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Konica Minolta QMS 3260-4032 Parts Manual

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PARTS MANUAL QMS 3260/4032 Laser Printer.

This parts manual will aid you in identifying a part of the QMS 3260/4032 Laser Printer.
All engine parts are described in section 12 of the QMS QMS 3260/4032 Laser Printer Base Engine Technical Manual.
In order to find the corresponding QMS part number it is necessary to convert the numbering scheme being used in the service manual into the format
being used in the below standing part number conversion list.

The conversion to be executed is as follows :
1. Locate the part you search the corresponding QMS part number for in section 12 of the service manual.
2. Locate the number preceded with a "PL" on top of the page
3. Convert this number to a 4 digit number so that for instance 1.1 results in 0101.
4. Attach the item number to the previously created 4 digit number so that the complete number results in a 6 digit number.
5. Locate the 6 digit number in the part number conversion list and retrieve the corresponding QMS part number.
6. If the respective column in the conversion list indicates that a part was replaced by another part number,
please use the "replaced by" number instead for ordering.

You search for a " COVER ASSY ". You will find it in section 12 on page 12-5 as item number 1.
On top of this page you find a number PL1.1. This number needs to be slightly converted to 0101 and the respective item number (In our case item
number 1) needs to be attached to the previously converted number as follows : 0101 and 01 results in 01.01.01. Now you search for number 01.01.01
in the conversion list and retrieve the QMS part number 865048K58481.

Hint: If the respective converted number is not available in the part number conversion list then the item is either not available as a spare part or there
was no part number assigned yet. In this case the complete sub assembly needs to be taken.

                                       PARTNUMBER CONVERSION LIST QMS 3260/4032 Laser Printer

 6 Digit Number      PARTNUMBER QMS                    PART DESCRIPTION                   QUANTITY/25               QUANTITY/100                   S/S PART
   (the number you                                                                       (recommended stock        (recommended stock
      converted)                                                                          quantity for /xx units   quantity for /xxx units in
                                                                                              in the field)        the field)
01.01.01             865048K58481             COVER ASSY                                                                                        COVER
01.01.06             865002E68401             COVER ESS                                                                                         COVER
01.01.07             865003E23652             STOPPER                                                                                           COVERS
01.01.08             865127K19110             FAN ASSY FUSER                                       1                           2                ELEC
01.01.09             865048E37170             COVER FUSER FULL                                                                                  COVERS
01.02.02             865009E62730             SPRING TORSION                                                                                    COVERS
01.02.05             865054E08320             DUCT BOTTOM                                                                                       COVERS
01.02.99             865600K65430             KIT TRAY 2 MOUNTING                                                                               FRAME
01.03.01             865048E37211             COVER INNER LH                                                                                    COVERS
01.03.02             865048E50030             COVER RH                                                                                          COVERS
01.03.03             865048K49621             COVER ASSY REAR                                                                                   COVERS
01.03.04             865048E37410             COVER REAR 1TM                                                                                    COVERS
02.01.01             865097K33190             TRAY ASSY QMS                                                                                     CST
02.02.99             865600K61610             KIT CASSETTE CABLES                                                                               CST
03.01.01             865110K07740             SIZE SWITCH ASSY PS                                                                               ELEC
03.01.02             865127K20661             MOTOR ASSY                                           1                           2                FEEDER
03.01.05             865107E94941             PHOTO INTERRUPTER                                                                                 FEEDER
03.01.08             865003E23671             STOPPER TRAY F                                                                                    FEEDER
03.01.09             865003E23690             STOPPER TRAY R                                                                                    FEEDER
03.01.11             865023E13230             LINK STOPPER TRAY 1                                                                               FEEDER
03.01.12             865809E05870             SPRING TORSION                                                                                    FEEDER
03.01.99             865600K65440             KIT ACTUATOR SNR ASSY                                                                             FEEDER
03.02.02             865121K82820             CLUTCH ASSY                                          1                           1                FEEDER
03.02.04             865005K81990             CLUTCH ONE-WAY                                       1                           1                FEEDER
03.02.05             865050K29923             FEEDER ASSY M/N                                                                                   FEEDER
03.02.06             865022K47342             ROLL ASSY                                            2                           6                FEEDER
03.02.97             865600K65450             KIT TRAY 1 CLUTCH                                                                                 FEEDER
03.02.98             865600K61600             KIT FEED ROLL                                                                                     FEEDER
03.02.99   865600K56740   KIT PICK UP GEAR TRAY 1             FEEDER
03.03.01   865050K29983   RETARD ASSY                         FEEDER
03.03.15   865022K45890   ROLLER ASSY S/F                     FEEDER
03.03.18   865054K88590   CHUTE ASSY FEED OUT         1   2   FEEDER
03.03.21   865074K92500   SUPPORT ASSY SPRING                 FEEDER
03.03.22   865009E53230   SPRING                              FEEDER
03.03.98   865600K65460   RETARD ASSY HIGH                    FEEDER
03.03.99   865600K60970   KIT TAKE AWAY GEAR TRAY 1           FEEDER
03.04.99   865600K56730   KIT ACTUATOR SNR ASSY               FEEDER
03.05.04   865013E86260   BEARING FEED                        FEEDER
03.05.97   865600K65470   KIT TRAY 2 CLUTCH                   FEEDER
03.05.99   865600K60960   KIT PICK UP GEAR TRAY 2             FEEDER
03.06.15   865022K45900   ROLL ASSY T/A                       FEEDER
03.06.18   865054E08682   CHUTE F/O 1TM E                     FEEDER
03.06.98   865600K65480   KIT RETARD TAKE AWAY TR 2           FEEDER
03.06.99   865600K56750   KIT TAKE AWAY GEAR TRAY 2           FEEDER
03.07.99   865600K60980   KIT FEED DRIVE REPAIR               FEEDER
04.01.01   865048E37370   SUPPORT FRONT COVER                 MSI
04.01.02   865048K58760   SUPPORT REAR COVER                  MSI
04.01.04   865162K20380   HARNESS ASSY DRAWER                 MSI
04.01.08   865048E37401   MSI TOP COVER                       MSI
04.02.01   865059K06110   MSI FEEDER ASSY                     MSI
04.02.06   865019K92810   MSI PAD                             MSI
04.03.02   865121K82880   MSI FEED CLUTCH                     MSI
04.03.09   865022K93360   MSI FEED ROLLER             3   9   MSI
04.03.14   865059K00430   MSI NUDGER ROLLER ASSY              MSI
04.03.22   865059K00440   MSI NUDGER ROLLER                   MSI
04.03.23   865005K80880   MSI FRICTION CLUTCH                 MSI
04.04.01   865050K30711   MSI TRAY ASSY                       MSI
04.04.04   865130K83360   MSI SIZE SENSOR ASSY                MSI
05.01.01   865068K79283   PINCH ROLLER ASSY           1   2   PAP XPORT
05.01.08   865048K49430   COVER ASSY L/H LOW                  PAP XPORT
05.01.12   865130E81311   TAKE AWAY SENSOR                    PAP XPORT
05.02.01   865048K69960   LEFT LOWER COVER ASSY               PAP XPORT
05.02.03   865068K83512   PINCH ROLL ASSY                     PAP XPORT
05.02.15   865110E93440   LEFT LOWER COVER INT SW             PAP XPORT
06.01.01   865121K83190   CLUTCH ASSY REG             1   2   PAP XPORT
06.01.03   865022K33900   ROLLER ASSY REG                     PAP XPORT
06.01.04   865054K04252   CHUTE ASSY REG                      PAP XPORT
06.01.08   865103K80191   RESISTOR ASSY                       PAP XPORT
06.02.03   865048K57321   COVER ASSY L/H                      PAP XPORT
06.02.07   865054K88604   CHUTE ASSY L/H                      PAP XPORT
06.02.14   865074E91101   SUPPORT L/H COVER                   PAP XPORT
07.01.01   865062K97924   ROS ASSY                    1   3   PAP XPORT
07.02.01   865022K48230   BTR ASSY                    1   2   PAP XPORT
07.02.08   865038K81662   BTR/DTS GUIDE ASSY                  ELECTRICAL
07.02.14   865130K55760   TONER EMPTY SENSOR                  XERO
07.02.15   865009E55260   TONER SNR SPRING                    XERO
07.02.16   865162K26540   CRU CONNECTOR ASSY                  ELECTRICAL
07.02.22   865019K93342   CB ASSY                             XERO
07.02.23   865110K98770   CRU INTERLOCK SW ASSY               XERO
07.02.27   865015E50040   PLATE CONTACT C                     XERO
07.02.28   865015E50050   PLATE CONTACT D                     XERO

08.01.01    865126K10021     FIXING UNIT 220V             2   4    ELEC
09.01.01    865022K46545     TRANSPORT ASSY FULL                   EXIT
09.01.02    865121K82870     SOLENOID ASSY                         EXIT
09.01.05    865127K18860     OFFSET MOTOR                          EXIT
09.01.06    865054K06201     LOWER CHUTE ASSY                      EXIT
09.01.12    865110K94631     FUSER EXIT SENSOR            1   1    EXIT
09.01.16    865110K98480     EXIT SENSOR                  1   1    EXIT
09.01.17    865120E99490     EXIT ACTUATOR                         EXIT
09.02.02    865022K35430     ROLLER ASSY EXIT FUT                  EXIT
09.02.04    865022K46031     OFFSET ROLLER ASSY                    EXIT
09.03.01    865054K08502     CHUTE ASSY UPPER                      EXIT
09.03.02    865110K94651     SWITCH ASSY                           EXIT
09.04.01    865068K12271     EXIT DRIVE ASSY                       EXIT
09.04.10    865121K84520     INVERTER CCW CLUTCH                   EXIT
10.01.01    865007K83444     MAIN DRIVE ASSY              1   2    DRIVE
10.02.01    865068K11604     FRAME ASSEMBLY EXIT REAR              DRIVE
10.02.13    865162K25053     DRAWER CONNECTOR                      FUSER
11.01.02    865160K35151     NOISE FILTER PWB 220                  ELEC
11.01.07    865910W00202     MAIN SWITCH                           ELEC
11.01.11    865105K94952     PS ASSY M4 220                        ELEC
11.02.01    865160K47100     AC DRIVER PWB                1   2    ELEC
11.02.04    865105K14540     HVPS                         1   2    ELEC
11.02.05    865101K31052     MCU ASSY 220V                1   3    ELEC
11.02.10    865110E93460     LEFT COVER INT SWITCH                 ELEC
11.03.03    865160K29520     ESS MOTHER PWB                        ELEC
11.03.06    865127K20030     FAN ASSY                     1   1    ELEC
11.03.16    865162K25111     HARNESS CONSOLE                       ELEC

SUPPLIES    1710345-001      STAPLE CARTRIDGE, QMS-3260   1   2
            1710307-001      PRINT CARTRIDGE              3   12
            1710308-002      MAINTENANCE KIT              2   6

CONTR.      2293250-901TPM   PCB, ASSY, CPU, QMS-3260     2   4
HARD DISK   1420080-005      DR,HD,2.5,1.083,ATA,PRML,1   1   1


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