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        Technical Guide
                   (GPH11DU Chassis)
                       HD Models
                Troubleshooting Handbook

Model : TH-42PZ80U

Panasonic Technology and Service Company
                     National Training
This page is purposely left blank.

                                        Table of Contents
Subject                                                Page          Subject                                               Page
Connector's Location (TH-42PX80U)                      5
Power LED's Response to Shutdown Operation             7             No Sound                                              35
LED blinks 1 time                                      8             Troubleshooting for Picture Problems                  38
LED blinks 2 times                                     9-11          Diagnostic Method for Troubleshooting PDP             39
LED blinks 3 times                                     12
                                                                     Troubleshooting for Picture Trouble                   40
LED blinks 4 times                                     13
                                                                     Diagnosis for Picture Problem (All Over the Screen)   42
LED blinks 5 times (Quick Troubleshooting)             14
                                                                     Diagnosis of Vertical Line Problem                    43
LED blinks 5 times                                     15 - 18
                                                                     Picture Trouble at Upper or Lower half                44
LED blinks 6 times                                     19
                                                                     Picture Trouble at Right or Left half (50 Inch)       45
SU/SD Board Isolation Procedure                        20
                                                                     Picture Trouble at Right or Left half (42/37 Inch)    46
LED blinks 7 times                                     21
                                                                     Picture Trouble in 50 Inch Models                     47
LED blinks 8 times                                     23
                                                                     Picture Trouble all Over the Screen                   48
LED blinks 9 times                                     24
                                                                     Examples of Symptoms and Remedies                     50
LED blinks 10 times before pressing the power button   25 - 27
                                                                     Self-check Procedure                                  56
LED blinks 10 times after pressing the power button    28 - 29
                                                                     Reset                                                 56
LED blinks 11 times                                    30
                                                                     Driver Setup Adjustment                               57
LED blinks 12 times                                    31
LED blinks 13 times                                    32
No Power / Dead                                        33 - 34


1. Basic concept of how to determine the defective board
 1) Verification of voltages
    Normally, when there is a power problem, shutdown occurs immediately.
    So, to resolve a power problem, voltage checks are necessary before shutdown.
 2) Check if the power comes up after disconnecting the board under suspicion.
    If power comes up (*) after disconnecting a board, the board is defective.
    (*) "Power comes up" equals "no shutdown".
2. Troubleshooting Video and Audio problems
3. Examples of video problems
4. Adjustment after PCB exchange
 1) After exchanging the following boards, voltage adjustment is required.
    P board, SC board, SS board => Please refer to the "Service Manual".

Connector's Location (TH-42PZ85U)

              Figure 1

1. Troubleshooting Shutdown Problems

  CAUTION: Some steps requires removal of connectors and
  sometimes PC boards removal. Do not let the TV run for more
  than 30 seconds while connectors or boards are disconnected.

Power LED's Response to Shutdown Operation

      Number of blinks               Contents                 Check point
                             Communication Error with
             1                   Microcomputer                   D, A

             2                       15V SOS                       D

             3                       3.3V SOS                      D

             4                  Power Supply SOS                   P

             5                       5V SOS                        D
                             SC Energy recovery SOS             SC, D, P
                              SC floating voltage SOS       SC, SU, SD, D, P
                             SS Energy recovery SOS             SS, D, P
                             Panel Configuration SOS
             9                                                     D
                         Sub 5V SOS, Main 3.3V SOS, DTV9V
            10                   SOS, Tuner SOS                    A

            11                       Fan SOS                     PB, A

            12                     Sound SOS                       A
                          Communication Error with Peaks
            13                       Lite-2                        A

                                                  LED blinks 1 time
                                                                                           Warning: Disconnect AC Power prior to
     Trouble Mode                                  Defective Board                         making any disconnection or connection
Communication Error                                      D, GS, A

         TH-50PZ80/85/800U                                                        A board Connectors Location

    Disconnect A52 on the A                   Disconnect A9 on the A
    Board (See Figure 1). Plug                Board. Plug in the TV
    in the TV and turn it on                  and turn it on

            No                                    Yes
                             Is the power
                               LED still

   Replace the GS
       board                       Unplug the TV and disconnect
                                   connectors P6 and P7 on the P Board
                                   (See Figure 1). Plug in the TV.

                                                                                              Figure 2
                                            Is the TV turning on by
                                            itself with the following
                       No                          conditions?
                                                Power LED = Off
                                                  SC LED= On
Replace the D                                    SS LED = ON                      Replace the A
   board                                                                             board

                   LED blinks 2 times
Trouble Mode   Defective Board (Possibility)         2 Blinks Condition can be caused by:
15V down SOS    P, A, SC, SS Board (P > A, SC, SS)   

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