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                                  LOW AND REVERSE BRAKE
Automatic Transmission

27. Low and Reverse Brake                     5570594
                                                        9) Remove rear vehicle speed sensor.

A : REMOVAL         5510594A78

1) Extract the torque converter clutch assembly.

2) Remove the input shaft.
3) Disconnect transmission harness connector
from stay.
Lift-up lever behind the connector and disconnect
it from stay.
4) Disconnect inhibitor switch connector from stay.
5) Disconnect the air breather hose. 
6) Remove the oil charger pipe . 
7) Remove the oil cooler inlet and outlet pipes .

8) Separation of torque converter clutch case and
transmission case sections
9 Be careful not to damage the oil seal and                (A)   Rear vehicle speed sensor
bushing inside the torque converter clutch
case by the oil pump cover.                             10) Separate transmission case and extension
* Be careful not to lose the rubber seal .              case sections . 
NOTE:                                                   11) Remove the reduction driven gear.
Separate these cases while tapping lightly on the
                                                        WITHOUT VTD 
                                                        WITH VTD 
                                                        12) Remove the reduction drive gear. 
                                                        13) Place two wooden blocks on the workbench,
                                                        and stand the transmission case with its rear end
                                                        facing down .
                                                        * Be careful not to scratch the rear mating sur-
                                                        face of the transmission case .
                                                          Note that the parking rod and drive pinion
                                                        protrude from the mating surface .



                                                                                             55 mm
                                                                                             (2 .17 in)


                                                 AT-1 18
                                        LOW AND REVERSE BRAKE
                                                                                             Automatic Transmission

14) Remove the oil pump housing .                               20) Take out retaining plate, drive plate and driven
                                                                plate of 2-4 brake.
Be careful not to lose the total end play adjust-
ing thrust washer.                                                    J                             0 / O


                  0                                                                                   /B3M1075

                                                               21) Take out the thrust needle bearing, planetary
                                                               gear assembly. 
15) Remove oil pan .
16) Remove control valve assembly . 
17) Take out the high clutch and reverse clutch
18) Pull out leaf spring .
Be careful not to bend leaf spring during
Remove it while pressing down on lower leaf
spring .                                                            (A)   Snap ring
19) Remove snap ring and thrust needle bearing.
                                                               23) Take out 2-4 brake return spring, piston and
                                                               piston retainer. 
                                                               24) Pull out leaf spring .
                                                               CAUTION :
                                                               Be careful not to bend leaf spring during
                      l          ~ \\
              rl                   u                           removal .

                                              83M 1074C

   (A)   Snap ring
   (B)   Thrust needle bearing

                                                                    (A)   Leaf spring

                                                          AT-1 19
                                   LOW AND REVERSE BRAKE
Automatic Transmission

25) Remove snap ring .                                 29) Take out the spring retainer, return spring and
                                                       low & reverse piston .

                                                       B : INSTALLATION              S5f0594A71

                                                       1) Install the low and reverse piston .

                      O                                CAUTION :
                                                       * Be careful not to tilt the piston when install-
                                                       * Be careful not to damage the lip seal .

    (A)   Snap ring

26) Take out retaining plate, drive plate, driven
plate and dish plate.

                                           o           2) Install return spring

                                   n B3M,o82
27) Turn the transmission case upside down, and
then take out the socket bolts while holding the
one-way clutch inner race with hand .

                                                      3) Install spring retainer .

28) Take out the low & reverse piston by applying
compressed air.

                                                      4) Install the one-way clutch inner race.

                                                 AT-1 20
                                      LOW AND REVERSE BRAKE
                                                                                            Automatic Transmission

5) Tighten eight socket head bolts from the rear          9) Check the clearance . (Selection of retaining
side of the transmission case.                            plate)
Tightening torque:                                        NOTE :
    25 Mm (2.5 kgf-m, 18.1 ft-Ib)                         Before measuring clearance, place the same thick-
                                                          ness of shim on both sides to prevent retaining
CAUTION :                                                 plate from tilting .
Be sure to tighten evenly.
                                                          Standard value:
                                                              0.7 - 1.2 mm (0.028 - 0.047 in)
                                                          Allowable limit:
                                                              2.2 mm (0.087 in)

                                                                                 o 0
                                                                             'J= ~~\

6) Install thrust needle bearing.
Place transmission case with the front facing up.                                                         B3M0977

7) Installation of the low & reverse brake :
Install dish plate, driven plates, drive plates, and a                      Available retaining plates
retaining plate, and secure with a snap ring.                         Part No .                Thickness mm (in)
                                                                    31667AA320                     4.2 (0 .165)
                                                                    31667AA330                     4.5 (0 .177)
Pay attention to the orientation of the dish plate.
                                                                    31667AA340                     4.8 (0 .189)

                                                                    31667AA350                     5.1 (0 .201)
                             ` /` .                                 31667AA360                     5.4 (0 .213)
                                                                    31667AA370                     5.7 (0 .224)
               v              -
                                                                    31667AA380                     6.0 (0 .236)

                     O                                    10) Install leaf spring of low and reverse brake.
                                                          CAUTION :
                                                          Pay attention to the direction and position of
                                      0                   leaf spring during installation .

   (A)   Snap ring

8) Apply compressed air intermittently to check for
operation .

                                                              (A)   Leaf spring

                                                          11) Install 2-4 brake piston, retainer and return
                                                          spring to transmission case . 

                                                     AT 121
                                    LOW AND REVERSE BRAKE
Automatic Transmission

12) Position snap ring in transmission . Using ST,        16) Install leaf spring of 2-4 brake .
press the snap ring into place .                         NOTE :
ST 498677100 COMPRESSOR                                  Be careful not to mistake the location of the leaf
                                                         spring to be inserted .

                                                                    O(B) ~~
13) Install planetary gear and low clutch assembly                             I      1   ~   I ~   i B3M1104C

to transmission case.                                         (A)   Leaf spring
Install carefully while rotating the low clutch and           (B)   Retaining plate
planetary gear assembly slowly paying special
attention not to damage the seal ring .                                                 Install thrust needle bearing in the correct direc-
14) Install pressure plate, drive plate, driven plate,   tion .
retaining plate and snap ring .

                                     0 i 0

                                       / B3M1075
                                                              (A)   Snap ring
15) After all 2-4 brake component parts have been             (B)   Thrust needle bearing
installed, blow in air intermittently and confirm the         (C)   Up side
operation of the brake.                                       (D)   Down side

                                                   AT- 1 22
                                  LOW AND REVERSE BRAKE
                                                                                      Automatic Transmission

18) Install front sun gear and thrust needle bear-    22) Secure the housing with two nuts and the bolt.
ing.                                                   Tightening torque:
NOTE:                                                      T 41 N~m (4.2 kgf-m, 30.4 ft-Ib)
Install thrust needle bearing in the correct direc-



                                                      23) Apply proper amount of liquid gasket to the
                                                      entire torque converter clutch case mating surface.
   (A)   Front sun gear
                                                      Liquid gasket:
   (B)   Thrust needle bearing
                                                          THREE BOND 1215
   (C)   Up side
   (D)   Down side                                    NOTE:
                                                      Make sure that the rubber seal and seal pipe are
19) Install the high clutch hub and thrust needle     fitted in position.
Attach the thrust needle bearing to the hub with
vaseline and install the hub by correctly engaging
the splines of the front planetary carrier.
Install thrust needle bearing in the correct direc-
tion .

                                                          (A)   THREE BOND (Part No . 1215)
                                                          (B)   Rubber seal

                                                      24) Install the torque converter clutch case
                                                      assembly to the transmission case assembly, and
                                                      secure with six bolts and four nuts .
   (A)   High clutch hub                              When installing, be careful not to damage the
   (B)   Thrust needle bearing                        torque converter clutch case bushing and oil
   (C)   Up side                                      seal .
   (D)   Down side
                                                      Tightening torque:
20) Install the high clutch assembly.                                              INSTALLATION, Reduction Drive Gear.>
21) Install the oil pump housing assembly .           26) Install reduction driven gear.
                                                      WITHOUT VTD 
                                                      WITH VTD 

                                                AT-1 23
                                     LOW AND REVERSE BRAKE
Automatic Transmission

27) Install the extension case to the transmission
case . 
28) Install the rear vehicle speed sensor .
Tightening torque:
      7 N~m (0.7 kgf-m, 5.1 ft-Ib)
29) Install air breather hose . 
30) Insert inhibitor switch and transmission con-
nector into stay.

                                     (A )


    (A)   Transmission harness
    (B)   Inhibitor switch harness

31) Install the oil cooler pipes . 
32) Install the oil charger pipe with O-ring . 
33) Insert the input shaft while turning lightly by
hand .
Be careful not to damage the bushing .
Normal protrusion A:
    50 - 55 mm (1.97 - 2.17 in)

34) Install the torque converter clutch assembly.

Check for the following .
~ Drive plate facing for wear or damage
~ Snap ring for wear and spring retainer for defor-

                                                       AT-1 24

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