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     S E R V I C E             M A N U A L

      ARC SUB
Discrete Output, High Current
   8" Powered Subwoofer

            JBL Consumer Products Inc.
             250 Crossways Park Drive
               Woodbury, N.Y. 11797

             A Harman International Company

              1112-ARCSUB Rev A 4/98
Powered Subwoofer                                                                                                                                                        ARC SUB

                                                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS
Specifications .................................................................1                 Block Diagram ................................................................7
Warranty .........................................................................2               Amplifier Exploded View ................................................8
Safety Symbols ..............................................................2                    Cabinet Exploded View..................................................9
Controls and Their Functions.........................................3                            Parts Lists.....................................................................10
Test Procedures .............................................................4                    Packaging and Shipping ..............................................12
Trouble Shooting Before Opening .................................5                                Integrated Circuit Diagrams .........................................13
Removing the Amplifier..................................................5                         Printed Circuit Boards .................................................14
Trouble Shooting After Removal ...................................5                               Schematic Diagrams ...................................................16
Components Requiring Exact Replacement..................6


                   Amplifier Power RMS .                 .    .   .    .   .   .      .   .   .    .   75 Watts
                   Drivers .        .   .   .    .   .   .    .   .    .   .   .      .   .   .    .   8" with high-polymer-laminated cones
                   Inputs       .   .   .   .    .   .   .    .   .    .   .   .      .   .   .    .   Line level and High Level
                   Outputs*         .   .   .    .   .   .    .   .    .   .   .      .   .   .    .   High level with High-Pass filter at 180Hz
                   Crossover Frequency               .   .    .   .    .   .   .      .   .   .    .   50-150Hz
                   (continuosly variable)
                   Frequency Response . . . .                          .   .   .      .   .   .    .   45Hz to (50 - 150Hz)
                   (determined by crossover setting)

                   External Dimensions (Inches)
                   Height .         .   .   .    .   .   .    .   .    .   .   .      .   .   .    .   9 1/4"
                   Width        .   .   .   .    .   .   .    .   .    .   .   .      .   .   .    .   14"
                   Depth        .   .   .   .    .   .   .    .   .    .   .   .      .   .   .    .   12 1/2"
                   Weight .         .   .   .    .   .   .    .   .    .   .   .      .   .   .    .   23 lbs

                   External Dimensions (mm)
                   Height .         .   .   .    .   .   .    .   .    .   .   .      .   .   .    .   235 mm
                   Width        .   .   .   .    .   .   .    .   .    .   .   .      .   .   .    .   356 mm
                   Depth        .   .   .   .    .   .   .    .   .    .   .   .      .   .   .    .   318 mm
                   Weight .         .   .   .    .   .   .    .   .    .   .   .      .   .   .    .   10.5 kg

                   * High-Level (speaker) outputs are active only if high-level input are used.
                   Occasional refinements may be made to existing products without notice, but will always meet or exceed
                   original specifications unless otherwise stated.

Powered Subwoofer                                                                                                   ARC SUB

   This amplifier is warranted against defects in material      LIMITATION OF WARRANTY
and workmanship for a period of 90 days from date of
                                                                    The foregoing warranty shall not apply to defects
shipment, when installed in accordance with the owner's
                                                                resulting from improper or inadequate maintenance by
manual in a clean, dry, interior home environment. THIS
                                                                Buyer, Buyer-supplied interfacing, unauthorized
                                                                modification or misuse, operation outside of the
                                                                environment specifications for the product including
warranty period, the manufacturer will, at its option, either
                                                                inadequate ventilation, or improper site preparation,
repair of replace products which prove to be defective.
                                                                installation, or maintenance.
   For warranty service or repair, this product must be
                                                                  NO OTHER WARRANTY IS EXPRESSED OR
properly packed and returned to a service facility
                                                                IMPLIED. THE MANUFACTURER SPECIFICALLY
designated by the manufacturer. Buyer shall prepay
                                                                DISCLAIMS THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF
shipping charges to the designated facility and the
                                                                MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR
manufacturer shall pay shipping charges to return the
product to buyer. However, Buyer shall pay all shipping
charges, duties and taxes for products returned to the
manufacturer from another country.
                                                                EXCLUSIVE REMEDIES
   The manufacturer does not warrant that the operation of        THE REMEDIES PROVIDED HEREIN ARE BUYER'S
the product will be uninterrupted or error-free. The Buyer      SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDIES.           THE
must determine the suitability of the product for his or her    MANUFACTURER SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY
purposes.                                                       DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR
                                                                CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, WHETHER BASED ON
                                                                CONTRACT, TORT, OR ANY OTHER LEGAL THEORY.

                                                 SAFETY SYMBOLS
   The following symbols are used throughout this manual        WARNING sign until the indicated conditions are fully
and in the product. Familiarize yourself with each of the       understood and met.
symbols and its meaning before servicing this amplifier.

             Instruction manual symbol. The product will be     GENERAL SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS
         marked with this symbol when it is necessary for
         the user to refer to the instruction manual in order      THIS UNIT DOES NOT HAVE A POWER SWITCH;
         to protect the unit against damage.

             Indicates dangerous voltages are present. Be
         extremely careful.
                                                                HAZARDOUS VOLTAGES ARE PRESENT WITHIN THE
                        The CAUTION sign denoted a              UNIT WHENEVER IT IS PLUGGED IN. This still applies
                        hazard. It calls attention to a         when the over-temperature thermostat opens, as it may
                        procedure which, if not correctly       automatically reset at any time.
                        performed or adhered to, could
result in damage to or destruction of the amplifier. Do not
proceed beyond a CAUTION sign until the indicated
conditions are fully understood and met.
                                                                    There are voltages and hot components at many points
                             The WARNING sign denotes a         in the amplifier which can, if contacted, cause serious injury.
                         hazard. It calls attention to a        Be extremely careful. Any adjustments or service
                         procedure which, if not correctly      procedures that require operation of the amplifier out of its
                         performed or adhered to could          enclosure should be performed only by trained service
result in injury or loss of life. Do not proceed beyond a       personnel.

Powered Subwoofer                                                                                         ARC SUB
                                   CONTROLS AND THEIR FUNCTION

 1. Output Level - The Output Level adjustment              4. Low Level Input - These left and right Line Level
     determines volume level strength.                          Inputs are normally used when the
                                                                receiver/processor has line-level "pre-amp out "
 2. Crossover Frequency - The Crossover Frequency               or "subwoofer out" jacks.
     adjustment determines the highest frequency the
     ARC SUB will reproduce. It allows a seamless           5. Fuse - Use only a slow-blo 1.0A 250V GMC fuse.
     transition from the subwoofer to the satellite
     speakers.                                              6. High Level Inputs - These High Level Inputs are for
                                                                receivers that do not have line-level "pre-amp out"
 3. On (LED) - This LED will light green when the unit is       or "subwoofer out" jacks. When a pair of main or
     plugged in and is receiving signal. When in                satellite speakers are attached to the OUTPUT
     standby mode the LED is red.                               terminals, frequencies below 180 Hz are attenuated
                                                                by the high-pass filter.

Powered Subwoofer                                                                                              ARC SUB
                                              TEST PROCEDURES

General Function
     UUT = Unit Under Test
1.   Connect both right and left line level inputs (RCA) to signal generator and UUT. Use Y-cable if necessary from
     mono source. VOLUME control should be full counterclockwise.
2.   Turn on generator, adjust to 50mV, 50 Hz.
3.   Plug in UUT; red LED should be ON. Turn VOLUME control full clockwise.
4.   LED should turn Green; immediate bass response should be heard and felt from port tube opening.
5.   Turn off generator, turn VOLUME control fully counterclockwise, disconnect RCA cables.
6.   Connect one pair of speaker cables to either high level input terminal on UUT. Cables should be connected to
     an integrated amplifier fed by the signal generator.
7.   Turn on generator and adjust so that speaker level output is 2.0V, 50 Hz. Turn VOLUME control full clockwise.
8.   Green LED should light, immediate bass response should be heard and felt from the port tube opening.

Sweep Function
1.   Follow steps 1-4 above, using a sweep generator as a signal source.
2.   Sweep generator from 20Hz to 300Hz. Listen to the cabinet and drivers for any rattles, clicks, buzzes or any
     other noises. If any unusual noises are heard, remove driver and test.

Driver Function
1.   Remove driver from cabinet; detach + and - wire clips.
2.   Check DC resistance of driver; it should be 3.0 ohms.
3.   Connect a pair of speaker cables to driver terminals. Cables should be connected to an integrated amplifier fed by
     a signal generator and adjust so that speaker level output is 5.0V.
4.   Sweep generator from 20Hz to 1kHz. Listen to driver for any rubbing, buzzing, or other unusual noises.

Powered Subwoofer                                                                                                 ARC SUB

    BEFORE THIS AMPLIFIER IS PLUGGED IN, make sure its rated voltage corresponds to the voltage of the AC power
source to be employed. Failure to use the correct voltage could cause damage to the amplifier when the AC power cable is
plugged in. Do not exceed the rated voltage by more than 10%; operation below 90% will degrade performance or cause the
unit to shut off.

    Check connections, control settings, driver and other
possible external problems. If there is Output, determine if
all controls and Inputs function properly. Rotate Pots over         If line core, its strain relief, or the AC switch are
full range while applying lateral and vertical oscillating       replaced, it is necessary to seal them completely to panel
forces to locate possible intermittent function. High Level      with an approved conformal coating to prevent air
Inputs should be tested individually both differentially         "whistling" through any openings from woofer pressure.
(signal from "-" to "+" with normal output) and in common
mode (signal from low level ground to both "+" and "-"
shorted together, giving virtually no output). While passing
a signal, corner drop the enclosure a few inches to expose
possible intermittent problems. Check woofer for rubbing of
voice coil or tears in cone or surround. Check cabinet for            To reduce the risk or electric shock and/or
loose extraneous articles which may have been pushed             fire, replace items as marked on schematic
into front port.                                                 with the safety marking only with the exact
                                                                 replacements listed in the safety component
                                                                 list, section 5. If exact replacements are not available,
                                                                 order them from the factory or an authorized service center.

                                                                 A.) Check fuse F1. If blown visually check transformer
                                                                     for discoloration, and large capacitors (C36, C37) for
                                                                     bulges or venting. Check for shorts in Q3-Q7 with
    There are voltages and hot components at many points             an Ohmmeter, (see schematic).
in the amplifier which can, if contacted, cause personal
injury. Be extremely careful. Any adjustments or service         B. With ohmmeter, verify contacts of thermostat are
procedures that require operation of the amplifier out of its        closed, voice coil of woofer is 3.0 ohms, and
enclosure should be performed only by trained service                windings of transformer are continuous.
personnel. Refer to PCB drawings for locations of hazards        C. Examine board and wiring for obvious damage,
and familiarize yourself with their locations before starting.      broken or poorly soldered connections, or

3. TROUBLE SHOOTING AFTER REMOVAL                                D. Repair or replace items identified above. Procedures
                                                                    for replacing power transistors and removing PCB
                                                                    are as follows:

   Verify AC plug is disconnected. See WARNINGS in
section 2.
                                                                     Use low power, grounded temperature regulated iron
                                                                     with small tip such as Weller PTA7 and ESD control.
                                                                     Use SN63/37 solder 0.032" diameter with "no clean"
                                                                     flux core, Alpha Metals P2 or equal.
    To prevent loose hardware from reducing safety                     I) Replacing power transistors: Clip all 3 leads
spacings, it is essential that all hardware be replaced in the            near body of transistor. Remove screw and
same manner as it was removed, with lock washers under                    discard device (keep hardware and insulator).
all nuts, proper torque on screws and thread locking sealer               Holding each lead in turn with needle nose
on the transformer nuts.

Powered Subwoofer                                                                                                 ARC SUB

          pliers, gently heat and remove cut lead from            driver, panel jacks and controls, and voice coil problems
          hole in edge or PCB.                                    such as rubbing or loose turns. With the crossover
                                                                  "frequency" set to 50Hz, very little of the voice content
          Clean insulator and seating area on back of
                                                                  should be heard.
          panel. Coat both sides of insulator with silicon
          (white) thermal compound (unless silicone
          rubber pads are provided), position it centered
          on back of device with holes aligned. Insert            4. LIST OF SAFETY COMPONENTS
          leads into PCB then place pair over hole in             REQUIRING EXACT REPLACEMENTS
          panel; ensure hole in insulator is aligned. Insert
          screw from far side, pass shoulder bushing over          F1            Fuse SLOW BLO 1A 250v GMC
          screw and carefully seat shoulder in hole in tab,                      UL approved
          add flat washer, lock washer and nut (finger
                                                                   FH            Fuse holder. Use only factory
          tight). Center insulator tighten screw first then
          solder all three leads in respective slots with full
          fillet, being careful not to bridge pads. Use            PWR CORD SPT-2 better with polarized plug,
          ohmmeter to verify there is no short from tab of                  UL appoved wired with the hot side
          transistor to panel, or between pads.                             to fused side. Use with UL approved
                                                                            panel strain relief only.

                                                                   XF            Transformer. Use only factory

        Never operate amplifier with load connected                BD1           Bridge diode. Use only factory
        when PC assembly is not attached to panel or                             replacement.
        when any of output transistors is not properly
                                                                   C36, 37       4700uF, 50V electronic filter caps.
        screwed to panel.
                                                                                 Be sure replacement part is at least the
    After repair, inspect for possible safety hazards,                           same working voltage and capacitance
including loose hardware, missing lock washers, correct                          rating. Also the lead spacing is
fuse and lead dress of primary wires (these must be held in                      important. Incorrect spacing may
position with cable ties so that they cannot touch secondary                     cause premature failure due to internal
components). With ohmmeter, check that panel is                                  cabinet pressures and vibration.
connected to signal ground.
                                                                   K1            Safe operating area relay to protect
                                                                                 output devices. Use only factory

                                                                   R64           5.6 .5W METAL FILM, non flammable

   It is essential that the following safety insulation test be
performed prior to returning the Power Sub-Woofer to the
customer, using one of the following methods.
      A) Insulation Resistance Test

          With a 500VDC Insulation Tester, Check
          insulation from the outer metal contact of the
          RCA jack (chassis) to the line neutral of AC
          cord. Resistance should be >100M.

      B) Hi-Pot Test

        If a UL approved Hi-Pot tester is available, test
        line & neutral of AC cord to outer shell of RCA
        jack (chassis) at 1100VAC for 2 seconds.
        Observe all of instrument manufacturer's
        instructions and safety warnings in performing
        this test.

   Connect sub-woofer system to a music source. Play at
high level while checking for air leaks around panel edge,

Powered Subwoofer                                     ARC SUB

Powered Subwoofer                             ARC SUB
                    AMPLIFIER EXPLODED VIEW

Powered Subwoofer                           ARC SUB
                    CABINET EXPLODED VIEW

Powered Subwoofer                                                                                                ARC SUB
                                               ARC SUB PARTS LISTS

                                                             Ref. Number    Part Number   Description            Quantity
Ref. Number    Part Number   Description          Quantity   R32             084392503    3.9K CF 1/4W                 1
                                                             R33             086224502    220K 1/4W 10mm               1
Capacitors                                                   R34             086102502    1K CF 1/4W 10mm              1
C1, 2           130001529    100UF 100V NP              2    R38             084102503    1K CF 1/4W                   1
C3, 4           130000557    4.7UF 16V                  2    R39             084470503    47 CF 1/4W                   1
C5, 6           135100811    100PF CERAMIC              2    R40             084103503    10K CF 1/4W                  1
C7, 11          130000627    0.015UF 5% MYLAR           2    R41             084275503    2.7M CF 1/4W                 1
C8              135020811    20PF CERAMIC               1    R42, 43         084332503    3.3K CF 1/4W                 2
C9, 10          130000627    0.015UF MYLAR              2    R44             086752502    7.5K CF 1/4W                 1
C12             130048607    0.1UF 16V                  1    R45             084104503    100K CF 1/4W                 1
C13             13000610     0.001UF MYLAR              1    R46             084102503    1K CF 1/4W                   1
C14             130048604    0.68UF 16V                 1
                                                             R47, 50         084223503    22K 1/4W                     2
C15             130000620    0.033UF 5% MYLAR           1
                                                             R48             084911502    910 1/4W                     1
C16             130000628    0.0039UF 5% MYLAR          1
                                                             R49, 51         084102503    1K CF 1/4W                   2
C17, 26         130048605    0.33UF 16V                 2
                                                             R52, 53         084392503    3.9K CF 1/4W                 2
C18             130000639    0.0056UF 5% MYLAR          1
                                                             R54             084272503    2.7K CF 1/4W                 2
C19             130000610    0.001UF 5% MYLAR           1
                                                             R55             084182503    1.8K CF 1/4W 10MM            1
C20             130000596    0.22UF 16V                 1
                                                             R56, 57         091681502    680 MF 1W                    2
C21             135470811    470PF CERAMIC              1
                                                             R58, 59         084470503    47 CF 1/4W                   2
C22             130054710    100UF 16V                  1
                                                             R60, 61         084220503    22 CF 1/4W 10MM              2
C23             132104652    0.1UF CERAMIC              1
                                                             R62, 63         092158502    0.15 MF 2W                   2
C24             130000551    1000UF 25V                 1
                                                             R64             095569502    5.6 MF 1/2W                  1
C25             130000527    4.7UF 16V                  1
                                                             R65             084104503    100K CF 1/4W                 1
C27, 28, 29     130000518    100UF 25V                  3
                                                             R66             084472503    4.7K CF 1/4W 10MM            1
C30             130000622    0.01UF MYLAR 5%            1
                                                             R67             084223503    22K CF 1/4W                  1
C31             130000619    0.047UF MYLAR 5%           1
                                                             R68             084561503    560 CF 1/4W                  1
C32             135022811    22PF CERAMIC               1
                                                             R69             084153503    15K CF 1/4W                  1
C33             130000506    10UF 16V                   1
                                                             R70             084562503    5.6K CF 1/4W 10MM            1
C34, 35         130000549    220UF 25V                  2
                                                             R71             084472503    4.7K CF 1/4W 10MM            1
C36, 37         130001530    4700UF 50V                 2
                                                             R72             105681502    680 MF 5W                    1
Resistors                                                    R73             092511502    510 MF 2W                    1
R1, 2, 3, 4     092101502    100 MF 2W                  4    R74             092331502    680 MF 2W                    1
R5, 6           084274503    270K CF 1/4W               2
R7, 8           086472502    4.7K CF 1/4W 10MM          2
                                                             BD1             240184801    DIODE BRIDGE RS402L/KBL01    1
R9, 10          084473503    47K CF 1/4W 10MM           2
                                                             D1, 2, 3, 4     240002605    DIODE IN4148                 4
R11, 12         084333503    33K CF 1/4W                2
                                                             ZD1, 2          240224101    ZENER IN5231B                2
R13, 14         086473502    47K 1/4W 10MM              2
                                                             ZD3, 4, 5, 6    240221701    ZENER IN4744A 15V 1W         4
R15, 16         086102502    1K CF 1/4W 10MM            2
                                                             ZD7             240094701    ZENER 24V 1/2W               1
R17, 18         073893582    379K MF 1/16W 1%           2
R19             072325182    23.25K MF 1/16W 1%         1    Transistors
R20             086625502    2.2M MF 1/4W 10mm          1    Q1              230154501    2SC1815GR                    1
R21, 22         079303582    930K MF 1/16W 1%           2    Q2              230164501    2SA1015GR                    1
R23             071415282    141.5K MF 1/16W 1%         1    Q3              230201201    MPSA06                       1
R24             077382582    73.8K MF 1/16W 1%          1    Q4              230175901    2SD1563                      1
R25             071475282    147.5K MF 1/16W 1%         1    Q5              230175801    2SB1086-Q                    1
R26             073203582    320K MF 1/16W 1%           1    Q6              220036001    2SB668-R                     1
R27             071603582    160K MF 1/16W 1%           1    Q7              230035901    2SD718-R                     1
R28             073203582    320K MF 1/16W 1%           1    Q8, 10          230154501    2SC1815GR                    2
R29, 30, 31,    084103503    10K CF 1/4W                6    Q9              230164501    2SA1015GR                    1
  35, 36, 37                                                 Q11             230078101    2SC2274                      1

Powered Subwoofer                                                                                                                ARC SUB

Ref. Number      Part Number   Description              Quantity   Ref. Number      Part Number       Description                 Quantity

Integrated Circuits
U1, 2, 3, 4, 5    220214601    IC 4558L DUAL OP AMP           5
                                                                   PACKAGING PARTS LIST
U6                220013602    IC 4558D DUAL OP AMP           1
                                                                                      101125           STYROCORNERS                       8
                                                                                      101540           POLY BAG                           1
F1                290205101    FUSE SLOW-BLO T1.0A 250V       1
                                                                                      101520           BEAUTY CARTON                      1
Miscellaneous                                                                         76082            WARRANTY CARD                      1
K1                200222501    RELAY 24V 6A                   1                       101530           SET-UP GUIDE                       1
4                 150226401    TRANSFORMER 8410193F           1                       101145           BOTTOM PADS                        1
8                 260231001    CONNECTOR SPEAKER              2
VR1               120215401    VR1 500K x 2 Frequency         1
VR2               120211501    VR2 20K X 2 Volume             1
LED1              250213501    LED BRG333B(R/G)               1
                                                                   NOTE: This caution sign     is found by components in which safety can be
12                260231802    CONN DUAL RCA INPUT            1    of special significance. When replacing a component identified with the
15                260232901    FUSE HOLDER                    1    sign replace only with same ratin
25                210213601    POWER CORD                     1

Ref. Number      Part Number   Description              Quantity
1                 NOT SOLD     PRE-AMP PCB ASSY.              1
2                 NOT SOLD     POWER AMP PCB ASSY.            1
3                 550101000    HEATSINK                       1
5                 NOT SOLD     PCB INSULATOR FOAM BEZEL       1
6                 NOT SOLD     FOAM INSULATION TAPE           1
7                 510112501    FACEPLATE                      1
14                530041500    KNOB                           2
16                550087300    STRAIN RELIEF                  1
18                540083200    "L" BRACKETS                   2
19                560031601    HEATSINK FOR Q4 &Q5            2
20                STPP43007    SELF TAPPING SCREW             2
21                SMPP330W6    TAPPING SCREWS                 4
22                S2PP43010    SELF TAPPING SCREWS            4
23                SMPP440W9    MACHINE SCREW                  4
24                320008400    O/P TRANSISTOR MICA PAD        2
26                NH0H54000    NUT                            4
27                WS4426600    SPRING WASHER                  4
28                WF5411010    FLAT WASHER                    4
29                SMPP440W7    MACHINE SCREW                  2
                  101510       GRILLE                         1
                  101142       SCREWS (FOR WOOFER)            4
                  101500       8" WOOFER                      1
                  101141       SCREWS (FOR REAR PLATE)        10

Powered Subwoofer                             ARC SUB
                    PACKAGING EXPLODED VIEW

Powered Subwoofer                                ARC SUB

Powered Subwoofer                                             ARC SUB

Powered Subwoofer                                                ARC SUB

Powered Subwoofer                         ARC SUB
                    SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 1

Powered Subwoofer                         ARC SUB
                    SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 2


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