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easynote l

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   Packard Bell
    EasyNote L
Disassembly Manual

Table of Contents
Overview                                                              2
Technician Notes                                                      2
Disassembly Instructions                                              2
Reassembly Instructions                                               2
Required Tools                                                        2
Hazardous Voltage                                                     3
Avoid Electrostatic Discharge                                         3
Power Supply Unit                                                     3
Removing the Battery                                                  4
Removing the Memory Module                                            4
Removing the Hard Disk Drive                                          5
Removing the Keyboard                                                 5
Removing the Optical Disk Drive                                       7
Removing the LCD Module                                               7
Removing the LCD Panel                                                9
Removing the CPU                                                      9
Removing the Top Cover                                               11
Removing the Touchpad                                                12
Removing the Chipset Heat Sink                                       13
Removing the WLAN Card                                               13
Removing the MDC Modem                                               14
Removing the Main Board                                              14
Notice                                                               16

                        Packard Bell EasyNote L Disassembly Manual

This document contains step-by-step service instructions for the EasyNote L. The instructions are
illustrated where necessary with images of the part that is being removed or disassembled.

Packard Bell reserves the right to make changes to the EasyNote L without notice.

Technician Notes
Only technicians authorized by NEC Computers International B.V. should attempt to repair this
equipment. All troubleshooting and repair procedures are detailed to allow only subassembly/module
level repair. Because of the complexity of the individual boards and subassemblies, no one should
attempt to make repairs at the component level or to make modifications to any printed wiring board.
Improper repairs can create a safety hazard. Any indication of component replacement or printed wiring
board modifications may void any warranty or exchange allowances.

Disassembly Instructions
When disassembling the system unit, follow these general rules:

      n   Turn off the power and disconnect all cables and peripherals.
      n   Label all removed connectors. Note where the connector goes and in what position it was
      n   Do not disassemble the system into parts that are smaller than those specified in the

Reassembly Instructions
Reassembly is the reverse of the disassembly process. Use care to ensure that all cables and screws are
returned to their proper positions. Check that no tools or any loose parts have been left inside the casing.
Check that everything is properly installed and tightened.

Required Tools
All disassembly procedures can be performed using the following tools:

      n   PH 0 x 40 Philips screwdriver
      n   4.0 x 60 Flat-bladed screwdriver
      n   2.0 x 30 Flat-bladed screwdriver
      n   SW 5.0 Spacer screwdriver
      n   Small tweezers

                          Packard Bell EasyNote L Disassembly Manual

Hazardous Voltage                                             Ensure that the computer is disconnected
There is hazardous voltage present inside the                 from its power source and from all
computer when it is connected to an AC supply, even           telecommunications links, networks, or
when the computer' power switch is off. Exposure to
                      s                                       modem lines whenever the casing cover is
hazardous voltage could cause personal injury. To             removed. Do not operate the computer with
avoid risk of injury, contact an Authorized Service           the cover removed.
Provider for proper (un)installation of optional
hardware devices.                                             AVERTISSEMENT
                                                              Assurez-vous que le syst

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