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                   A                     B                 C                                    D          E

           Title of schematic page
           Page List
                                                    Date       Page
                                                                      Title of schematic page
                                                                      IO PORT LIST
                                                                                                               Date   1
    02     Block Diagram                     1A                                                     1A
    03     Change List                       1A                                                     1A
    04     HSW MCP(DISPLAY/Sideband)         1A                                                     1A
4                                                                                                                         4

    05     HSW MCP(MEMORY/GND)               1A            * : No mount
                                                           L@ : For LVDS output
    06     HSW MCP(CFG/PwrMGT)               1A            D@ : For eDP output
                                                           E@ : For DIS GFX
    07     HSW MCP(POWER)                    1A            I@ : For UMA

    08     HSW PCH(RTC/HDA/SATA)             1A
    09     HSW PCH(PCIE/USB)                 1A
    10     HSW PCH(CLK/LPC/SPI/SMB)          1A
    11     HSW PCH(GPIO/LPIO/MISC)           1A
    12     HSW PCH(POWER)                    1A
    13     DDR3 DIMM0-STD (5.2H)             1A
    14     DDR3 DIMM1-RSV (5.2H)             1A
3                                                                                                                         3
    15     HOLE/EMI/KB                       1A
    16     WPCE985L & FLASH                  1A
    17     LVDS/CAMERA                       1A
    18     CARD READER(RTS5227E)             1A
    19     HDMI/THERMAL                      1A
    20     USB                               1A
    21     LAN (RTL8111GS)                   1A
    22     WLAN/KB-BL                        1A
    23     HDD/ODD/G-SENSOR/TP/FAN           1A
    24     Audio ALC233-CG                   1A

    25     LED/PS/DMIC                       1A                                                                           2

    26     POWER +VCC_CORE (NCP81101)        1A
    27     POWER 3VPCU&RVCC5(TPS51427)       1A
    28     POWER 1.35VSUS/VTT_MEM            1A
    29     POWER +1.05V(G5602R41U)           1A
    30     POWER VCC1.5/Thermal              1A
    31     POWER(BAT IN / ADA IN/ UL)        1A
    32     POWER CHARGER (ISL88731C)         1A
     33    POWER VGA_CORE/1.0(RT8812A)       1A
     34          VCC1.5_VRAM/1.05V
           POWER VGA_CORE( RT8812A)          1A
     35    NVIDIA N14 GB2-64 PCIE 1/4        1A
1                                                                                                                         1
     36    NVIDIA N14 GB2-64 TMDS 2/4        1A
     37    NVIDIA N14 GB2-64 VRAM 3/4        1A
     38    NVIDIA N14 GB2-64 VRAM 4/4        1A
     39    AUDIO Woofer                      1A

                   A                     B                 C                                    D          E
    5                                                     4                                                3                                                           2                                                    1

                                                                                                                                           HKC Haswell ULT BLOCK                                                                                02
                                                                                                                          Shark Bay                                                         Nvidia                                  VRAM
D                                                                                                                                                PCI-E
                                                                                                                                                               PCIE3                                                               1GB / 2GB               D

                                                                      DDR3L-1600 : 1.35V                                                         X16           5GT/s                                            P36 ~ P39           P38~P39
                                                                                            Dual Channel




                  TOUCH                            P17                                                                  Haswell ULT                             HDMI
                  SCREEN            PORT8
                                                                                                                            +                                                                                       P19

                                   Camera          P17
                                                                                                                       Lynx Point-LP

                                                                                                                                                                       5GT/s                    PCI-Express Gen2

                                                                               P23      HDD SATA0

                                                                                                           SATA Gen3
                                  WiMax/BT         P22                                                                                                                                                                                                     C

                                  PORT9                                        P23      ODD SATA3          SATA Gen2
                                  USB I/O          P20                       USB 2.0                                                                                       Giga-LAN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Card Reader
                                  PORT3                                                                                                                                        RTL8111GS
                                                                                                                                                                                                P21                                RTS5227E
                                  USB I/O          P20

                                                   P20                                                     USB

                                  USB I/O
                                                                                                                                                                                                           WLAN/BT P21
                                  USB I/O          P20                       USB 3.0
                                                                                                                          (40mm X 24mm)

        NFC                                                                       I2C
                                                                             Azalia                        HDA
B                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          B


                                   Audio CODEC
                                                                                 SPI ROM
                                      ALC233-CG                                       8MB      P9

                                                                                                                                                                           Power LED                   Button
                                                                                                                                                                           Sleep LED                    ASSIST#
                       MIC Jack
        HP Jack

                                                                                                                                                                           SATA LED                     Power SW


                                                                                                                                                                           Battery LED

                                                                                                               Touch Pad                                                   CAPSLED                                                                         A

        P24           P24                                                                                           P42
                                              P24              P24                                                                                      P16

    5                                                     4                                                3                                                           2                                                    1
                       5                                                                               4                                                                  3                                                                2                                                                 1

                                                                                                           Haswell ULT (DISPLAY)
                      (19)   INT_HDMI_TXDN2
                                                            INT. HDMI
                                                            C1           0.1U/10V/X5R_4    HDMI_TXDN2_CC54

                                                                                                                  DDI1_TXN0                    EDP_TXN0    C45            EDP_TX0# (17)
                      (19)   INT_HDMI_TXDP2                 C2           0.1U/10V/X5R_4    HDMI_TXDP2_CC55                                                 B46
                                                                                                                  DDI1_TXP0                    EDP_TXP0                   EDP_TX0 (17)
                      (19)   INT_HDMI_TXDN1                 C3           0.1U/10V/X5R_4    HDMI_TXDN1_CB58                                                 A47
                                                                                                                  DDI1_TXN1                    EDP_TXN1                   EDP_TX1# (17)
                      (19)   INT_HDMI_TXDP1                 C4           0.1U/10V/X5R_4    HDMI_TXDP1_CC58                                                 B47
                                                                                                                  DDI1_TXP1                    EDP_TXP1                   EDP_TX1 (17)
                      (19)   INT_HDMI_TXDN0                 C5           0.1U/10V/X5R_4    HDMI_TXDN0_CB55
                                                            C6           0.1U/10V/X5R_4    HDMI_TXDP0_C           DDI1_TXN2
                      (19)   INT_HDMI_TXDP0                                                            A55        DDI1_TXP2                    EDP_TXN2    C47
                                                            C7           0.1U/10V/X5R_4    HDMI_TXCN_C A57                                                 C46
                             INT_HDMI_TXCP                  C8           0.1U/10V/X5R_4    HDMI_TXCP_C B57        DDI1_TXN3   DDI      EDP     EDP_TXP2
                                                                                                                  DDI1_TXP3                    EDP_TXN3
                                                                                                                                               EDP_TXP3    B49
D                                                                                                          C51    DDI2_TXN0                                                                                                                                                                                                                D
                                                                                                           C50    DDI2_TXP0                    EDP_AUXN    A45            EDP_AUX# (17)
                                                                                                           C53    DDI2_TXN1                    EDP_AUXP    B45            EDP_AUX (17)
                                                                                                           B54    DDI2_TXP1
                                                                                                           C49                                             D20      EDP_COMP              R6      24.9/F_4
                                                                                                                  DDI2_TXN2                  EDP_RCOMP                                                           +VCCIOA_OUT
                                                                                                           B50    DDI2_TXP2                EDP_DISP_UTIL   A43        TP1
                                                                                                           A53    DDI2_TXN3
                                                                                                           B53    DDI2_TXP3

                                                                                                                       U1B                                                                                                                                                    +1.05V

                                    C312         47P/50V/NPO_4                                   TP2             D61
C                                                                                                TP3                   PROC_DETECT                                                                                              XDP_TDO_CPU           R1              51/F_4                                                               C
                                                                                                                       CATERR          MISC                               J62
                                                                                  (16) EC_PECI                         PECI                                     PRDY
                              R8      2            1 62_4                                                                                                                 K62                                                   XDP_TDI_CPU           R2              *51_4
                +1.05V                                                                                                                                          PREQ
                                                                                                                                                                          E60    XDP_TCK0
                                                                                                                                                            PROC_TCK             XDP_TMS_CPU                                    XDP_TMS_CPU           R3              *51_4
                                                            R9                 56_4       CPU_PROCHOT#           K63
                                                                                                                                               JTAG         PROC_TMS
                                                                                                                                                                          E59    XDP_TRST_CPU_N
    (26,30) H_PROCHOT#                                                                                                 PROCHOT   THERMAL                   PROC_TRST
                                                                                                                                                                          F63    XDP_TDI_CPU                                    XDP_TCK0              R4              51/F_4

                                                                                                                                                                          F62    XDP_TDO_CPU
                                                                                                                                                            PROC_TDO                                                            XDP_TRST_CPU_N        R5              51_4
                                                            R10                10K_4      H_CPUPWRGD             C61   PROCPWRGD
       (16) PROCHOT
                                                 Q1                                                                                    PWR                                J60
                                               2N7002W(SOT323)                                                                                                    BPM#0
                                                                                                                                                                  BPM#1   H60
                                                                                                                                                                  BPM#2   H61
                                                                                                                                                                  BPM#3   H62
                                                         R11                     200/F_4 SM_RCOMP_0

                                                                                                             AU60      SM_RCOMP0                                  BPM#4   K59
                                                         R12                     120/F_4 SM_RCOMP_1          AV60                                                         H63
                                                         R13      1            2 100/F_4 SM_RCOMP_2          AU61
                                                                                                                       SM_RCOMP1     DDR3L                        BPM#5
                                                                                                                       SM_RCOMP2                                  BPM#6
                                                                         (14) SM_DRAMRST#                    AV15      SM_DRAMRST    DSW                          BPM#7   J61
                                                                         (13) DDR_PG_CTRL                    AV61      SM_PG_CNTL1

B                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          B

                                              EDP_BKLCTL: abnormal 2V when power on.
                                                (17) INT_LVDS_BRIGHT                       B8     EDP_BKLCTL                                DDPB_CTRLCLK    B9                INT_HDMI_SCL (19)
                                                   (16) INT_LVDS_BLON                      A9     EDP_BKLEN        eDP                     DDPB_CTRLDATA    C9                INT_HDMI_SDA (19)
                                                 (17) INT_LVDS_VDDEN                       C6                                                               D9
                                                                                                  EDP_VDDEN        SIDEBAND                 DDPC_CTRLCLK

                                                                  EC_EXT_SMI#              U6                      +3V                                      C5
                                    (16) EC_EXT_SMI#                                              PIRQA/GPIO77                                 DDPB_AUXN
                                                                  EC_A20GATE               P4                      +3V                                      B6
                                     (16) EC_A20GATE                                              PIRQB/GPIO78                                 DDPC_AUXN
                                        R271       10K_4          GPIO79                   N4                      +3V               DISPLAY                B5                                                                                                                     EC_A20GATE          R14       10K_4
                             +3V                                                                  PIRQC/GPIO79                                 DDPB_AUXP                                                                                                                                                                     +3V
                                        R272       10K_4          GPIO80                   N2                      +3V                                      A6
                             +3V                                                                  PIRQD/GPIO80                                 DDPC_AUXP
                                                                                          AD4                                                                                                                                                                                      EC_EXT_SMI#         R15       10K_4

                                          R273         10K_4          GPIO55
                                                                                                                   PCIE                         DDPB_HPD    C8                     INT_HDMI_HPD_Q (19)
                              +3V                                                          U7     GPIO55   +3V                                  DDPC_HPD    A8
                                          R274         10K_4          GPIO52               L1              +3V                                              D6
A                             +3V                                                                 GPIO52                                         EDP_HPD                           EDP_HPD (17)                                                                                                                                            A
                                          R275         10K_4          GPIO54               L3              +3V
                              +3V                                                                 GPIO54
                                          R276         10K_4          GPIO51               R5              +3V
                              +3V                                                                 GPIO51
                                          R277         10K_4          GPIO53               L4              +3V
                              +3V                                                                 GPIO53

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Quanta Computer Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    PROJECT : HKC
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Size       Document Number                                    Rev
                                                                                                                                                                                           1.Level 1 Environment-related Substances Should Never be Used.                                          HSW MCP(Display/eDP)
                                                                                                                                                                                           2.Recycled Resin and Coated Wire should be procured from Green Partners.   Date:     Thursday, January 31, 2013       Sheet   4    of   40
                       5                                                                               4                                                                  3                                                                2                                                                 1
                                 5                                                                                 4                                                                              3                                                                2                                                                                            1

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     HSW ULT(GND)
         M_A_DQ[63:0] (13)
                                                          Haswell ULT (DDR3L)
                                                                                                                        M_B_DQ[63:0] (14)
                                                                                                                                   U1D                                                                                       A11

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    VSS           VSS   AJ35           AP22

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               VSS        VSS   AV59                D33
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             VSS                  VSS    H17
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             A14    VSS           VSS   AJ39           AP23    VSS        VSS   AV8                 D34      VSS                  VSS    H57
    M_A_DQ0     AH63                                            AU37M_A_CLKN0                                   M_A_DQ32    AY31                                        AM38   M_B_CLKN0                                     A18                        AJ41           AP26                     AW16                D35                                  J10
                       SA_DQ0                        SA_CLK#0                        M_A_CLKN0   (13)                              SB_DQ0                     SB_CK#0                             M_B_CLKN0     (14)                VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
    M_A_DQ1     AH62                                            AV37 M_A_CLKP0                                  M_A_DQ33   AW31                                         AN38   M_B_CLKP0                                     A24                        AJ43           AP29                     AW24                D37                                  J22
                       SA_DQ1                         SA_CLK0                        M_A_CLKP0   (13)                              SB_DQ1                      SB_CK0                             M_B_CLKP0     (14)                VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
    M_A_DQ2     AK63                                            AW36 M_A_CLKN1                                  M_A_DQ34    AY29                                        AK38   M_B_CLKN1                                     A28                        AJ45            AP3                     AW33                D38                                  J59
                       SA_DQ2                        SA_CLK#1                        M_A_CLKN1   (13)                              SB_DQ2                     SB_CK#1                             M_B_CLKN1     (14)                VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
    M_A_DQ3     AK62                                            AY36 M_A_CLKP1                                  M_A_DQ35   AW29                                         AL38   M_B_CLKP1                                     A32                        AJ47           AP31                     AW35                D39                                  J63
                       SA_DQ3                         SA_CLK1                        M_A_CLKP1   (13)                              SB_DQ3                      SB_CK1                             M_B_CLKP1     (14)                VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
    M_A_DQ4     AH61                                                                                            M_A_DQ36    AV31                                                                                             A36                        AJ50           AP38                     AW37                D41                                  K1
    M_A_DQ5            SA_DQ4                                                                                                      SB_DQ4                                                                                           VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
                AH60   SA_DQ5                         SA_CKE0   AU43M_A_CKE0         M_A_CKE0 (13)
                                                                                                                M_A_DQ37    AU31   SB_DQ5                     SB_CKE0   AY49 M_B_CKE0             M_B_CKE0 (14)              A40    VSS           VSS   AJ52           AP39    VSS        VSS   AW4                 D42      VSS                  VSS    K12
    M_A_DQ6     AK61                                            AW43 M_A_CKE1                                   M_A_DQ38    AV29                                        AU50 M_B_CKE1                                        A44                        AJ54           AP48                     AW40                D43                                  L13
                       SA_DQ6                         SA_CKE1                        M_A_CKE1 (13)                                 SB_DQ6                     SB_CKE1                             M_B_CKE1 (14)                     VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
D   M_A_DQ7     AK60                                            AY42                                            M_A_DQ39    AU29                                        AW49                                                 A48                        AJ56           AP52                     AW42                D45                                  L15                                              D
    M_A_DQ8            SA_DQ7                         SA_CKE2                                                   M_A_DQ40           SB_DQ7                     SB_CKE2                                                               VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
                AM63   SA_DQ8                         SA_CKE3   AY43                                                        AY27   SB_DQ8                     SB_CKE3   AV50                                                 A52    VSS           VSS   AJ58           AP54    VSS        VSS   AW44                D46      VSS                  VSS    L17
    M_A_DQ9     AM62                                                                                            M_A_DQ41   AW27                                                                                              A56                        AJ60           AP57                     AW47                D47                                  L18
    M_A_DQ10           SA_DQ9                                                                                                      SB_DQ9                                                                                           VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
                AP63   SA_DQ10                        SA_CS#0   AP33 M_A_CS#0        M_A_CS#0 (13)
                                                                                                                M_A_DQ42    AY25   SB_DQ10                    SB_CS#0   AM32   M_B_CS#0
                                                                                                                                                                                                  M_B_CS#0 (14)              AA1    VSS           VSS   AJ63           AR11    VSS        VSS   AW50                D49      VSS                  VSS    L20
    M_A_DQ11    AP62                                            AR32M_A_CS#1                                    M_A_DQ43   AW25                                         AK32   M_B_CS#1                                     AA58                        AK23           AR15                     AW51                 D5                                  L58
                       SA_DQ11                        SA_CS#1                        M_A_CS#1 (13)                                 SB_DQ11                    SB_CS#1                             M_B_CS#1 (14)                     VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
    M_A_DQ12    AM61                                                                                            M_A_DQ44    AV27                                                                                            AB10                        AK3            AR17                     AW59                D50                                  L61
    M_A_DQ13           SA_DQ12                                                                                                     SB_DQ12                                                                                          VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
                AM60   SA_DQ13                        SA_ODT0   AP32 M_A_ODT0_CPU     TP26                      M_A_DQ45    AU27   SB_DQ13                    SB_ODT0   AL32   M_B_ODT0_CPU           TP27                  AB20    VSS           VSS   AK52           AR23    VSS        VSS   AW60                D51      VSS                  VSS    L7
    M_A_DQ14    AP61                                                                                            M_A_DQ46    AV25                                                                                            AB22                        AL10           AR31                     AY11                D53                                  M22
    M_A_DQ15           SA_DQ14                                                                                                     SB_DQ14                                                                                          VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
                AP60   SA_DQ15                         SA_RAS   AY34 M_A_RAS#        M_A_RAS# (13)
                                                                                                                M_A_DQ47    AU25   SB_DQ15                     SB_RAS   AM35    M_B_RAS#
                                                                                                                                                                                                  M_B_RAS# (14)              AB7    VSS           VSS   AL13           AR33    VSS        VSS   AY16                D54      VSS                  VSS    N10
       M_B_DQ0 AP58                                             AW34 M_A_WE#                                       M_B_DQ32 AM29                                        AK35    M_B_WE#                                     AC61                        AL17           AR39                     AY18                D55                                  N3
                       SA_DQ16                          SA_WE                        M_A_WE# (13)                                  SB_DQ16                      SB_WE                             M_B_WE# (14)                      VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
       M_B_DQ1 AR58                                             AU34M_A_CAS#                                       M_B_DQ33 AK29                                        AM33    M_B_CAS#                                    AD21                        AL20           AR43                     AY22                D57                                  P59
                                     DDR CHANNEL A
                       SA_DQ17                         SA_CAS                        M_A_CAS# (13)                                 SB_DQ17                     SB_CAS                             M_B_CAS# (14)                     VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
       M_B_DQ2 AM57                                                                                                M_B_DQ34 AL28                                                                                             AD3                        AL22           AR49                     AY24                D59                                  P63
       M_B_DQ3 AK57    SA_DQ18                                                                                                     SB_DQ18                                                                                          VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
                                                                AU35M_A_BS#0                                       M_B_DQ35 AK28                                        AL35 M_B_BS#0                                       AD63                        AL23            AR5                     AY26                D62                                  R10

                                                                                                                                             DDR CHANNEL B
                       SA_DQ19                         SA_BA0                        M_A_BS#0 (13)                                 SB_DQ19                     SB_BA0                         M_B_BS#0 (14)                         VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
       M_B_DQ4 AL58                                             AV35 M_A_BS#1                                      M_B_DQ36 AR29                                        AM36M_B_BS#1                                        AE10                        AL26           AR52                     AY30                 D8                                  R22
                       SA_DQ20                         SA_BA1                        M_A_BS#1 (13)                                 SB_DQ20                     SB_BA1                         M_B_BS#1 (14)                         VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
       M_B_DQ5 AK58                                             AY41 M_A_BS#2                                      M_B_DQ37 AN29                                        AU49 M_B_BS#2                                        AE5                        AL29           AT13                     AY33                E11                                  R8
                       SA_DQ21                         SA_BA2                        M_A_BS#2 (13)                                 SB_DQ21                     SB_BA2                         M_B_BS#2 (14)                         VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
       M_B_DQ6 AR57                                                                                                M_B_DQ38 AR28                                                                                            AE58                        AL31           AT35                     AY4                 E17                                  T1
                       SA_DQ22                                                                                                     SB_DQ22                                                               M_B_A[15:0] (14)           VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
       M_B_DQ7 AN57                                             AU36   M_A_A0                                      M_B_DQ39 AP28                                        AP40   M_B_A0                                       AF11                        AL33           AT37                     AY51                F20                                  T58
       M_B_DQ8 AP55    SA_DQ23                         SA_MA0          M_A_A1                                      M_B_DQ40 AN26   SB_DQ23                     SB_MA0          M_B_A1                                               VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
                       SA_DQ24                         SA_MA1   AY37                                                               SB_DQ24                     SB_MA1   AR40                                                AF12    VSS           VSS   AL36           AT40    VSS        VSS   AY53                F26      VSS                  VSS    U20
       M_B_DQ9 AR55                                             AR38   M_A_A2                                      M_B_DQ41 AR26                                        AP42   M_B_A2                                       AF14                        AL39           AT42                     AY57                F30                                  U22
       M_B_DQ10 AM54   SA_DQ25                         SA_MA2          M_A_A3                                      M_B_DQ42 AR25   SB_DQ25                     SB_MA2          M_B_A3                                               VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
                       SA_DQ26                         SA_MA3   AP36                                                               SB_DQ26                     SB_MA3   AR42                                                AF15    VSS           VSS   AL40           AT43    VSS        VSS   AY59                F34      VSS                  VSS    U61
       M_B_DQ11 AK54                                            AU39   M_A_A4                                      M_B_DQ43 AP25                                        AR45   M_B_A4                                       AF17                        AL45           AT46                     AY6                 F38                                  U9
       M_B_DQ12 AL55   SA_DQ27                         SA_MA4          M_A_A5                                      M_B_DQ44 AK26   SB_DQ27                     SB_MA4          M_B_A5                                               VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
                       SA_DQ28                         SA_MA5   AR36                                                               SB_DQ28                     SB_MA5   AP45                                                AF18    VSS           VSS   AL46           AT49    VSS        VSS   B20                 F42      VSS                  VSS    V10
       M_B_DQ13 AK55                                            AV40   M_A_A6                                      M_B_DQ45 AM26                                        AW46   M_B_A6                                        AG1                        AL51           AT61                     B24                 F46                                  V3
       M_B_DQ14 AR54   SA_DQ29                         SA_MA6          M_A_A7                                      M_B_DQ46 AK25   SB_DQ29                     SB_MA6          M_B_A7                                               VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
                       SA_DQ30                         SA_MA7   AW39                                                               SB_DQ30                     SB_MA7   AY46                                                AG11    VSS           VSS   AL52           AT62    VSS        VSS   B26                 F50      VSS                  VSS    V7
       M_B_DQ15 AN54                                            AY39   M_A_A8                                      M_B_DQ47 AL25                                        AY47   M_B_A8                                       AG21                        AL54           AT63                     B28                 F54                                  W20
    M_A_DQ16           SA_DQ31                         SA_MA8          M_A_A9                                   M_A_DQ48           SB_DQ31                     SB_MA8          M_B_A9                                               VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
                AY58   SA_DQ32                         SA_MA9   AU40                                                        AY23   SB_DQ32                     SB_MA9   AU46                                                AG23    VSS           VSS   AL57            AU1    VSS        VSS   B32                 F58      VSS                  VSS    W22
    M_A_DQ17   AW58                                             AP35   M_A_A10                                  M_A_DQ49   AW23                                         AK36   M_B_A10                                      AG60                        AL60           AU16                     B36                 F61                                  Y10
    M_A_DQ18           SA_DQ33                        SA_MA10          M_A_A11                                  M_A_DQ50           SB_DQ33                    SB_MA10          M_B_A11                                              VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS
                AY56   SA_DQ34                        SA_MA11   AW41                                                        AY21   SB_DQ34                    SB_MA11   AV47                                                AG61    VSS           VSS   AL61           AU18    VSS        VSS   B4                  G18      VSS                  VSS    Y59
    M_A_DQ19   AW56                                             AU41   M_A_A12                                  M_A_DQ51   AW21                                         AU47   M_B_A12                                      AG62                        AM1            AU20                     B40                 G22                                  Y63
C   M_A_DQ20           SA_DQ35                        SA_MA12          M_A_A13                                  M_A_DQ52           SB_DQ35                    SB_MA12          M_B_A13                                              VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS                  VSS                                                     C
                AV58   SA_DQ36                        SA_MA13   AR35                                                        AV23   SB_DQ36                    SB_MA13   AK33                                                AG63    VSS           VSS   AM17           AU22    VSS        VSS   B44                  G3      VSS
    M_A_DQ21    AU58                                            AV42   M_A_A14                                  M_A_DQ53    AU23                                        AR46   M_B_A14                                      AH17                        AM23           AU24                     B48                  G5                                  V58
    M_A_DQ22           SA_DQ37                        SA_MA14          M_A_A15                                  M_A_DQ54           SB_DQ37                    SB_MA14          M_B_A15                                              VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS               VSS
                AV56   SA_DQ38                        SA_MA15   AU42                         M_A_A[15:0] (13)               AV21   SB_DQ38                    SB_MA15   AP46                                                AH19    VSS           VSS   AM31           AU26    VSS        VSS   B52                  G6      VSS               VSS       AH46
    M_A_DQ23    AU56                                                                                            M_A_DQ55    AU21                                                                                            AH20                        AM52           AU28                     B56                  G8                                  V23
    M_A_DQ24           SA_DQ39                                                                                                     SB_DQ39                                                                                          VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                VSS               VSS
                AY54   SA_DQ40                       SA_DQSN0   AJ61 M_A_DQSN0                                  M_A_DQ56    AY19   SB_DQ40                   SB_DQSN0   AW30 M_A_DQSN4                                      AH22    VSS           VSS   AN17           AU30    VSS        VSS   B60                 H13      VSS         VSS_SENSE       E62                      VSS_SENSE (26)
    M_A_DQ25   AW54                                             AN62 M_A_DQSN1                                  M_A_DQ57   AW19                                         AV26 M_A_DQSN5                                      AH24                        AN23           AU33                     C11                                                      AH16
    M_A_DQ26           SA_DQ41                       SA_DQSN1                                                                      SB_DQ41                   SB_DQSN1                                                               VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS                                                  VSS
                AY52   SA_DQ42                       SA_DQSN2   AM58 M_B_DQSN0                                  M_A_DQ58    AY17   SB_DQ42                   SB_DQSN2   AN28 M_B_DQSN4                                      AH28    VSS           VSS   AN31           AU51    VSS        VSS   C14
    M_A_DQ27   AW52                                             AM55 M_B_DQSN1                                  M_A_DQ59   AW17                                         AN25 M_B_DQSN5                                      AH30                        AN32           AU53                     C18
    M_A_DQ28           SA_DQ43                       SA_DQSN3                                                                      SB_DQ43                   SB_DQSN3                                                               VSS           VSS                          VSS        VSS
                AV54   SA_DQ44                       SA_DQSN4   AV57 M_A_DQSN2                                  M_A_DQ60    AV19   SB_DQ44                   SB_DQSN4   AW22 M_A_DQSN6                                      AH32    VSS           VSS   AN35           AU55    VSS        VSS   C20
    M_A_DQ29                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            100/F_4
                AU54   SA_DQ45                       SA_DQSN5   AV53 M_A_DQSN3                                  M_A_DQ61    AU19   SB_DQ45                   SB_DQSN5   AV18 M_A_DQSN7                                      AH34    VSS           VSS   AN36           AU57    VSS        VSS   C25
    M_A_DQ30    AV52                                            AL43 M_B_DQSN2                                  M_A_DQ62    AV17                                        AN21 M_B_DQSN6                                      AH36                        AN39           AU59                     C27                         U1R                                         R17
    M_A_DQ31           SA_DQ46                       SA_DQSN6                                                                      SB_DQ46                   SB_DQSN6                                                               VSS           VS

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