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Sony STR-DA80ES_TA-V88ES_TA-VA80ES receiver_amp

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  SERVICE MANUAL                                                                                                  US Model
                                                                                                             Canadian Model

                                                                                                                         AEP Model
                                                                                                                          UK Model

                                                                                                                               E Model

  Manufactured under license from Dolby
                                                                                                            Australian Model
  Laboratories Licensing Corporation.
  "Dolby," the double-D symbol a,
                                                             Photo: STR-DA80ES                                     PX Model
  "AC-3" and "Pro Logic" are trademarks
  of Dolby Laboratories Licensing
                                                                                                                Chinese Model

  AUDIO POWER SPECIFICATIONS                                        1)
                                                                         Depending on the sound Inputs
                                                                         field settings and the source,                              S/N
  POWER OUTPUT AND TOTAL                                                 sound will not be output.             Sensitivity Impedance (weighting
  HARMONIC DISTORTION                            Dynamic power output                                                                network,
                                                                  155 W + 155 W, 8 ohms                                              input level)
  With 8-ohm load, both channels driven, from                     220 W + 220 W, 4 ohms                                        50         75 dB
  20-20,000 Hz, rated 100 watts per channel,                      (STR-DA80ES: US, Canadian) PHONO              2.5 mV      kilohms    (A, 2.5 mV)
  minimum RMS power, with no more than
                                                                                                                200 mV
  0.09 % total harmonic distorition from 250     Harmonic distortion at rated output                         (STR-DA80ES)
  milliwatts to rated output (US model).                            STR-DA80ES:                   CD            150 mV
                                                                    Less than 0.05 % (with                (TA-V88ES/VA80ES)
  Amplifier section                                                 DIRECT PASS on)
  POWER OUTPUT                                                                                    TAPE, DAT/    200 mV       50         82 dB
  Stereo mode       STR-DA80ES:                                                                   MD, VIDEO (STR-DA80ES) kilohms (A, 150 mV)
                                                                    Less than 0.7 % (with
                    (8 ohms 20 Hz-20 kHz,                                                         1, 2, 3       150 mV
                                                                    DIRECT PASS on)
                    THD 0.05 %)                                                                   LD, TV/DBS (TA-V88ES/VA80ES)
                    100 W + 100 W                Frequency response                               TUNER         150 mV
                    TA-V88ES:                                       PHONO:                        (TA-V88ES/VA80ES)
                    (6 ohms at 1 kHz, THD 0.7%)                      RIAA equalization curve      LD DVD                              100 dB
                                                                                                  AC-3 RF IN       --       75  (A, 20 kHz, LPF)
                    100 W + 100 W                                    

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