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Table Of Contents

1 Before Use

2 Before Repair and Adjustment

3 Protection Circuitry

4 Safety Precautions

4.1 General Guidelines

4.1.1 Leakage Current Cold Check

4.1.2 Leakage Current Hot Check (See Figure 1)

5 Prevention of Electro Static Discharge (ESD) to Electrostatically Sensitive (ES) Devices

6 Handling the Lead-free Solder

6.1 About lead free solder (PbF)

7 Cautions to be taken when handling Optical Pickup

7.1 Handling Optical Pickup

7.2 Replacing Precautions for Optical Pickup Unit

7.3 Grounding for Preventing Electrostatic Destruction

8 Precaution of Laser Diode

9 Accessories

10 Operation Procedures

11 Disc information
12 About HighMAT

12.1 What is HighMAT?

12.2 Why use HighMAT?

12.3 The advantages of using HighMAT

12.4 Outline of the HighMAT standard

13 Procedure for repairing the set

13.1 Distinguish the trouble cause

13.2 Diagnosis of Optical Pick-up Unit

14 Optical Pickup Self-Diagnosis and Replacement Procedure

14.1 Self-diagnosis

14.2 Cautions to Be Taken During Replacement of Optical Pickup and Spindle Motor

14.2.1 Cautions to be taken during replacement of optical pickup

15 Self-Diagnosis Function

15.1 Automatic Displayed Error Codes

15.1.1 Automatic Display Function

15.1.2 Re-Display

15.1.3 Description of Error Code

15.2 Memorized Error Codes

15.2.1 Activating Self-Diagnosis Function and Displaying Method

15.2.2 Re-Display

15.3 Mode Table 1
15.4 DVD / CD Self-Diagnosis Error Code Description

15.5 Error Codes Stored During No Play

15.6 Mode Table 2

15.7 Tray Lock Function

15.7.1 Setting

15.8 Things to Do After Repair

16 Cautions To Be Taken During Servicing

16.1 Recovery after the dvd player is repaired

16.2 DVD Player Firmware Version Upgrade Process

16.3 Firmware Version Upgrade Process by Using Disc and Recovery Process

16.3.1 Self-Diagnosis Function

16.4 Using Recovery Disc

16.4.1 Recovery Process

16.4.2 Version Upgrade Process

16.5 Total Usage Time Display

17 Operation Checks and Component Replacement Procedures PV

17.1 Disassembly of Top Cabinet

17.2 Disassembly for the DVD changer ass ' y

17.2.1 Disassembly for the Top Ornament Unit

17.2.2 Disassembly for DVD changer unit
17.3 Checking for the changer unit operational condition

17.3.1 Initial setting of CD

17.3.2 Checking for the DVD Module (1) P.C.B.

17.3.3 Checking for Panel P.C.B., Deck P.C.B. and LED P.C.B.

17.3.4 Replacement of the Power Amplifier IC

17.4 Main Component Replacement Procedures

17.4.1 Replacement of the Traverse Deck

17.5 Replacement for the disc tray

17.6 Disassembly and reassembly for mechanism base drive unit

17.7 Replacement for the motor ass ' y

17.8 Replacement for the pinch roller ass ' y and head block

17.9 Replacement for the CD motor ass ' y, capstan belt A, capstan belt B and winding belt

17.10 Replacement for the CD motor ass ' y, capstan belt A, capstan belt B and winding belt

17.11 Replacement for the cassette lid ass ' y

17.12 Measure for tape trouble

18 Measurements and Adjustments

18.1 Cassette Deck Section

18.1.1 Head Azimuth Adjustment (Deck 1 / 2)

18.1.2 Tape Speed Adjustment (Deck 1 / 2)

18.1.3 Bias and Erase Voltage Check

18.1.4 Bias Frequency Adjustment (Deck 1 / 2)
18.2 Tuner Section

18.2.1 AM-IF Alignment

18.2.2 AM RF Adjustment

18.3 Alignment Points

18.3.1 Cassette Deck Section

18.3.2 Adjustment Point

19 Illustration of ICs, Transistors and Diodes

20 Terminal Function of IC

20.1 IC600 (C2BBHF000075 ) System Microprocessor

21 Block Diagram

22 Schematic Diagram

22.1 (A) DVD Module (1) Circuit

22.2 (B) DVD Module (2) Circuit

22.3 (C) Main Circuit & (D) Tuner Extent Circuit

22.4 (E) Panel Circuit, (F) LED Circuit & (G) Tact Switch Circuit

22.5 (H) Tuner Circuit

22.6 (J) Deck Circuit & (K) Deck Mechanism Circuit

22.7 (L) Power Supply Circuit

22.8 (M) Power Circuit

22.9 (N) Transformer Circuit, (O) AC Inlet Circuit, (P) Voltage Selector Circit, (Q) CD Loading
Circuit, (R) CD Detect Circuit & (S) Spindle Position Circuit
23 Printed Circuit Board

23.1 (A) DVD Module (1) P.C.B. (Component & Foil Side)

23.2 (B) DVD Module (2) P.C.B. (Side A & B)

23.3 (C) Main P.C.B.

23.4 (D) Tuner Extent P.C.B., (F) LED P.C.B., (I) Tuner Pack P.C.B., (Q) CD Loading P.C.B., (R)
CD Detect P.C.B. & (S) Spindle Position P.C.B.

23.5 (E) Panel P.C.B.

23.6 (G) Tact Switch & (H) Tuner P.C.B.

23.7 (J) Deck P.C.B. & (K) Deck Mechanism P.C.B.

23.8 (L) Power Supply P.C.B.

23.9 (M) Power P.C.B.

23.10 (N) Transformer P.C.B.

23.11 (O) AC Inlet P.C.B. & (P) Voltage Selector P.C.B.

24 Wiring Connection Diagram

25 Parts Location and Replacement Parts List

25.1 Deck Mechanism (RAA3412-S)

25.1.1 Deck Mechanism Parts Location

25.1.2 Deck Mechanism Parts List

25.2 CD Loading Mechanism (RD-DAC036-S)

25.2.1 CD Loading Mechanism Parts Location

25.2.2 CD Loading Mechanism Parts List
25.3 Cabinet

25.3.1 Cabinet Parts Location

25.3.2 Cabinet Parts List

25.4 Electrical Parts List

25.5 Packing Materials & Accessories Parts List

25.6 Packaging
Service Manual

ORDER NO. MD0309424C3

DVD Stereo System

    q    SA-VK70DGC


(K)... Black Type (For SA-VK70DGC& SA-VK70DGCS only)

(S)... Silver Type (For SA-VK70DGCS only)

                                            AMPLIFIER SECTION
                                            RMS Output power both channel driven: 10% Total Harmonic Distortion
                                            1 kHz Front CH                                                        100 W per channel (6 )
Total RMS Dolby Digital Mode Power
                                                                                             200 W
PMPO Output Power                                                                           2200 W
Input sensitivity/ Input Impedance
AUX                                                                               250 mV, 13.3 k
Mic                                                                                  0.7 mV, 680
Frequency range                                                   87.5 - 108.0 MHz (50 kHz steps)
Sensitivity                                                                          2.5

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