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6-1  [W2A0]                           SERVICE PROCEDURE
2. Generator

2. Generator                                          5) Remove bolts which install generator onto
1) Disconnect battery ground cable.


                                                      6) Install in the reverse order of removal.
2) Disconnect connector and terminal from gen-        Check and adjust V-belt tension. 

                                       S2M0941                                                 S2M0942

3) Remove V-belt cover.
                                                      B: DISASSEMBLY
                                                      1) Remove the four through bolts. Then insert the
                                                      tip of a flat-head screwdriver into the gap between
                                                      the stator core and front bracket. Pry then apart to


4) Remove front side V-belt.



                                    SERVICE PROCEDURE                                       [W2C1] 6-1
                                                                                             2. Generator

2) Hold rotor with a vise and remove pulley nut.         4) Remove screws which secure IC regulator to
                                                         rear cover, and unsolder connection between IC
                                                         regulator and rectifier to remove IC regulator.


CAUTION:                                                                                       G6M0069
When holding rotor with vise, insert aluminum
plates or wood pieces on the contact surfaces            5) Remove the brushes by unsoldering at the pig-
of the vise to prevent rotor from damage.                tails.


   (A)   Front bracket                                   6) Remove the nut and insulating bushing at ter-
   (B)   Pulley                                          minal B, and remove rectifier.
   (C)   Nut
   (D)   Rotor

3) Unsolder connection between rectifier and sta-
tor coil to remove stator coil.
Finish the work rapidly (less than three sec-
onds) because the rectifier cannot withstand
heat very well.

                                                            (A)   Rectifier
                                                            (B)   Rear cover
                                                            (C)   Nut

                                                         C: INSPECTION AND REPAIR
                                                         1. DIODE
                                       G6M0068           Never use a megger tester (measuring use for
                                                         high voltage) or any other similar measure for
                                                         this test; otherwise, the diodes may be dam-

6-1  [W2C2]                             SERVICE PROCEDURE
2. Generator

1) Checking positive diode                                    3) Continuity test
Check for continuity between the diode lead and               Check resistance between slip rings using circuit
the positive side heat sink. The positive diode is in         tester.
good condition if continuity exists only in the direc-        If the resistance is not within specification, replace
tion from the diode lead to the heat sink.                    rotor assembly.
                                                              Specified resistance:
                                                                  Approx. 2.7 -- 3.2 


   (A)   Diode lead
   (B)   Heat sink (Positive side)                                                                      G6M0075

2) Checking negative diode                                    4) Insulation test
Check for continuity between the negative side                Check continuity between slip ring and rotor core
heat sink and diode lead. The negative diode is in            or shaft. If continuity exists, the rotor coil is
good condition if continuity exists only in the direc-        grounded, and so replace rotor assembly.
tion from the heat sink to the diode lead.


                                                              5) Ball bearing (rear side)
   (A)   Diode lead                                              (1) Check rear ball bearing. Replace if it is
   (B)   Heat sink (Negative side)                               noisy or if rotor does not turn smoothly.
                                                                 (2) The rear bearing can be removed by using
2. ROTOR                                                         common bearing puller.
1) Slip ring surface
Inspect slip rings for contamination or any rough-
ness of the sliding surface. Repair slip ring surface
using a lathe or sand paper.
2) Slip ring outer diameter
Measure slip ring outer diameter. If slip ring is worn
replace rotor assembly.
Slip ring outer diameter:
     22.7 mm (0.894 in)                                                                                 G6M0077
     22.1 mm (0.870 in)

                                      SERVICE PROCEDURE                                            [W2C5] 6-1
                                                                                                    2. Generator

3. STATOR                                                   2) Checking brush spring for proper pressure
1) Continuity test                                          Using a spring pressure indicator, push the brush
Inspect stator coil for continuity between each end         into the brush holder until its tip protrudes 2 mm
of the lead wires. If there is no continuity between        (0.08 in). Then measure the pressure of the brush
individual lead wires, the lead wire is broken, and         spring. If the pressure is less than 2.648 N (270 g,
so replace stator assembly.                                 9.52 oz), replace the brush spring with a new one.
                                                            The new spring must have a pressure of 4.609 to
                                                            5.786 N (470 to 590 g, 16.58 to 20.81 oz).


2) Insulation test                                                                                    G6M0143
Inspect stator coil for continuity between stator
core and each end of the lead wire. If there is
continuity, the stator coil is grounded, and so             5. BEARING (FRONT SIDE)
replace stator assembly.                                    1) Check front ball bearing. If resistance is felt
                                                            while rotating, or if abnormal noise is heard,
                                                            replace the ball bearing.
                                                            2) Replacing front bearing
                                                               (1) Remove front bearing retainer.
                                                               (2) Closely install a fit tool on the bearing inner
                                                               race. Press the bearing down out of front
                                                               bracket with a hand press or vise. A socket
                                                               wrench can serve as the tool.


1) Measure the length of each brush. If wear
exceeds the service limit, replace the brush. Each
brush has the service limit mark (A) on it.
Brush length:
  Standard                                                                                            S6M0409A
    18.5 mm (0.728 in)
  Service limit                                                (A)   Front bracket
    5.0 mm (0.197 in)                                          (B)   Socket wrench


6-1   [W2D0]                         SERVICE PROCEDURE
3. Spark Plug

  (3) Set a new bearing and closely install a fit          3. Spark Plug
  tool on the bearing outer race. Press the bear-
  ing down into place with a hand press or vise.           A: REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION
  A socket wrench can serve as the tool.
  (4) Install front bearing retainer.                      CAUTION:
                                                           All spark plugs installed on an engine, must be
                                                           of the same heat range.
                                                           Spark plug:
                                                               CHAMPION: RC10YC4
                                                               CHAMPION: RC8YC4
                                                               NGK: BKR6E-11
                                                               NIPPONDENSO: K20PR-U11
                                                           1. #1 SPARK PLUG
                                       S6M0410A            1) Disconnect battery ground cable.
   (A)   Bearing
   (B)   Socket wrench
   (C)   Front bracket

Assemble in the reverse order of disassembly.
1) Pulling up brush
Before assembling, press the brush down into the
brush holder with your finger and secure in that
position by passing a [2 mm (0.08 in) dia. length 4
to 5 cm (1.6 to 2.0 in)] wire (A) through the hole
shown in the figure.                                       2) Remove air intake duct and resonator chamber.
CAUTION:                                                      (1) Remove bolt which installs air intake duct
Be sure to remove the wire after reassembly.                  on the front side of body.

                                       S6M0411A                                                   S6M0708

2) Heat the bearing box in the rear bracket [50 to           (2) Remove bolt which installs air intake duct

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