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        Problems                  Checking Points                   Checking components
1) TV does not have any   1) Check setting of the set in       * This year HDMI always ON.
display. Set FL display   Setup Menu whether the HDMI          No need check Setup Menu.
shows U702/U703           Video output is turned ON            If no resolution selection GUI, then
                                                               only check SETUP.

                          2) +5V Supply to the TV              IC3952 (Pin 4)

                          3) HDMI Connector Solderability      P3901

                          4) HDMI Output TDMS signal
                          lines (IC3901)
                              - Data (TX0P/M => 14, 16)        L3905
                             - Data (TX1P/M => 18, 20)         L3904
                             - Data (TX2P/M => Pin 22, 24)     L3903
                             - Clock (TXCP/TXCM =>             L3906
                             Pin 10, 12)

                          5) HDMI Transmitter
                          communication lines to TV
                              - Data, SDA (Pin 120, IC3901)    LB3905, R3905, Q3902, R3904
                             - Clock, SCL (Pin 121, IC3901)    LB3904, R3907, Q3903, R3906

                          6) HDMI Transmitter                  RX3901
                          communication from LSI (IC8001)
                          (I2C_SCL/I2C_SDA signals)

                          7) Local Port Slave Address          R3921
                          setting resistor at Pin 99 of HDMI
                          Transmitter LSI IC (IC3901) for
                          LPSA signal

                          8) HDMI Transmitter LSI IC           LB3901, LB3902, IC3901
                          (IC3901) +3.3V Supply                (Pin 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 124)

                          9) HDMI Transmitter LSI IC           IC3901 (Pin 5, 26, 42, 47, 55, 75,
                          (IC3901) +1.2V Supply                85, 102, 109, 116, 123), LB3908,
                                                               IC8151 (Pin 4), LB8001, IC8001
                                                               (Pin 20, 44, 83, 158, 187, 211)

                          10) HDMI Up-Con +3.3V Supply         LB3901

                          11) HDMI Pixel Clock Output from     LB8901
                          Up-Con to HDMI Transmitter

                          12) Up-Con IC I2C Data and           RX3901
                          Clock Line

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