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2-8   [K100]                                       DIAGNOSTICS
1. Fuel System Trouble in General

1. Fuel System Trouble in General
                        Trouble and possible cause                                            Corrective action
1. Insufficient fuel supply to the injector
     1)       Fuel pump will not operate.
                                                                             Inspect connections, especially ground, and
                  k       Defective terminal contact.
                                                                             tighten securely.
                          Trouble in electromagnetic or electronic circuit
                  k                                                          Replace fuel pump.
      2)                  Lowering of fuel pump function.                    Replace fuel pump.
      3)                  Clogged dust or water in the fuel filter.          Replace fuel filter, clean or replace fuel tank.
      4)                  Clogged or bent fuel pipe or hose.                 Clean, correct or replace fuel pipe or hose.
      5)                  Air is mixed in the fuel system.                   Inspect or retighten each connection part.
                                                                             Clean, correct or replace air breather tube or
      6)                  Clogged or bent breather tube or pipe.
     7)                   Damaged diaphragm of pressure regulator.           Replace.
2. Leakage or blow out fuel
     1)                   Loosened joints of the fuel pipe.                  Retightening.
     2)                   Cracked fuel pipe, hose and fuel tank.             Replace.
     3)                   Defective welding part on the fuel tank.           Replace.
     4)                   Defective drain packing of the fuel tank.          Replace.
                          Clogged or bent air breather tube or air vent      Clean, correct or replace air breather tube or air
                          tube.                                              vent tube.
3. Gasoline smell inside of compartment
                          Loose joints at air breather tube, air vent tube
     1)                                                                      Retightening.
                          and fuel filler pipe.
                          Defective packing air tightness on the fuel sau-
     2)                                                                      Correct or replace packing.
     3)                   Cracked fuel separator.                            Replace separator.
     4)                   Inoperable fuel pump modulator or circuit.         Replace.
4. Defective fuel meter indicator
     1)                   Defective operation of fuel meter unit.            Replace.
     2)                   Defective operation of fuel meter.                 Replace.
5. Noise
     1)                   Large operation noise or vibration of fuel pump.   Replace.
When the vehicle is left unattended for an extended period of time, water may accumulate in the fuel tank.
(1) To prevent water condensation:

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