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           Diagnosis Contents                Description of error                  Automatic FL Display              Remarks
F650 USB device: Devices        Devices other than the mass storage                                       Press [    STOP] on main
        other than mass         class are connected.                                                      unit for next error.

F651 USB device: Non-Full       The device that the transfer rate did not                                 Press [    STOP] on main
        Speed Device            correspond to Full Speed was                                              unit for next error.

F652 USB device:                The device in the interface (subclass)                                    Press [    STOP] on main
        Interface NG            outside correspondence was connected.                                     unit for next error.
                                (correspondence interface)
                                001b: Reduced Block Commands (RBC)
                                010b: SFF-8020i. MMC-2 (ATAPI)
                                110b: SCSI transparent command set.

F655 USB device:                The overcurrent of 500mA or more was                                      Press [    STOP] on main
        Overcurrent detection   detected in VDD USB, and the USB                                          unit for next error.
                                device driver function was intercepted.
                                (To intercept the current.)

        USB is drawing too      When the USB system detects a USB              USB OVERCURRENT ERROR      Switch to DVD/CD mode,
        much power.             device that is taking too much current,        (scrolling)                remove USB and turn off
                                it will display an "Over current Error" OSD/                              the unit.
                                Screen. At this state the USB backend/
                                system will not be usable temporarily, the
                                corresponding "U**" error code will be send
                                to Opecon, and "USB Overcurrent Error"
                                displayed on the FL.

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