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                                                     DIAGNOSTICS                                                         [K300] 5-2
                                                                                                                     3. Power Window

2. Door Lock System
No.                    Trouble                                        Possible cause                                 Remedy
      Door cannot be opened by outer handle.              Disconnect outer handle rod.                    Connect firmly.
      (Door can be opened by inner handle.)
      Door cannot be opened by inner handle.              a. Joint of lower rod is disconnected.          Connect firmly.
 2    (Door can be opened by outer handle.)               b. Rear door child lock lever is set to lock    Functionally normal.
      Door does not open when outer or inner              a. Joint of upper rod is disconnected.          Connect firmly.
      handle is operated with inner lock knob set         b. Lock is not released due to improper         Remove rod from latch.
      to unlock position.                                 adjustment of upper rod.                        Adjust rod so that lock knob
                                                                                                          is set in "lock" position.
      Door opens even when inner lock knob is             a. Upper rod joint is separated.                Same as a in No. 3.
 4    set to lock position.                               b. Door is not locked due to improperly         Same as a in No. 3.
      (Keyless locking is impossible.)                    adjusted upper rod.
      Child lock lever will not come up.                  a. Inner handle fails to return completely.     Refer to No. 6.
                                                          b. Joint of lower rod is disconnected.
      Inner handle stops halfway.                         Contact of lower rod with inner handle          Eliminate contact by bending
                                                          mounting case.                                  upper rod properly.
 7    Door cannot be locked or unlocked by key.           Joint of key lock rod is disconnected.          Connect firmly.
      Auto door-lock switch does not react when           Auto door-lock switch does not react due        Same as a in No. 3.
      inner lock knob is pushed.                          to improperly adjusted lower rod.

3. Power Window
                                      All windows do not                Driver's door window Driver's door win- Neither passenger
                                      move.                             does not move.       dow does not       side windows
                                                                                             move at "AUTO" move.
Battery                                             (1)
Fuse in fuse box                                    (2)
Circuit breaker and relay                           (3)
Main switch                                         (4)                           (1)                    (1)                (1)
Sub switch of each passenger side                                                                                           (2)
Motor of driver side                                                              (2)                    (2)
Motor of each passenger side                                                                                                (3)
Regulator assembly of each window                                                                                           (4)
Power supply line of main switch                    (5)                           (3)                    (3)
Ground line                                         (6)
Harness and connector                               (7)                            (4)                  (4)                  (5)
                                                                        (   ): Figures in a parenthesis refer to diagnostics procedures.




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