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          Diagnosis Contents                Description of error            Automatic FL Display               Remarks
H01 Tray loading error         The tray opening and closing is abnormal.                           Press [    STOP] on main
                               CLOSE and OPEN of the tray cannot be                                unit for next error.
                               carried out properly. Loading motor error,                          (OPEN time: OPEN
                               DV5 LSI IC (IC8001) error.                                          CLOSE         OPEN
                                                                                                   H01 at CLOSE: CLOSE
                                                                                                   OPEN         CLOSE H01)

H02 Spindle servo error        The spindle servo/motor is abnormal. The                            Press [    STOP] on main
                               FG pulse is abnormal. CLV servo error.                              unit for next error.

H03 Traverse servo error       The traverse is abnormal. (Traverse servo,                          Press [    STOP] on main
                               DV5 LSI IC (IC8001), TRV motor error.)                              unit for next error.

H04 Tracking servo error       Tracking coil NG (OPU unit abnormal),                               Press [    STOP] on main
                               DV5 LSI IC (IC8001) error.                                          unit for next error.

H05 Seek time out error        It is not possible to access the disc. TOC                          Press [    STOP] on main
                               cannot read. Abnormal disc etc. Pickup                              unit for next error.
                               abnormal or disk is dirty. (TRV motor
                               error, DV5 LSI IC (IC8001) error.)

H07 Driver IC thermal shut     The spindle motor is abnormal.                                      Press [    STOP] on main
        down                   (short between brushes)                                             unit for next error.

U11 Focus servo error          Focus coil, FE signal error. Disc may be                            Press [    STOP] on main
                               dirty.                                                              unit for next error.
                                                                                                   (Unfinalized DVD-R
                                                                                                   is likely to become

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