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            Diagnosis Contents                 Description of error           Automatic FL Display               Remarks
U702 HDMI/DVI I2C                The communication error of I2C when                                 Press [    STOP] on main
        communication error      connecting it with HDMI/DVI. For                                    unit for next error.
                                 instance, when EDID information to which
                                 information on the TV set side has been
                                 described cannot be read, it is generated.

U703 HDMI/DVI attestation        When attestation (HDCP) with the TV                                 Press [    STOP] on main
        error                    side fails when connecting it with                                  unit for next error.
                                 HDMI/DVI, it is generated.

U704 HDMI/DVI SRM                It is generated at the equipment to which                           Press [    STOP] on main
        Riborcerar               the TV set is Riborced when connecting it                           unit for next error.
                                 with HDMI/DVI.

U705 HDMI/DVI SRM disk           It is generated at the time of it is time                           Press [    STOP] on main
        falsification check      when illegal the SRM data of the                                    unit for next error.
        error                    reproducing disk (verify error), when
                                 connecting it with HDMI/DVI.

F740 HDMI device key             I2C error when writing HDMI Key device                              Press [    STOP] on main
                                 into transmitter.                                                   unit for next error.

F893 FLASH ROM IC data           Firmware error, DV5.0 LSI IC (IC8651)                               Press [    STOP] on main
        falsification error      error.                                                              unit for next error.

F894 EEPROM IC                   When failing in the access to EEPROM                                Press [    STOP] on main
        abnormality error        IC located in the DVD Module P.C.B.                                 unit for next error.

F895 Language area               Firmware version agreement check for                                Press [    STOP] on main
        abnormal                 factory preset setting failure prevention.                          unit for next error.

F897 Initialization              Incomplete initialization after writing of                          Press [    STOP] on main
        error                    new firmware (Factory preset setting                                unit for next error.
                                 failure prevention)

F899 The communication           Unsuitable combination of number of                                 Press [    STOP] on main
        specification            system com and panel com used.                                      unit for next error.
        disagreement             (Frimware)

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