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                                           SERVICE PROCEDURE                                                  [W6A0] 2-2
                                                                                                      6. Engine Oil Pressure

5. Intake Manifold Vacuum                                           3) Keep the engine at the idle speed and read the
                                                                    vacuum gauge indication.
A: MEASUREMENT                                                      By observing the gauge needle movement, the
                                                                    internal condition of the engine can be diagnosed
1) Warm-up the engine.                                              as described below.
2) Disconnect the brake vacuum hose and install
the vacuum gauge to the hose fitting on the intake                  Vacuum pressure (at idling, A/C "OFF"):
manifold.                                                               Less than -60.0 kPa (-450 mmHg, -17.72


                             Diagnosis of engine condition by   measurement of manifold vacuum
                    Vacuum gauge indication                                      Possible engine condition
1. Needle is steady but lower than normal position. This ten-   Leakage around intake manifold gasket or disconnection or
dency becomes more evident as engine temperature rises.         damaged vacuum hose
2. When engine speed is reduced slowly from higher speed,       Back pressure too high, or exhaust system clogged
needle stops temporarily when it is lowering or becomes
steady above normal position.
3. Needle intermittently drops to position lower than normal    Leakage around cylinder
4. Needle drops suddenly and intermittently from normal posi-   Sticky valves
5. When engine speed is gradually increased, needle begins      Weak or broken valve springs
to vibrate rapidly at certain speed, and then vibration
increases as engine speed increases.
6. Needle vibrates above and below normal position in narrow    Defective ignition system or throttle chamber idle adjustment

6. Engine Oil Pressure                                              2) Remove generator from bracket.
                                                                       (1) Disconnect connector and terminal from
A: MEASUREMENT                                                         generator.
1) Disconnect battery ground cable.



2-2   [W6A0]                         SERVICE PROCEDURE
6. Engine Oil Pressure

   (2) Remove V-belt cover.                               5) Connect oil pressure gauge hose to cylinder
                                                          6) Connect battery ground cable.


   (3) Loosen lock bolt and slider bolt, and remove                                                 G6M0095
   front side V-belt.
                                                          7) Start the engine, and measure oil pressure.

   (4) Remove generator lock bolt.
   (5) Remove bolt which install generator on             Oil pressure:
   bracket.                                                    98 kPa (1.0 kg/cm2,14 psi) or more at 800
                                                               294 kPa (3.0 kg/cm2, 43 psi) or more at
                                                               5,000 rpm

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