_    VISHAY
R231,R234,R242,R357,                       TC=0+-100                            RK73H2AT_1004F      KOA
R359,R361,R363,R365,                                                            MCR10___F1004       ROHM
R367                                                                            232273471005        YAGEO
                                                                                MC08051004-FT       RCD COMPONENTS

R221,R240                2   0699-3069     RESISTOR 19.6K +-1pct .1W TKF        CRCW080519K6FKE_    VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                            RK73H2AT_1962F      KOA
                                                                                MCR10___F1962       ROHM
                                                                                232273471963        YAGEO

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                                                          E8401-66505 Parts List
 Reference Designator   Qty  Part Number                Description                       MPN             Manufacturer
R224,R227,R230,R233      4 0699-3047       RESISTOR 6.81K +-1PCT .1W TKF        CRCW08056K81FKE_   VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                            RK73H2AT_6811F     KOA
                                                                                MCR10___F6811      ROHM
                                                                                232273466812       YAGEO
                                                                                MC08056811-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R246                     1   0699-3031     RESISTOR 422 +-1pct .1W TKF          CRCW0805422RFKE_   VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                            RK73H2AT_4220F     KOA
                                                                                MCR10___F4220      ROHM
                                                                                232273464221       YAGEO
                                                                                MC08054220-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R248,R249,R250,R251,     6   0699-3970     RESISTOR 10K +-1pct .063W TKF        CRCW060310K0FKE_   VISHAY
R252,R253                                  TC=0+-200                            RK73H1JT_1002F     KOA
                                                                                232270461003L      YAGEO
                                                                                MCR03___FX1002     ROHM

R301                     1   0699-2977     RESISTOR 681 OHM +-1pct .1W TKF      CRCW0805681RFKE_   VISHAY
                                           TC 0+-100                            RK73H2AT_6810F     KOA
                                                                                MCR10___F6810      ROHM
                                                                                232273466811       YAGEO
                                                                                MC08056810-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R302                     1   0699-3843     RESISTOR 34.8 +-1pct .1W TKF         RK73H2AT_34R8F     KOA
                                           TC=0+-100                            232273463489L      YAGEO
                                                                                MCR10___F34R8      ROHM
                                                                                CRW080534R8F       VISHAY
                                                                                MC080534R8-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R303                     1   0699-3062     RESISTOR 464 +-1pct .1W TKF          CRCW0805464RFKE_   VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                            RK73H2AT_4640F     KOA
                                                                                MCR10___F4640      ROHM
                                                                                232273464641       YAGEO
                                                                                MC08054640-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

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                                                          E8401-66505 Parts List
 Reference Designator   Qty  Part Number                Description                       MPN                    Manufacturer
R304                     1 0699-3828       RESISTOR 21.5 +-1pct .1W TKF         CRCW080521R5FKE_          VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                            232273462159L             YAGEO
                                                                                MCR10___F21R5             ROHM
                                                                                MC080521R5-FT             RCD COMPONENTS
                                                                                RK73H2AT__21R5F           KOA

R306                     1   0699-3841     RESISTOR 23.7 +-1pct .1W TKF         CRCW080523R7FKE_          VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-200                            RK73H2AT_23R7F            KOA
                                                                                232273462379L             YAGEO
                                                                                MCR10___F23R7             ROHM
                                                                                MC080523R7-FT             RCD COMPONENTS

R312,R315,R316,R318,     6   0699-2489     RESISTOR 10K +-0.1pct .125W TF       RN732BT_1002B25           KOA
R320,R337                                  TC=0+-25                             BLU-1206 10K .1% 25PPM    RCD COMPONENTS
                                                                                MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 10K   VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 10K   VISHAY
                                                                                PCF-W1206R031002BT        TT ELECTRONICS

R313                     1   0699-2491     RESISTOR 20K +-0.1pct .125W TF       RN732BT_2002B25           KOA
                                           TC=0+-25                             BLU-1206 20K .1% 25PPM    RCD COMPONENTS
                                                                                MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 20K   VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 20K   VISHAY
                                                                                W1206R032002BT            TT ELECTRONICS

R314                     1   0699-2826     RESISTOR 3K +-0.1pct .125W TF        RN732BT_3001B25           KOA
                                           TC=0+-25                             BLU-1206 3K .1% 25PPM     RCD COMPONENTS
                                                                                MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 3K    VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                PTN1206E3001BB            VISHAY
                                                                                W1206R033001BT            TT ELECTRONICS

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                                                          E8401-66505 Parts List
 Reference Designator   Qty  Part Number                Description                       MPN                      Manufacturer
R317                     1 0699-2837       RESISTOR 30K +-0.1pct .125W TF       RN732BT_3002B25           KOA
                                           TC=0+-25                             BLU-1206 30K .1% 25PPM    RCD COMPONENTS
                                                                                MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 30K   VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                PTN1206E3002BB            VISHAY
                                                                                W1206R033002BT            TT ELECTRONICS

R319                     1   0699-2485     RESISTOR 60K +-0.1pct .125W TF       RN732BT_6002B25           KOA
                                           TC=0+-25                             BLU-1206 60K .1% 25PPM    RCD COMPONENTS
                                                                                MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 60K   VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 60K   VISHAY
                                                                                W1206R036002BT            TT ELECTRONICS

R330,R335                2   0699-2490     RESISTOR 1K +-0.1pct .125W TF        RN732BT_1001B25           KOA
                                           TC=0+-25                             BLU-1206 1K .1% 25PPM     RCD COMPONENTS
                                                                                MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 1K    VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 1K    VISHAY
                                                                                PCF-W1206R031001BT        TT ELECTRONICS

R331                     1   0699-2483     RESISTOR 4K +-0.1pct .125W TF        RN732BTTE4001B25          KOA
                                           TC=0+-25                             BLU-1206 4K .1% 25PPM     RCD COMPONENTS
                                                                                MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 4K    VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 4K    VISHAY
                                                                                W1206R034001BT            TT ELECTRONICS

R334,R338                2   0699-2847     RESISTOR 2K +-0.1pct .125W TF        RN732BT_2001B25           KOA
                                           TC=0+-25                             BLU-1206 2K .1% 25PPM     RCD COMPONENTS
                                                                                PCF-W1206R032001BT        TT ELECTRONICS
                                                                                TNPW12062001BT-9          VISHAY

R340,R342                2   0699-2976     RESISTOR 619 +-1pct .1W TKF          CRCW0805619RFKE_          VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-100                            RK73H2AT_6190F            KOA
                                                                                MCR10___F6190             ROHM
                                                                                2322734X6191              YAGEO
                                                                                MC08056190-FT             RCD COMPONENTS

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                                                         E8401-66505 Parts List
 Reference Designator   Qty  Part Number               Description                        MPN               Manufacturer
R341,R343,R345,R347,     8 0699-3993       RESISTOR 100K +-1pct .063W TKF       CRCW0603100KFKE_   VISHAY
R349,R351,R353,R355                        TC=0+-200                            RK73H1JT_1003F     KOA
                                                                                232270461004L      YAGEO
                                                                                MCR03___FX1003     ROHM

R348,R350,R352,R354      4   0699-3924     RES-FXD 100 +-1PCT .063W TKF         CRCW0603100RFKE_   VISHAY
                                           TC=0+-200                            CR16-1000-JL       ASJ
                                                                                RK73H1JT_1000F     KOA
                                                                                MCR03___FX1000     ROHM
                                                                                232270461001       YAGEO
                                                                                MC06031000-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R356,R358,R360,R362,     6   0699-3038     RESISTOR 2.37K +-1pct .1W TKF        CRCW08052K37FKE_   VISHAY
R364,R366                                  TC=0+-100                            RK73H2AT_2371F     KOA
                                                                                MCR10___F2371      ROHM
                                                                                232273462372       YAGEO

RP303                    1   1810-1129     NET-RES 15 47.0K OHM 16-PIN          767161473G         CTS
                                                                                SOMC16-01-473G     VISHAY
                                                                                4816P-2-473LF      BOURNS

RT100,RT101              2   0837-0440     THERMISTOR-SWITCHING                 SMD100F-2          TYCO INTERNATIONAL
S100                     1   3101-2288     SWITCH-PB SPDT-NO MOM .25A 115 VAC   39-251 RED         GRAYHILL
S101                     1   3101-3488     SWITCH-SL SPDT MINTR 0.4VA 20VAC     1101M2S4AV2BE2     ITT INDUSTRIES
                                           PC THT
S103                     1   3101-2894     SWITCH-PB DPDTALTNG .01A 100 VAC     F2UEE AU           ITT INDUSTRIES
U102,U310                2   1820-5940     IC GATE CMOS/ACT AND QUAD 2-INP      MC74ACT08DG        ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                74ACT08SCX.        FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR

U103,U108,U109           3   1820-5054     IC MV CMOS/HC MONOSTBL RETRIG        MM74HC123AMX       FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
                                           DUAL                                 TC74HC123AFN       TOSHIBA

U104,U301                2   1826-1072     IC OP AMP GP QUAD 14 PIN PLSTC-SOIC LM324D              STMICROELECTRONICS
                                                                               LM324D              TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
                                                                               LM324M              NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                               LM324DG             ON SEMICONDUCTOR

U106,U110                2   1820-7312     IC SCHMITT-TRIG CMOS/ACT INV HEX     MC74ACT14DR2G      ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                SN74ACT14D         TEXAS INSTRUMENTS

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                                                         E8401-66505 Parts List
 Reference Designator   Qty  Part Number               Description                      MPN                   Manufacturer
U112, U113               2 1820-8820       IC GATE CMOS/ACT NAND TPL 3-INP     74ACT10SC             FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                               MC74ACT10D__G         ON SEMICONDUCTOR

U201                     1   1826-2817     IC PWR MGT-V-REF-FXD 4.975/5.025V   LM4040CIM3-5.0-NOPB   NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR
                                           3 PINS
U202                     1   1826-1734     IC PWR MGT-V-REG-FXD-POS 4.8/5.2V   L78M05CDT-TR          STMICROELECTRONICS
                                           3 PINS                              UA78M05CKTP           TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
                                                                               MC78M05CDTRKG         ON SEMICONDUCTOR

U203                     1   1826-2326     IC PWR MGT-VOLTAGE CONVERTER        ICL7660CSA+           MAXIM INTEGRATED PRODUCTS
                                           1.5/10V 8
U204,U207,U302,U303,     5   1826-1775     IC COMPARATOR LP QUAD 14 PIN        LM339AD               TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
U304                                       PLSTC-SOIC
U208,U307,U315,U317,     5   1820-5944     IC GATE CMOS/ACT OR QUAD 2-INP      MC74ACT32DG           ON SEMICONDUCTOR
U320                                                                           74ACT32SCX.           FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                               CD74ACT32M            TEXAS INSTRUMENTS

U308                     1   1820-5939     IC INV CMOS/ACT HEX 14-SOIC         MC74ACT04DG           ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                               74ACT04SCX_NL         FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR

XDS101                   1   1000-1117     LENS ARY LED LIGHT PIPE; 1 ARRAY;   515-1011              DIALIGHT
                                           5 MM
XDS102, XDS104           2   1000-1118     LENS ARY LED LIGHT PIPE; 3 ARRAY;   515-1010              DIALIGHT
                                           5 MM
XS103                     1 5041-0564      KEY, QUARTER                        5041-0564             MOS PLASTICS
                        0.01 4093-0769     MOLDING COMPOUND ABS CW             CYCOLAC T-2-22569     UBE CYCON
                                                                               CYCOLAC T-22596       GENERAL ELECTRIC

                         1   E8401-26505   BLANK PC BOARD

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Manual Part Number: 5989-6167EN
Printed in U.S.A. February 2007

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