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                                                 MULTI-PLATE CLUTCH
Automatic Transmission

11 . Multi-plate Clutch                       5510589
                                                                  3) Measure the height "2" from mating surface of
                                                                  the transmission case to end surface of the center
A: REMOVAL S5,o589A,e                                             differential clutch drum .
                                                                  ST 499577000 GAUGE
The multi-plate clutch is removed in the same way                 f = Measured value - 35 mm
that the extension case is removed. 

B : INSTALLATION               5570589A11

The multi-plate clutch is installed in the same way
that the extension case is installed . 

C : INSPECTION            5570589A70

* Check the drive plate facing for wear and dam-
  Check the snap ring for wear, return spring for
permanent set and breakage, and return spring for                 4) Calculation equation:
deformation .                                                     T = (L + 0.45) - f
  Check the lathe cut ring for damage.                            T: Measurements between end surface of clutch
" Measure the clearance of the multi-plate clutch                 drum and multi-plate clutch (LSD) piston .
and adjust it to within specifications .                                  case to multi-plate clutch (LSD) piston .
                                                                  0 .45 : Gasket thickness
D : ADJUSTMENT               5510589A01
                                                                       Height from mating surface of transmission
                                                                  case to end surface of the center differential clutch
1) Remove the drive plate and driven plate from                   drum.
the center differential carrier.                                  NOTE :
2) Measure the distance "L" from mating surface                   Measure thickness of driven and drive plates of
of extension case to multi-plate clutch (LSD) pis-                multi-plate clutch (LSD) and determine clearance
ton .                                                             between measured value and "T".
ST 399643600 GAUGE
L = Measured value - 15 mm                                        Standard value:
(L = Measured value - 0.59 in)                                        0.2 - 0.6 mm (0.008 - 0.024 in)
                                                                  Allowable limit:
                                                                        1.6 mm (0.063 in)
                                                                  If out of specification, replace plate set (drive and
                                                                  driven plate) and select a multi-plate clutch (LSD)
                                                                  piston side adjusting plate to make it within speci-
                                       15 mm (0 .59 in)
                                                                  fication .
                                                                                  Available driven plates
                                                                           Part No .               Thickness mm (in)
                                                                         31589AA041                     1 .6 (0 .063)
                   /                                H3M1855A             31589AA050                    2.0 (0 .079)
                                                                         31589AA060                    2.4 (0 .094)
                                                                         31589AA070                    2.8 (0 .110)


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