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                                                                           FL/ GUI Display          Remarks
      Proccess                Description

 1      Collect ROM There are 2 files:                                                       User can put both files
            Files       A) Syscon ROM file type:                                             into the same root
       (Copy files into      DVD_S41B.ROM (Sample)            Display 1:                     directory. DVD MODEL
         CD-R/RW)            DVD_S41D.ROM (Sample)                                           will choose the right
                             (supports chinese fonts OSD                                     ROM files to update
                             display)                                                        its firmware.

                        B) Opecon ROM file type:
                             DVD_P00.ROM (Single tray)
                             DVD_P01.ROM (Changer)

 2      Load disc into Load the disc into the set             FL Display 1:                  Press [OPEN/CLOSE] in
            unit       (To be updated).                                                      remote controller to
      (To update rate)                                                                       CANCEL update.
                          Press [OK] in remote controller
                          to start updating proccess after
                          the following signal appear:
                                                              GUI Display 1:
                              FL Display 1: "PLAY" .

                             GUI Display 1 :
                             PLAYER NEED UPDATE.
                             YOU WANT TO UPDATE?
                                  PUSH OK KEY
                               TO STAY UPGRADE.
                             PUSH OPEN/CLOSE KEY
                              TO CANCEL UPGRADE.

2-1    Check Correct    ROM files doesn't fit to the          FL Display 2:                  Update stop
       ROM file type    product type.                                                        (Wrong ROM Type)
                           If the ROM files doesn't fit for
                           the product type, then CD
                           update "STOP" and display
                           as below:                          GUI Display 2:
                               FL Display 2: "NO PLAY" .

                             GUI Display 2 :
                           THIS TYPE OF DISC CANNOT
                           BE PLAYER. PLEASE INSERT
                               A DIFFERENT DISC.

2-2     Check ROM        Update not Necessary                 FL Display 3:                  Update stop
        version type       If the ROM files has the same                                     (product has the latest
                           (latest) version or an older                                       firmware)
                           version than the product:
                                 FL Display 3: "NO NEED" .
                                                              GUI Display 3:
                               GUI Display 3:
                              THIS PLAYER DOES NOT
                               REQUIRE THE UPDATE

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