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Agilent E8491A
Component Level
E8491A IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Interface
Component Level Information

Information in this packet applies to the following assemblies:

1. E8491-66501 PC Assembly

The following is included in this packet:

1. Component locators
2. Schematics
3. Parts lists with Agilent and manufacturer's part numbers
Agilent E8491A
IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Interface

Component Locator
Agilent E8491A
IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Interface
Programmable Trigger

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Agilent E8491A
IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Interface
Reset and Clock 10

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Agilent E8491A
IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Interface
Auto Detect, LEDs, Backplane Control

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Agilent E8491A
IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Interface
TTL and ECL Triggers

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Agilent E8491A
IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Interface
VXI Address & Data Bus MODID & IACKIN

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Agilent E8491A
IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Interface
VXI Connectors

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Agilent E8491A
IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Interface
Permanent Registers

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Agilent E8491A
IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Interface
DSP Interface

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Agilent E8491A
IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Interface

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Agilent E8491A
IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Interface
Data Swap

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Agilent E8491A
IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Interface
VXI Interface - FPGA

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Agilent E8491A
IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Interface
PHY Power Supply

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Agilent E8491A
IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Interface
PHY Transceiver

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Agilent E8491A
IEEE-1394 (Firewire) Interface
Link Interface

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                                                              E8491-66501 Parts List
   Reference Designator         Qty Part Number                    Description                       MPN                Manufacturer
C110-C113, C120-C125,           251 0160-7798     CAP-FXD 0.1uF +-10PCT 50V CER X7R         08055C104KAT_A        AVX
C202-C212, C230-C246, C305,                                                                 C0805C104K5RAC        KEMET ELECTRONICS
C307, C309, C311, C313, C320-                                                               C2012X7R1H104K        TDK
C327, C410-C430, C501-C526,                                                                 GRM21BR71H104KA11L    MURATA MANUFACTURING
C701-C724, C801, C807, C810-                                                                NMC0805X7R104K50TRP   NIC COMPONENTS
C823, C910-C933, C1001-C1024,                                                               VJ0805Y104KXAMT       VISHAY
C1101-C1116, C1202, C1204,
C1209, C1210, C1221, C1226,
C1317, C1318, C1320, C1321,
C1323, C1346-C1356, C1363-
C1410-C1429, C1460, C1461

C114                              1 0160-7780     CAP-FXD 1.5pF +-17pct 200 V CER C0G       08052A1R5CAT_A        AVX
                                                                                            C0805C159C2GAC        KEMET ELECTRONICS

C115                              1 0160-5975     CAP-FXD 10pF +-5pct 50 V CER C0G          08055A100JAT A        AVX
                                                                                            C0805C100J5GAC        KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                            GRM2165C1H100JD01D    MURATA MANUFACTURING

C1201, C1203                      2 0180-4545     CAPACITOR-FIXED 4.7uF +-20pct 20V TA      TAJB475M020           AVX
                                                                                            293D475X0020B2TE3     VISHAY
                                                                                            T491B475M020AS        KEMET ELECTRONICS

C1220                             1 0180-2129     CAP-FXD 10uF +-10pct 50 V TA              T110C106K050AS        KEMET ELECTRONICS
C1224, C1225                      2 0180-4758     CAP-FXD 47uF +-20PCT 20V TA 7343-31       293D476X0020D2E3      VISHAY
                                                                                            TAJD476M020R          AVX

C1322, C1357, C1358, C1359, C1360, 7 0160-8559
                                   C1361, C1362   CAP-FXD 2.2uF +-10PCT 16 V CER X7R 1206   C1206C225K4RAC        KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                            C3216X7R1C225K        TDK

C1327, C1334                      2 0160-6444     CAP-FXD 0.022uF +-10pct 50 V CER X7R      08055C223KAT          AVX
                                                                                            C0805C223K5RAC        KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                            C2012X7R1H223K        TDK
                                                                                            GRM40X7R223K50        MURATA MANUFACTURING

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                                                              E8491-66501 Parts List
   Reference Designator         Qty Part Number                    Description                   MPN               Manufacturer
C1340, C1342, C1344               3 0160-5954     CAP-FXD 220pF +-5pct 50 V CER C0G     08055A221JAT A       AVX
                                                                                        223858016605         YAGEO
                                                                                        C0805C221J5GAC       KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                        C2012COG1H221J       TDK
                                                                                        GRM2165C1H221JA01D   MURATA MANUFACTURING

C1464                             1 0160-6497     CAP-FXD 0.1uF +-10pct 50 V CER X7R    12065C104KAT A       AVX
                                                                                        2238 581 15649       YAGEO
                                                                                        C1206C104K5RAC       KEMET ELECTRONICS
                                                                                        C3216X7R1H104KT      TDK
                                                                                        GRM319R71H104KA01D   MURATA MANUFACTURING
                                                                                        VJ1206Y104KXAMT      VISHAY

C201, C1222, C1302,              20 0160-5945     CAP-FXD 0.01uF +-10pct 50 V CER X7R   08055C103KAT A       AVX
C1304, C1306, C1308, C1310,                                                             223858016627         YAGEO
C1312, C1314, C1316, C1324,                                                             C0805C103K5RAC       KEMET ELECTRONICS
C1325, C1326, C1331, C1332,                                                             C2012X7R1H103K       TDK
C1333, C1402, C1404, C1406,                                                             GRM216R71H103KA01J   MURATA MANUFACTURING
C1408                                                                                   VJ0805Y103KXAMT      VISHAY

C220, C221, C301, C302,          13 0160-7736     CAP-FXD 1uF +-10PCT 16 V CER X7R      1206YC105KAT         AVX
C303, C802, C803, C804, C805,                                                           C1206C105K4RAC       KEMET ELECTRONICS
C1341, C1343, C1345, C1462                                                              GRM31MR71C105KA01L   MURATA MANUFACTURING

C222                              1 0180-4287     CAP-FXD 10uF +-20PCT 35V TA           TAJD106M035          AVX
                                                                                        293D106X0035D2WE3    VISHAY
                                                                                        ESVD1V106M           NEC ELECTRONICS

C244, C401, C402, C1205,         19 0160-5947     CAP-FXD 1000pF +-10pct 50 V CER X7R   08055C102KAT A       AVX
C1206, C1207, C1208, C1301,                                                             C0805C102K5RAC       KEMET ELECTRONICS
C1303, C1305, C1307, C1309,                                                             C2012X7R1H102K       TDK
C1311, C1313, C1315, C1401,                                                             GRM216R71H102KA01D   MURATA MANUFACTURING
C1403, C1405, C1407

C306, C308, C310,                 6 0180-4116     CAP-FXD 22uF +-20PCT 20V TA           TAJD226M020          AVX
C312, C314, C1463                                                                       293D226X0020D2E3     VISHAY
                                                                                        ESVD1D226M           NEC TOKIN
                                                                                        SK2-1D226M-RD0       ELNA

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                                                              E8491-66501 Parts List
   Reference Designator         Qty Part Number                    Description                         MPN            Manufacturer
CR101                             1 1906-0320     DIODE-DUAL 40V 40MA T0-236AA                BAS40-04         PHILIPS
                                                                                              BAS4004_____X_   INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES
                                                                                              BAS40-04         NXP

CR102, CR103, CR110,              9 1906-0291     DIODE-DUAL 70V 100MA T0-236AA               BAV99            PHILIPS
CR201, CR202, CR204, CR1222,                                                                  BAV99            FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
CR1223, CR1225                                                                                BAV99LT1G        ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                              BAV99_____X_     INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES
                                                                                              BAV99            NXP

CR104, CR203                      2 1902-1592     DIODE-ZNR 5.1V 5pct TO-236 (SOT-23)         BZX84C5V1        PHILIPS
                                                                                              BZX84C5V1LT1G    ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                              BZX84C5V1        NXP

CR1201, CR1202,                   5 1901-1332     DIODE-PWR-S 40V 1A D0-214AA                 10BQ040PBF       INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER
CR1203, CR1204, CR1226                                                                        SK14             MICROSEMI
                                                                                              SS24             VISHAY
                                                                                              STPS140U         STMICROELECTRONICS
                                                                                              MBRS140T3G       ON SEMICONDUCTOR

CR1220                            1 1902-1609     DIODE-ZNR 6.2V 5pct PD=1.5W IR=5UA          1SMB5920BT3G     ON SEMICONDUCTOR
CR1221, CR1224                    2 1902-1623     DIODE-ZNR 10V 5pct PD=1.5W IR=5UA           1SMB5925B__G     ON SEMICONDUCTOR
CR1301                            1 1902-1541     DIODE-ZNR 3.3V 5pct TO-236 (SOT-23)         BZX84C3V3LT1G    ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                              BZX84C3V3        PHILIPS
                                                                                              BZX84C3V3        NXP

CR1401, CR1402                    2 1900-0245     DIODE-SCHOTTKY 70V SOT-143                  HSMS-2805-TR1G   AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES
CR401, CR402, CR403,              4 1902-1487     DIODE-ZNR 12V 5PCT TO-236(SOT-23) PD-.35W   BZX84-C12        PHILIPS
CR404                                                                                         BZX84C12L__G     ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                              BZX84-C12        NXP

DS301, DS302                      2 1990-1544     LED-LAMP ARRAY LUM-INT=1.5MCD               553-0323         DIALIGHT
E201, E202, E501, E502,          18 9170-1808     CORE-SHIELDING BEAD                         MMZ2012S800A     TDK
E503, E504, E701, E702, E703,
E704, E705, E801, E802, E804,
E1301, E1302, E1330, E1331

E301, E302, E303, E304,           5 9170-1678     CORE-SHIELDING BEAD                         FBMJ3216HS800    TAIYO YUDEN

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                                                          E8491-66501 Parts List
   Reference Designator     Qty Part Number                   Description                          MPN                Manufacturer
F301, F302, F303, F304,       8 2110-0932     FUSE-SURFACE MOUNT 5A 125V NTD BI UL-REC   SSFC5A                SAN-O INDUSTRIAL
F309, F1301, F1302, F1303                                                                SSQ5                  BEL FUSE
                                                                                         0451005.MRL           LITTELFUSE

F305, F306, F308, F310        4   2110-0712   FUSE-SUBMINIATURE 4A 125V NTD AX           0251004.              LITTELFUSE
F307                          1   2110-0699   FUSE-SUBMINIATURE 5A 125V NTD AX UL-LST    0251005.              LITTELFUSE
J101, J102, J201, J202        4   1250-2266   CONNECTOR-RF SMB MALE PC-W-STDFS 50-OHM    131-3701-501          EMERSON
J1301, J1302, J1303           3   1252-8701   CONN-RECT RECT-STD 6-CKT 6-CONT            787956-1              TYCO ELECTRONICS AMP
J801                          1   1251-4669   CONN-HDR VERT 14-PIN 2.54 MM 2-ROW         67996-114HLF          FCI FRAMATOME BERG
J803                          1   1251-5619   CONN-HDR VERT 4-PIN 2.54MM 1-ROW           68000-104HLF          FCI FRAMATOME BERG
J804, J805, J806, J901,       6   1251-5772   CONN-HDR VERT 18-PIN 2.54 MM 2 ROW         67996-118HLF          FCI FRAMATOME BERG
J902, J1001
L1220                         1 9140-1509     INDUCTOR 2.2uH +-5pct 2.8W-mmX3.4LG-mm     NLV32T-2R2J-PF        TDK
                                                                                         KL32T___2R2J          KOA

MH101, MH102, MH103           3 0380-4646     STANDOFF-RVT-ON 16-MM-LG M3.0 X 0.5-THD    BR5114SPB-16.0-43     LYN-TRON
MP1                           1 E8491-26501   BLANK PC BOARD                             E8491-26501           MULTEK
                                                                                         E8491-26501           AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES EXT

P1, P2                        2 1252-1596     CONN-POST TYPE 2.54-PIN-SPCG-MTG-END       10-8557-096-002-025   KYOCERA
                                                                                         536010-5              TYCO ELECTRONICS AMP
                                                                                         DIN-96CPC-SRI-TR      3M

Q101                          1 1853-0567     TRANSISTOR PNP SI SOT-23 (TO-236AB)        MMBT3906              FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                         SST3906T116           ROHM
                                                                                         MMBT3906LT1G          ON SEMICONDUCTOR

Q102                          1 1854-1270     TRANSISTOR NPN SI TO-261AA (SOT-223)       PZT2222A              FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                         PZT2222A              PHILIPS
                                                                                         PZT2222AT3G           ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                         PZT2222A              NXP

Q1201                         1 1855-0926     TRANSISTOR-MOSFET DUAL N-CHAN E-MODE N/S PHN210T                 PHILIPS
                                                                                       MMDF1N05E__G            ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                       PHN210T                 NXP

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                                                        E8491-66501 Parts List
   Reference Designator   Qty Part Number                    Description                      MPN              Manufacturer
Q1203, Q1221                2 1854-1037     TRANSISTOR NPN SI TO-236AA PD=350MW       MMBT3904           FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                      SST3904T116        ROHM
                                                                                      MMBT3904LT1G       ON SEMICONDUCTOR

Q1220, Q1222, Q1224         3 1855-0734     TRANSISTOR MOSFET 2N7002 N-CHAN E-MODE    2N7002-T1-E3       VISHAY
                                                                                      2N7002             FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                      2N7002             PHILIPS
                                                                                      SN7002N_____X_     INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES
                                                                                      2N7002             NXP

Q801, Q1223                 2 1855-0801     TRANSISTOR MOSFET P-CHAN E-MODE TO-252AA NTD2955G            ON SEMICONDUCTOR
R101                        1 0699-3062     RESISTOR 464 +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100    CRCW0805464RFKE_    VISHAY
                                                                                     RK73H2AT_4640F      KOA
                                                                                     MCR10___F4640       ROHM
                                                                                     232273464641        YAGEO
                                                                                     MC08054640-FT       RCD COMPONENTS

R102                        1 0699-3027     RESISTOR 196 +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100     CRCW0805196RFKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                      RK73H2AT_1960F     KOA
                                                                                      MCR10___F1960      ROHM
                                                                                      232273461961       YAGEO
                                                                                      MC08051960-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R103                        1 0699-3044     RESISTOR 4.64K +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100   CRCW08054K64FKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                      RK73H2AT_4641F     KOA
                                                                                      232273464642L      YAGEO
                                                                                      MCR10___F4641      ROHM
                                                                                      MC08054641-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R104, R108                  2 0699-3064     RESISTOR 909 +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100     CRCW0805909RFKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                      RK73H2AT_9090F     KOA
                                                                                      MCR10___F9090      ROHM
                                                                                      232273469091       YAGEO
                                                                                      MC08059090-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

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                                                              E8491-66501 Parts List
   Reference Designator         Qty Part Number                    Description                        MPN                    Manufacturer
R105, R207, R209, R301,           9 0699-3051     RESISTOR 10K +-1pct .1W TKF TC 0+-100      CRCW080510K0FKE_          VISHAY
R303, R1220, R1228, R1232,                                                                   RK73H2AT_1002F            KOA
R1239                                                                                        MCR10___F1002             ROHM
                                                                                             232273461003L             YAGEO
                                                                                             MC08051002-FTW            RCD COMPONENTS

R106, R201, R305, R307            4 0699-2991     RES-FXD 56.2K +-1PCT 0.1W TC 0+-100 0805   CRCW080556K2FKE_          VISHAY
                                                                                             RK73H2AT_5622F            KOA
                                                                                             MCR10___F5622             ROHM
                                                                                             232273465623              YAGEO
                                                                                             MC08055622-FT             RCD COMPONENTS

R107, R120, R226, R227,          41 0699-3045     RESISTOR 5.11K +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100    CRCW08055K11FKE_          VISHAY
R228, R229, R230, R231, R232,                                                                RK73H2AT_5111F            KOA
R401, R403, R405, R407, R701,                                                                MCR10___F5111             ROHM
R810, R813, R815, R816, R819,                                                                232273465112              YAGEO
R820, R901, R903, R905, R907,                                                                MC08055111-FT             RCD COMPONENTS
R1001, R1003, R1005, R1007,
R1101, R1103, R1105, R1107,
R1201, R1202, R1203, R1204,
R1205, R1207, R1209, R1210,

R109, R125                        2 0699-2487     RESISTOR 90K +-0.1pct .125W TF TC=0+-25    RN732BT_9002B25           KOA
                                                                                             BLU-1206 90K .1% 25PPM    RCD COMPONENTS
                                                                                             MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 90K   VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                             MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 90K   VISHAY
                                                                                             PCF-W1206R0390 02BT       TT ELECTRONICS

R110                              1 0699-2989     RESISTOR 38.3K +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100    CRCW080538K3FKE_          VISHAY
                                                                                             RK73H2AT_3832F            KOA
                                                                                             MCR10___F3832             ROHM
                                                                                             232273463833              YAGEO
                                                                                             MC08053832-FT             RCD COMPONENTS

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                                                        E8491-66501 Parts List
   Reference Designator   Qty Part Number                    Description                       MPN                       Manufacturer
R111, R113, R119            3 0699-2489     RESISTOR 10K +-0.1pct .125W TF TC=0+-25   RN732BT_1002B25           KOA
                                                                                      BLU-1206 10K .1% 25PPM    RCD COMPONENTS
                                                                                      MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 10K   VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                      MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 10K   VISHAY
                                                                                      PCF-W1206R031002BT        TT ELECTRONICS

R112                        1 0699-2836     RESISTOR 15K +-0.1pct .125W TF TC=0+-25   RN732BT_1502B25           KOA
                                                                                      2322741X1503              YAGEO
                                                                                      BLU-1206 15K .1% 25PPM    RCD COMPONENTS
                                                                                      MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 15K   VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                      PCF-W1206R031502BT        TT ELECTRONICS
                                                                                      TNPW12061502BT-9          VISHAY

R114                        1 0699-2156     RESISTOR 20K +-1pct .125W TKF TC=0+-100   CRCW120620K0FKE_          VISHAY
                                                                                      RK73H2BT_2002F            KOA
                                                                                      MCR18___F2002             ROHM
                                                                                      232272462003              YAGEO

R115                        1 0699-2491     RESISTOR 20K +-0.1pct .125W TF TC=0+-25   RN732BT_2002B25           KOA
                                                                                      BLU-1206 20K .1% 25PPM    RCD COMPONENTS
                                                                                      MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 20K   VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                      MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 20K   VISHAY
                                                                                      W1206R032002BT            TT ELECTRONICS

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                                                              E8491-66501 Parts List
   Reference Designator         Qty Part Number                    Description                       MPN                      Manufacturer
R116, R212, R213, R221,          60 0699-3034     RESISTOR 1K +-1pct .1W TKF TC 0+-100      CRCW08051K00FKE_         VISHAY
R222, R224, R234, R304, R306,                                                               RK73H2AT_1001F           KOA
R308, R515, R811, R1233,                                                                    232273461002L            YAGEO
R1331, R1332, R1333, R1334,                                                                 MCR10___F1001            ROHM
R1335, R1336, R1337, R1339,                                                                 MC08051001-FT            RCD COMPONENTS
R1340, R1341, R1342, R1343,
R1344, R1345, R1346, R1347,
R1348, R1349, R1350, R1351,
R1352, R1353, R1402, R1403,
R1404, R1405, R1414, R1415,
R1416, R1417, R1421, R1423,
R1424, R1425, R1426, R1427,
R1428, R1429, R1430, R1431,
R1432, R1433, R1434, R1435,
R1439, R1440, R1450

R118, R1206, R1208                3 0699-3058     RESISTOR 100 +-1pct .1W TKF TC 0+-100     CRCW0805100RFKE_         VISHAY
                                                                                            RK73H2AT_1000F           KOA
                                                                                            232273461001L            YAGEO
                                                                                            MCR10___F1000            ROHM

R121, R806, R807,                 7 0699-3530     RESISTOR 3.01K +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100   CRCW08053K01FKE_         VISHAY
R808, R809, R817, R818                                                                      RK73H2AT_3011F           KOA
                                                                                            MCR10___F3011            ROHM
                                                                                            232273463012             YAGEO
                                                                                            MC08053011-FT            RCD COMPONENTS

R122                              1 0699-2841     RESISTOR 9K +-0.1pct .125W TF TC=0+-25    RN732BT_9001B25          KOA
                                                                                            BLU-1206 9K .1% 25PPM    RCD COMPONENTS
                                                                                            MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 9K   VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                            TNPW12069001BT-9         VISHAY
                                                                                            W1206R039001BT           TT ELECTRONICS

R1221, R1222                      2 0699-3072     RESISTOR 34.8K +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100   CRCW080534K8FKE_         VISHAY
                                                                                            2322734_3483             YAGEO
                                                                                            RK73H2AT_3482F           KOA
                                                                                            MCR10___F3482            ROHM

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                                                            E8491-66501 Parts List
   Reference Designator       Qty Part Number                    Description                      MPN                 Manufacturer
R1223                           1 0699-3540     RESISTOR 4.7M +-10pct .1W TKF TC=0+-500   CRCW08054M70JNE_   VISHAY
                                                                                          MCR10___K475       ROHM
                                                                                          232273061475       YAGEO

R1225                           1 0699-3073     RESISTOR 51.1K +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100   CRCW080551K1FKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                          RK73H2AT_5112F     KOA
                                                                                          MCR10___F5112      ROHM
                                                                                          232273465113       YAGEO
                                                                                          MC08055112-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R1226, R1227, R1305,           14 0699-3039     RESISTOR 2.61K +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100   CRCW08052K61FKE_   VISHAY
R1307, R1309, R1311, R1313,                                                               RK73H2AT_2611F     KOA
R1315, R1317, R1319, R1321,                                                               MCR10___F2611      ROHM
R1323, R1325, R1327                                                                       232273462612       YAGEO
                                                                                          MC08052611-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R123                            1 0699-2971     RESISTOR 147 +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100     CRCW0805147RFKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                          RK73H2AT_1470F     KOA
                                                                                          232273461471L      YAGEO
                                                                                          MCR10___F1470      ROHM
                                                                                          MC08051470-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R1230                           1 0699-2979     RESISTOR 1.21K +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100   CRCW08051K21FKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                          RK73H2AT_1211F     KOA
                                                                                          MCR10___F1211      ROHM
                                                                                          232273461212       YAGEO
                                                                                          MC08051211-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R1231                           1 0699-3037     RESISTOR 2.15K +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100   CRCW08052K15FKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                          RK73H2AT_2151F     KOA
                                                                                          MCR10___F2151      ROHM
                                                                                          232273462152       YAGEO
                                                                                          MC08052151-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R1234, R1338, R1360,           15 0699-3077     RESISTOR 1M +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100      CRCW08051M00FKE_   VISHAY
R1361, R1362, R1363, R1364,                                                               RK73H2AT_1004F     KOA
R1365, R1366, R1367, R1382,                                                               MCR10___F1004      ROHM
R1401, R1410, R1412, R1413                                                                232273471005       YAGEO
                                                                                          MC08051004-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

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                                                            E8491-66501 Parts List
   Reference Designator       Qty Part Number                    Description                       MPN                      Manufacturer
R124                            1 0699-3069     RESISTOR 19.6K +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100   CRCW080519K6FKE_         VISHAY
                                                                                          RK73H2AT_1962F           KOA
                                                                                          MCR10___F1962            ROHM
                                                                                          232273471963             YAGEO

R1303                           1 0699-3006     RESISTOR 383K +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100    CRCW0805383KFKE_         VISHAY
                                                                                          RK73H2AT_3833F           KOA
                                                                                          MCR10___F3833            ROHM
                                                                                          232273463834             YAGEO
                                                                                          MC08053833-FT            RCD COMPONENTS

R1304, R1306, R1308,           12 0699-3833     RESISTOR 56.2 +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100    CRCW080556R2FKE_         VISHAY
R1310, R1312, R1314, R1316,                                                               RK73H2AT_56R2F           KOA
R1318, R1320, R1322, R1324,                                                               MCR10___F56R2            ROHM
R1326                                                                                     MC080556R2-FT            RCD COMPONENTS

R1328, R1329, R1330             3 0699-2846     RESISTOR 5K +-0.1pct .125W TF TC=0+-25    RN732BT_5001B25          KOA
                                                                                          2322741X5002             YAGEO
                                                                                          BLU-1206 5K .1% 25PPM    RCD COMPONENTS
                                                                                          MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5 5K   VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                          TNPW12065001BT-9         VISHAY
                                                                                          W1206R035001BT           TT ELECTRONICS

R1380                           1 0699-3542     RES-FXD 3.65K +-0.1PCT .125W TC 0+-25     RN732BT_3651B25          KOA
                                                                                          BLU-1206 3.65K .1%       RCD COMPONENTS
                                                                                          25PPMT                   VISHAY BC COMPONENTS
                                                                                          MCA1206-25 0, 1% P5      TT ELECTRONICS
                                                                                          3.65K                    VISHAY

R1381                           1 0699-3003     RESISTOR 261K +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100    CRCW0805261KFKE_         VISHAY
                                                                                          RK73H2AT_2613F           KOA
                                                                                          MCR10___F2613            ROHM
                                                                                          232273462614             YAGEO
                                                                                          MC08052613-FT            RCD COMPONENTS

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                                                        E8491-66501 Parts List
   Reference Designator   Qty Part Number                    Description                       MPN                Manufacturer
R1437                       1 0699-3030     RESISTOR 383 +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100      CRCW0805383RFKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                       RK73H2AT_3830F     KOA
                                                                                       232273463831L      YAGEO
                                                                                       MCR10___F3830      ROHM
                                                                                       MC08053830-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R1451                       1 0699-4002     RESISTOR 237K +-1pct .063W TKF TC=0+-200   RK73H1JT_2373F     KOA
                                                                                       MCR03___FX2373     ROHM
                                                                                       232270462374       YAGEO

R202, R220                  2 0699-3834     RESISTOR 68.1 +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100     CRCW080568R1FKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                       RK73H2AT_68R1F     KOA
                                                                                       232273466819L      YAGEO
                                                                                       MCR10___F68R1      ROHM
                                                                                       MC080568R1-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R203                        1 0699-2972     RESISTOR 178 +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100      CRCW0805178RFKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                       RK73H2AT_1780F     KOA
                                                                                       MCR10___F1780      ROHM
                                                                                       232273461781       YAGEO
                                                                                       MC08051780-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R204, R1436                 2 0699-3060     RESISTOR 237 +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100      CRCW0805237RFKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                       RK73H2AT_2370F     KOA
                                                                                       MCR10___F2370      ROHM
                                                                                       232273462371       YAGEO
                                                                                       MC08052370-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R205                        1 0699-3033     RESISTOR 750 +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100      CRCW0805750RFKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                       RK73H2AT_7500F     KOA
                                                                                       MCR10___F7500      ROHM
                                                                                       23227346A7501      YAGEO
                                                                                       MC08057500-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R206, R211, R233           13 0699-3832     RESISTOR 51.1 +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100     CRCW080551R1FKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                       RK73H2AT_51R1F     KOA
                                                                                       MCR10___F51R1      ROHM
                                                                                       232273465119       YAGEO
                                                                                       MC080551R1-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

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                                                              E8491-66501 Parts List
   Reference Designator         Qty Part Number                    Description                         MPN                 Manufacturer
R208                              1 0699-2859     RES-FXD 51 OHM +-5PCT 1W TC 0+-200           CRCW251251R0JNE_   VISHAY
                                                                                               RK73B3AT__510J     KOA
                                                                                               MCR100___J510      ROHM

R210                              1 0699-3054     RESISTOR 287K +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100       CRCW0805287KFKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                               RK73H2AT_2873F     KOA
                                                                                               MCR10___F2873      ROHM
                                                                                               232273462874       YAGEO
                                                                                               MC08052873-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R223, R225                        2 0699-3885     RESISTOR 249K +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100       CRCW0805249KFKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                               RK73H2AT_2493F     KOA
                                                                                               MCR10___F2493      ROHM
                                                                                               232273462494       YAGEO

R302                              1 0699-2990     RESISTOR 42.2K +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100      CRCW080542K2FKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                               2322734_4223       YAGEO
                                                                                               RK73H2AT_4222F     KOA
                                                                                               MCR10___F4222      ROHM
                                                                                               MC08054222-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R501, R502, R503, R504,          13 0699-3774     RESISTOR 16.9K +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100      CRCW080516K9FKE_   VISHAY
R505, R506, R507, R508, R509,                                                                  MCR10___F1692      ROHM
R510, R511, R512, R513                                                                         232273461693       YAGEO
                                                                                               MC08051692-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R514                              1 0699-3063     RES-FXD 825 OHM +-1PCT 0.1W TC 0+-100 0805   CRCW0805825RFKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                               232273468251L      YAGEO
                                                                                               RK73H2AT_8250F     KOA
                                                                                               MCR10___F8250      ROHM
                                                                                               MC08058250-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

R516                              1 0699-3698     RESISTOR 10 +-1pct .1W TKF TC=0+-100         CRCW080510R0FKE_   VISHAY
                                                                                               RK73H2AT_10R0F     KOA
                                                                                               MCR10___F10R0      ROHM
                                                                                               MC080510R0-FT      RCD COMPONENTS

RP401                             1 1810-1090     NET-RES 8 51.0 OHM 16-PIN                    4816P-001-510      BOURNS
                                                                                               767163510G         CTS
                                                                                               SOMC16-03-510G     VISHAY

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                                                               E8491-66501 Parts List
   Reference Designator          Qty Part Number                   Description                           MPN              Manufacturer
RP701, RP702                       2 1810-1230     NET-RES 8 4.7K OHM 16-PIN                  767163472G            CTS
                                                                                              SOMC-16-03-472G       VISHAY
                                                                                              4816P-1-472LF         BOURNS

RT101, RT102, RT201                3 0837-0500     THERMISTOR WHEN AN OVERCURRENT OF 600mASMD030                    TYCO INTERNATIONAL
                                                                                          MF-SM030-_-99             BOURNS

RT1201                             1 0837-0437     THERMISTOR-SWITCHING                       SMD050                TYCO INTERNATIONAL
S201                               1 3101-2288     SWITCH-PB SPDT-NO MOM .25A 115 VAC         39-251 RED            GRAYHILL
T101, T102, T201, T202,           17 9140-1931     INDUCTOR 2.5W-mmX3LG-mm                    ACM3225-102-2P-T      TDK
T718, T719, T720, T721, T1202,
T1301, T1302, T1303, T1304,
T1305, T1306, T1307, T1308

T1201                              1   9100-5643   TRANSFORMER-PULSE; PRI IND: 89.6 uH; SEC   VP1-1400              COOPER INDUSTRIES
T1220                              1   9100-5644   TRANSFORMER-PULSE; PRI IND: 12.2 uH; SEC   VP1-0190              COOPER INDUSTRIES
U1002                              1   1821-3969   IC PLD FPGA-SRAM UNPRGMD CMOS 2C04
U110                               1   1826-2316   IC PWR MGT-V-REF-FXD 1.231/1.239V 8 PINS   LT1004CS8-1.2         LINEAR TECHNOLOGY
U1101, U901                        2   1821-3957   IC PLD FPGA-SRAM UNPRGMD CMOS 2C12
U111, U113                         2   1826-3024   IC OP AMP DUAL 8 PIN PLSTC-SOIC            OP-295GS              ANALOG DEVICES
U112                               1   1826-2339   D/A 8-BIT 16-P-SOIC CMOS                   AD7524JRZ             ANALOG DEVICES
U114                               1   1826-1594   IC COMPARATOR GP SINGLE 8 PIN PLSTC-SOIC   LM311D                STMICROELECTRONICS
                                                                                              LM311M-NOPB           NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR

U115, U201                         2 1826-1950     IC COMPARATOR HS SINGLE 8 PIN PLSTC-SOIC   LT1016CS8             LINEAR TECHNOLOGY
                                                                                              MXL1016CS8+           MAXIM INTEGRATED

U1221                              1 1826-3413     IC PWR MGT-V-REG-SWG 7 PINS                LT1076CR              LINEAR TECHNOLOGY
U1301                              1 1813-1259     CRYSTAL OSC 24.576MHZ 0.01pct              DSO751SL-24.576MHZ    DAISHINKU AMERICA
                                                                                              F4100-24.576MHZ       FOX ELECTRONICS
                                                                                              MIN30AS-T-24.576MHZ   KYUSHU DENTSU
                                                                                              DSO751SL-24.576MHZ    DAISHINKU

U1302                              1   5065-6613   LTB 1821-4342
U1302a                             1   1821-4342   IC INTERFACE XCVR COMMUNICATION IBM        IBM21S850PFD          IBM
U1304, U1305, U1410                3   1821-1104   IC BFR BICMOS/LVT BUS QUAD 14-SOIC         SN74LVT125D           TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
U1401                              1   5969-5477   LTB 1821-4341
U1401a                             1   1821-4341   IC IEEE-1394 LAYER                         ASLM040B              ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY

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                                                        E8491-66501 Parts List
   Reference Designator   Qty Part Number                   Description                       MPN                Manufacturer
U1402, U1403, U1404,        6 1821-1117     IC XCVR BICMOS/LVT BUS ASYNCHRO 20-SOIC   74LVTH245WM          FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
U1405, U1409, U1413                                                                   SN74LVTH245ADW       TEXAS INSTRUMENTS

U1406, U1407, U1408         3 1821-1116     IC DRVR BICMOS/LVT LINE DRVR BFR OCTL     74LVT244AD           PHILIPS
                                                                                      SN74LVTH244ADW       TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
                                                                                      74LVT244AD           NXP

U1460                       1 1826-2910     IC PWR MGT-V-REG-ADJ-POS 3 PINS PLASTIC   LT1086CM#PBF         LINEAR TECHNOLOGY
U202                        1 1813-1047     CRYSTAL OSC 20.000MHZ 0.01pct             DSO751SB-20.000MHZ   DAISHINKU AMERICA
                                                                                      MIN90AT-20.000MHZ    KYUSHU DENTSU
                                                                                      DSO751SB-20.000MHZ   DAISHINKU

U204, U203, U518, U205,     8 1820-6473     IC FF CMOS/ACT D-TYPE POS-EDGE-TRIG       MC74ACT74DG          ON SEMICONDUCTOR
U206, U306, U513, U1201                                                               SN74ACT74D           TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
                                                                                      74ACT74SCX           FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR

U207, U227, U1202           3 1820-5938     IC GATE CMOS/ACT NAND QUAD 2-INP          MC74ACT00DG          ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                      SN74ACT00D           TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
                                                                                      74ACT00SCX           FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR

U209, U307                  2 1820-5218     IC DRVR TTL/F LINE OCTL                   74F244D              PHILIPS
                                                                                      74F244SCX.           FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                      SN74F244DW           TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
                                                                                      74F244D              NXP

U210, U405                  2 1820-5607     IC RCVR ECL/10KH LINE TPL                 MC10H116FNG          ON SEMICONDUCTOR
U211, U403                  2 1820-6524     IC XLTR ECL/10KH TTL-TO-ECL QUAD          MC10H124FN__G        ON SEMICONDUCTOR
U213                        1 1820-8728     IC GATE CMOS/ACT NOR QUAD 2-INP           MC74ACT02DR2G        ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                      74ACT02SCX.          FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR

U215                        1 1826-2792     IC PWR MGT-UND-V-SEN 8 PINS P-SOIC PKG    SG34164DM            LINFINITY
                                                                                      MC34164D-5__G        MICROELECTRONICS
                                                                                                           ON SEMICONDUCTOR

U220, U516                  2 1820-8835     IC GATE CMOS/ACT AND TPL 3-INP            MC74ACT11D__G        ON SEMICONDUCTOR

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                                                              E8491-66501 Parts List
   Reference Designator         Qty Part Number                    Description                    MPN                Manufacturer
U222, U305, U310                  3 1820-5054     IC MV CMOS/HC MONOSTBL RETRIG DUAL   MM74HC123AMX        FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                       TC74HC123AFN        TOSHIBA

U230, U719                        2 1820-8822     IC CNTR CMOS/ACT BIN SYNCHRO         74ACT161SCX.        FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                       MC74ACT161D__G      ON SEMICONDUCTOR

U301, U401, U402, U601            4 1820-7332     IC DRVR TTL/F INV HEX 14-SOIC        N74F07D             PHILIPS
                                                                                       N74F07D             NXP

U302, U515, U304                  3 1821-0412     IC DRVR BICMOS/ABT LINE OCTL         74ABT241D           PHILIPS
                                                                                       74ABT241D           NXP

U303                              1 1820-5939     IC INV CMOS/ACT HEX 14-SOIC          MC74ACT04DG         ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                       74ACT04SCX_NL       FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR

U308                              1 1820-5763     IC GATE TTL/F NOR TPL 3-INP          74F27D              PHILIPS
                                                                                       SN74F27D            TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
                                                                                       74F27D              NXP

U404                              1   1820-6714   IC DRVR ECL/10KH BUS TPL             MC10H123FNG         ON SEMICONDUCTOR
U406                              1   1820-5390   IC XLTR ECL/10KH ECL-TO-TTL QUAD     MC10H125FNG         ON SEMICONDUCTOR
U407                              1   1821-3956   IC PLD FPGA-SRAM UNPRGMD CMOS 2C06
U501, U502, U503, U504,          13   1820-7787   IC TRANSCEIVER BICMOS/ABT BUS OCTL   74ABT245D           PHILIPS
U505, U506, U507, U508, U509,                                                          SN74ABT245BDW       TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
U510, U511, U1008, U1010                                                               74ABT245D           NXP

U512                              1 1826-2926     ANALOG SWITCH SPST 8 -P-SOIC         DG419DY-E3          VISHAY
U514, U603                        2 1820-5944     IC GATE CMOS/ACT OR QUAD 2-INP       MC74ACT32DG         ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                       74ACT32SCX.         FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                       CD74ACT32M          TEXAS INSTRUMENTS

U517                              1 1813-0862     CRYSTAL OSC 32.000MHZ 0.01pct        SG-615PH 32.000MC   EPSON TOYOCOM
U519, U221                        2 1820-7312     IC SCHMITT-TRIG CMOS/ACT INV HEX     MC74ACT14DR2G       ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                       SN74ACT14D          TEXAS INSTRUMENTS

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                                                          E8491-66501 Parts List
   Reference Designator   Qty Part Number                      Description                          MPN            Manufacturer
U700                        1 1820-5941       IC DCDR-DEMUXR CMOS/ACT BIN 8-TO-1-LINE   MC74ACT138DG         ON SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                        74ACT138SCX          FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR

U701, U702, U704, U706,     8 1821-0300       IC DRVR BICMOS/ABT LINE OCTL              74ABT541D            PHILIPS
U708, U710, U712, U714                                                                  SN74ABT541BDW        TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
                                                                                        74ABT541D            NXP

U703, U705, U707, U709,     6 1821-0299       IC FF BICMOS/ABT D-TYPE POS-EDGE-TRIG OCTALSN74ABT273DW
                                                                                          20-SOIC            TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
U711, U713                                                                               74ABT273AD          PHILIPS
                                                                                         74ABT273AD          NXP

U715, U716                  2 1820-4998       IC GATE TTL/F OR QUAD 2-INP               74F32SCX.            FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR
                                                                                        N74F32D              PHILIPS
                                                                                        SN74F32D             TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
                                                                                        N74F32D              NXP

U717                        1   E8491-88801   PRGMD 1821-1396                           E8491-88801          AVNET
U717a                       1   1821-1396     IC PLD EEPLD UNPRGMD CMOS 22V10           ISPGAL22V10C-7LJ     LATTICE SEMICONDUCTOR
U718                        1   E8491-88802   PRGMD 1821-1396                           E8491-88802          AVNET
U718a                       1   1821-1396     IC PLD EEPLD UNPRGMD CMOS 22V10           ISPGAL22V10C-7LJ     LATTICE SEMICONDUCTOR
U720                        1   5188-2494     LTB FOR 1818-4729
U720a                       1   1818-4729     IC 1K-BIT EEPROM 500-NS CMOS 8-SOIC       M93C46-WMN6P         STMICROELECTRONICS
                                                                                        AT93C46A-10SU-2.7    ATMEL

U801                        1 1813-1039       CRYSTAL OSC 40.000MHZ 0.01PCT             DSO751SB-40.000M-    DAISHINKU AMERICA
                                                                                        100PPM               FOX ELECTRONICS
                                                                                        F3345-40.000MHZ      KYUSHU DENTSU
                                                                                        MIN90AT-40.0000MHZ   DAISHINKU

U802                        1 1821-4273       IC 544X16 WORDS OF ON-CHIP DUAL ACCESS    TMS320F206PZ         TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
U807                        1 1821-0250       IC INTERFACE DRVR/RCVR CMOS INV EIA       ICL232CBE            INTERSIL
                                                                                        MAX232CWE+           MAXIM INTEGRATED

U808                        1 E8491-88805     PRGMD 5065-6649 (LTB 1818-6568            E8491-88805          ARROW ELECTRONICS
U808a                       1 5065-6649       LTB for 1818-6568
U808b                       1 1818-6568       IC 2M-BIT FLASH 120-NS CMOS

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                                                          E8491-66501 Parts List
   Reference Designator     Qty Part Number                   Description                    MPN              Manufacturer
U902, U903, U904, U905,      10 1818-4983     IC 256K-BIT SRAM 15-NS CMOS          IDT71256SA15YG    IDT
U803, U804, U1003, U1005,                                                          CY7C199CN-15VXC   CYPRESS SEMICONDUCTOR
U1007, U1009

VR1201, VR1301                2 1901-1265     DIODE-V-SUPPR                        SMCJ15C           VISHAY

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Manual Part Number: 5989-5951EN
Printed in U.S.A. November 2006

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