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Konica Minolta QMS 2060 pagework20 Parts Manual

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PageWorks / Pro 20
                                                                                                                                             PARTS MANUAL

1. The part numbers listed in Parts Manual are those which were assigned to the parts making up the machine at the time machine was originally introduced onto the

2. Parts whose numbers are preceded by an asterisk in the Index Column on the List Page are parts to be used in only certain market areas. Therefore ,please check
    number in the Area column on the List Page and then compare it with the numbers given in the Area Chart on page II to find out which part number is applicable to
    own areas
    NOTE: Parts for only certain Market Areas: The part numbers for these parts vary according to market area. In other cases, these parts are used in only restricted

3. The Index Number on the List Page is composed of two numbers and two letters. Generally, only A is used as the first letter of the two letters. However, sometimes
   varies according to market areas, has two or more part numbers. The second of the two letters represents the modification history of that part.

4. The Area Number is listed in the Area Column for only those parts used in certain market areas. This Area Number represents the ares listed opposite to in the Chart
    on Page II . Parts having no Area Number listed in the Area Column can be used in all market areas.

5. In the exploded views in this parts manual parts (Screws & Washes, etc...) which are indicated with a "four-digit" numbers are listed in numerical order in the section
    "SCREWS AND WASHERS". Please check these "four-digit" numbers with the part numbers ("ten-digit" number) which should be used for ordering the part.

6. All parts numbers consist of "ten-digit" which should all be quoted when ordering a part. The price of parts can be obtained by referring to the "Parts Price List" which
   separately issued.

7. All information contained in this parts manual is subject to change.
         AREA CHART

AREA No.                            AREA                              (JAPAN)      AREA No.                                 AREA       (JAPAN)

 2520                     120V
 2612                     220/240V

           We recommend that you cross out from your Parts Manuals those parts numbers which do not apply to your area so that
           no error is made when ordering parts.

                         THIS PARTS MANUAL IS EFFECTIVE WITH MACHINES SERIALLY NUMBERED                       R)        AND ONWARDS.
                                                                                                                                                                                             PARTS MANUAL

 1.   HOUSING 

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