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Sony MDS-JA30ES Minidisc_deck

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  SERVICE MANUAL                                                                                         US Model
                                                                                                    Canadian Model
                                                                                                        AEP Model
                                                                                                         UK Model

                                                              Photo: GOLD

  U.S. and foreign patents licensed from Dolby Laboratories                 Model Name Using Similar Mechanism   MDS-JA50ES
  Licensing Corporation.
                                                                            MD Mechanism Type                    MDM-4B
                                                                            Base Unit Type                       MBU-2B
                                                                            Optical Pick-up Type                 KMS-210A/J-N


                                                                                                        -- Continued on next page --

                                                                                                     MINIDISC DECK

                                                                                    SAFETY CHECK-OUT
                                                                          After correcting the original service problem, perform the
                                                                      following safety checks before releasing the set to the customer:
                                                                      Check the antenna terminals, metal trim, "metallized" knobs, screws,
                                                                      and all other exposed metal parts for AC leakage. Check leakage as
                                                                      described below.


                                                                         The AC leakage from any exposed metal part to earth ground
                                                                      and from all exposed metal parts to any exposed metal part having
                                                                      a return to chassis, must not exceed 0.5 mA (500 microampers).
                                                                      Leakage current can be measured by any one of three methods.

                                                                      1.   A commercial leakage tester, such as the Simpson 229 or RCA
                                                                           WT-540A. Follow the manufacturers' instructions to use these

                                                                      2.   A battery-operated AC milliammeter. The Data Precision 245
                                                                           digital multimeter is suitable for this job.

                                                                      3.   Measuring the voltage drop across a resistor by means of a
                                                                           VOM or battery-operated AC voltmeter. The "limit" indication
                                                                           is 0.75 V, so analog meters must have an accurate low-voltage
                                                                           scale. The Simpson 250 and Sanwa SH-63Trd are examples of
                                                                           a passive VOM that is suitable. Nearly all battery operated
                                                                           digital multimeters that have a 2V AC range are suitable. (See
                                                                           Fig. A)

                                                                                              To Exposed Metal
                                                                                              Parts on Set


Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced.                                                                AC
Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by                                                           voltmeter

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