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         Problems                         Checking Points                 Checking components
1) Distorted picture or          a) Check SDRAM address, data         IC8051
abnormal sound is head           bus, CLK and other control signals
during the initialization        waveform

                                 b) Check video signals (Y,C)         LB8301, R8321, R8323,
                                                                      LB8302, R8325, R8327

                                 c) Check audio DAC circuitry         IC8421 (Pin 9 to 11 & 17 to 22)
                                 * Compare the above with             LB8425, LB8426, LB8427,
                                 OK condition DVD Module              LB8428, LB8429, LB8431
                                 P.C.B                                *Check for solder short and/or
                                                                      component missing/damaged

2) No TOC/Long TOC               a) Check motor driver circuitry      IC8251 Pin 8, 21

                                 b) Check laser drive circuitry       Q8551, Q8552 (For DVD),
                                 (Voltages & current)                 Q8561, Q8562 (For CD)

                                 c) Check LSI IC connection to        IC8001 Pin 66, 67
                                 motor drive circuitry                IC8251 Pin 15 to 16
                                 * Compare the above with OK          * Check for solder short and/or
                                 condition DVD Module P.C.B.          component missing/damaged

3) Disc not spinning             a) Check connection from             FP8251
4) Traverse not moving           DVD Module to Traverse unit
5) Traverse and spindle
abnormal movement                b) Check motor driver circuitry on   IC8251
                                 the voltages and control signals
                                 * Compare the above with             * Check for solder short and/or
                                 OK condition DVD Module P.C.B.       component damaged

6) Cannot read the disc but      a) Check laser drive circuitry       Q8551, Q8552, LB8551
spindle motor is spinning        (voltages and current)               (For DVD Laser Drive current)
- Cannot read CD/DVD                - Check CD Laser Drive            Q8561, Q8562, LB8561
                                    - Check DVD Laser Drive           (For CD Laser Drive current)
                                 * Check voltages and LD current
                                 and compare with OK condition
                                 DVD Module P.C.B.

7) Block Noise during play       a) Check SDRAM address and           IC8051
                                 data bus signal

8) Jitter out of specification   a) Check LD current                  OPU Unit (Traverse unit), FPC
                                 b) Check OPU (Change to other        connection (FP8531 & FP8251)
                                 unit and confirmed operating

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