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                                SERVICE BULLETIN
                                                                                                     No. : 0IVL20060063
                                                                                                     Date : 2006-06-20
                    Factory Factory Model Suffix             Model No.            Factory Factory Model Suffix                    Model No.
                    EKHQ      26LX1D-UA         ALUSLL 26LX1D-UA                  ENMX        26LX1D-UA             ALUSLL 26LX1D
                    EKHQ      26LX2D-UA         ALUSLL 26LX2D-UA                  ENMX        26LX2D-UA             ALUSLL 26LX2D
                    EKHQ      32LP1D-UA         ALUSLL 32LP1D-UA                  ENMX        32LP1D-UA             ALUSLL 32LP1D
                    ENMX      32LP1D-UA         APUSLT 32LP1D                     EKHQ        32LX1D-UA             ALUSLL 32LX1D-UA
                    EKHQ      32LX1D-UA         APUSLL 32LX1D                     ENMX        32LX1D-UA             ALUSLL 32LX1D
                    ENMX      32LX1D-UA         APCALL 32LX1D                     ENMX        32LX1D-UA             APCALT 32LX1D
                    ENMX      32LX1D-UA         APUSLT 32LX1D                     EKHQ        32LX2D-UA             ALUSLL 32LX2D-UA
                    ENMX      32LX2D-UA         ALUSLL 32LX2D                     ENMX        32LX2D-UA             APUSLT 32LX2D
                    EKHQ      37LP1D-UA         ALUSLL 37LP1D-UA                  ENMX        37LP1D-UA             ALUSLL 37LP1D
                    ENMX      37LP1D-UA         APUSLL 37LP1D                     EKHQ        42LP1D-UA             ALUSLL 42LP1D-UA
                    ENMX      42LP1D-UA         ALUSLL 42LP1D                     ENMX        42LP1D-UA             APUSLL 42LP1D

                    Buyer Name Buyer Code             Buyer Name Buyer Code                   Buyer Name Buyer Code
                    LGEUS          US000001           LGEAI              US000002

EFFECTIVE DATE 2006-06-20                                EFFECTIVE FROM(SERIAL NO.)                               All serial No.
       Subject      To stop a fan of DCR model(LCD DTV) when TV is off.
                           Before Change                                      After Change
No. Loc No.                                                                                                           Note K-Code Remark
                 Part No        DESC./SPEC.                     Part No                DESC./SPEC.

Reason Of Change


                 NOTE(**) : INTERCHANGEABILITY CODE                                                               KEY-WORD CODE
         Parts                     Set
        Original            Early        Original or new parts may be used in early or late production sets.
                                                                                                               1. To improve performance
                                         Use original parts until exhausted, then stock new parts.             2. To improve productivity
        New                 Late

        Original            Early        Original parts may be used in early production sets only.             3. To improve reliability
   B                                     New parts may be used in early or late production sets.
                                         Use original parts where possible, then stock new parts.
        New                 Late                                                                               4. Change of material or dimension

        Original            Early        New parts only may be used in early or late production sets.          5. Addition
                                         Stock new parts.
        New                 Late                                                                               6. Deletion

        Original            Early        Original parts only may be used in early production sets.             7. Correction
   D                                     New parts may be used in late production sets only.
                                         Stock original and new parts.
        New                 Late

                                                                      CHIEF ENGINEER ,

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