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                                               2-4 BRAKE
Automatic Transmission

25. 2-4 Brake            S5f0205
                                                       NOTE :
                                                       Separate these cases while tapping lightly on the
A : REMOVAL         S5f0205A18                         housing .
1) Extract the torque converter clutch assembly.

2) Remove the input shaft.

                                                       11) Place two wooden blocks on the workbench,
                                                       and stand the transmission case with its rear end
                                                       facing down .
                                                       CAUTION :
3) Disconnect transmission harness connector           * Be careful not to scratch the rear mating sur-
from stay.                                             face of the transmission case.
                                                         Note that the parking rod and drive pinion
NOTE :                                                 protrude from the mating surface.
Lift-up lever behind the connector and disconnect
it from stay.
4) Disconnect inhibitor switch connector from stay.
5) Disconnect the air breather hose . 
6) Remove the oil charger pipe . 
7) Remove the oil cooler inlet and outlet pipes with
washers .                                                                                  (2 .17 in)

8) Remove rear vehicle speed sensor, and sepa-                                                   B3M 1064A I
rate the transmission case and extension case .
              12) Remove the oil pan and control valve body .
9) Remove reduction driven gear.                       
WITHOUT VTD                        CAUTION:
WITH VTD                                 ing thrust washer.
10) Separation of torque converter clutch case
and transmission case sections
e Be careful not to damage the oil seal and
bushing inside the torque converter clutch
case by the oil pump cover.
9 Be careful not to lose the rubber seal .                         0

                                                                                                     B3M 1068

                                                 AT-1 04
                                                                       2-4 BRAKE
                                                                                                               Automatic Transmission

14) Remove 2-4 brake seal .                                                   18) Remove snap ring and thrust needle bearing .

         o                             iu . .
                              O'       a

         0                    v        \
                                       0                      l

                                                U         B3M2087

15) Take out the high clutch and reverse clutch                                  (A)   Snap ring
16) Take out the front sun gear and the thrust                               19) Take out retaining plate, drive plate and driven
bearina.                                                                     plate of 2-4 brake.

              //   /    f~~   ~~1                   .   \C                                                          O

                              B                           I       (1

   (A)       Front sun gear                                                  20) Take out the thrust needle bearing, planetary
   (B)       Thrust bearing                                                  gear assembly and the low clutch assembly.

17) Pull out leaf spring .
Be careful not to bend leaf spring during
Remove it while pressing down on lower leaf
spring .

                                                                                                                        I B3M1076



   (A)       Leaf spring
   (B)       Retaing plate

                                                                       AT-1 05
                                                                       2-4 BRAKE
Automatic Transmission

21) Remove snap ring .                                                           24) Separate 2-4 brake piston and piston retainer.

                                                                                                     (A)                      (B)



   (A)   Snap ring                                                                   (A)   2-4 brake piston
   (B)   2-4 brake piston                                                            (B)   2-4 brake piston retainer

22) Take out 2-4 brake return spring .                                           B : INSTALLATION                     5510205A11

                                                                                 1) Install 2-4 brake piston to 2-4 brake piston

                                                                                                     (A)                      (B)

             o        0      0   

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