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42/50G2 PDP modules vertical line
       issue repair method


       I. Tv models using G2 panels.
       II. Vertical noise type.
       A1. Vertical noise failure cause.
       A3. Measuring diode value.

                 2009. 7. 09
      HE Company / LGERS / Design Gr.
      A. Manager Jose Luis Ortiz Q.
. TV models using G2 PDP panels.
   There are reported two kind of vertical noise in the field related to PDP panels 42G2 and 50G2 series caused by control board assembly.
   1.- Vertical line with same interval.
   2.- Vertical line without same interval.
   This bulletin shows analysis and repair method for both kind of issues.

              TV MODELS USING 42G2 SERIES PANELS.                                   TV MODELS USING 50G2 SERIES PANELS.
         No     Model Name              No    Model Name                      No    Model Name             No    Model Name
           1    42PQ20-UA.ACCLLHR       27    42PQ20-UA.ACCALHR                 1   50PQ20-UA.ACCLLHR       27   50PQ20-UA.ACCALHR
           2    42PQ20-UA.ACCLLJR       28    42PQ20-UA.AUSALHR                 2   50PQ20-UA.ACCLLJR       28   50PQ20-UA.AUSALHR
           3    42PQ20-UA.AUSLLHR       29    42PQ20-UA.AWMALHR                 3   50PQ20-UA.AUSLLHR       29   50PQ20-UA.AWMALHR
           4    42PQ20-UA.AUSLLJR       30    42PQ30-UA.ACCALHR                 4   50PQ20-UA.AUSLLJR       30   50PQ30-UA.ACCALHR
           5    42PQ20-UA.AWMLLHR       31    42PQ30-UA.AUSALHR                 5   50PQ20-UA.AWMLLHR       31   50PQ30-UA.AUSALHR
           6    42PQ20-UA.AWMLLJR       32    42PQ30-UD.AWMALHR                 6   50PQ20-UA.AWMLLJR       32   50PQ30-UD.AWMALHR
           7    42PQ30-UA.ACCLLHR       33    42PQ30C-UA.AUSALHR                7   50PQ30-UA.ACCLLHR       33   50PQ30C-UA.AUSALHR
           8    42PQ30-UA.ACCLLJR       34    42PQ30R-MA.AWCALJR                8   50PQ30-UA.ACCLLJR       34   50PQ30R-MA.AWCALJR
           9    42PQ30-UA.AUSLLHR       35    42PQ30R-MA.AWFALJR                9   50PQ30-UA.AUSLLHR       35   50PQ30R-MA.AWFALJR
          10    42PQ30-UA.AUSLLJR       36    42PQ30R-MA.AWHALJR               10   50PQ30-UA.AUSLLJR       36   50PQ30R-MA.AWHALJR
          11    42PQ30-UD.AWMLLHR       37    42PQ30R-MA.AWPALJR               11   50PQ30-UD.AWMLLHR       37   50PQ30R-MA.AWPALJR
          12    42PQ30-UD.AWMLLJR       38    42PQ60-UA.ACCALHR                12   50PQ30-UD.AWMLLJR       38   50PQ60-UA.ACCALHR
          13    42PQ30C-UA.AUSLLHR      39    42PQ60-UA.AWMALHR                13   50PQ30C-UA.AUSLLHR      39   50PQ60-UA.AWMALHR
          14    42PQ30R-MA.AWCLLJR      40    42PQ60R-MA.AWCALJR               14   50PQ30R-MA.AWCLLJR      40   50PQ60R-MA.AWCALJR
          15    42PQ30R-MA.AWFLLJR      41    42PQ60R-MA.AWFALJR               15   50PQ30R-MA.AWFLLJR      41   50PQ60R-MA.AWFALJR
          16    42PQ30R-MA.AWHLLJR      42    42PQ60R-MA.AWHALJR               16   50PQ30R-MA.AWHLLJR      42   50PQ60R-MA.AWHALJR
          17    42PQ30R-MA.AWPLLJR      43    42PQ60R-MA.AWPALJR               17   50PQ30R-MA.AWPLLJR      43   50PQ60R-MA.AWPALJR
          18    42PQ31-UD.AWMLLHR                                              18   50PQ31-UD.AWMLLHR
          19    42PQ60-UA.ACCLLHR                                              19   50PQ60-UA.ACCLLHR
          20    42PQ60-UA.ACCLLJR                                              20   50PQ60-UA.ACCLLJR
          21    42PQ60-UA.AWMLLHR                                              21   50PQ60-UA.AWMLLHR
          22    42PQ60-UA.AWMLLJR                                              22   50PQ60-UA.AWMLLJR
          23    42PQ60R-MA.AWCLLJR                                             23   50PQ60R-MA.AWCLLJR
          24    42PQ60R-MA.AWFLLJR                                             24   50PQ60R-MA.AWFLLJR
          25    42PQ60R-MA.AWHLLJR                                             25   50PQ60R-MA.AWHLLJR
          26    42PQ60R-MA.AWPLLJR                                             26   50PQ60R-MA.AWPLLJR

The People Company                                                  1/6
I. PDP module (G2 models) Vertical Noise type

   There are two types of Picture (Vertical) noise upon DDR Memory for 42/50G2 PDP module.

 1. Vertical line with same interval (16pixels)   2. Vertical line without same interval (8pixels, 16pixels or



The People Company                                      2/6
I. PDP module (G2 models) Vertical Noise type

  1. Vertical line with same interval

  This problem is mostly related to failure in DQ signal paths
  from DDR2 memory IC251 to BGA IC201.

  A.   Check the components solder quality, foils and via holes
       integrity.                                                                       A
  B.   Press BGA IC firmly to check for bad solder.
       Refer to A1 figure in page 5.

                                                                     Check points

  C. Check diode value of the16 DQ lines using multi-meter,
     GND(+)-to-DQ line(-) (refer to A3 picture in the last slide).
     Normal diode voltage drop is (0.4 to 0.5 Vdc).

  If everything is OK and failure persist, change the control board assy.

The People Company                                                   3/6
I. PDP module (G2 models) Vertical Noise type

  2. Vertical line without same interval (8pixels, 16pixels or

  A. Check the control board DQS Resistors coming out from DDR
     memory to BGA IC (backside R282 , R283 , R284 , R285)

       - DQS (local clock function) resistor value must be 470.

        If 1K resistor value is found, change to 470       (1     470).

       - 1 has some potential probability to cause vertical lane when
         repeatedly connected and disconnect of LVDS cable.

  B.       Check diode value of the 4 DQS lines.
        (refer to A3 picture in the last slide).
        Normal diode voltage drop is (0.4 to 0.5 Vdc).

  If everything is OK and failure persist, change the control board assy.

The People Company                                                      4/6
A1. Vertical Noise Failure cause
 Possible Failure Cause of Picture (Vertical) Noise upon DDR Memory


              ASIC                     Memory



      Failure cause:
      Pin fail : Diode check with multi-meter.
      Resistor Crack and soldering problem : visual inspection
      Via hole crack : Diode check, resistor check visually and using multi-meter.
      Ball crack and soldering problem in BGA IC's: Press devices toward PCB

The People Company                             5/6
A3. Measuring Diode value of DQ and DQS

   Diode check using Multi-meter

                                                   Address, Command






The People Company                  6/6

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