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                              Item                                                                                      Key Operation
                                                                                  FL Display
 Mode Name                        Description                                                                              Front Key

  Error code         Error code check                                                                            In STOP (no disc) mode,
    check            The latest error code stored in the                                                         press [STOP] button on the
                     EEPROM IC is displayed.                                                                     main unit, and [0] button on
                                                                                                                 the remote control unit. *With
                                                                                                                 pointing of cursor up and
                                                                                             F/H/U               down on display.
                                                               Error code (play_err) is expressed in the         Cancelled automatically
                                                               following convention.                             5 seconds later.
                     Note: Refer to "Section 8.3 DVD Self      Error code = 0 x DAXX is expressed: DVDnn U12     To exit, press [POWER]
                     Diagnostic Function-Error Code" for       Error code = 0 x DBXX is expressed: DVDnn H12     button on main unit or
                     more detailed information on the error    Error code = 0 x DXXX is expressed: DVDnn F123    remote control.
                     codes.                                    Error code = 0 x 0000 is expressed: DVDnn F---
                                                               * "xx" denotes the error code

  Jitter check       Jitter check.                                (Display 1)                                    In STOP mode, press
                     Jitter rate is measured and displayed.                                                      [STOP] button on the main
                     Measurement is repeatedly done in                                                           unit, and [5] button on
                     the cycle of one second. Read error                                                         the remote control unit.
                     counter starts from zero upon mode
                     setting.                                                                                    Press [POWER] or [STOP]
                     When target block data failed to be                      Jitter check       Jitter rate     button to exit.
                     read out, the counter advances by one                    mode
                     increment. When the failure is caused
                     by minor error, it may be corrected       Jitter rate is shown in decimal notation to one
                     when retried to enable successful         place of decimal.
                     reading.                                  Focus drive value is shown in hexadecimal
                     In this case, the counter advances by     notation.
                     one. When the error persists even
                                                                  (Display 2)
                     after retry, the counter may jump by
                     two or more.                                                                                Press [FL Display] on
                                                                                                                 remote control unit for next
                     FL Display sequence:                                                                        page (FL Display).
                     Display 1 2.
                                                                                     Lead          Focus Drive
                                                                                     Error         Value

Initial setting of   Initial setting of laser drive current.      (Display 1)                                    In STOP (no disc) mode,
   laser drive       Initial current value for the DVD laser                                                     press [STOP] button on the
     current         and CD laser is separately saved in                                                         main unit, and [PAUSE]
                     the EEPROM IC.                                                                              button on the remote
                                                                                                                 control unit.
                     FL Display sequence:                                                                        Cancelled automatically
                     Display 1 2.                                                         Laser current          5 seconds later.
                                                               The value denotes the current in decimal
                                                                  (Display 2)
                                                                                                                 Press [FL Display] on
                                                                                                                 remote control unit for next
                                                                                                                 page (FL Display) on values
                                                                                                                 of laser drive current.

                                                                                  CD             DVD Laser

                                                               The above example shows the initial current
                                                               is XXXmA and YYYmA for CD laser and
                                                               DVD laser respectively when the laser is
                                                               switched on.

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