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                                                          FILE NO. 810-200420


This manual is reproduced due to the change of TSB P/N in previous issue
SD-240ESB,SD-240ESE,SD-240ESR(File No.810-200420). Hereafter,
please use this revised service manual. (Issue in April 2004).

                                                                           May, 2004 A
      Location No.                   TOSHIBA Part No.                                Description                           Quantity
                                                                                                                           Per Unit

S/M Page 26/27
                        AH700004   043-000127-000       REMOTE CONTROL HANDSET (FOR SD2960/SD3960)                                1
                        AH700005   134-A14342-001       PCA-MOU-6.5'&-BSG-MG BSI APP. CORD SET 6.5', (For TB Version)             1
                        AH700006   134-A14332-021       PCA-VDE-6.5'&-VDENNM 6.5', w/2.5A CONN (For TE, TR Version)               1
                        AH700007   811-SD39A1-051       MANUAL(240E-E) SD39-101-05R FOR TB/TE Version                             1
                        AH700008   811-SD39A1-061       MANUAL(240E-E/R)SD39-101-06R ENG/RUSSIAN 100-240V FOR TR Version          1
                        AH700009   811-SD39A1-031       MANUAL(240E-F) SD39-101-03R FRE,FOR TE Version                            1
                        AH700010   811-SD39A1-041       MANUAL(240E-I/S) SD39-101-04R 100-240V,FOR TE Version                     1
                        AH700011   811-SD39A1-080       MANUAL(240E-G) SD39-101-08 GER,100-240V,FOR TE Version                    1
                        AH700012   CDD038               DVD MECHA AND CONTROL BOARDCOMPLETE CDD-038                               1
                        AH700013   CTL-SD240EE          CONTROL & DISPLAY PORTION OF MDL SD240E                                   1
                        AH700014   MN--SD240EE-TE       MAIN PCB PORTION OF MODEL SD240E-S-TE SERIES                              1
                        AH700015   PWS-SD240EE-TE       POWER SUPPLY PORTION OF MODEL SD240E-TE                                   1
                        AH700016   SCA-SD240EE          SCART PORTION OF MODEL SD240E SERIES                                      1
           MAIN UNIT1   AH700017   500-SD3962-010       DVD DOOR SD39-62-01                                                       1
           MAIN UNIT2   AH700018   510-SD3965-001       PLAY KNOB SET SD39-65                                                     1
           MAIN UNIT3   AH700019   509-SD3966-000       POWER LIGHT GUIDE SD39-66                                                 1
           MAIN UNIT6   AH700021   500-SD3963-000       FL LENS SD39-63                                                           1
           MAIN UNIT7   AH700022   700-223AG0-000       *CdF RUBBER FOOT 223A-160                                                 4
           MAIN UNIT8   AH700023   500-SD3961-020       FR.PANEL SD39-61-02                                                       1
           MAIN UNIT9   AH700024   111-000283-000       LEDD-G0007M-4.0D-S-R LY4-0283-G-09-Z2A/E2-4028CHG6,                       1
          MAIN UNIT10   AH700026   500-SD2428-000       BOTTOM CAB SD24-28 FOR TB Version                                         1
          MAIN UNIT10   AH700027   500-SD2427-000       BOTTOM CAB SD24-27 FOR TE Version                                         1
          MAIN UNIT10   AH700028   500-SD2429-000        BOTTOM CAB SD24-29 FOR TR Version                                        1
          MAIN UNIT11   AH700029   605-SD2424-000       SHIELDING BRACKET SD24-24                                                 1
          MAIN UNIT12   AH700030   600-SD2434-000       SHIELDING CABINET SD24-34                                                 1
          MAIN UNIT15   AH700033   613-DV3231-000       HEATSINK DV32-31                                                          2
          MAIN UNIT16   AH700034   650-SD3970-000       EARTH PLATE SD39-70                                                       1
          MAIN UNIT18   AH700036   600-SD3968-001       TOP COVER SD39-68                                                         1

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