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                                                                                             Service Manual of TFT-700

                                   Service Manual of TFT-700
               Damageable Parts
               CSC2600, B1203,CPU, High-Voltage fuse N25,High-Voltage Circuit Audion, Transformer,
               On/Off switch, Flat Cable, LCD Panel

               1. Scenario: No sound, No picture, No light
                                   Whether Power LED is working
                                   in RED

                                                                       Press POWER button and test pin 29 of
                                                                       CPU, see if voltage change from 05V or
                       Test whether CPU 5V
                       power supply is OK
                                                                                 YES          NO Is Button input pin
                                                                                                       voltage right?
                                                                     Is CPU C1815,B1203 and
              Is IC M61260pin32 voltage OK?                          back power circuit shorted?             NO         YES          Change CPU

                                  YES   Test circuit of CPU pin 22                                            Original Cause
                                        to IC M61260 pin 32
                       NO                                                NO        YES Change            B1203
           Is IC M6260pin12 voltage right?                                                  C1815 to avoid short

                                                    Is all circuit coming out from power supply voltage right?

                         NO YES         IC M61260 Bad

           Is IC M61260 pin 12 power supply circuit OK?              YES         NO
                                                                                          Repair Power supply or relative circuit.

                                        NO                                                           NO       Change      High-voltage     circuit
Is there High - Voltage output?                      Check     High-Voltage     circuit    N25
                                                     broken?                                                  audion or high-voltage transformer


          Change LCD Panel

                                                                Service Manual of TFT-700

2. Scenario: Abnormal Color

               Is IC M61260 pin14,15,16 output voltage OK?

                                        NO         Is IC M61260 has power supply?
Is IC CSC2600 Pin6,8,9,29,32,35 voltage OK?
                                                         Change IC M61260

           YES                                Change defect parts in loop
     Change Circuit cable of
     LCD Panel


     Is circuit around IC CSC2600 OK?


      Change IC CSC2600

                                                                     Service Manual of TFT-700

3. Scenario: No Sound, with Light, Black Screen

                   Is power supply               to    IC   M61260     pin
                3,4,12,39,40 alright?

                                                      NO     Check Power Supply

           Is IC M61260pin 24,26,27,34 working alright?

                                                            Is CPU circuit and relative circuit
                                                            around IC M61260 pin 34 alright?

       Is voltage of IC M61260pin 14,15,16 alright?

                                        NO                  Change IC M61260

          Is voltage of IC CSC2600pin 6,8,9 alright?

                                                            Check circuit around IC CSC2600
                         Change LCD Panel

                                                      Service Manual of TFT-700

4. Scenario: Horizontal and Vertical Not in Sync

                 Is IC M61260+5V +8Vwell powered?

                                         NO     Repair Power Supply


               Is relative circuit around IC M61260
               pin 5, 11 alright?

                                                   Check relative circuit around
                                                   pin 5,11

                                     H/V Sync
          Check circuit around IC 4001

            Check LCD Panel pin 6 alright?

                     Change Flat Cable


                          Change LCD Panel

                                                            Service Manual of TFT-700

5. Scenario: White Light

             Check switches power +5V +8V +17V 

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