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00@GLOBAL DATA@module.ent@entity.ent@hotspot.ent@sftri.gif@
svcml.html@Table Of Contents@svcml.sgm@entity.ent@hotspot.ent@
s0100000000x.html@1 Before Repair and Adjustment @s0100000000x.sgm@
s0200000000x.html@2 Protection Circuitry @s0200000000x.sgm@
s0300000000x.html@3 Accessories @s0300000000x.sgm@rc.gif@indant.gif@ebmlead.gif@emlead.gif@adaptor.gif@ant.gif@
s0400000000o.html@4 Operation Procedures @s0400000000o.sgm@fp.gif@
s0500000000x.html@5 Handling the Lead-free Solder @s0500000000x.sgm@
s0501000000.html@5.1 About lead free solder (PbF) @s0501000000.sgm@
s0600000000x.html@6 Handling Precautions For Traverse Deck @s0600000000x.sgm@travers1.gif@handcau.gif@
s0700000000x.html@7 Caution for AC Mains Lead @s0700000000x.sgm@ebonly.gif@
s0800000000e.html@8 Operation Check and Main Component Replacement Procedures @s0800000000e.sgm@
s0801000000.html@8.1 Checking Procedure for Each Major P.C.B. @s0801000000.sgm@
s0801010000.html@8.1.1 Checking for Main &   Transformer P.C.B. @s0801010000.sgm@1.gif@2.gif@3.gif@6.gif@
s0801020000.html@8.1.2 Checking for the Deck P.C.B., Headphone P.C.B. and Tape Eject P.C.B. @s0801020000.sgm@4.gif@5.gif@asm59.gif@
s0801030000.html@8.1.3 Checking for the Panel P.C.B., Power P.C.B. &   Speaker Terminal P.C.B. @s0801030000.sgm@asm60.gif@asm61.gif@asm62.gif@asm63.gif@asm70.gif@asm71.gif@asm64.gif@asm65.gif@asm66.gif@
s0801040000.html@8.1.4 Checking for the CD Servo P.C.B. @s0801040000.sgm@asm72.gif@asm73.gif@asm74.gif@
s0801050000.html@8.1.5 Replacement of the Power Amplifier IC @s0801050000.sgm@14.gif@15.gif@
s0802000000.html@8.2 Disassembly and Assembly of the Disc Tray and CD Traverse Unit @s0802000000.sgm@
s0802010000.html@8.2.1 Disassembly of the Disc Tray. @s0802010000.sgm@asm18.gif@asm19.gif@asm20.gif@
s0802020000.html@8.2.2 Disassembly of the CD Traverse Unit. @s0802020000.sgm@asm21.gif@asm22.gif@asm23.gif@
s0803000000.html@8.3 Main Component Replacement Procedure @s0803000000.sgm@
s0803010000.html@8.3.1 Replacement of the CD Servo P.C.B. and Optical Pick-up Unit. @s0803010000.sgm@asm24.gif@asm25.gif@asm26.gif@asm27.gif@asm28.gif@asm29.gif@asm30.gif@
s0804000000.html@8.4 Procedure for Replacing Cassette Holder @s0804000000.sgm@cd2_4.gif@step24.gif@step25.gif@step26.gif@
s0805000000.html@8.5 Procedure for Replacing Pinch Roller and Head Block (Cassette Mechanism Unit) @s0805000000.sgm@step27.gif@step28.gif@step29.gif@
s0806000000.html@8.6 Procedure for Replacing Motor, Capstan Belt A, Capstan Belt B, and Winding Belt (Cassette Mechanism Unit) @s0806000000.sgm@step30.gif@step31.gif@step32.gif@step33.gif@step34.gif@step35.gif@step36.gif@step37.gif@step38.gif@
s0807000000.html@8.7 Procedure for Replacing Parts on Mechanism PCB @s0807000000.sgm@step39.gif@
s0808000000.html@8.8 Handling of cassette tape jam @s0808000000.sgm@unit35.gif@unit36.gif@
s0900000000x.html@9 Self-Diagnostic Display Function @s0900000000x.sgm@
s0901000000.html@9.1 Entering self-diagnostic Mode @s0901000000.sgm@
s0902000000.html@9.2 Cassette Mechanism Test (For error code H01, H02, H03, F01, F02) @s0902000000.sgm@
s0903000000.html@9.3 Clearing all error code @s0903000000.sgm@
s0904000000.html@9.4 Cancelling the Self-Diagnostic mode @s0904000000.sgm@
s0905000000.html@9.5 Description of error code @s0905000000.sgm@
s0905010000.html@9.5.1 Power Amplifier Failure (F61) @s0905010000.sgm@
s0905020000.html@9.5.2 Error detection for CD Block @s0905020000.sgm@
s0905030000.html@9.5.3 Error detection code for Cassette Mechanism Block @s0905030000.sgm@
s1000000000x.html@10 Precaution of Laser Diode @s1000000000x.sgm@class1.gif@
s1100000000x.html@11 Procedure for Checking Operation of Individual Parts of Cassette Mechanism Unit @s1100000000x.sgm@
s1101000000.html@11.1 Operation Check with Cassette Tape @s1101000000.sgm@
s1101010000.html@11.1.1 Connection Status between Mechanism and Power Supply (Motor, Plunger) @s1101010000.sgm@911.gif@
s1101020000.html@11.1.2 Operative Parts of Mechanism Unit (EJECT lever fitted with rubber band, Plunger /  Rib operation) @s1101020000.sgm@912.gif@
s1102000000.html@11.2 Operation Check without Cassette Tape @s1102000000.sgm@92.gif@
s1200000000x.html@12 Measurement And Adjustments @s1200000000x.sgm@
s1201000000.html@12.1 Tuner Section @s1201000000.sgm@
s1201010000.html@12.1.1 AM-IF Alignment @s1201010000.sgm@
s1202000000.html@12.2 Cassette Deck Section @s1202000000.sgm@
s1202010000.html@12.2.1 Requirements @s1202010000.sgm@
s1202020000.html@12.2.2 Setting of Unit @s1202020000.sgm@
s1202030000.html@12.2.3 Preparations @s1202030000.sgm@31b.gif@32a.gif@
s1202040000.html@12.2.4 Tape Speed Adjustment @s1202040000.sgm@32d.gif@32e.gif@
s1202050000.html@12.2.5 Bias Voltage Check @s1202050000.sgm@rec.gif@hold.gif@tape.gif@32f.gif@
s1202060000.html@12.2.6 Bias Frequency Check @s1202060000.sgm@unit2.gif@
s1300000000b.html@13 Block Diagram @s1300000000b.sgm@bd1.pdf@bd2.pdf@
s1400000000s.html@14 Schematic Diagram @s1400000000s.sgm@sch1_2.pdf@sch3_4.pdf@sch5_6.pdf@sch7_8.pdf@sch9_10.pdf@sch11.pdf@sch12.pdf@
s1500000000x.html@15 Printed Circuit Board @s1500000000x.sgm@pcbserv.pdf@pcbmn.pdf@pcbpan.pdf@pcbdeck.pdf@pcbspk.pdf@pcbpwr.pdf@pcbtrns.pdf@
s1600000000b.html@16 Wiring Connection Diagram @s1600000000b.sgm@wd.pdf@
s1700000000x.html@17 Illustration of IC ’  s, Transistors and Diodes @s1700000000x.sgm@itd.pdf@
s1800000000x.html@18 Terminal Function of IC '  s @s1800000000x.sgm@
s1801000000.html@18.1 IC1 (LA1833NMNTLM) : IF &   MPX IC (TUNER) @s1801000000.sgm@
s1802000000.html@18.2 IC2 (LC72131MDTRM) : PLL IC (TUNER) @s1802000000.sgm@
s1803000000.html@18.3 IC701 (AN22004A-NF) Servo Amplifier @s1803000000.sgm@
s1804000000.html@18.4 IC702 (MN662790RSC) SERVO PROCESSOR /   DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR /   DIGITAL FILTER /   D /  A CONVERTER @s1804000000.sgm@
s1805000000.html@18.5 IC703 (BA5948FPE2) FOCUS COIL /   TRACKING COIL /   TRAVERSE MOTOR /   SPINDLE MOTOR DRIVE @s1805000000.sgm@
s1806000000.html@18.6 IC901 (MN101C57DAA) MICRO PROCESSOR @s1806000000.sgm@
s1900000000x.html@19 Troubleshooting Guide @s1900000000x.sgm@tguide.gif@
s2000000000p.html@20 Parts Location and Replacement Parts List @s2000000000p.sgm@
s2001000000.html@20.1 Deck Mechanism @s2001000000.sgm@
s2001010000.html@20.1.1 Deck Mechanism Parts Location (RAA4402-S) @s2001010000.sgm@raa4402s.gif@
s2001020000.html@20.1.2 Deck Mechanism Parts List @s2001020000.sgm@
s2002000000.html@20.2 CD Loading Mechanism @s2002000000.sgm@
s2002010000.html@20.2.1 CD Loading Mechanism Parts Location @s2002010000.sgm@raj3604.gif@
s2002020000.html@20.2.2 CD Mechanism Parts List @s2002020000.sgm@
s2003000000.html@20.3 Cabinet @s2003000000.sgm@
s2003010000.html@20.3.1 Cabinet Parts Location @s2003010000.sgm@cab1.gif@cab2.gif@
s2003020000.html@20.3.2 Cabinet Parts List @s2003020000.sgm@
s2004000000.html@20.4 Electrical Part List @s2004000000.sgm@
s2005000000.html@20.5 Packaging Materials &   Accessories Parts List @s2005000000.sgm@
s2006000000.html@20.6 Packaging @s2006000000.sgm@pack.gif@

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