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                                        SERVICE PROCEDURE                                     [W1B0] 2-11
                                                                                                  1. Engine

1. Engine                                                    5) Remove under cover.

(1) Remove or install engine in an area where
chain hoists, lifting devices, etc. are available for
ready use.
(2) Be sure not to damage coated surfaces of
body panels with tools or stain seats and windows
with coolant or oil. Place a cover over fenders, as
required, for protection.
(3) Prior to starting work, prepare the following:
Service tools, clean cloth, containers to catch cool-
ant and oil, wire ropes, chain hoist, transmission           6) Drain coolant.
jacks, etc.                                                  Set container under the vehicle, and loose drain
(4) Lift-up or lower the vehicle when necessary.             cock from radiator.
Make sure to support the correct positions. 

1) Set the vehicle on lift arms.
2) Open front hood and support with a stay.
3) Release fuel pressure.
   (1) Disconnect fuel pump relay connector.


                                                             7) Remove cooling system.
                                                                (1) Disconnect connectors from radiator main
                                                                fan and sub fan motors.


   (A)   Fuel pump relay connector

   (2) Start the engine, and run until it stalls.
   (3) After the engine stalls, crank it for five sec-
   onds more.
   (4) Turn ignition switch to "OFF".                                                              S2M0893
   (5) Remove filler cap.
4) Disconnect battery ground terminal.


2-11    [W1B0]                     SERVICE PROCEDURE
1. Engine

  (2) Disconnect radiator outlet hose from ther-         (6) Disconnect radiator inlet hose from radiator.
  mostat cover, and remove ATF cooler hose from
  clip of radiator.


                                                         (7) Remove radiator upper bracket,              and
                                                         remove radiator assembly from vehicle.
   (A)   Radiator outlet hose
   (B)   ATF cooler hose

  (3) Disconnect ATF cooler hoses from radiator.
  (AT vehicles)


                                                       8) Collect refrigerant, and remove flexible hoses.
                                                       (With A/C)
                                                          (1) Place and connect the attachment hose to
                                      S2M0895             the refrigerant recycle system.
                                                          (2) Collect refrigerant from A/C system.
  (4) Lower the vehicle.
                                                          (3) Disconnect A/C flexible hoses from A/C
  (5) Remove V-belt covers.


                                    SERVICE PROCEDURE                                     [W1B0] 2-11
                                                                                              1. Engine

9) Remove air intake system.                         (2) Engine ground terminal
Remove air intake duct with air cleaner case.

                                                     (3) Engine harness connector
10) Remove air cleaner case stay.

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