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1-4        [G100]                    PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION
1. List of Pre-delivery Inspection

1. List of Pre-delivery Inspection
                       INSPECTION ITEM                                               CHECK POINTS
2. Pre-road Test Inspection
 A    FUSES                                                   1. Fuse installation
                                                              2. Spare fuse
 B    HOOD OPERATION                                          1. Operation of hood release and lock
                                                              2. Condition of lock
                                                              3. Fitting of hood
 C    DOOR, DOOR LOCK AND POWER WINDOW OPERATION              1. Door "Open-close" operation
                                                              2. Operation of door release and lock
                                                              3. Loose or damaged parts
                                                              4. Position of door window glass
                                                              5. Operation of power window switches
                                                              6. Power door locking operation
                                                              7. Operation of child safety locks
 D    REAR GATE AND FUEL LID OPERATION                        1. Rear gate and fuel lid "open-close" operation
                                                              2. Operation of rear gate (release and lock)
                                                              3. Fitting of rear gate and fuel lid
 E    SEAT ADJUSTER AND SEAT BELTS                            1. Front and rear seats, and their facing materials
                                                              2. Front seat operation
                                                              3. Rear seat folding operation
                                                              4. Seat belts and their fit
                                                              5. Installing procedure for child anchor
 F    JACK INSTALLATION                                       1. Installed condition of jack
 G    WHEEL NUTS FOR LOOSENESS AND TIRE INFLATION             1. Wheel nut tightening torque
      PRESSURE                                                2. Tire inflation pressure and tire specification
                                                              3. Damage to tire and rim
 H    INSTALLATION OF STEERING COMPONENTS                     1. Installation of universal joints
                                                              2. Steering gear box for looseness, play, or backlash, and
                                                                 boots for damage
                                                              3. Tie-rod and tie-rod end for proper installation, or damage
 I    WHEEL ALIGNMENT                                         1. Toe of front and rear wheels
                                                              2. Camber of front wheels
 J    EXHAUST PIPE AND MUFFLER                                1. Installation of exhaust system
                                                              2. Exhaust gas leakage from parts or joints
 K    FUEL SYSTEM FOR LEAKAGE                                 1. Installation of fuel hose and pipe. And condition of
                                                              2. Fuel system for leakage
 L    BRAKE FLUID LEVEL AND BRAKE PIPING INSTALLATION 1. Brake fluid level in reserve tank
                                                      2. Wiring of fluid leveller and its operation
                                                      3. Brake booster, master cylinder and pressure control
                                                         valve for proper installation; brake pipe, brake hose and
                                                         connectors for proper fitting
                                                      4. Leakage in any of the above
                                                              2. Electrolyte level
                                                              3. Specific gravity
 N    COOLANT LEVEL AND COOLING FAN INSTALLATION              1. Coolant level
                                                              2. Cooling fan motor and wiring
                                                              3. Water leakage and hose damage
 O    ENGINE OIL LEVEL                                        1. Engine oil level
                                                              2. Engine oil leakage or contamination

                                PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION                                          [G100]    1-4
                                                                              1. List of Pre-delivery Inspection

                       INSPECTION ITEM                                      CHECK POINTS
P    TRANSMISSION AND DIFFERENTIAL GEAR OIL LEVEL   1. Level of transmission gear oil for manual transmission
                                                    2. Level of rear differential gear oil
                                                    3. Level of front differential gear oil for automatic transmis-
Q    DRIVE BELT TENSION                             1. Belt tension
                                                    2. Damage to belt
R    CLUTCH FLUID LEVEL                             1. Clutch fluid level
S    AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM                        1. A/C compressor connector connection
3. Road Test Inspection
A    TEST MODE CONNECTOR                            1. Check engine light flashing
                                                    2. Test mode connector disconnection
B    STARTING CONDITION OF ENGINE                   1. Starting condition of engine
C    OPERATION OF INDICATOR LIGHTS AND GAUGES       1. Operation of indicator lights
                                                    2. Operation of gauges
D    TACHOMETER, RADIO, ETC.                        1. Operation of tachometer, radio, etc.
E    LIGHTS AND SWITCHES                            1. Visual inspection of lights (installation, damage, dirty
                                                       lenses, water inside, etc.)
                                                    2. Operation of all lights and switches
                                                    3. Horn operation
F    WASHER AND WIPERS                              1. Checking of fluid level
                                                    2. Direction and quantity of washer fluid sprayed
                                                    3. Operation of wiper and washer
G    DRIVING TEST                                   1. Operation of foot brake and parking brake
                                                    2. Operation of speedometer
                                                    3. Operation of clutch and gear shift
                                                    4. Operation of selector lever (Automatic transmission)
                                                    5. Operation of steering and position of steering wheel
                                                    6. Operation of turn signal cancel cam
                                                    7. Operation of ventilation system and heater
                                                    8. Abnormal noises or vibration
                                                    9. Operation of air conditioning
                                                    10. Operation of cruise control
4. Post-road Test Inspection
A    AT FLUID LEVEL                                 1. Level of AT fluid
B    POWER STEERING FLUID LEVEL                     1. Level of power steering fluid
C    UNDERSIDE                                      1. Leakage of engine oil, transmission gear oil, differential
                                                       gear oil, etc.
                                                    2. Leakage of coolant
                                                    3. Leakage of brake fluid
                                                    4. Loose suspension mountings or steering mounting
D    WATER LEAKAGE                                  1. Water leakage by pouring water
                                                    2. Scratches and damage to glass
                                                    3. Rust formation
                                                    4. Contamination of interior parts
                                                    5. Installation of equipment


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