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3.7 WHITE BALANCE (CRT) AND SUB                                       3-8. RASTER CENTER ADJUSTMENT
BRIGHT ADJUSTMENT                                                     1. Input a monoscope signal.
                                                                      2. Set to NTSC (DRC) mode.
White Balance                                                         3. Enter service mode and set the following:
1. Input an all white 480I (15.734KHz) signal into the
   VIDEO 1 input terminal to perform the white balance
   (highlight, cut-off) adjustments. The parameters to adjust are
                                                                         No.            Name         Control Function   Avg. Data
   in the CXA2150P in service mode.                                      06             AGNG         AGING1, AGING2        2
2. Set the following:
       Picture: Full Mode
                                                                         No.            Name         Control Function   Avg. Data
                Pro Mode
                                                                         00             HBLK         Blanking enable       0
       Color:   Center
                                                                         02             HSIZ         Horiz Size            31
3. Adjust white balance in the service mode and set the
                                                                      4. Reduce HSIZ to see sides of raster.
   following data:
                                                                      5. Adjust H-Center with CXA2150D-2 00.
                                                                      6. Adjust the best screen position with H-CENT and write data.
   No.            Name       Control Function       Avg. Data         7. Restore aging, HSIZ and HBLK to original condition.
   05             RDRV       R-DRIVE                 Fix: 41
   06             GDRV       G-DRIVE                 Adjust
   07             BDRV       B-DRIVE                 Adjust           3-9. PICTURE DISTORTION ADJUSTMENTS
   08             RCUT       R-CUT OFF               Fix: 41
   09             GCUT       G-CUT OFF               Adjust
   10             BCUT       B-CUT-OFF               Adjust           CXA2150D-1 and CXA2150D-2

4. Adjust sub-brightness: Input an all black signal (to IRE 7.5%      0.   VPOS ( V-POSITION)
   set up) 480i (15.75KHz) signal into the VIDEO 1 input
   terminal and adjust the following parameter of the

CXA2150P-1                                                            1.   VSIZ (V-SIZE)
   No.            Name        Control Function      Avg. Data
   04             SBRT        SUB-BRIGHT             Adjust

5. Check INITIAL DATA (Important)
2150P-1                                                               2.   VLIN (V-LINE)
   No.            Name        Control Function Avg. Data
   00             SBOT        SUB-BRT OFFSET      7
   12             SBOF        SUB-BRT OFFSET      63

6. Repeat steps 3 to 5.                                               3.   VSCO (VS-COR)

                                                                      4.   HCNT (H-CENTERING)

                                                                      5.   HSIZ (H-SIZE)

                                                                -- 21 --

  6.   PIN (PIN AMP)                                                      A2150-D1         00      VPOS
                                                                          A2150-D1         01      VSIZ
                                        0                                 A2150-D1         02      VLIN
                                                                          A2150-D1         03      VSCO
                                                                          A2150-D1         04      VCEN
  7.   UCP (UP COR PIN COR)                                               A2150-D1         05      VPIN
                                                                          A2150-D1         07      HTPZ

                                                                          A2150-D2         01      HPOS
                                                                          A2150-D2         02      HSIZ
  8.   LCP (LOW CO PIN COR)                                               A2150-D2         03      SLIN
                                                                          A2150-D2         05      PIN
                                                                          A2150-D2         06      UCP
                                                                          A2150-D2         07      LCP
                                                                          A2150-D2         13      PPHA
  9.   PPHA(PIN PHASE)                                                    A2150-D2         14      VANG
                                                                          A2150-D2         15      LANG
                                                                          A2150-D2         16      VBOW
                                                                          A2150-D2         17      LBOW

                                                                     Make sure picture size is within specs. Vertical size is 11.8 sq.
                                                                     and Horizontal size is 15.8 sq.
                                                                     4. Write data into memory then set screen to 1080i Mode.
  11. VBOW (AFC-BOW)
                                                                     1080i HD mode adjustment
                                                                     1. Input a 1080i HD cross-hatch signal and an HD monoscope
                                                                        signal that contains overscan markers.
  12. VPIN (V-PIN)                                                   2. Adjust raster position per section 3-8 only if this procedure
                                                                        was not performed for full mode.
                                                                     3. Adjust geometry similar to Full DRC mode. Vertical size is
                                                                        11.8 sq. and Horizontal size is 15.8 sq if monoscope signal is
  13. HTPZ (H-TRAPEZOID)                                                available. Otherwise use Vertical size as 91.5% scan,
                                                                        Horizontal size as 90% scan.
                                                                     4. Use the following registers to adjust vertical and horizontal
  14. LANG (L-ANGLE)                                                      A2150-D2       01        HPOS
                                                                          A2150-D1       05        VPIN
                                                                          A2150-D1       10        ASPT
                                                                          A2150-D2       11        SCRL

  15. LBOW (L-BOW)                                                   If necessary, touch up geometry using the data registers listed
                                                                     above for Full mode.
                                                                     5. Write data into memory.

                                                                     Vertical Compressed Mode Adjustment
                                                                     1. Input a monoscope and a cross-hatch signal.
  3-10. NTSC (DRC) Full mode adjustment
                                                                     2. Touch up geometry using the data registers listed above for
  1. Face picture tube to east or west direction.                       Full mode, however no adjustment should be necessary.
  2. Complete VPIN and VCEN adjustment first. (A2150-D1 05              Vertical size is 11.8 sq. and Horizontal size is 15.8 sq.
     VPIN, A2150-D1 04 VCEN)                                         3. Check Full mode for any side effect for any adjustments to
  3. Input a monoscope and a cross-hatch signal. Adjust picture         Vertical Compressed mode or 1080i HD mode.
     distortion with the following service parameters to balance
     the best condition for these two signals.

                                                               -- 22 --
                                                        SECTION 4
                                               SAFETY RELATED ADJUSTMENTS
The following adjustments should always be performed when replacing the following components which are marked with                           on the
schematic diagram:

D BOARD:              DY, CRT, IC6503, IC8001, IC8003, IC8004, D8004, D8014, R8016, R8021, R8028, R8041, R8042,
                      R8044, R8072, R8073, R8074, R8077, R8078, R8080, R8081, R8082, R8091, R8095

B+ Max Confirmation: Standard: 135.3 + 1 VCD
                                    Check Condition:            AC input voltage : 120 (

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