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Panasonic Services Company

 9TH Gen. Plasma Display Television

            National Training

                           Models Comparison
                                        Comparison Table
                                                        TV-    CableCARD
                   MODEL       Resolution SD Card      Guide    slot in the
                                                       EPG        Tuner
                TH-65PX600U    1920x1080p    Yes        Yes        Yes        Yes
                TH-58PX600U    1366x768p     Yes       Yes         Yes        Yes
                TH-50PX600U    1366x768p     Yes       Yes         Yes        Yes
                TH-42PX600U    1024x768p     Yes       Yes         Yes        Yes
                 TH-58PX60U    1366x768p     Yes        No         No          No
                 TH-50PX60U    1366x768p     Yes        No         No          No
                 TH-42PX60U    1024x768p     Yes        No         No          No
                 TH-37PX60U    1024x720p     Yes        No         No          No
                 TH-42PD60U     852x480p      No        No         No          No
                 TH-50PX6U     1366x768p      No        No         No          No
                 TH-42PX6U     1024x768p      No        No         No          No

This table is a comparison between the different models of this line of plasma televisions.
Beside having all the features found on the PX60U models, the PX600U models have some
unique features like TV Guide EPG, CableCARD Slot, and PC Input.
Only the 65PX600 has 1080p resolution. All other 2006 models will take a 1080p input but
display it in their native resolution.

                               Input/Output (Jacks)
                                     TH-42/50/58/65                   TH-
                                         PX600U                37/42/50/58PX60U
                                     NTSC (Standard analog       NTSC (Standard analog   NTSC (Standard analog
                                            broadcasts)                 broadcasts)            broadcasts)
                                      ATSC/QAM (SDTV and       ATSC/QAM (SDTV and HDTV ATSC/QAM (SDTV and
                                        HDTV broadcasts)                broadcasts)        HDTV broadcasts)
                  Photo Viewer             Yes (SD Slot)               Yes (SD Slot)               No
                   SD Card Slot      Yes (JPEG Photo Viewer)     Yes (JPEG Photo Viewer) Yes (JPEG No
                                                                                                   Photo Viewer
               CableCARD Ready 5                Yes                         No                     No
                                              2 rear                     2 rear                   1rear
              Analog Audio Input
                                              1 rear                     1 rear                  1 rear
                    (for HDMI)
                Composite Video
                                        3 (2 rear, 1 front)        3 (2 rear, 1 front)           2 rear
                  S-Video Input         3 (2 rear, 1 front)        3 (2 rear, 1 front)           2 rear
                 Audio Input (for
                                        3 (2 rear, 1 front)        3 (2 rear, 1 front)           2 rear
              PC Input (RGB-VGA)               Yes                         No                      No
              Audio Input (for PC)             Yes                         No                      No
                Component Video
                Input [Y, PB(CB),             2 rear                     2 rear                  2 rear
                 Audio Input (for
                                              2 rear                     2 rear                  2 rear
               Component Video)
                Composite Video
                                              1 rear                     1 rear                  1 rear
                  Audio Output                1 rear                     1 rear                  1 rear

This table shows the input signals available for each line of plasma TV.

42PX60 Board Layout

42PX60 Board Description

         Getting Familiar With The New Plasma TV

Before this generation of plasma TV, Panasonic has always used the double scan system in
their HD plasma TV. In this generation, the 37" and the 42" HD models utilized the single
scan system.
The earlier production of HD 42" models have 3 fans and the HD 50" models contain 4
fans. Normally there will only be 2 fans in the HD 42" models and 3 fans in the HD 50"

            Differences Between 8th and 9th Generations
            1.   No Data Drive Circuit Boards (C Boards) for 37" and
                 42" models (PD60U, PX6U, PX60U, & PX600U) at
                 the top of the TV.
            2.   The PA board is back where it originally was in the 6th
                 Generation models.
            3.   No PB board (Fan Drive and Audio +B)
            4.   No Z board (Audio Amp.)
            5.   The D board is now hidden under the DG board.
            6.   No DV board
            7.   Different Digital Tuner (Optical Jack is on the right)
            8.   The SD and SU boards are flipped, showing the
                 component side.

The differences between the 8th and the 9th generation are explained here.

                               D board Location

The purpose of this picture is to show the new location of the D board, which seats below
the DG and the DT boards. Unlike the previous generation, there's not any access to this

                   Digital Tuner/HDMI Connector

        When an ATSC channel is selected, the output of the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT jack
        is Dolby Digital. When a NTSC channel is selected, the output is PCM.

Since the TV does not have a DV board, this picture shows the new location of the HDMI
connectors (2). These connectors are located on the DG board. The previous models only
had 1 HDMI connector.

                        SC, SU, and SD Boards

The component side of the SU and SD boards is now visible without removal.


This picture shows the CableCARD slot, the Antenna terminal, the HDMI input connectors,
and the PC input connector.

                          HDAVI control
  Enables unified control between compatible Panasonic products
  connected via the HDMI cable, so you can, for instance, control
    multiple compatible Panasonic A/V products from a single

The new EZ-Sync
This might look like just another so-called universal remote.
But universal remotes are really not 'universal' at all. What
they do is combine a bunch of incompatible controllers into
one case. Playing a DVD with a DTS soundtrack with a
universal remote requires pushing just as many buttons as
using three separate remotes.

"With EZ-Sync, you press one button and

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