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1-5      [G16A0]              PERIODIC MAINTENANCE SERVICES
16. Clutch Operation

16. Clutch Operation
                                           MAINTENANCE INTERVAL
                               [Number of months or km (miles), whichever occurs first]
  Months     3     7.5   15   22.5   30    37.5   45     52.5   60    67.5   75    82.5   90    97.5   105 112.5 120
             4.8   12    24    36    48     60    72     84     96    108    120    132   144   156    168   180   192
             3     7.5   15   22.5   30    37.5   45     52.5   60    67.5   75    82.5   90    97.5   105 112.5 120
                         I            I            I             I            I            I            I           I

A: INSPECTION AND ADJUSTMENT                                  CAUTION:
                                                              D Avoid mixing different brakes of brake
1) Push the release lever to retract the push rod
                                                              fluid to prevent degradation of the fluid.
of the operating cylinder and check if the fluid              D Be careful not to allow dirt or dust to get
level in the clutch reservoir tank rises or not.
                                                              into the reservoir tank.
                                                              D Use fresh DOT3 or DOT4 brake fluid when
                                                              refilling fluid.


2) If the fluid level rises, pedal free play is cor-
3) If the fluid level does not rise, or the push rod
cannot be retracted, adjust the clutch pedal.

4) Inspect the underside of master cylinder,
clutch damper and operating cylinder for
clutch system, hoses, piping and their cou-
plings for fluid leaks.
If fluid leaks are found, correct them by retigh-
tening their fitting bolt and/or replacing their
5) Check the fluid level using the scale on the
outside of the clutch master cylinder tank. If the
level is below "MIN", add clutch fluid to bring it
up to "MAX".
Recommended clutch fluid:
   FMVSS No. 116, fresh DOT3 or DOT4
   brake fluid


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